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Spleen Diseases Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Spleen Diseases
Medical Name
Spleen Diseases
Hindi Name
Tilli ki Bimarian
Spleen Diseases Symptoms
Weight Loss
Muscle fatigue
Scalloped Tongue
Cravings for Sugar
Varicose Veins
Excessive Worry
Stomach Ache
Muscular Pain
Early Satiety
Abdominal Pain
Easy Bruising
Uterine Bleeding
Digestive Disorder
Feeling Discomfort
Chronic Bleeding
Undigested food in stool
Inability to recognize/identify with the feelings/needs of others

Spleen Diseases Cured By

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Agate Gemstone
Codonopsis Tang...
Croton Megaloca...
Cynandropsis Pa...
Madras Carpet
Persicaria Orie...
Pithroj Tree
Rhamnus Virgatu...
Semecarpus Subp...
Zataria Multifl...
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Spleen Disease is a disease of the Spleen.
Anything wrong that disrupts the normal functioning of the Spleen is a Spleen Disease.
Spleen is located below the rib cage. The size of the Spleen varies from a person to person. Generally, it is as big as the size of a fist. The Spleen swells and gets enlarged when affected by a disease. Deficiency of life energy associated with Spleen disrupts the normal functioning of the Spleen. This deficiency of life energy is the precursor to all Spleen related Disorders.
Spleen is a part of the Immune system. The functions of Spleen are :

The production of White Blood Cells. The White Blood Cells filter the blood by removing Bacteria, Pathogens and Dead cells.
Spleen controls and regulates energy(the one necessary for life,known as vital energy )
Spleen contains blood, thus controls blood.
It produces antibodies which fight against infection.
It converts food and fluid into substances essential for body and transports them to every tissue of the body.
In case of emergencies like Hemorrhage it provides the blood.
It stores Iron and transfers it to the Bone Marrow. Bone Marrow is the place where the Hemoglobin is made.
It is responsible for the recycling of the old Red Blood Cells.
It fights against the Pneumonia and Meningitis causing bacteria.

Spleen Conditions :
Spleenomegaly or Spleen Enlargement : In this the size of the Spleen increases due to swelling. It may be a result of Liver Diseases, Blood Cancer and Viral mononucleosis (“mono”).
Ruptured Spleen : A damage or break in the surface of the Spleen is called Ruptured Spleen. It is a result of an injury or blow to the Spleen. It may cause internal bleeding. It is a serious condition needing immediate treatment.
Sickle Cell Disease : It is a genetic disorder. In this, the abnormal Red Blood Cells form a sickle shape and block the flow of blood through the vessels. The organs are deprived of blood. This may cause damage to the Organs.

Causes of Spleen Diseases

Improper Diet
Chronic illness
Liver Diseases
Viral Infections
Over thinking/Stress
Bacterial Infections
Parasitic Infections
Inflammatory Disease
Genetic susceptibility
Excessive use if Steroids
Prolonged exposure to damp climate

If not treated properly, Spleen Diseases may cause
Permanent damage to the Spleen

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Spleen Diseases

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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Spleen Diseases 1

Take 1 cup of Eclipta Alba juice. Add half tsp each of Cinnamon and Cardamom powder. Take 1 tsp of the syrup twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Curing Spleen Diseases

Following herbs, in conjunction are beneficial for Spleen nourishment and cure Spleen Disorders, if any. Even if you do not suffer from any disease, it is recommended that you take the combination for 15 days every year. This acts as a tonic for Spleen.

Atractylodes Rhizome
Dong Quai
Indian Gooseberry
White Peony
Common Marshmallow

You may buy the formula, containing the above mentioned Herbs. Capsule form, is readily available. Consume one capsule everyday , for 15 days.
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Cristine atkins ( Usa ca )
26 Apr 2016
I have been diagnosed with chronic neutrophilic leukemia. It is a very rare form of leukemia that effects about 250 people. It causes your white blood cells to become very high.My spleen is enlarged. I have been reading about red root and it sounds like something that may be helpful. Also someone mentioned blood root. Can you give any info for me.
27 Apr 2016
Dear Cristine Atkins
Yes you may take Red Root and also take Red Clover. Take tincture as they are more effective.
Yogesh luhar ( Australia )
11 Mar 2020
hi my daughter is going through iodiopathic nephrotic syndrome disorder from 2017 first diagnose and after six month of steroids treatment gained complete remission and in September 2019 due to sinitius infection she relapsed again and still frequently relapsing she is in the hospital for fluild retention doctors are planning to put her on ritimixbam
25 Mar 2020
Hey Yogesh, I suggest Homeopathy can help you. Take one dose of Tuberculinum Bovine 200. Take only 1 dose, now wait for 1 month. Analyse yourself. Write back after 1 month.
Yogesh luhar
16 Oct 2020
hi dr hefty please send me your contact detail where I can follow your med my email is yogeshluh@gmail.com
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