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Sugarcane Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Saccharum Officinarum
Hindi Name
Ganna, Ekh
Homeopathic Name
Saccharum Album   -   Mother Tincture

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Sugarcane Cures

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Nutrients in Sugarcane

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Parts Used

Dried Stem, Root Stock, Juice
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Sugarcane is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical, subtropical climates.
It grows up to 5 M.
Best used for Jaundice. Consume juice with curd.
Best used for Diabetes. Concoction of the roots is best.


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Materia Medica for Sugarcane

Sugarcane General

Sugarcane ( Ganna in India ) is associated to the Poaceae family. India is among the top producers of Sugarcane in the world.
In Ayurveda the Sugarcane is used for pacifying the Pitta Dosha and increasing the Kapha dosha. Sugarcane juice should not be taken in the night. The correct time to drink Sugarcane juice is in the afternoon. This is the time when the Pitta Dosha is high.
The Sugarcane helps in the speedy recovery from Jaundice. A drop in the glucose levels is a certain possibility in a Jaundice attack. The easily digestible sugar from Sugarcane is helpful in keeping the glucose levels balanced. Sugarcane is alkaline in nature. It keeps the acid levels balanced in the body.
The Sugarcane juice is one of the best drink to counter heat in summers. It quenches the thirst and boosts up the body's energy. It counters fatigue and tiredness.
Can a diabetic person have Sugarcane Juice? Yes, sugarcane juice has low glycemic index. It has fructose and glucose which are slowly absorbed by the body. It is less likely to cause a spike in the glucose levels in he body.
The presence of alpha hydroxy acids in Sugarcane makes the Skin healthy. It prevents Aging, fights Acne and reduces Blemishes. It makes the skin smooth and glowing.
It is a rich source of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese and Iron. These nutrients are behind the anticancer effect of Sugarcane. The regular consumption is helpful in fighting Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer.
It enhances the protein levels in the body and regulates the health of the Kidneys. It cures the burning sensation associated to the Urinary Tract Infections. Sugarcane is combined with lime juice and coconut water in the treatment of Kidney Stones, Prostatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ).
It contains Potassium which aids the digestive system and prevents Stomach Infections. It keeps the digestive system healthy and cures Constipation.
It protects the teeth from Tooth Decay. It cures Bad Breath and refreshes the Mouth. For shiny white teeth drink Sugarcane juice daily.
The daily intake of Sugarcane juice prevents the deficiency of nutrients in the body. It curbs the problem of brittle nails. It prevents the white spots on the nails and provides strong and shiny nails.
It is the best herbal remedy for curing Sore Throat, Flu and Fever.
It revitalizes the organs of the body. It improves the functioning of the Eyes, Mind, Heart, Kidneys and reproductive organs.
The Sugarcane Juice is beneficial for the growth and development of the bones.
Medicinal effects of Sugarcane Juice.
Sugarcane juice cures a sore throat, cold and flu.
It has no simple sugars. People having Diabetics can therefore enjoy it without worrying about soaring blood sugar levels.
However, those with type 2 diabetes should still have limited sugarcane juice.
It provides glucose to the body, burned by the muscles to provide the body natural energy. It re-hydrates the human body fatigued from heat and physical activity. It's known to boost performance in athletes and manual laborers.
It's recommended for fevers which cause great protein loss from the body. Liberal consumption of sugarcane juice provides the body with protein during febrile
disorders. It also brings down high body temperatures during fevers.
It's an ideal thirst quencher and cooling drink during summers. It keeps the body hydrated.
The easily digestible sugar in sugarcane juice helps in speedy recovery from jaundice. The steep fall in glucose levels during jaundice;
may be replenished by having 3 to 4 glasses of sugarcane juice daily.
It's good for the digestive system and also helps with constipation because of its high potassium content.
It has a wide range of compounds in addition to sucrose which bestows it with wound healing properties and strengthens the immune system.
Regular intake of sugarcane juice strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.
It lowers body cholesterol; both LDL and Triglycerides.
Caution: Avoid excessive consumption.
Keywords: Jaundice, Fatigue, Aging, Acne, Blemishes, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Burning Sensation, Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Stones, Prostatitis, STD, Infections, Stomach Infections, Constipation, Tooth Decay, Bad Breath, Sore Throat, Flu, Fever.
Single Herb

Sugarcane for Jaundice

Mix Sugarcane juice with Yoghort. Drink a glass twice daily

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice for Leucorrhoea

Take Sugarcane juice to cure Leucorrhoea.

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice for Hiccups

Have Sugarcane juice in Hiccups.

Sugarcane juice ( Ganne ke Ras ) for Weak Eyesight

Taking Sugarcane juice is good to increase Weak Eyesight.

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice for Stones

Taking Sugarcane juice daily helps to break the stone and throw them out.

Sugarcane ( Ganna ) Juice for Caries Prevention

Sugarcane ( Ganna ) Juice is good for teeth problems.
Drink a glass of Sugarcane ( Ganna ) Juice prevents caries.

Sugarcane ( Ganna ) Juice for Flu

Have a glass of fresh Sugarcane ( Ganna ) Juice twice a day.

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice for Diabetes

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice maintains healthy sugar level in our body.
If you are a diabetic, you should drink a glass of Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice daily.

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice for Cancer

Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice has cancer fighting properties; especially Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.
Drink one glass of fresh Sugarcane ( Ganne ) Juice twice a day and stay away from cancer.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Jaundice 3

Take One glass Sugarcane juice with one tablespoon Radish juice.

Herbal Treatment For Oligospermia 3

Take the following herbs :
Black gram : Uarad : Powdered : Half cup
Velvet Bean : Konch : Powdered : Half cup
Asparagus Racemosus : Shatavari : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Withania Somnifera : Ashwagandha : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Licorice : Mulethi : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Clarified Butter : Ghee : Cow's milk preferred : 2 tablespoons
Kudzu : Sural : Fruit : Juice : 2 tablespoons
Sugarcane : Ganna : Juice : 2 tablespoons. Optional
Sugar Candy : Mishri : Powdered : 1 tablespoon
Honey : Shehad : 1 tablespoon
Long Pepper : Pipli : 1 pinch
Milk : Cow's milk preferred : Half glass
Take a wok. Put all dry ingredients except Long Pepper and 3 glasses water in it. Boil till it remains 1/4. Add Clarified Butter, Kudzu Juice, Sugarcane Juice and Milk. Heat again till Clarified Butter floats to the top. Stir time to time. Remove from heat. Add Sugar Candy, Honey and Long Pepper. Mix all. Have one teaspoon once a day. Preferable at night.

Herbal Treatment For Wrinkles 1

Mix a pinch of turmeric in Sugarcane Juice . Apply for 10 minutes. Wash.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 7

Mix Indian gooseberry, Honey, Sugarcane juice, in equal quantity. Drink this cup once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Tonsillitis 3

Add little milk in Sugarcane juice. It gives relief in Tonsils.

Herbal Treatment For Wrinkles 3

Take one tablespoon of Sugarcane juice ( Ganne ka ras ) and a pinch of Turmeric ( Haldi ) to make a paste. Apply it over the face for 10 -15 minutes.
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Isijola Busayo ( Nigeria/Ondo )
23 Aug 2016
it is good you give quantity of the sugarcane to use to avoid overdose
23 Aug 2016
Dear Isijola
we did not get you? Could you please post your query again and tell us what exactly do you wish to ask? Are you asking the doses of sugarcane?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mjc mohan ( India )
16 Sep 2016
can a diabetic take more than 250 ml of sugar cane juice daily.
Seetu Jha
16 Sep 2016
Those suffering from type2 diabetes, their sugar cane intake in a day should not go beyond 100 to 150 ml.
Aamisha ( India )
10 Feb 2017
What are the side effects of drinking sugarcane juice? How much amount of it can a normal person drink daily? Is it effective in weight loss or healthy hair?
Ramneek Bhisht
14 Feb 2017
DO not consume more than a glass in a day.
Excessive amounts may cause Dizziness, Indigestion, and Insomnia. It is high in soluble fiber, thus, aids in shedding weight.
However, other herbs for weight loss and healthy hair are Apple Cider Vinegar and Avocado.
Joshua ( 233 )
21 May 2017
Due to excessive masturbating I urinate frequently and also feel weak .can't sleep in the night urinate many times I feel burning sensation when I feel like urinating when I drink water few minutes I need help am in Ghana west Africa I need cure please
13 Sep 2017
do not mastubate, you must get married to a lady and have proper sex. that is cased by STI [ Soft Tissue Injury]
Mareal Fernandez ( 7KWG )
24 Jul 2017
What is the benefits of the leaves?
Lucy lu ( Abuja/FCT )
16 Aug 2017
is sugarcane juice bad for pregnancy
Rabiah ( Nigeria/Kano )
20 Mar 2019
Can brown sugar substitute sugar cane juice?
Is whitpe sugar different from sugar cane?
Bello Andrew ( Nigeria/Edo )
09 Apr 2020
Is there any significant uses of Sugarcane leaves?
09 Apr 2020
Hello Bello. There is not any significant use of Sugarcane leaves. you can use it otherwise for medicinal purposes.
22 Nov 2020
can you please explain why sugar leave is not usefull?
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