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Kudzu Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Pueraria Lobata, Pueraria Thunbergiana
Chinese Name
Ye Ge, Ge Gen

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Kudzu Cures

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Action of Kudzu

Nutrients in Kudzu

Taste of

Nature of


Parts Used

Tuberous Roots, Flower, Leaves, Shoots

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Kudzu

Avoid use during pregnancy.
Diabetic people should avoid it.
Avoid in case of excessive Sweating and Stomach cold.
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Kudzu is a vine.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 15 M.
Kudzu is an excellent herb which helps in the withdrawal of Addictions such as Alchohol, Cannabis, and Tobacco.
Best used for Hangover and Alcoholic Craving.

In TCM :
Kudzu Root : Ge Gen
Flower Bud of Kudzu : Ge Hua
Meridians associated : Spleen and Stomach
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Materia Medica for Kudzu

Single Herb

Kudzu for Diarrhea

Take a cup of hot water and mix One teaspoon of Kudzu powder. this drink is very useful for upset stomach.

Kudzu for Hangover

Boil One tablespoon powdered root in a cup of water.
Drink twice a day.

Kudzu for Alcoholism

Add1 tsp of powdered Kudzu to a cup of water. Boil. Add honey. Drink thrice a day.
OR :Have extract. twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Oligospermia 3

Take the following herbs :
Black gram : Uarad : Powdered : Half cup
Velvet Bean : Konch : Powdered : Half cup
Asparagus Racemosus : Shatavari : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Withania Somnifera : Ashwagandha : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Licorice : Mulethi : Powdered : 3 to 4 pinches
Clarified Butter : Ghee : Cow's milk preferred : 2 tablespoons
Kudzu : Sural : Fruit : Juice : 2 tablespoons
Sugarcane : Ganna : Juice : 2 tablespoons. Optional
Sugar Candy : Mishri : Powdered : 1 tablespoon
Honey : Shehad : 1 tablespoon
Long Pepper : Pipli : 1 pinch
Milk : Cow's milk preferred : Half glass
Take a wok. Put all dry ingredients except Long Pepper and 3 glasses water in it. Boil till it remains 1/4. Add Clarified Butter, Kudzu Juice, Sugarcane Juice and Milk. Heat again till Clarified Butter floats to the top. Stir time to time. Remove from heat. Add Sugar Candy, Honey and Long Pepper. Mix all. Have one teaspoon once a day. Preferable at night.

Herbal Treatment For Asthenospermia 2

Take 100 gram Black gram, 100 gram Velvet Bean, 10 gram Asparagus Racemosus, 10 gram Withania Somnifera and 10 gram Licorice. Powder them together. Boil in 10 glasses of water till it remains 1/4 part. Add half cup Ghee, half cup Kudzu, half cup Sugarcane juice and 2 glass milk (Cow). Heat on low flame till Ghee floats. remove from heat. Now add 4 tablespoons Sugar Candy, 4 tablespoons Honey and 4 pinches Long Pepper powder. Stir. Have one teaspoon once a day.
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