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Antiinflammatory Herbs


Antiinflammatory herbs are those herbs which are used against Inflammation.
Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the human body to fight pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.
Acute inflammation is manifested by Pain, Heat, Redness, Swelling, and Loss of Function.
Inflammation protects the body. It initiates the healing process. Inflammation is not an infection. It is a response by the immune system. The better the immune system, the more aggressive will be the inflammation.
The focus of herbal treatment should be healing. Administering pain killers to deaden the nervous system should be the last choice.
As soon as an Inflammation occurs, we must try to resolve it with Anti Inflammatory herbs.
If not resolved, it may lead to Fibrosis or Abscess Formation. The treatment for these stages will be totally different, and is dealt with separately.
If not treated properly it will finally become a Chronic Inflammation. Chronic Inflammation may cause Hay Fever, Periodontitis, Atherosclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and even cancer


Acacia Greggii
Acanthosicyos Naudinianus
Afzelia Africana
Afzelia Bipindensis
Afzelia Pachyloba
Albertisia Cordifolia
Albertisia Delagoensis
Alstonia Boonei
Altingia Excelsa
Andrographis Alata
Angelica Laxiflora
Anogeissus Leiocarpa
Anredera Scandens
Anthocleista Nobilis
Aralia Californica
Asphodelus Fistulosus
Balanites Roxburghii
Baphicacanthus Cusia
Blepharispermum Subsessile
Boletus Edulis
Boswellia Elongata
Brazilian Ironwood
Canadian Aspen
Canarium Strictum
Caralluma Adscendens
Caralluma Edulis
Caricature Plant
Carolina Poplar
Cassumunar Ginger
Centaurea Behen
Centipeda Cunninghamii
Ceratotheca Sesamoides
Ceylon Gooseberry
Chaetospermum Glutinosum
Chamaecrista Nigricans
Chasmanthera Dependens
Cherry Stem
Christmas tree plant
Cibotium Barometz
Cinderella Weed
Cissampelos Capensis
Cissus Dinklagei
Cissus Palmatifida
Cissus Producta
Cleome Spinosa
Climbing Mallotus
Coccinia Adoensis
Cola Greenwayi
Combretum Celastroides
Combretum Comosum
Combretum Erythrophyllum
Combretum Micranthum
Combretum Molle
Combretum Mossambicense
Combretum Padoides
Commelina Benghalensis
Copaifera Langsdorffii
Cordia Monoica
Coriaria Nepalensis
Corn Sow Thistle
Crimson Bottlebrush
Crotalaria Pallida
Croton Sylvaticus
Cucumis Africanus
Cucumis Hirsutus
Cucumis Zeyheri
Cyathea Gigantea
Daniellia Oliveri
Datisca Cannabina
Davallia Solida
Desmodium Triflorum
Dioscorea Hispida
Diospyros Abyssinica
Diospyros Rhodocalyx
Drypetes Molunduana
Dysoxylum Binectariferum
English Mace
Euadenia Eminens
Euphorbia Chamaesyce
Euphorbia Grantii
Filipendula Vulgaris
Fumaria Muralis
Gentiana Dahurica
Glabrous Sarcandra
Gnetum Africanum
Gold not to be used as such. delet and use
Gongronema Latifolium
Grape Leaved Mallow
Grey Poplar
Guava Leaf
Guiera Senegalensis
Gynura Procumbens
Heimia Salicifolia
Helichrysum Petiolare
Heliotropium Foertherianum
Hibiscus Macranthus
Hippobroma Longiflora
Indian charcoal Tree
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Justicia Pectoralis
Kaempferia Parviflora
Large Leaf Primrose
Ledebouria Revoluta
Leucas Mollissima
Limnophila Rugosa
Ludwigia Adscendens
Malabar Nutmeg
Maqui Berry
Mitha Guggal
Muscadine Grape
Narrow Leaf Cottonwood
North Indian Catmint
Onion Peel
Panax Fruticosa
Panicled Peristrophe
Phyllanthus Virgatus
Phytolacca Acinosa
Picralima Nitida
Pigeon Orchid
Polianthes Tuberosa
Populus Trichocarpa
Portulaca Pilosa
Potentilla Fulgens
Prickly Dalbergia
Red Pagoda Plant
Red Spike Thorn
Rivea Ornata
River Mangrove
Roundleaf Kariyat
Sapphire Berry
Schkuhria Pinnata
Selaginella Bryopteris
Smilax Moranensis
Snow Pea
Solanum Indicum Linn
Squaw Root
Thistle Sage
Threeleaf Arrowhead
Torch Tree
Tradescantia Spathacea
Tree Vernonia
Tricholepis Glaberrima
Triumfetta Rotundifolia
Vanieria Cochinchinensis
Veronica Officinalis
Viola Japonica
Virgin s Bower
Wikstroemia Indica
Wrightia Arborea
Xylocarpus Rumphii
Yellow Rattle
Ziziphus Rugosa
Zosima Orientalis
Zygophyllum Simplex
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Inflammation

Sprinkle powdered seeds of Red Sandalwood on the inflamed areas.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Inflammation

Apply oil of Henna seeds over inflamed areas. It helps to reduce the burning sensation.

Balloon Vine as Antiinflammatory

Cook leaves of Balloon Vine in Castor oil. Grind the residue. Apply it over inflamed areas.

Boerhavia Diffusa ( Punarnava ) as Antiinflammatory

Grind roots of Boerhavia Diffusa to make a paste. Apply it over Inflamed areas.

Sappan Wood as Antiinflammatory

Cut Wood of Sappan Wood into small pieces. Boil them in water. Drink this decoction thrice a day.

Crape Jasmine for Wounds

Apply milky sap of Crape Jasmine over wounds.

Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) Leaves as Coolant

Crush leaves of Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) to make paste. Apply it over inflamed Skin.

Night Jasmine for Inflammation

Night Jasmine bears Antiinflammatory property. Thus it combats inflammation associated with internal body.
Squeeze the juice of fresh leaves of Night Jasmine. Drink 2 teaspoons twice a day.

Arjuna as an Antiinflamatory

Make a decoction of Arjuna bark. Have 10 ml of it twice a day.

Sida Cordifolia as an Antiinflammatory

Take 1 tsp plant extract of Sida Cordifolia with lukewarm water. Have it once a day.

Spiny Bamboo for Inflammation

Take 1 tsp Bamboo extract twice a day. Bamboo Extract is easily available in the market.

Lepidium Sativum for Inflammation

Massage using Lepidium Sativum seed Oil over inflammed areas.

Plumbago Zeylanica as an Antiinflammatory

Chew 2 leaves of Plumbago Zeylanica once a day. You may use it externally by applying leaves on inflamed areas.

Citron for Inflammation

Make a decoction with root and stem of Citron. Drink 30 ml of it twice a day.
OR : Make root and or stem paste of Citron. Apply it over inflamed areas.

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Chillblain

Have a cup of hot Ginger tea.

Gmelina for Inflammation

Extract leave juice of Gmelina. Apply it over Inflamed areas.

Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) Leaves for Inflammation

Warm the leaves of Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ). Use it as poultice over inflamed areas.

Potato ( Aalu ) for Puffy Eyes

Take two slices of Potato. Put it over the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Witch Hazel for Eczema

Make a paste of Witch Hazel leaves. Apply directly to the affected area.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Inflammation

Bandage leaves of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) over inflamed areas.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Hematoma

Apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected area.

Cabbage Rose as an Antiinflammatory

Prepare an infusion of petals of Cabbage Rose. Drink 25 ml of it daily.

Flax ( Alsi ) for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Massage the hands with Flax seed oil twice a day.

Arnica for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Apply Arnica oil to the affected hands.
Have two capsules of Arnica two times a day.

Pineapple ( Ananas ) for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have a glass of Pineapple juice daily.

Chamomile ( Babunah ) for Aphonia

Prepare an infusion of the flowers of the Chamomile. Gargle with it twice a day.

Turnip ( Shalgam ) for Asthma

Turnips are rich in Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant and an antiinflammatory. Have it in salad or make vegetable.

Tea bags for Herpes

Soak tea bags in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Rub the wet bags over the Herpes.

Lemon ( Nimboo ) for Herpes

Rub the squeezed lemon over the Herpes.

Wintergreen for Inflammation

Wintergreen pocessess Anti inflammatory propety. It aids to cure inflammation.
Grind fresh leaves of Wintergreen. Place it over the inflamed area. Leave it for at least 2 hours. Wash it with normal water.

St John's Wort for Blisters

Prepare an infusion of the dried flowers. Apply it on the affected area 4-5 times a day with a cotton ball.

Camphor Essential Oil for Arthritis

Camphor Essential Oil has antiinflammatory and Analgesic properties. It is used to reduce Muscles pains and Joint Pains. Add a few chunks of Camphor into some lukewarm Olive Oil or some Mustard Oil. Massage the Joints with this oil. It will reduce the Joint Pains associated with Arthritis.

Marigold for Bunions

Marigold contains anti inflammatory properties that help to reduce Pain and Inflammation.
Crush some Marigold leaves with your hands to extract the juice. Apply the extracted juice on the affected area. Allow it to dry. Repeat this process twice daily.
Apply Marigold ointment over the affected areas 2 or 3 times daily for 1 month.

Chamomile ( Babunah ) for Bunions

Prepare a tea of Chamomile leaves. Drink it while it is still warm. Use this home remedy 2 or 3 times a day to treat Bunions.
Massage your toe with Chamomile essential Oil daily before going to bed.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Joint Pain 7

Take 1 cup of Mustard oil. Add 1 tablespoon of Carom seeds and 4 to 5 crushed Garlic in it. Heat the oil on medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes. Allow it to cool. Massage your knee at bedtime in a roundabout way . It helps to get rid of knee pain quickly.
Garlic has an anti-inflammatory property. Therefore, it helps to reduce swelling of the knees and lessens the pain.
Carom seeds: It enhances the blood flow in the knee and with the result, repairs the damage.
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Hi, On the chart, there is both INFLAMMATION and ANTIINFLAMMATORY, however, why are there differing items, for example - in Antiinflammatory there os pin pollen in most effective, but pine pollen does not feature at all within inflammation. Are they not the same?
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