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The Genesis
God said, 'Let there be Health'. Devil said 'Are you Crazy, Lets have Icecream'.

 We were born free.  We wore shackles of community life. 
We were born healthy.  We ate whatever grew wild.  We domesticated ourselves.  We cultivated food.  We became sick. 
The more sophisticated we became in our mind, the more sick we became in our body.  Along the path of evolution we progressed scientifically, culturally and materially.  And paid a price.  The currency we used, and are using, is our health.  And, we are paying dearly.

Some factors that are making us sick and sicker are:-
Ozone depletion. Ultra Violet radiation damages skin, causes accelerated aging, cancer and or eye problems.
Stress. Causes premature aging
Pursuit of ‘Pleasure’.  Lack of sleep shortens life
Exercise. Too much or too little. Both are bad. 
Poor nutrition. Quantity and quality, both matter. 
Excessive Omega-6. For examples Safflower oil. It increases inflammation 
Fast foods. 
Pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and other environmental toxins.
Chemically processed foods
The  Seasonal Changes
The Environmental Pollution
Our Lifestyle
Genetically Modified Foods
Our Genes
Our Epigenetic System 

Some factors are beyond our control, like the environment.  Some, are within our control, like the food we eat; how much we eat, what type we eat.  Let us focus on what we can do to improve our health.

The food we eat is our fuel.  The combustion of this food in our body is called Metabolism. It is the process of digesting food and converting it into usable energy. The process starts with the Pancreas producing Hormones and Enzymes. They help us regulate the whole process.  The major components of our food are, Sugars, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.  All these are required by most of the cells of our body. They can enter the cells only by the permission of the Hormones and the Enzymes. Balance is maintained by the Pancreas.   Any over / under production of these will lead to Diabetes and or Weight gain / loss. The decline in health starts here.  Deterioration progresses through the malfunctioning of various organs, and ends in early death.

The most important set of two auto compensating hormones is Insulin and Glucagon. They regulate the sugars we eat. When we eat food, the sugars are converted to an acceptable and usable form called glucose.  A signal is sent to the Pancreas.  As the glucose level in the blood rises, the Pancreas release Insulin directly into the blood stream.  This allows the cells to accept glucose. Any excess glucose is converted into fat and stored in the Liver.  The glucose level in the blood goes down, the Pancreas stop producing Insulin.  When we have not eaten for a while, like at night, and the glucose level in the blood goes down, the Pancreas release Glucagon, again, directly into the blood stream.  Glucagon stimulates the liver to convert the stored fat back into glucose and release it into the blood.  ( Yes.  the Liver stores sugars as fats.  And, yes, it is necessary because our cells constantly need glucose to function. )

The next set of inverse hormones is Ghrelin and Leptin.  Ghrelin is the hormone that causes us to feel hungry.  So call it The Hunger Hormone.  When our body is without food, Ghrelin levels rise and make us feel hungry.  We have to stop eating sometime.  We can't go on eating.  The hormone that tells us to stop is Leptin.  Call it The Satiety Hormone.  Our endocrine system has a complex, delicate and intricate modus operandi to maintain a balance.  Its primary function is to regulate the amount of food we eat.  By a system of negative feedback, it maintains a balance, by telling us when and how much to eat.  An imbalance will make us eat more than is required to make us 'fat' or force us to eat less and make us look emaciated. 

Pancreatic enzymes are released into the duodenum to digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Pancreatic juices also neutralize stomach acids. Some of the enzymes are Lipase, Protease and Amylase.

So, you see, our health or the absence of it starts with the Digestive system. No matter what is in excess ( Sugars, Proteins, fats or Carbohydrates ) it is stored by our liver as fats.  In males, it mainly shows in and on the abdomen and in females it is generally deposited in and on the buttocks.  This part is within our control.  But ! There are things beyond our control.  Anything and everything that hitherto fore was in favor of life has now been corrupted to be anti-life.  The environment has been polluted;  Breathing has become a labor.  Chemical agents have been added to processed foods; Instead of nourishing us they cause obesity and cancer.  Genetically modified foods give us allergies and cancer.  Alas ! We are fighting a losing battle.    

No matter what stage of health or disease you are in, ( Except for a Genetic disorder ) it can be traced back to high Blood Sugar. And, that can be traced back to our modified food.  Much before you can detect sugar in the blood, you can check the malady by checking the Insulin production, the level of Insulin in the blood.  If the problem is taken care of right at this stage we will progress into a state of health and stay in that state until we misbehave with ourselves.  If, we allow the disease to progress it will slowly but surely attack more important organs of the body. 
The body warns us of the impending danger much before any pathological change takes place.  We will get symptoms like pains and aches.  Unfortunately, we do not recognize the origin, ( Outlined above ).  Instead, we visit specialists to draw their attention to various specific maladies and or Organs.  They order tests.  Tests are normal till the disease has progressed beyond repair. Then we despair. 
But first, you must know the seven stages through which a disease progresses.  They are:-
Enervation:  Excessive tiredness out of proportion to an activity.
Toxemia:  Toxins produced in the body by local bacterial infection.
Irritation:  Nausea, feeling unsettled, Itching, Mental irritation, uncomfortable feeling without a cause,
Inflammation:  Pains, Aches, Redness, Swelling.  Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Appendicitis, Fever.
Ulceration:  Ulcers on the skin, Peptic Ulcers.
Induration:  Cysts, Tumors, Cancers.

Fortunately, there is a solution.  Now you know where you are.  But, not to worry.  We know the origin.  If somehow we can hit the default button, reset the system to its factory settings, we might be able to save ourselves a lot of unnecessary trouble.
Fortunately, there is a method for resetting the malfunctioning.  You can not reset your Genes. Everything else can be reset, even Epigenetics can be taken care of.  Epigenetics is like a trigger.  Exposure to extreme wet cold affects different people differently.  Well, even that can be modified. 

Here is how !

A 15 days course of Green Leaf Juice, ( GLJ ). ONLY.  No compromises.

                             GLJ in the morning
                                 GLJ in the evening
                                 GLJ at suppertime
                                 If you don't eat sugar
                                 You're healthy all the time.
                                 No rice, no wheat to grind
                                 No red meat, no oil refined
                                 No milk no coffee of any kind
                                 Drink GLJ for 15 days
                                 It'll surely blow your mind

Consider this as Option 1.

WARNING :  There are no half measures.  This 15 days course has to be completed as stated.

The examples of Green Leaves are Spinach, Carrot, Dandelion, Drumsticks, Water Cress, Wheat grass, etc.  No Radish, it might give nausea.  You may add an orange or an apple to improve the taste.
Most of your aches and pains will go away without any complicated medication.  If you are diabetic, your sugar will become normal.  You may not need medication after that.

This juicing should be followed for 15 days only.  Then follow it up with a maintenance diet consisting of approx 33% carbohydrates, proteins, and fats each.  No sugars.

It is possible that you will not take up the challenge of GLJ.  We understand.  There is peer pressure and there is spouse pressure.  There is fear of the unknown and there is mental inertia.  The highest hurdle is the paradigm that this suggestion does not come from a well-known personality with degrees.  If this is the case we suggest an alternate course of action.

Stop eating the following:-
Sugar in any form, specially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) 
Wheat:  Anything made of wheat or its mix.  Yes, you can't eat bread or Cereals of any kind. Wheat is the cause of Diabetes in most of us.
Refined Oils
Milk:  And milk products
Red Meat and  Fish
Animal fats
Refined Salt
Carbonated Drinks and Artificial Sweeteners

2. Start Eating the following:-
Fresh vegetables, Fresh Fruits, And their salads with their leaves.  No dressings.  Dress only with oils given below.
Nuts of all kinds:  These will provide your body the fats you need.  Powder them, make butter out of them.
Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Linseed oil, Hemp oil
Alternate flours: Use your imagination.  We have used ours.  Some examples are given at Flours for You.
Sprouts of most seeds and lentils.
Rock salt or Sea salt

Even if you have taken GLJ for 15 days, the follow-up maintenance diet should be in accordance with the above para. This maintenance diet of approx 33% carbohydrates, proteins and fats each, and no sugars is not for a few days or weeks.  It is for life.

We have taken care of some factors.  Some, like the weather changes, still remain.  Some disease is bound to remain, specially genetic. To make your body pathologically and psychologically immune to the vagaries of modern life, consumption of some herbs becomes necessary.  It is possible that you tried option one, and failed.  It is also possible that you do not want to try option 2.  But, you still desire health at the minimal price of opening your mouth.  Try a few pills.  Try the next course at Vibrant Health and Longevity. 

Motivation:  If you keep eating what you have been eating, you will keep getting fatter and Sicker.  Shiver at the thought of Diabetes.   

Two interesting attitudes.

The general paradigm:  If I can live a healthy life I don't mind living only for next 5 years.
An independent mind:  If health is possible why not enjoy life up to 100.  Wow!

Caution.  Everything does not suit everyone. You may be having a disorder that does not allow this kind of juicing or change.  You are strongly advised to consult your doctor before undertaking any of the above courses.

Foot Note.
To improve your health you can also do the following:-
Reduce use of cell phone.
Do not use microwave oven.
Do not use Nonstick pans or Aluminum utencils.
Do not drink ordinary milk. Drink only A2 milk.
Filter out the Florine being fed to you through the drinking water.
Do not eat canned food.
Do not eat food with MSG.
Do not eat food grown with pesticides.
Do not use plastic bags or bottles

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Reviews on The Genesis
Lokanathan PM
28 Oct 2016
I have read this for the first time.At 73 going on 74,I am quite happy and contented and healthy by following the principle that anything in excess is poison for the body.
Moderation is the keyword that I have followed for the last 20 odd years.
How much GLI for healthy to sustain health is my query.
Karuna Seth
03 Nov 2016
There is no such limit. I would say that till your Leptin supports. You may drink as much as your body wants. There is no specific dose You must know what is excess for your body. Experimentation is the key.
Prem Singh, Batala
01 Nov 2016
Herbpathy team,

What did I do wrong
03 Nov 2016
Prem Singh You did nothing wrong. It's just that while posting the query, you must have clicked on the "submit" button more than once. It has been taken care of. Enjoy reading. We wish that you enjoy the maximum benefits out of the site.
Sunil kumar
08 Nov 2016
Helllo Herbpathy Team,

Can you please elaborate on Green Leaf Juice, how much to consume and how many times a day, is there a limit,what all are part of GLJ.
Can beetroots be added too ,apart from orange and apple.

Janak Ji,
Can you please tell me the regimen you are following and what are the ingredients you are using for GLJ.
10 Nov 2016
Dear Sunil You may start by taking one glass everyday for 15 days. The part used is : Green Leaves of the plants.
Example may include : Leaves of beetroot, carrot, radish, spinach,lettuce.
10 Nov 2016
Dear Sunil I have been take GLJ for quite sometime now. I take one glass veryday after breakfast. Like ; day one :to day eight ---
Beetroot leaves and lettuce leaves
Then, the next day i took : Carrot,Mint and Coriander juice
Spinach and Wheat grass
Cabbage and Mustard greens
Parsley and Mustard Greens again
Basil, Mint and Celery leaves
Romaine Lettuce.
Watercress This is it. You may add lemon for taste. I followed this regimen. It has helped me a lot.
Sunil Kumar
28 Feb 2017
Janak JI ,can you please help me with the recipes , how do you make them juice, just add greenleaf in mixer and grind with water ?
Kanika Walia
03 Mar 2017
Some herbs do not even need water to prepare the juice. The herbs itself are very juicy. Depends on the herb you are using.
Sunil kumar
28 Nov 2016
Herbpathy team,

Please correct me .. 15 days GLJ diet means .. We are supposed to have only green leaf juice three times a day ? or can we eat other food as well.

Or is it having GLJ once daily and continue with normal diet other than those mentioned above.
30 Nov 2016
Sunil Kumar For 15 days, take only GlJ. Then you may follow whatever is given in the later section of this page. Take the juice as per your body requirement, but only for 15 days. Do not include radish leaves juice please.
Sunil Kumar
01 Dec 2016
Thank you very much..will follow that....
Rohit Khanna
22 Dec 2016
This is a very good mirror for ourselves to see where what is going wrong or right. This basic information should be made into pictures / charts and put up in schools so that we learn them early in life.

Keep it up brother.
01 Mar 2017
Dear Herbpathy team, I have quiet many health issues like digestive, urinary, respiratory and I lose weight very fast. Will I be able to make it through the 15 days green juicing? Would it be ok if I add some fruit like an apple or banana?

Regardless I am willing to try, I don't have a choice.

Thank you.
03 Mar 2017
Dear Anna.
Yes, you may add any fruit to it,as per your taste. As long as the juice contains green leaves, you can add whatever fruit you like. If you have it daily for 15 days, it can solve the issues to a great extent. And you can drink more than 3 juices in a day.
01 Mar 2017
Also, I wanted to ask, can I drink more than 3 juices a day?
24 Mar 2017
Yes, You may take them
Capt Atul
16 Mar 2017
how to bring yourself back to normal from vata dosha?
24 Mar 2017
Please consult an expert in Ayurveda.
Capt Atul
27 Mar 2017
WOW!! I could have never thought something like that.
Capt Atul
27 Mar 2017
Expecting a better reply this time
11 Apr 2017
Yeah ! I guess only someone who has an an expertise in Ayurveda or Panchakarma can answer this open-ended question of yours. And yes, there definitely is something wrong with you; your temper shows it all ! You really are in the need of some help. I hope the herbs can help you. Amen !
Capt Atul
05 Apr 2017
Sleeping admin. Wake up !
Revert awaited on my query.
11 Apr 2017
Capt Atul .
We would appreciate if you write to us again and state the name of the disease, or the symptoms you are suffering from. What is the exact problem ? Asking theoretical questions like such won't help. And as you said you want to know the method to bring yourself back to normal from Vata Dosha. Let us inform you that Dosha is not a disease or disorder.. It is simply the biological energy found throughout the human body and mind. We are born with a combination of three Doshas. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
Some have more of Vata, while lesser Pitta, some may have higher Pitta Dosha and lesser of the other two. So, you see it varies in an individual. This is as vast concept. What should we assume from your question ?
11 Apr 2017
.........Do you suffer from aggravated Vata Dosha ?
Or is there a Deficiency of the the other two Doshas ?
Do you want to pacify Vata ?
Do you want to reduce Vata or increase it ? Vata takes care of the movement of thoughts, feelings, nerve impulses, and fluids in body. If your Vata is aggravated, how do you know that ? Did you consult an expert in this subject? We need to know the symptoms and your actual problem.
27 May 2017
please how do i get some of these roots and where is herbpathy shops where some of the roots can purchased.
Ramesh Bhatta
10 Jun 2017
Dear sir
i am 18 years old and i am masturbating since i was young..i feel very enjoy and i was unable to control myself..i used to masturbate 2 or 3 times in a day..i was unknown about i have stopped masturbating because i had some problems like this

i feel weakness doing simple tasks.

at night semen comes out even i am unknown about it

loss of memory power.sometimes i cant think properly. memory power is greatly reduced than before
watery semen...and i see sometimes few drops of semen comes out with urine
my growth has almost stopped.. growth is reduced even i cant grew up for 1 inches ..before having the habit of masturbation my body height was normal and I was growing up normally
Nowadays I don’t have any interests about the masturbation and sex..growth of penis has almost stooped ..i cant get any progress..

my thigh has been ampulated..i think there is disorder of nerves..if i eat more foods then i feel all things have been secreted to my thigh and when i eat low then it goes on reducing. ..maybe some problems in the thigh
sometimes swelling of testis occurs ...only sometimes not young age I used to watch several porn videos but now I don’t have a
Prateek Jha ( Homeopath )
13 Jun 2017
The cure for you is one dose of homeopathic remedy Lycopodium 200. You may buy it from any homeopathic store in your region. Observe the symptoms and share here with us. Do not repeat the remedy until recommended again. Take only one dose Ramesh.
Deepak Samant
24 Jul 2017
Just what I was looking for . Very informative . How do I join ?
Pranihar Goinka
23 Feb 2018
The portal is all yours, for all the information you need. I do not think you need to join it or something like that. I am a regular visitor of this website. Herbpathy is in my favorites list. I refer to it from time to time. You may do the same.
Pavankalyan kattepogu
06 Sep 2017
please tell me the gossipiifolia plants
Shambhu singh
30 Nov 2017
Please inform me the medicines for obesity as many I used but position remains unchanged.


shambhu singh
Munisha Sachdeva
23 Feb 2018
Drink a cup of Green Coffee, twice in a day for a month. This is very effective remedy for Obesity. Also, Avocado should be a must in your diet. Read about AVocado in the Herbs section Herbpathy.
21 Feb 2018
Is is that one cannot take food during this period if 15days
23 Feb 2018
You may take food. The Choice is yours. If you wish to detoxify your body, then you can take just juices.
27 Jul 2018
nice post sir.
my name is kv, i m 30 yrs old.
i need some suggestion before taking this GLJ?
i m having digestive problem for long 8 years(constipation,piles,diahhorea).
but i want to take the challenge if its right or wrong for me?
also in this 15 days can i continue taking my homeopathy medicines and supplementry tablets?
its also applicable can i to take herbal juices and tablet form GLJ (green food supplements,juice in syrup int he market)?.
bcoz i m taking it raw herbal i m getting diahhorea,etc.,
i m daily intake aswagantha,brahmi,shilajeet,amla,aloe,triphala caps can i continue it in the 15 days?
M ali
13 Aug 2018
My name is M ali I m from Pakistan. I am 54 ys old and suffering from prostate enlargement along with burnibg during urination. One Hakeem advised me for the use of KABAB CHINI (Cubeb) for 4 to 6 times in a day. is this good for this condition and for how long it may be used
Ajrah Khalil
12 Mar 2019
Pleasant day Sir Herbpathy! i have hyperthyroidism since late of 2011 and i stopped taking synthetic drugs coz it had just make my illness complicated. I switched to herbs and started to regain my energy but not my hyperthyroid. I started to fell hopeless if my overactive thyroid gland will return back to normal huhu. Would you mind please to help me on what to do? Are there any other herbs to be added from the formula you've posted above? Thanks, more power and Godbless!
14 Mar 2019
Hi Herbpathy, I stumbled onto your page while searching for Spikenard. I have just read THE GENESIS & i absolutely love your enthusiasm, energy & more importantly the answer to all our problems. I have been trying to recover from constant pain/migraines after whiplash for a number of years now, back n forth to doctors/specialists on pain medication which is making me more ill. I changed my diet to organic vegetarian although still had some bad habits with biscuits, cakes & sweets, i did add a lot of great things along with taking supplements. Recently i have started to drink wheat grass & i have also purchased a green tub of mixed powdered veg which i have added to the wheat grass. I am going to try the GLF for the 15 days as i also need to lose some weight & i cant wait to get started. I just want to thank you very much for writing THE GENESIS it makes so much sense & good to know how your body actually functions.
14 Mar 2019
Hi Herbpathy, I stumbled onto your page while searching for Spikenard. I have just read THE GENESIS & i absolutely love your enthusiasm, energy & more importantly the answer to all our problems. I have been trying to recover from constant pain/migraines after whiplash for a number of years now, back n forth to doctors/specialists on pain medication which is making me more ill. I changed my diet to organic vegetarian although still had some bad habits with biscuits, cakes & sweets, i did add a lot of great things along with taking supplements. Recently i have started to drink wheat grass & i have also purchased a green tub of mixed powdered veg which i have added to the wheat grass. I am going to try the GLF for the 15 days as i also need to lose some weight & i cant wait to get started. I just want to thank you very much for writing THE GENESIS it makes so much sense & good to know how your body actually functions.
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