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13 June 11:44

What should I do if I get fever ?

Take Aconite 30. Two globules in half a glass of water. Take two table spoons every hour. Decrease frequency as fever goes down

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12 June 11:44

People say Corona is here to stay. How can I live in this fear. I am sure the Fear will kill me before Corona does. What can I do ?

I hope all of you and your families are doing well. I prayed and will keep praying. Prayer gives hope, and hope gives confidence. And confidence helps you to do the right thing.

Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve. And Hope without an object, cannot live.

So essentially what you need, is an objective. An aim. Have one for the day, It will help you get through the day. One for a week, one for the near future and one for life. All these aims will be different for all of us but there is one common aim. The near future. That seems to be well defined. Survive the Corona virus.
So, lets talk about that. In India every one is a doctor, including me. And we all have whatsapp to spread our views. And, the beauty is they all seem logical. Here is my take on the Coronavirus.

Alkalize yourself. All viruses need an acidic environment to survive. Take one glass normal water, add one lemon. Add quarter teaspoon of Baking soda, Mitha soda. Drink it. Ok, please stir it and drink it. Take it for 21 days, Ok make it 22 days.

This virus attacks your lungs first. Its like pneumonia. It has a special method of attack. It diminishes your ability to extract oxygen from the air you breathe, but does not affect the ability of the lungs to expel CO2, carbon dioxide. When CO2 is not expelled you get breathless, there is difficulty in breathing. When oxygen is less you feel nothing and this hypoxia goes un-noticed. So, for the first few days of the attack you feel nothing, and they call it the incubation period. But you have been infected.
On the second hand there is no known medication for this disease.
On the third hand Homeopathy has an answer, but it is very idiotic. Homeopathic medicine is selected for the person and not for the disease. Since we are all different, will react differently to the attack, will develop different symptoms, we will all need different medicines.
On the fourth hand, homeopathic medicine is not recommended for prevention. I know, I know, every one is talking about it, but I don’t recommend it, because if you are healthy you will develop symptoms of the medicine, and when that happens, you will think you have been infected by corona when in fact you have not been. You will be hospitalized unnecessarily. You will be in trouble. BIG trouble.
What to do? That is the big question. No !. Its not too big when analyzed properly.
First Action. To determine the falling levels of oxygen in the blood. Go to sector 16, buy a pulse Oxymeter. Cost about 1600. Check your oxygen level everyday. If it is above 95, start working. Remember the temperature will rise only after 4 to 5 days of infection. Do not lose this vital time.
Second Action. What to buy and keep. Buy homeopathic medicines. Phosphorus 30 and Bryonia 30. Globules, about Rs 10 to 20.
Third action. When your Oxygen levels fall below 90, consider you are infected. If you feel like drinking cold or very cold water or cold drinks, take Phosphorous 30. If you feel lazy, want to lie down and not move at all. When even a slight cough pains the ribs. When any noise of music offends you, take Bryonia 30. For this medicine to be effective cold water is contraindicated. That desire must not be there. All other situations have to be handled professionally.
Fourth Action. How to take medicine. Dissolve 2 globules in half a glass of water. Take two large spoons every hour. Increase gap as oxygen levels increase.
These are mere suggestions. If you get sick, please take appropriate action and go to the hospital.

Should you be scared? Yes and no. If you have faith in God and his decisions. Then no. But if you only believe in God and have only a working knowledge about his capabilities, then Yes.

Worry. Definition. Continuously thinking about something without coming to a conclusion about what action to take, OR, not having the ability to take any action. Sooooo. Stop worrying. You can do nothing except live intelligently.

Times ahead are bad. Please exercise your own discipline. Forget about Govt telling you to lock down. Keep your own distance. Maids are the best carriers, I know you will be under pressure to allow them in, but , but, in the end, the choice is yours.
God be with you

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25 April 19:51

Immunity! Immunity! Immunity! Every one is saying the same thing. Build your immunity. But how do I know that it is low. ?

Wow! You nailed it. We should build out immunity only if it is low. How do I find out if it is low?
Get a blood test for 'Monocytes'.
If they are abnormally High, your immunity is Low.
Then what to do? Generally I have already told you what to do. However, if you are concerned, the treatment is dependent on other parameters of the individual. The patient will have to be examined and a prescription made to order. One size fits all will not do.
A word of advice. Do not get paranoid and start ordering a blood test in the middle of the night. Relax. There is nothing more futile than doing something efficiently, which need not have been done.

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24 April 16:48

How can I build my Immunity ?

The more ignorant we are about something the more we fall prey to hype being created about it. All healthy living organisms have an inherent immunity to disease. Our body will fight disease under all circumstances. Most of us are perfectly alright. But, lets assume our body is compromised and we need to beef up our defenses. Or, we have fallen prey to advertisements and feel we need to fortify ourselves. Then lets do it.
The specific areas of fortification required are:-
Amino Acids
Vitamin C
What should we do? Increase the intake of the following:-
For Amino Acids take sprouts.
For Vit C take Lime, nimboo
For Iron take apples or Black currents
For Zinc take Papaya and Watermelon seeds

Now a days I hear a lot about Vitamin D deficiency and the need for exposure to the sun. But I have heard that our Rishi Muni used to stay in the caves, without seeing the sun for years. Obviously one of these concepts is wrong. I think we need to investigate.

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23 April 14:24

Does warm water really kill the Corona Virus ?

No! It does not. I know a lot of whatsapp are going around saying that sipping warm water will kill the Corona Virus. No, it will not kill the virus. Whatever has to be done, has to be done by your body. By the metabolism of your body, which depends on your immunity.
Here is the mechanism by which you can save yourself by HOT water. Sip HOT water. How hot. As hot as you can drink. When to drink. If you think you have been exposed to the virus, or, if your are beginning to show some signs like sore throat and malaise. Then start sipping hot water. This hot water will do nothing to the virus. But it will raise the temperature of your body. You will know this when you start sweating. You are causing an artificial fever. Now the body gets the hint that something is wrong. Your immune system kicks into action to overpower the virus, before it can affect your lungs. The corona virus overpowers you by speedy replication. It is this replication you want to stop, BEFORE it spreads to your vital organs and weakens you. If you have got fever, it means the virus has already got you. Fever means a reaction by your body to raise the temperature so that the virus should die. But most of us take paracetamol to reduce the fever, thereby hindering the good work being done by the metabolism.
Now that you have raised the temperature of your body artificially, keep it that way. by continuing to drink HOT water, till you get well; till the body can overpower the virus completely by building a reserve of antibodies.
In the next post I will tell you how to build your immunity.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
18 April 15:43

What is Immunity and how to build it ?

Immunity is the ability of your body to fight disease, infection or poison. How to build it? Million dollar question. Plethora of literature exists with the God Lord Google. Oh !!! I nearly forgot. Now a days we have some smaller gods too; Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. But, what I would like to bring to your notice is the ancient art of sub lethal poisoning. You ever heard of Vish Kanya ? In ancient India, small girls were administered sub lethal doses of snake poison and its antidotes alternatingly. They developed an immunity to most poisons. A snake bite could not kill them. They were used to kill enemy kings.
The fact of the matter is that when you feed the body on a small dose of poison, the body has the ability to develop antibodies. And comes out stronger. In recent times this technique is called Isopathy. Is it being used now a days. Yes it is. Most vaccinations follow this technique.
Lets see what we should do.
Eat healthy food to build a good body so that it can produce antibodies when attacked.
Vaccinate yourself against specific viruses. These are those sub lethal doses.
When a new virus attacks the human race we will eventually develop a herd immunity against it. I am sure a lot of people died when Smallpox first hit the world. But then, we manged, we did not have TV.
This was revision. Now please get this out of the way. Lets look at things another way.
The human race has evolved and is still evolving and getting better with each generation. But we have also inherited a disposition to sickness. We call them allergies. Each of us is unique as to how we react to a particular stimulus or trigger. Exposed to cold we each react differently. In homeopathy we call this human weakness, Psora. It is alleged by homeopaths that if we were not afflicted by Psora, we would be immune to most disease, bacteria or viruses. We would be immune to almost any functional change by any disease, be it Syphilis or AIDS. The only thing that could harm you could be physical injury.
Do we have an answer to this Psora ? Yes the world of homeopathy has developed a vaccine from the lesions of the very disease. Is it sub lethal ? Yes it is. The dose is so small that is is called Nanopathy. In fact no laboratory can find any molecule of the original disease. The name of the medicine so produced is Psorinum. It is currently used by homeopaths on the basis of symptoms noted by a few healthy people who proved it hundred years ago.
What should we do to fight diseases produced by bacteria or viruses ?
What I am going to say now is hypothetical. I am going into a world of fantasy. The reality will be dealt with by your doctor. Remember, this forum is for reading only, for any sound advice you have to go to your doctor.
Assumption. 100% of the world has been or will be affected by some virus.
We all go to our respective doctors. They all prescribe Psorinum 200 one dose. We all take it. Some of us will develop functional reactions. By some I mean about 20%. These reactions only indicate that something was wrong with us to start with. In about a month all reactions will pass off. Reactions are never fatal. We come out stronger. We have immunized ourselves against most diseases. We can take on any virus; new or old. Virus can mutate. Yes. Let it. We will still be able to fight it.
This will be real immunity. In the bargain, its possible, it might just be possible, that we get back our ability to produce our own Vitamin D.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
02 April 07:47

Since you recommend the use of a Nosode to fight a virus attack. Why cant we use some existing Nosode ?

Yes we can. The nearest I can think of is Variolinum. Variolinum is a Nosode prepared from the pustule of a Small pox patient. It has been used as a prophylactic against Smallpox for a long time. It definitely cures symptoms of the respiratory track. It should be effective against any virus causing respiratory symptoms. It may not be a 100% protection or cure. But, in the absence of anything better, we should try this medicine in any imminent virus attack.
Of course the final decision will depend on the patient and his symptoms and how the doctor perceives them. Just like a repertory, this writing can only serve the purpose of refreshing a doctor's memory to the existence of Variolinum. Just in case he had overlooked it.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
01 April 20:11

I have heard that Viruses mutate very fast as compared to Bacteria. I think that is why the flu shot changes every year. That means whatever vaccine we develop is out dated the day it is ready for use ?

That is correct. Viruses mutate very fast. Coronavirus already has two strains. The vaccine being developed is based on the structure of the first strain. By the time the vaccine is ready, the second strain is likely to become more active.
The question you have asked is, What should the world do.
The answer is to develop the vaccine as fast as it mutates. But is it possible? It is. Provided you get science out of the way. You must have heard that a drowning man will clutch even a straw. In the present scenario, a log is being offered, but there are no takers. A Nosode can be developed in one day and distributed to the whole world in the next 5 days, every man woman and child. But science says it has no substance in it. It has not been tested in vivo and in vitro. Past experience with Nosodes says it is the most effective weapon. you will be able to use it against the strain from which it was made. Give the virus no time to mutate.
To remind you, a Nosode is a homeopathic preparation made from the spit of a confirmed patient. Half a cup will do for the whole world. All you have to do is to potentize the spit in a homeopathic laboratory. Examples abound; Smallpox, Chickenpox, Measeles to name a few.
What should I do as a doctor. Prescribe for the patient. Prescribe on the basis of the symptoms. Change the medicine as often as the symptoms change.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
29 March 14:12

Experience from the West says Coronavirus patient symptoms keep changing as the disease advances. But in homeopathy we dont normally change medicnes too often. What do we do in such acute case ?

In chronic cases we go for the totality of symptoms and prescribe one single dose for many days. We wait for the medicine to act. But in acute cases, especially like a virus attack, where symptoms change by the hour, we have to change our tactics. We do not go for the totality of the symptoms. We focus on the most harmful symptom, and prescribe for it. Even if it is contrary to the personality. If the disease is arrested at this stage, well and good. If not, and it advance to the next stage, we will change the medicine to suit the new symptoms. And, try to arrest the disease at this stage.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
27 March 14:40

The latest focus seems to be on the shortage of ventilators. Can anything be done about it. ?

I had decided to write about Arsenic Alb today, but your question forces me to write about more pressing requirements, viz ventilators.
Yes! We can do a lot. But we don't have to do much. Antimonium Tart is the answer. To free the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen, Ant Tart is the life saver. That is why I dealt with it first. Ant Tart administered every few hours will save lives.
Today lets study a Nosode. It is effective in any disease of the respiratory system, acute or chronic. It is not being used in everyday life or in routine prescriptions. And there lies the danger of it being overlooked in an emergency. I wish to bring it to your notice, if you have not considered it as an option already. It is extremely effective in any disease of the lungs because it is made from the lung.
Bacillinum Burnett.
Dont ask, why. Just consider the symptoms and decide for yourselves.
Cough. The Bacillinum cough is
Dry, constant
It comes from the Larynx
Worse in sleep, during
Sudden, paroxysmal
Morning, on rising
Tickling, from larynx
And when the patient coughs in his sleep it does not disturb him and he does not wake up.
The palms are sticky and cold.
Feet. Cold sticky perspiration
The coryza is worse in the morning on rising and is always recurrent.
The discharge, expectoration is greenish, purulent
Respiration is Asthmatic, Rattling and Wheezing.
Lungs are inflamed like in pneumonia
If the patient is dying anyway, and there is nothing you can do, please try it. The only side effect maybe, he will live.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
26 March 11:15

Hay fever Season is fast approaching. I am sensitive to Wheat husk dust. My eyes are going to water. My nose will run. I am gong to cough. I will get nearly all the symptoms of a Coronavirus attack. How will I know whether I am suffering from the allergy or the virus. ?

From the symptoms alone, you wont be able to differentiate. But does it rally matter. Homeopathy is not a treatment by the name of a disease but based on treating the symptoms. Soooooooooo!!!!! Just treat the symptoms. I have already explained in detail the symptoms of Aconite and Antimonium Tartaricum. Today lets look at Belladona. Tomorrow we will see Arsenic Album.
Belladona aka Angur Shefa .
Belladona is a homeopathic medicine made from a plant called Angur Shefa in hindi.
Blood rushes to the head and face. Temples throb. You have splitting headache. It is worse from noise, jar, motion, light lying down and exertion.
You have fever with sweating, excitement, full bounding pulse and dilated pupils.
Cough. Catarrh with. Coryza. Tenacious mucus in the chest. Voice weak, hoarse, and whistling. Nasal tone. Loss of the voice. Larynx, sore, painful, spasmodic constriction. Danger of suffocation on pressing the gullet, on coughing, on speaking, and on breathing. Constriction of the trachea. Short, dry cough, from tickling in the larynx, with headache, redness, and heat in the face. Cough with stitches in the chest. Rattling of mucus on the chest. Dry spasmodic cough, with vomiting espcially after midnight. Whooping cough, with crying, or pain in the stomach before the attack. Expectoration of blood (pale or coagulated). Cough, as if one had swallowed dust, or as if there were some foreign body in the larynx. Cough with spitting of blood.
In most viral attacks there is fever and cough. Other symptoms are subjective because the patient has to describe them. The description may not be accurate. But fever and cough can be observed by the doctor. They are objective. Their interpretation is objective and will not change from doctor to doctor.
What I am presenting to you is a compilation of many materia medicas with a little explanation. Long unnecessary sentences have been reduced to single words or pithy phrases.
The above writing is for the consumption of homeopathic doctors only. Self medication is dangerous and not advised.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
24 March 19:47

In your last post you said Bronchitis or Pneumonia. What is the difference between these two ?

I am floored. Till now I really thought they were different. I referred the matter to Almighty Google. Omniscient Google informs me that the symptoms for both are same. The causes are the same; Virus or Bacteria. Only the location is different. One is in the Bronchi and the other is in the air sacs. The rest is a play of words. However, lets get on with the homeopathic treatment of a Lung disease.
Aconite Napellus .
Paracetamol is the medicine of choice for a fever of ANY kind. Similarly, in Homeopathy, Aconite is synonymous with fever. Difference! Paracetamol brings down fever of any kind, irrespective of the cause or symptoms. It is palliative. It does not cure. Aconite, though, indicated in fevers, has a special affinity for its own symptoms. It will not bring down ALL fevers. It will cure only if the symptoms match its proving. But, it cures. Paracetamol does not cure, Aconite does. Now lets have a look at the symptoms.

Cough. Hoarse, dry, croupy, short, hacking, constant. Worse at night and after midnight. Better expiration. Worse inspiration. Child grasps at throat while coughing. Tingling in chest after cough. Bright red blood on hawking. Hot feeling in lungs. Upper half of left lung is involved.

Breathing. Loud, labored. Sensitive to inspired air. Shortness of breath. Ooppressed on least motion. Larynx sensitive. Stitches in chest. Constant pressure in left chest. Dyspnoea like asthma from taking cold, shock, fear. Mucous membranes dry. Sits up straight, can hardly breathe.

Pulse. Fluttering, weak or full, bounding strong, vigorous.
Profuse sweat yet he is hot.
Patient is restless, anxious and fears death. Predicts the hour of his death.
Sudden pain in the heart. Cannot lie upon either side, but can lie on the back.
Tearing pains down the spine. Wants everything thrown off.

Robust people fall sick violently. Sickly and elderly people simmer into sickness and stay sick for a long time. Aconite is for robust people.
Fever comes on violently and goes away as fast as it came. It has a headache which is worse while lying down. Note this peculiarity. It will help you differentiate.

This write up is for Homeopathic doctors. Self medication without the supervision of a doctor is dangerous. It might compound the problem.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
24 March 14:21

Can we use normal Homeopathy to treat Coronavirus patients ?

Yes, you can. And it will be effective. Coronavirus. Yes, it is scary. We should be scared. Fear is the apprehension of the unknown. Then what is unknown ? One of the unknowns is the strength of our own immunity. Everyone agrees that if immunity is compromised, the virus will be more effective and may even kill. If immunity is good we will survive. So far we have only been talking about prevention. Lets talk about treatment.
First lets get the name Coronavirus out of our hair. If we did not know the existence of this virus we would be afflicted by either Bronchitis or Pneumonia. The symptoms are the same. Homeopathy is based on symptoms and not names.
Lets see some of the existing medicines for Bronchitis.
Antimonium Tartaricum. The redline symptom is that the patient has sticky mucus lining the Bronchi. The patient wants to cough it out but the strength in the cough is not adequate to throw out the phlegm. It is quite possible that what we are perceiving as dry cough is actually not really dry, but seems so because nothing is coming out.
Let me reproduce the Homeopathic Materia Medica for this medicine, then you be the judge.
Cough. With Dyspnœa. Coughing and gaping consecutively. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and larynx. Dizzy and drowsy, with cough. Dyspnœa relieved by eructation. Cough and dyspnœa better lying on right side or sitting up.
Rapid, short, difficult breathing. As if he would suffocate. Must sit up. Wet mucus in the chest with rattling sound. Expectoration difficult. Bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus. Cough takes effort. Not strong enough to bring up the mucus. Burping and spitting ameliorate.
Emphysema of the aged. Œdema and impending paralysis of lungs. Palpitation, with uncomfortable hot feeling. Pulse rapid, weak, trembling. Velvety, Burning sensation in chest, which ascends to the throat.
I am not suggesting anything. I am only bringing to your notice, that if a person with the above symptoms comes to you please do not overlook this aspect.
This write up is for Homeopathic doctors. Self medication without the supervision of a doctor is dangerous. Although, in this scenario, I don't know which is more dangerous. But it might compound the problem.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
22 March 18:42

Is there some way we can fight this coronavirus for now. We will apologize to the Planet when we survive. ?

The world of humans is trying to fight the Coronavirus with conventional weapons. We have failed so far. Is it possible that we have overlooked a weapon we do have but have not tried ? Judging from the past track record, Homeopathy has successfully treated viruses like Chickenpox and Smallpox basing the prescription on the patient and his symptoms rather than on the disease.
It is generally believed that it takes a long time to repertorise and find the medicine and it takes a long time to produce any tangible effects on the patient. If we tweak the method of finding the medicine by a rapid form of repertorisation, it takes only a minute to find the correct medicine. Regarding the speed of action of the medicine, it takes just a few seconds to be effective. Seeing is believing.
Homeowiz is a software wizard, being used by a small group of researchers. It is not for sale. It is computerized repertorisation. They have offered to release it for use by all doctors of the world for the duration of Cornovirus attack for free. They have listed about 24 general symptoms of a Coronavirus patient. All that a doctor has to do is to De-select the symptoms the patient does not have. Click ‘Get Remedies’ and viola, the top remedies list pops up. It takes less than a minute. The doctor can then chose from the top 4 or 5 remedies. The potency must be selected by the doctor.
Since the symptoms change from day to day. It is advised to use the software every day to determine the remedy required for that day.
This software is meant for use by doctors only. The general public is advised not to indulge in self medication.
The software can only advise. The doctor has to select.
The URL of the site is … https://homeowiz.com
When the home page opens, there will be a Coronavirus on the left. Please click on it. It will guide you and walk you through the software, till you get the remedy.
Takeaway. By doctors is meant all doctors, Allopathic doctors included. It takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use the software. The instructions are given on the home page.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
22 March 14:42

Does Homeopathy have a system of vaccines ?

Yes, it does. Normal homeopathic medicines are made from plants, minerals and animals. But medicines can be specially made from the sick organs of animals or humans. They can also be made from secretions. These medicines are called Nosodes. These Nosodes can be used as prophylaxis or for treatment.
As compared to a normal vaccine, a Nosode takes only a day or two to make. All you have to do is to take a teaspoon of the spit of a confirmed sick case. Triturate it with 99 teaspoons of sugar of milk for about 3 hours. Now take a teaspoon of this sugar of milk and mix another 99 teaspoons of sugar of milk and repeat. Do this 30 times and we get a Nosode 30. The same can also be done with alcohol instead of sugar of milk. This can be used to prevent, abort or treat a patient with that same sickness.
This method is not new. It has been used for 100s of years. Smallpox has a Nosode by the name Variolinum. Chickenpox can be prevented by a dose of Varicella. Pertussis cures Whooping Cough. These are all viruses.
Just like a vaccine, a Nosode does not require and diagnosis. It can be administered to the public en mass. Unlike a vaccine, we do not need an expert medical man to inject it. You only have to put a globule in the mouth.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
22 March 10:57

How long does it take to develop a vaccine for a virus ?

It takes a long time. Probably 12 to 18 months. It may take longer. By then the damage is already done

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
21 March 14:31

Corona Cough ?

It has been alleged that the Coronavirus cough is dry. Unfortunately it is dangerous to prescribe on this observation only. Is it due to dryness of the air around the patient. Is it dry because the air passages are dry. Or is it that the mucus or phlegm is sticky and tenacious. It may be sticking to the bronchi and not allowing the lungs to breathe. Because in all these cases the medicine will be different.
News is coming in from Wuhan that autopsy has shown that the lungs were not fibrous but that the lungs showed thick sticky mucus sticking to the bronchi.
In such cases, immediate response is mandatory. Totality of symptoms, repertorisation and the normal methods of prescribing for chronic cases will not yield results. The most dangerous symptom must be dealt a blow.
Takeaway. If the patient is coughing and there is no mucus. Do not conclude it is a dry cough. Question him regarding difficulty in throwing up phlegm. If he feels comfortable after expectorating mucus, then prescribe Medicines like Ant Tart.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
21 March 10:00

Should homeopathic medicine be taken as a prophylactic, to prevent coronavirus ?

Yes ! It can be taken. It should be taken. But there is a caution. In most people the homeopathic medicine is likely to bring on the symptoms of the medicine. This is called proving. For example a dose of Ars Alb 30 is likely to trigger a liquid discharge from the nose which will burn the edges of the nostrils and eyes will water. When this happens it will be difficult to judge whether it is a proving or the actual disease. The problem is going to be compounded in the near future. Wheat is going to be harvested. People are going to get hay fever. The symptoms are nearly the same as coronavirus and the proving. How will the doctor differentiate. If you had no disease, and were only proving the medicine, you will now get infected in the hospital or be given medicine which should not have been given. Either way it will be dangerous for you. And, what is worse, you will be an unnecessary burden on the medical resources of the country.
Takeaway. Take a prophylactic under the supervision of a doctor.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
20 March 22:55

Is Homeopathy effective against Viruses ?

Yes it is. It has been used for ages against viruses like Chickenpox and Smallpox. It has been effective. The degree may be controversial, but it has been effective. Homeopathy has been used to abort or treat Acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), influenza viruses, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, coronaviruses, picornaviruses, rhinoviruses, enteroviruses, herpesviruses.
Homeopathy was very effective against SARS 2002. The symptoms of the current coronavirus are mostly the same as 2002. If the remedy is chosen properly by repertorisation, it has to be effective. The success lies in the identification of the most dangerous symptom. For example, a high fever may be apparently very concerning, but if the sticky mucus is not expectorated, (thrown out) it will clog the bronchi and impede breathing. Therefore rather than giving Aconite for fever it maybe more prudent to give Antimonim Tartaricum for loosening the mucus and throwing it out, freeing the lungs for breathing. In any case the fever will automatically come down the moment the inflammation of the lungs reduces.
It is pertinent to note that in Coronavirus cases the bronchi were laden with tenacious sticky mucus.
Takeaway. Repertorise correctly, it will give you the most effevtive medicines to choose from. Then analyze the case to determine the most dangerous aspect. Then prescribe.

Key word Antimonim Tartaricum

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
20 March 20:04

Grapevine says there is no known cure for Coronavirus. Then what to do ?

Cure can be accomplished only by your own body. No medicine can do it, even for existing diseases.
Known Cure. Lets rename it Known medicine. Correct. There is no known medicine for Coronavirus. But there has to be a remedy, although, unknown to us right now. Lets look for it.
The prevalent concept of treatment is that a disease has a name. That name has a set definition, based on subjective assessment. All patients have to fit into this format. This disease has a medicine. It is assumed that this medicine will cure. But each patient is different. The modality of each symptom is different. Someone is sneezing in the morning someone in the evening. One cough is dry the other is with phlegm. But the medicine does not cater to these modalities. Hence some patients respond, others do not. The cause is another major factor. All this is dependent on the doctor. The chances of success keep dwindling.
However, if we consider other lesser popular methods of treating disease, we come across homeopathy as a system wholly objective and dependent on the individual patient and the modalities of a symptom. A dry cough is a dry cough, irrespective of the cause. If it is in the morning, it has a remedy. If it is in the evening, the medicine changes. It is not dependent on the evaluation of the doctor. The choice of this medicine is not the result of trials on mice or animals but a proving on actual living healthy human beings. Therefore it is accurate.
Developing a vaccine takes a long time and costly research. Even after it has become effective the virus develops a resistance, it changes itself and become immune to the vaccine. Its called mutation. And, we are left helpless again.
It might be in order to investigate along the path of Homeopathy

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
20 March 10:08

What are the Symptoms of an infection by Coronavirus ?


Day 1- 3
Symptoms will be similar to Common Cold and Flu.
• Fever
• Throat pain
• Diarrhea
• Nausea

Day 4
• Throat pain increases
• Soreness of Throat
• Difficulty while eating and drinking
• Headache
• Diarrhea

Day 5

• Throat pain
• Pain while eating and drinking
• Hoarseness increases
• Body pain on movement or moving any body part

Day 6
• Dry cough.
• Pain in Throat while eating and swallowing or talking
• Exhausted feeling
• Severe Nausea
• Difficulty breathing

Day 7
• Fever increases
• Excessive coughing with sputum
• Body pain, headache, diarrhea and vomiting worsen

Day 8
• Severe difficulty in breathing
• Heaviness in Chest
• Coughing, headache and joint pains increases more

Day 9 Onwards.
Symptoms get worse

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
19 March 21:35

What did Prime Minister of India, Mr Narinder Modi ask from the citizens of India. ?

He asked them to show resolve to fight Coronavirus. He asked them to exercise restraint. To impose restrictions on themselves regarding social gatherings. He asked them to impose citizens curfew on Sunday. No movement from morning to evening. To be implemented by the citizens themselves. He asked them to appreciate the essential services by coming out at 5 PM and make as much noise as possible by way of clapping and sirens.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
19 March 19:47

How did Coronavirus get its name ?

Because it looks like a Crown

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
19 March 19:28

What is Coronavirus ?

It is a virus just like Chicken pox. It can spread from man to man or animal to man.

Fight Corona with Homeopathy. Please visit Homeowiz.com
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Queries on Coronavirus Outbreak
Gary Joe Gentry ( String:US )
06 May 2020
will sweet wormwood help with Covid-19
29 May 2020
I have looked into the repository for potential remedies for treating Covid-19 symptoms. The common "action" among the list of remedies (that pulled up for me) was an "antisycotic" property. They also either had "antisporic" or "expectorant" properties, mostly the former combination. Sweet wormwood has none of those, and I don't remember seeing it in the list of remedies. That fact that sweet wormwood is "antiviral" would have made me wonder the same thing though. I am not a physician, but this is something I had noticed before being kindly nudged away from utilizing "homeowiz".
Saad ( Pakistan )
30 May 2020
very good healthy tips.
Aziz Malik ( Pakistan )
03 Jun 2020
It is really very good script. I appreciate your work on homeopathy from the core of my hear. I would love to read your studies. Many thanks.
Truuf Tellar
06 Jun 2020
This is a plandemic hoax. Stop spreading fear, panic, and outright lies! Shame on you. Dr Andrew Kaufman and other doctors have proven that viruses are not harmful, and are not contagious. Germ and contagion theory is complete nonsense! What a shocker. ??
Pamela Maker
13 Jun 2020
Stop spreading fear and lies, TRUUF TELLAR – "doctors have proven that viruses are not harmful or contagious"?? I do not find any such words within this forum but TO THE CONTRARY – this forum is dedicated to showing just how harmful and contagious they really are and are offering a system to bolster one's immunity against them. Yes, your ignorance is truly a SHOCKER.
John Raynham
25 Jul 2020
I thought millions had died so how can it be a hoax?Thanks to site buylder for this site. sorry if weve over done it.
Anil Khanna ( India )
13 Jun 2020
Gary Joe and Madam.
I am sorry, I did not see your queries. However, here is a thought.
Homeopathy is purely dependent on the symptoms shown by the individual patient. Therefore the medicine has to be selected based on each individual separately.
However, in the case of a pandemic, we reverse the process. We repertoires all the symptoms possible for that disease. Or say all the symptoms shown by various patients. Now select the medicine, and use it as a prophylactic. That is what I have done in Homeowiz.
After someone has been infected and has started showing symptoms, then you will have to follow the normal procedure of individualization for every patient.
The science of homeopathy is perfect. If it has not worked, the fault is ours.
In homeopathy, there is no medicine for a virus. The medicine is for the patient.
18 Jun 2020
Thank you Anil Khanna, this makes sense to me. I have taken what prophylactic/preventative info I gathered from Homeowiz and made note of mostly minerals I can find from my diet (I use homemade eggshell powder specifically). And I wasn't so sure about the plant/animal options as they are toxic at higher doses. I'm sure that a toxic dose would be hard to achieve, but I would rather not go to the hospital thinking I had COVID-19 when in actuality the herbal medicine was just "proving" it's working. At that point valuable time and resources could have been used on someone who is actually sick. So in light of this I do not think someone as uneducated in medicine as myself should be using Homeowiz's online repository since it's possible I will only be making matters more complicated for someone else since I know very, very little what I am doing.
Brittany M.D. ( North America/ Arizona )
18 Jun 2020
I WILL NOT USE THE MEDICINES/NOSODE SUGGESTIONS ON THIS CORONA PAGE AS A PREVENTATIVE MEASURE FOR CORONA VIRUS. As I am not a physician I WILL NOT USE these medicines including: Bacillinum Burnett, Psorinum, Belladona aka Angur Shefa, Variolinum, etc, BECAUSE I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that as a civilian I understand to the best of my ability that the "proving" of these medicines to be FAR TOO INTENSE TO ADMINISTER WITHOUT A PROPER EDUCATION. HOWEVER, the family friendly homeopathic medicines like the Antimonim Tartaricum (for cold/cough), Aconite 30 (for fever), phosphorus 30 & Byronia 30 (for aches/pains) should be helpful in relieving Corona Virus ANXIETY, but more importantly, for treating ailments that would have occurred anyway this time of year in Arizona (allergies/cold/flu). Yes! So, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for sharing all of this EXTREMELY VALUABLE INFORMATION!
This page has given me hope, knowledge & power. I thank everyone on the Herbpathy.com team for all of their hard work, sincerity and integrity.
John Raynham
25 Jul 2020
We have been using CTM and Ayurveda tactics both formally and by using psychic insight.We mean pulse/tongue diagnosis. Meridians. and herbs etc Viruses attack var organs so pinpointing is a good thing... The problem we found with health is, everyone reckons they have the solution particularly if theres payments.Holistic full diagnosis is advised regardless.and is of course true h-pathy.We realise you can do one shot remedies sometimes.Theres some clever people in US. My story re the health system is now 1000pp and involves police attacks made on us to stop us working.The media has closed us out too. The issue is to do with 30.000 avoid deaths over 35 yrs.Try to find a practitioner. We tested H-pathy for 20 yrs and got no results.But. trust almost no one.Ask deeper self to guide you.Look at Yin Yang House Site.(Brittany Ariz.) John UK. Not enuf room here to explain
Jumpy Cat
18 Jun 2020
Can I bring with me; Bacillinum Burnett, Psorinum, Belladona aka Angur Shefa, Variolinum, etc, to the hospital if I have been admitted for the Novel Corona Virus? I mean to have physicians administer these powerful treatments to me as a last case resort? Would American Doctors be able to honor this request at this time?

Maybe I shouldn't. Lest the hospital staff questions my symptoms as COVID-19 related or just non-threatening symptoms of traditional medicinal "proving"..

Maybe it's just best to let the Doctor decide!
Ahmed raza ( Pakistan )
21 Jun 2020
i shaved my head i have some pimples in head what i can do to remove them
John Raynham
25 Jul 2020
24.7.20. Herbpathy PT ONE. UK.We use Ayurveda and CTM tactics re health issues. ie working the meridians and doing pulses diagnosis plus herbs. We are also using advanced chanting and chakra utilisation. We were orig doing advanced Mental Health remedial work on victims of the UK private and public health systems. We were resolving issues in 7 hours that those clowns could not doi in 20 yrs. One of the patients hjad been tortured. We took one patient to a Govt Health Minister, he denied that he had countersigned all the clients papers for 6 yrs incl the victime having been locked in a psychiatric ward in oredere to shut him up cos he was stsrting to do litigation agaist the system. We were told by the locals that they knew the Minister was insane He attempted to threaten us with Police..We exposed him but he had rich friends who installed him in EEC.. The EEC said nothing can be done about corruption go Home Office.
John Raynham
25 Jul 2020
Its not a good idea to prescribe remedies without complete patient profile ie blood press. tongue colour and coating. pulse diagnosis. diet. life conditions.left and right eye acuity and ears same.urine colour. However you might bear in mind blood purifiers.like angelica or many other things.Dont take risks.Once you are fully informed. Hope this might help.Ahmed.
02 Jul 2020
06 Jul 2020
most people recovered without showing any symptoms of covid-19. what do you say about this?
RITA ( Nigeria/ Edo state )
24 Jul 2020
My health was horrible before I decided to try the Protocol Of taking DR GOODMAN mixture. I felt there was no hope for my health and I was to try the Protocol thinking it wouldn’t work because I have visited so many hospitals but had the same result. However, I was convinced by my friend to try the herbal medicine because I wanted to get rid of HPV. The herbal mixture that was given to me was really quick and easy to take, and since I have been taking it for less than 3 days I have less of an outbreak. But within 2 weeks I was fully cured from HPV. The herbal medicine really work and I will like to share this great herb doctor contact with you all email him (DRGOODMANHEALTHCARE@GMAIL.COMor WhatsApp 2348079336082 Pls try and help yourself out of warts completely today. he also cure DIABETES UCLA CANCER etc.He also told me that he has a solution for .
1. Cancer cure
2. Diabetes cure
3. Ringing ear
4. Herpes cure
5. Warts cure
6. HPV cure
7. Get your ex back
8. Pregnancy herbal medicine
9. Prostate enlargement
10. Hepatitis B
11. Disability
12. Kidney problem
13. Lupus
John Raynham
25 Jul 2020
UK well done Rita and thank you for your advice,hope you are getting on oki.
John Ranham ( UK )
25 Jul 2020
24.7.20.PT ONE.UK. We use Ayurveda and CTM tactics re health issues. ie working the meridians and doing pulses diagnosis plus herbs. We are also using advanced chanting and chakra utilisation. We were orig doing advanced Mental Health remedial work on victims of the UK private and public health systems. We were resolving issues in 7 hours that those clowns could not doi in 20 yrs. One of the patients hjad been tortured. We took one patient to a Govt Health Minister, he denied that he had countersigned all the clients papers for 6 yrs incl the victime having been locked in a psychiatric ward in oredere to shut him up cos he was stsrting to do litigation agaist the system. We were told by the locals that they knew the Minister was insane He attempted to threaten us with Police..We exposed him but he had rich friends who installed him in EEC.. The EEC said nothing can be done about corruption go Home Office. No one would see us cos EEC tipped them off. We were told not to resolve publics MH issues cos our work affected incomes within the system and the charities.We are npw aware of around 30.000 avoid deathgs over 35 yrs. All propped up by HM-Courts. CPS.Bar Council.Media..
John Raynham ( UK )
25 Jul 2020
24.7.20. Herbpathy Part Two / 3. Extract 1000PP..None Of Our Texts Are Spell Checked. We then were told by the shrink who was in charge of giant MH hospital this- "Competence has no value in MH". The staff there said this "She has killed people and its been covered up by the Local Govt. Police. Courts. HM Coroner. Press. Media incl BBC, trade unions etc". At that time we knew more than 200 people at BBC. They told us this- "Dont send any evidence here cos it will be destroyed". They added " Hide the evidence abroad". We had beewn doing remedial work on the victims of the Hospital and its clinicians because they were inept. The Minister referred to was involved therefore the issue is m-slaughter.We then began to experience Police and other attacks. One Court offered to kill us. The US Embassy offered violence. Particularly horrific is the HM Coroner ring who also tried to use threats. So, we employed bodyguards and found that the HM Coroner involved with the Diana issue became pliant. She was too old to do anything else.The Police have told us this "The evidence must not be seen by the public".No one in Govt will reply to questions.
John Raynham ( UK )
25 Jul 2020
PT THREE/3. .Herbpathy.Theres no Govt because of corruption in the electoral commission. No minister has replied. We then found out that one reason for the attacks is the University system. So far we have found crrptn and mal spending in 26 Universities incl Kent Law.Notts. Manchester. Lancs. Leeds. Wolverhampton.Southampton. Notts. Exeter.(?3000000 ). Glasgow. Leics.Sheffield SX.(Indian BBC Actor Chancellor). No student has answered any question and that incl over seas.During 12 yrs spent knocking oin doors we only found 2.5 trustable people. The common resposne was f-off or its nothing to do with me.The public want sport art drama. We found five religions doing cover ups in exchange for govt hand outs. The Princes Trust does cover ups. When we expressed alarm our advisors told us that measures would be taken to ensure justice. Who would believe it. We saw on TV old person who lives in a 13x15 ft shed in India. He said this "The BBC is wonderful". His radio is covered in sticky tape. At Mumbai the actors are adored. Elsewhere people often livie in poverty. The country is "spiritual". No change in 10000 yrs.We dont see any on the way either. If we were religous God Help UK
26 Jul 2020

Hydrotheraphy :
Video 1: Russian Steam Bath Step 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN8r0oNsaeI
Video 2: Russian Steam Bath Step 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PauxC9gCHQ4

Centurion Bible Health - Mr. Mamon Wilson - A 7th Day Adventist Medical Missionary
Herbs combination:

* Video: How to fortify the body during crisis Part 2: Mamon Wilson
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO_wBVT6Xeo

* Success rate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IixgfydJ-ag

website: http://www.centurionbiblehealth.org/gods-medical-kit.html

Contact: http://www.centurionbiblehealth.org/contact-us.html
* Email them they will share the recipe for FREE....
* Or give a suggested donation to them and they will send you the remedy.

FREE Reading and Listening, 1st Book about Health:

- Ministry of Healing: https://ellenwhiteaudio.org/ministry-of-healing/

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- Desire of Ages: https://ellenwhiteaudio.org/desire-of-ages/

- The Great Controversy: https://ellenwhiteaudio.org/great-controversy/

- The Story of Redemption: https://ellenwhiteaudio.org/story-of-redemption/
- Bible: https://ellenwhiteaudio.org/king-james-version

26 Jul 2020
Worldwide Mandatory Sunday Law in the near Future... Don't Accept it. Mark of the Beast.
Saturday is the Bible Sabbath of God, Jesus Christ is Lord.

Sabbath Truth... SATURDAY is The 7th Day SABBATH of the Bible. Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11
- https://www.sabbathtruth.com/

The Mark of the Beast:

* What Is the Mark of the Beast?, Part 1
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWMx-Gc8O0I

* The Seal of God: What Is the Mark of the Beast?, Part 2
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIj4UJAAyKo

- Read: https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/study-guide/e/4997/t/the-mark-of-the-beast

- Resources: https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/search-by-topic/o/999/t/666-mark-of-the-beast

** The Blueprint Prophecy Seminar: https://tinyurl.com/y4qauqhv
1. Pt.1: The War in Heaven:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSzyA9ZMsQM&list=PLSAMsWzwaIN-Mp8YPB9vu5cgtrx1Mq5Kv&index=1

2. Pt.2: The War on Earth:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwq9UqXnlXs&list=PLSAMsWzwaIN-Mp8YPB9vu5cgtrx1Mq5Kv&index=2

3. Pt.3: The Final Conflict:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UbAeypEwJs&list=PLSAMsWzwaIN-Mp8YPB9vu5cgtrx1Mq5Kv&index=3

* Watch Free Bible TV: https://3abn.org/all-streams/3abn.html
Albert Anthony ( India - West Bengal )
28 Jul 2020
Dear Sir / Madam,
Kindly recommend me some medicine which i can stock for immediate remedy for corona-virus - (Covid - 19) such as for fever or respiratory problem etc etc
My Opinion
02 Aug 2020
horse radish
lemongrass garlic
onion My Opinion... make a tea drink, boil in water. separate herbs:
cat's claw
turmeric Eat healthy Food, Fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, sea salt or Himalayan salt, drink plenty of soft water, and young coconut. Hydrotheraphy :
Video 1: Russian Steam Bath Step 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN8r0oNsaeI Video 2: Russian Steam Bath Step 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PauxC9gCHQ4 Ask Lord Jesus to Guide you. Use what you have access to. Trust in God. Lord Jehovah, Lord Jesus Christ is our God. Amen
Percy cornford ( Queensland australia )
01 Aug 2020
how much.sodium carbonate is safe to take. i take s0dibic capsules 2 each 840mg, with lemon, apple cider vinegar with tumeric and i magnesium tablet before bed. how best reduced blood pressure. with corona virus looking at rose. what rose plant to buy and how to use. rose oil, rosehip oil or rose tea. live australia. had most severe and lethal cancer march 04 nothing doctors could do so avoided cancer treatment surgery march o6 lost both adrenal gland, think one grown back since by body coping well now with inflammation as found sodium bicarbonate best to manage. hibiscus, rose, marigold or black eye susan. when cancer moved into country hospital herbalist doctor parkistan immediately stopped drug medication. done better then most.likely nuclear war so good detox important to have
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