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Henna Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Lawsonia Inermis
Hindi Name

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Henna Cures


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Roots, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds
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Henna is a tall shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical and sub tropical climates.
It grows up to 2.6 M.
Best used for Headache,Jaundice, Eczema, Acid Reflux.


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Materia Medica for Henna

Henna General

Henna in Hindi is familiar as Mehandi. It is associated to the Lythraceae family. It is an aborigine of Africa.
It is beneficial in keeping the Scalp free from Infection and Dandruff. It adds strength and shine to the Hair thus, makes it Frizz free. It boosts Hair growth and suppresses Hair fall, Sweating and Hair Thinning. It is a natural source of nourishment and avoids Baldness.
Its flowers counter Headaches which are a result of Sunstroke.
It combats Epilepsy.
It cures Dental ailments like Scurvy i.e. Bleeding of Gums and Oral Ulcers.
Gargles done using Henna leaves is favourable in curing Throat infections.
Henna is a good herbal remedy for the treatment of Nervous disorders namely Leprosy and Tetanus i.e. Lockjaw.
It is utilized for curing Bronchitis and Cough, which may cause Breathing discomfort.
It keeps Tuberculosis at bay.
It alleviates the troubles associated to Blood Circulation.
It is advantageous in combating Skin problems like Eczema, Burns, Allergies, Bruises, Psoriasis, Prickly Heat, Abscess and Skin Inflammation.
It helps in treatment of Obesity i.e. Over Weight.
It curbs Digestive complaints like Acidity.
Henna is good herbal remedy for Liver troubles namely, Hepatomegaly i.e. Liver Enlargement and Jaundice.
It calms the Abdominal pain post Delivery.
It arrests Dysentery.
It mitigates Muscular Pain and Joint Pain in Rheumatism.
It counters Gonorrhea.
Henna is potent in countering Menopausal troubles like Heavy Bleeding and Irregular Menses.
It counteracts Leucorrhoea i.e. Vaginal Discharge.
Heena paste is helpful in easing Foot inflammations, those are an outcome of Foot Soles.

Caution : Consult a doctor for information regarding proper dosage.
Keywords : Hair Problems, Headache, Epilepsy, Oral Problems, Throat infections, Nerve Problems, Respiratory Problems, Tuberculosis, Blood Circulation, Skin Problems, Obesity, Digestion Problems, Liver Problems, Abdominal Pain, Dysentery, Joint Problems, Gonorrhea, Menopause Problems, Leucorrhoea, Feet Inflammation.
Single Herb

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Grey Hairs

Mix powdered Henna leaves with Coconut oil. Use it as hair oil.
OR : Make a paste of Henna leaves by adding some water in it. Apply the paste on the hairs. Leave it for 6 hrs. Wash.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Insomnia

Grind Henna flowers to make a paste. Take half a teaspoon of this paste once a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Jaundice

Take dried plant of Henna. Make a decoction of it. Drink 20 ml of it once a day. This is the traditional remedy to treat Jaundice.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Fungal Nails

Grind some leaves of Henna to make paste. Bandage the affected area using this paste.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Inflammation

Apply oil of Henna seeds over inflamed areas. It helps to reduce the burning sensation.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Skin

Prepare a leave decoction of Henna ( Mehandi ).
It can be taken internally or used externally, for skin problems.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Burns

Apply leave paste of Henna over Burns. Its cooling effect helps in healing the damaged Skin fast.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Boils

Grind leaves of Henna to make paste. Apply it over Boils.

Henna ( Mehandi ) Leaves for Spermatorrhea

Henna ( Mehandi ) Leaves contain such contents which helps to cure Spermatorrhea. To take its medicinal advantage for Spermatorrhea, Crush some fresh Henna ( Mehandi ) Leaves. Squeeze them to extract the juice. Have a teaspoon of juice with milk once or twice a day until the problem will disappear.

Henna ( Mehandi ) Leaves for Leucorrhoea

Extract juice from fresh Henna ( Mehandi ) Leaves. Store it in a glass bottle. Take a teaspoon of juice with a glass of milk. It helps to cure Leucorrhoea.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Prickly Heat

The Antiinflammatory property of Henna ( Mehandi in India ) is helpful in countering the Skin rash. It refreshes and soothes the Skin. It inhibits the Inflammation caused due to Prickly Heat.
Take a handful of Henna leaves. Make a paste by crushing Henna leaves and water. Apply the paste on the affected Skin. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Migraine

Dip flowers of Henna in vinegar. Steep them for 10 minutes. Rub them against the forehead for quick Migraine pain relief.

Henna for Hepatomegaly

Prepare a decoction, made of powdered Henna bark and one cup of hot water. Drink it, once a day.

Henna for Hepatosplenomegaly

Prepare a decoction, made of powdered Henna bark and one cup of hot water. Drink it, once a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Hair Problems

Boil Henna leaves in Mustard Oil. Let it cool. Strain it and gently massage with this oil over your scalp.
It promotes Hair growth.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Eczema

Apply the Oil of Heena seeds on the affected area. Repeat the process two times a day.
It will provide relief from Eczema.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Scabies

Gently massage with the Henna seed oil over the affected area. Repeat the process two times a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Candidiasis

Gently massage with the Henna seed oil over the affected area. Repeat the process two times a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Burning Feet

Soak fresh leaves of Henna in Vinegar for 5 minutes. Bandage the soaked leaves onto the soles of the feet.
It will provide relief from Burning Feet.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Headache

Grind Henna flowers and Vinegar to make a fine paste. Apply it on the forehead.
It will provide relief from Headache caused by heat of the sun.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Liver Diseases

Prepare a decoction, made of Henna leaves and one cup of water. Strain and drink 30 ml of this decoction, once a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Dysentery

Mix dried Henna powder with Clarified Butter ( Ghee ). Roll them into small balls. Consume one ball with one glass of water, once a day.

Henna ( Mehandi ) as an Antiseptic

Mix two tablespoon of dried Henna herb powder with half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Slightly warm it.
This mixture serves as an Antiseptic.

Henna ( Mehandi ) as an Antibacterial

Mix two tablespoon of dried Henna herb powder with half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Slightly warm it.
This mixture serves as an Antibacterial.

Henna ( Mehandi ) as an Antifungal

Mix two tablespoon of dried Henna herb powder with half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Slightly warm it.
This mixture serves as an Antifungal.
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Herbal Treatment For Baldness 10

Soak 8 to 10 Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) in one glass of water at night. In the morning, strain the water. Add 2 tablespoons Henna ( Mehandi ) powder in strained water. Apply on your hair for an hour once a week. It gives black colour to your hair.

Herbal Treatment For Dandruff 7

The Antidandruff and Antifungal properties of Beetroot ( Chukander in India ) help to treat Dandruff. Henna ( Mehandi in India ) helps to condition the hair and soothes the Scalp.
Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of Henna leaves powder and water to form thick paste. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Beetroot powder in it. Mix well. Apply it on the scalp. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Wash off and Shampoo. Do this once a week.

Herbal Treatment For Grey Hair 7

Boil 20 g Henna leaves in 50 ml Mustard oil. Use it for hair massage.

Herbal Treatment For Post Childbirth Problem 1

Take 30 g roots of Elephantopus Scaber, 20 g Heena leaves and 25 g Guava leaves. Boil them together in water to make decoction. Take 20 ml of it once a day. It helps in restoring the Womb after Pregnancy.

Herbal Treatment For Frizzy Hair 5

Take the following herbs :
Henna : Mehandi : Powder : 4 Tablespoon
Lemon : Nimbo : Juice : 2 teaspoon
Cucumber : Khira : Juice : 1 tablespoon
Orange : Santra : Juice : 1 tablespoon
Pul all ingredients in a bowl. Mix. Apply on hair twice a month.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 18

Heat 25 gram Henna ( Mehandi ) leaves in 100 gram of White Mustard ( Sarson ) oil until leaves turn to black. Cool and strain. Apply lukewarm on scalp twice a week.
It is a very effective remedy for hair fall.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 20

Take 50 gram Henna ( Mehandi ) leaves and boil in 20 ml Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) oil until they turns black. Strain. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil thrice a week.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 22

Boil One cup dried Henna ( Mehandi )Leaves in 500 ml Coconut Oil ( Narial ) for 15-20 minutes.
Strain and store in a cool place.
Massage this oil on the scalp thrice a week.

Herbal Treatment For Dandruff 16

Take mixture of Black Cumin Seed oil, Olive oil and Henna leaves powder in 1:3:3 ratio. Heat them. Let it cool. Apply on your Scalp and Hair.

Herbal Treatment For Gray Hair 17

Here is a formula which helps to stop graying of hair. It is not miracle formula. It needs time and patience. It may be possible that one or two application do not give desirable results. Later on, you will see very noticeable changes in your hair.
Step 1 : Boil 4 to 5 big slices of Bottle Gourd ( Ghiya ) and one medium sized Beetroot ( Chukander ) in 1 to 2 cup of water.
Step 2 : Mash them well in water. Strain the water.
Step 3 : Put this water in an iron pot and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of Henna ( Mehandi ).
Step 4 : Roast 2 tablespoons of Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) powder until you see the gust of smoke coming up.
Step 5 : Put the roasted powder in the mixture. Blend them well. Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair properly. Leave it for minimum 3 to 4 hours.
Step 6 : Wash with plain water. Do not shampoo your hair for 3 days.

Herbal Treatment For Frizzy Hair 16

In most of the cases dry hair leads to frizziness. Further, it may cause breakage of hair. It can be controlled by using herbal ways.
Soak a handful of dried Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) and 2 tablespoons of Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds in water overnight. Next day, grind them. Add equal quantity of Henna ( Mehandi ) and a tablespoon of Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) oil. Mix them. Apply it over scalp and hair. Wash with normal water after 3 to 4 hours.

Herbal Treatment For Prickly Heat 2

The Cooling and Antibacterial properties of Azadirachta Indica soothe the Skin and kill the harmful bacteria which causes Rash.
Henna ( Mehandi ) has Antiinflammatory property which reduces the itchiness of the Skin.
Grind the fresh leaves of Henna and Azadirachta Indica to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on the affected Skin. Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a week to cure Prickly Heat.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 10

Boil ground Beetroot leaves and mixed with Henna and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your hair scalp for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 34

Prepare a paste by blending Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ), Henna ( Mehandi ) and Liquorice ( Mulethi ) together. Apply it on scalp two times in a week.
Queries on Henna
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Raj Kumari
05 Aug 2015
I am suffering from cervical pain for one year. Please tell the suitable remedy.
05 Oct 2017
Have you researched neck stretches, I am going to therapy for the same problem. check it out on line, it really has been helping.
Herbpathy Research Team
06 Aug 2015
Dear Rajkumari

For your Cervical Pain, You may try Devil's Claw. It has antiinflammatory and pain relieving properties. It reduces the nervous tension in the neck and also provides a soothing effect to the muscles. It is used to treat osteoarthritic pain.
Devil's Claw is available in the form of tincture. You buy tincture and take 7 to 10 drops daily.
Please avoid consumption if you are taking any blood thinning or kidney related medications.
You may also try Kava and Black Cohosh. They also available in the form of tinctures.

Apart from taking herbs, you should also do some exercise that is specially meant to reduce Cervical Pain. Avoid taking pillow during sleep.

Consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Herbpathy Research Team
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Archana gupta
08 Aug 2015
I have thyroid and leg pain. please tell the suitable remedy. I live in India.
Herbptahy Research Team
10 Aug 2015
Dear Archana Gupta

The main reason behind Thyroid problem is hormonal imbalance. It can not be cured permanently, but certain herbs can ensure the proper functioning of Thyroid Gland. These are
Siberian Ginseng- Take a pinch of powdered root. Add it in a cup of water. Take the dosage for a month , with one week break.
Take tincture of Siberian Ginseng. Take 3-4 drops with 8 to 10 ml water twice a day.

Withania Somnifera For Thyroid

Add one teaspoon of powdered Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha ) in a glass of milk. Drink before sleeping.

Withania Somnifera may raise the temperature of your body, So do keep a note of it.

For pain in legs
Rub the mixture of Wild Yam ( 6-10 drops) and water on the affected area. This soothes the pain.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
Archana gupta
22 Aug 2015
What is wild yam. My son age 13 years have cold for two years in summer in winter. In morning cold effect is more but the remain day is OK.
My daughter age 8years .she got chaale in mouth in every two months. Tell the suitable remedy and shrub Hindi name.
Archana Gupta
23 Aug 2015
What is devils clow and please tell the Hindi name of herb.
25 Aug 2015
Dear Archana Gupta

Devil's Claw is known as Baghnakh in Hindi.

Ritika Sehgal
28 Aug 2015
Dear Archana Gupta

I think your kids are in growing age. You should give them a healthy diet.
In case of your son, i think you do one thing, do not give him milk for few days and watch what happen. Because milk may cause phlegm and is a breeding ground for bacteria.
And for your daughter, give her Vitamin C rich food like lemon, orange, Curd. Mouth ulcers are due to heat in Stomach.

Take care of your kids. Its their developing age, so avoid giving them strong medications.
Herbpathy Research Team
31 Aug 2015
Dear Archana Gupta

Wild Yam is a herb which is good for Female's Reproductive Organs. It is used to cure Menstrual Disorders, Menopause and Vaginal Infections. It improves the Blood Circulation and gives a soothing effect to the Nerves.
For more information about Wild Yam, You may visit the main of Wild Yam on this website.
As per as your son is concerned, before suggesting him the appropriate herb, please provide some more information regarding your son.
1. When he was born, Was he Fat or chubby or Thin?
2. In his childhood did he had a habit of eating soil, clay or Chalk?
3. Does he likes Milk or Eggs?

And in case of your daughter, please give her Vitamin C rich food Like Ritika has mentioned in her comment.
You can do one more thing. Take 5 tablespoon of Apple Cidar Vinegar in one glass of water. Ask her to use it as a mouth wash.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Oct 2017
H.R.Team ... Thanks, I also suffer with mouth ulcers ... I use vinegar for keeping colds away but never tried washing my mouth with it... Thank you!
Ranjeeta ( India )
18 Jun 2016
I have so much hair fall problem n growth of hair also about nill so give me some solutions for both if these?
21 Jun 2016
Mix Castor Oil, Almond oil and Olive oil in the ratio 1:3:3. Store in a jar. Massage with this oil thrice a week.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Oct 2017
Here's what I have heard ... hair loss is commonly caused from too much stress... Are you stressed? vitamin B can help... as can scalp massage. Also, sometimes women suffer from the same genetic issues some men have (male pattern baldness) so there may be nothing you can do about it. Learn to tie some lovely scarves and head dresses to hide it, some women also use wigs.
Richards ( Hyderabad )
04 Apr 2017
My wife got PSOD and we head to operation and now she is fine. We are planning for babie now. We heard from one of our relative that she was using henna leaves to get pregnant. The way she used - She dried henna leaves and made powder with those leaves. Every day morning and evening she was taking 1 t-spoon of powder in 200 ml of water and boil that to 100 ml, then filter and had that water. Like wise she said and now she is pregnant she says.

Could you please give me some solution is it good or not.

05 Apr 2017
PCOD you mean right ?
Meeksha Sachdeva ( India )
05 Apr 2017
If your wife is cured of PCOD, then there are chances for her to conceive. Is there any other problem ? Is her menstrual cycle normal ?
What is her age ?
If a woman suffers from PCOD, then there are cases that she is not ale to get pregnant, but if it is cured and there is nothing else wrong with her, then she can definitely get pregnant without taking any remedy. Why do you want to try Henna or any other herb. She can get pregnant, like other women do.
If all her reports are okay, then you can try for a baby.
All the best.
Palak ( India )
06 Apr 2017
Is it okky if I use any of the combination which I want with heena to apply in my hairs ( which is not mentioned anywhere ).Like heena amla powder shikakai powder reetha water with green tea leaves boiled in it and finally paste of fungreek seeds and many others. Is it okky or causes any side effects?
08 Apr 2017
can we use henna as mouthwash?
Chhaya ( India )
10 Apr 2017
Yes. Nahid. If you chew Henna leaves, it can be used as a cure for Mouth Ulcer. Also, Henna leaves boiled in water and filtered, and use of this decoction is often used as a mouth wash.
Saleha ( Uk )
24 Apr 2017
I have got very bad face skin inflammation where even the slightest heat or sun is irritating it. I had laser treatment on face and this is the effect for over 3 months and also lots of open pores developed
11 May 2017
Since it is the side effect of the Laser treatment, it is advised that you do not try anything on your own. Show it to your skin specialist.
Halima ( Usa minnesota )
01 Jun 2017
can i use henna water for peptic ulcers while breast feeding
Jidda ( Nigeria )
20 Jun 2017
How can I use heena for conception? Or hormonal imbalance. Been trying to conciece for six years now. My first baby is six years. I have seruouse menstrual pain and use to be on different drugs all the time.
13 Jul 2017
Did you get yourself checked by your doctor ?
Do yu suffer from cysts in ovaries or fibroids ? It is thus important to go for a physical examination. Then I can tell you the herbs. For Hormonal Imbalance the best herbs are Saw Palmetto and Chaste Berry.
Saradiya ( Fiji Islands )
13 Jul 2017
Dear Sir/Madam
I have been getting colds every month for a year in spite of taking lots of Vitamin C, garlic capsules, ginger etc.. What herbs should I take to reduce the frequency of colds?
One doctor diagnosed me having Candida.I have frequent yeast infections also.

Since I was four years old I have had skin problems on my feet. The skin is thick and has a dry appearance, flakes at times and cracks. I have been applying coconut oil, almond cream, mustard oil and all sorts of moisturizers for 12 years. I have also been to several doctors for this problem. I soaked my feet in vinegar 4 times and there is lot of improvement. My feet do better in the drier weather. During the wet season,there is a break out of watery and itchy blisters. The problem can not be because of dry skin because I live in the tropical, humid and wet climate of Fiji.
What should I do about this skin problem? Is it caused by fungus?
05 Oct 2017
If you have candida ... sadly the only cure is get completely off sugar and aged products. (cheeses, vinegar, alcohol...)
Takshu ( Nagpur )
15 Aug 2017
My mother is taking henna powder daily one teaspoon by mistake what to do now? She thought that powder is of methi but actually it was of henna.
Raeyan ( Nigeria )
10 Sep 2017
Pls how can I use henna to cure vaginal infection(E.coli)?
05 Oct 2017
I am looking for help with Henna as well. But my doctor had some suggestions for me with vaginal infections ... 1) Have you practiced wiping front to back after using the toilet? (not spreading infection from bowel to vagina) 2) Do you use cotton underwear? (for air-flo). 3) Do you eat too much sugar?
4) Do you share bath water (or swim in an uncontaminated water source) For Your Information: My daughter got e-coli from the neighbors swimming pool.
Pamela ( USA/Washington )
05 Oct 2017
I am writing for information on Henna. I am trying to get edible Henna as an Herb/Supplement and all I can find is Henna for hair, please advise on the type or name of the hemp I need and where to find it. Thank you.
05 Oct 2017
PS; ooops... I said hemp, I meant Henna :)
Rehan Mallik
20 Dec 2017
You can buy Edible Henna from the herbal stores or the website that deal with the e-commerce of Herbs. i can share with you the names of the few--
iherb.com, amazon.com,shophealthy.in
Lemma ( Bangladesh )
20 Dec 2017
I have been suffering from vaginal Candida for 6years. I went to lots of doctors but no help. Constant itch is persisting and white moldy like substance clumps on my labia. It's so irritating and my life is at stake . I am 25 and unmarried. My labia is sore and color of my left labia is becoming pink to dark. Can I apply directly henna to my affected site. I had henna tea for one month or so ... should I continue !!! Please help. I always believe in herbal remedies.
Thank-you !!
20 Dec 2017
Consume one tea spoon of Virgin Coconut oil every day for a month.
Eat 2 cloves of Garlic every day for a month..
Drink one glass of fresh Cranberry juice daily for 2 months. These shall help to cure your Candida
Dinky ( INDIA )
03 Jan 2018
Is it safe to eat heena leaves (mehndi leaves) during pregnancy I am 4 months pregnant
12 Jan 2018
Why do you want to eat Henna Leaves. ? Who told you to eat it ? Sorry, you must not!!
Umar ( Nigeria )
18 Jan 2018
Hello Admin,
I'm having this serious hair fall, once consulted a dermatologist, diagnosed with alopecia areata and had me using prednisone, betnovate scalp lotion and minoxidil. Which seem to work but after I stopped as a result some sides effects my falls more than before. Please i want to know if you can suggest anything.
Rachana Kalyanam
28 Jun 2018
My mom suggests to consume small amount of freshly grounded henna leaves from 5th month of pregnancy. How save is this and what are the benefits?
Wasiu Akinjobi
17 Oct 2018
Wasiu Akinjobi,
My girl friend has been diagnosed of fibroid, she is unmarried, no child for now and she didn't want to undergo surgical operation, PLEASE what natural medicine can she used. Thanks in anticipation
Khadijat ( NIGERIA )
25 Nov 2018
Can Henna oil be use orally ?
Khadijat ( Nigeria )
25 Nov 2018
Please can you advise on herbs that I take as a breast cancer survivor.
I am dobe with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy since 2010.
But would appreciate any advise form you.
Thank you
Aswini ( India )
05 Jan 2019
Is safe applying of henna to hair after delivery?
30 Mar 2019
I need something to cure bacteria vaginosis (BV) and UTI ps. I did a swob and urine culture both infections were caused by Escherichia coli (e. coli)
Ruky ( Nigeria/katsina )
28 Jun 2019
Please I need your help I have been suffering from vagina infection for years now but it keeps persisting, I have tried different medications both medically and traditionally. There's itching, discharge and recently I notice small rashes around my pubic. Please help me what can I use to cure it permanently. At first I was told it's yeast infection, later another doctor said it's chlamydia and some said it's trichomonas. Pls and pls help me it's really bothering me. Thanks as u help me with this problem
02 Jul 2019
Hey Ruky
What is your age? Do you have kids?
Please specify the color of discharge, is it smelly, and if it is thick or watery?
From when do you have itching and rash?
If you have observed any other symptoms sexually too, please write those also. We may be in a better position to help you after this.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sami Sarwari ( Pakistan )
03 Apr 2020
how to use henna for sore throat, bronchitus ?
03 Apr 2020
Dear Sami
A decotion of leaves of Henna can be used for Sore Throat. However few other herbs can help.
* Liquorice: Suck one small stick of Liquorice. It will give soothing effect.
* Take Turmeric decoction. Add a pinch of Turmeric and Black Pepper in a glass of luke warm water.
* Have Ginger juice with honey 3-4 times a day, or Ginger tea once a day.
* Eucalyptus Essential oil is one of the best way to treat Bronchitis. You can use it for steam. Boil a liter of water. Add 8 to 10 drops in boiling water. Inhale the steam at bed time.

Write back for further queries.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Aparna ( Maharashtra )
27 Feb 2021
Does urine colour become dark brown after drinking mehndi leaves water
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