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What does Potassium do for the body

Potassium is a mineral. It is an important electrolyte found in the Human Body. It plays a significant role in Electrolyte Regulation, Nerve Functions, Muscle Control, and the Blood Pressure. Potassium is found in all Cells of the Body. It helps in proper nerve and muscle function. It regulates the Water and Minerals throughout the Body. It helps in flexing Muscles.

Functions of Potassium in the Body
Builds Muscles
Builds Proteins
Controls the Acid Base balance
Maintains normal Body Growth
Preserves Alkalinity of the body
Breaks down and uses Carbohydrates
Controls the Electrical activity of the Heart

Daily Requirement of Potassium in the Body.
Daily requirement of Potassium
0 to 6 months : 200mg
7 to 12 months : 700mg
1 to 3 years : 3000mg
4 to 8 years : 3800mg
9 to 13 years : 4500mg
Above 19 years : 4700mg
Pregnant Women : 4700mg
Breastfeeding Women : 5100mg

Benefits of Potassium in the Body
Lowers the Blood Pressure
Maintains pH and Acid levels
Reduces the risk of Kidney Stones
Helps Cells to maintain Fluid balance
Prevents the loss of Calcium and Phosphorus
Prevents Leg Cramps and other Muscle Spasms
Lowers the risk of stroke, especially Ischemic Stroke ( Caused due to obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to brain ).

Effects of Potassium Deficiency in the Body ( Hypokalemia )
Charley horses
Water Retention
Chronic Arthritis
Muscle Cramps
High blood pressure
Discomfort in chest
Weak Muscles
Rise in the Blood Pressure

Effects of High levels of Potassium in the body ( Hyperkalemia )
Cardiac Arrest
Tingling in extremities
Slow , Weak , Irregular pulse

Note : High potassium levels may occur when Kidneys do not function properly.
Worse : Kidneys may be damaged by an overdose of Potassium. And, how does one get an overdose of Potassium ? Take an overdose of Coconut Water .

Herbs Containing Potassium


Angelica Laxiflora
Artemisia Keiskeana
Barley Grass
Bastard Oleaster
Boletus Edulis
Bovis Calculus
Brassica Napobrassica
Bull Kelp
Castanea Mollissima
Chanterelle Mushroom
Corn Salad
Descurainia Sophia
Jerusalem Artichoke
Medicago Lupulina
Mouse ear Chickweed
Oenanthe Javanica
Pinto Bean
Portulaca Pilosa
Potentilla indica
Snow Pea
Solanum Verbascifolim
Sow Thistle
Squaw Root
Water Morning Glory
White Truffle Mushroom
Wild Himalayan Pear
Ziziphus Rugosa
Zornia Diphylla