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Spanish Needle Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Spanish Needle
Glycemic Index / Load
Spanish Needle
Botanical Name
Bidens Pilosa, Bidens Cynapiifolia, Bidens Frondosa
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Gui Zhen Cao, Xian Feng Cao

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Spanish Needle Cures


Action of Spanish Needle

Nutrients in Spanish Needle

Taste of
Spanish Needle

Parts Used

Whole Plant

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Spanish Needle

Avoid use during Pregnancy, Breast Feeding.
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Spanish Needle is a small flowering plant.
It is an annual.
It grows up to One Meter.
It grows in a tropical climate.
Best used for Cold, Flu.
Dosage : 2-3 ml twice a day.

In TCM :
Spanish Needle : Xian Feng Cao

Meridians Associated: Kidney, Small Intestine, Urinary Bladder, Liver, Spleen, Large Intestine

Dosage : 2-3 ml twice a day.


Grown In

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Spanish Needle

Spanish Needle General

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) is extensively used to treat Bacterial Infections.
It protects your Muscles, Joints, and Tissues from inflammation and pain to prevent Rheumatism.
It is used against Conjunctivitis.
It enhances the abdominal function and keeps Abdominal Diseases at bay.
It relieves from Stomach Ache. Thus, it is also beneficial for Stomach Problems.
It forces the blood stream to provide Glucose every cell of the body.
The leaves and flowers of this herb are used as a tonic.
It removes Blood Impurity by purifying it completely.
It protects your throat to avoid the risk of getting Throat Disorder.
Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) is fruitful in reducing Abscess.
An infusion prepared from boiled Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) leaves can heal Cuts.
It supplies the Blood to the Heart Muscles. Thus, it is a beneficial remedy to stop causing Angina.
It is used to cure Diabetes.
It curbs the inflammation of the Larynx to avoid the risk of getting Laryngitis.
It stops Vomiting.
It is useful for reducing Itching.
It is potent in curing Heart Diseases.
It also hinders the growth of cancer cells to prevent Cancer.
It is favourable in treating Dysentery.
Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) provides relief from Difficult Menses.
It regulates the presence of watery fluids in the Cells, Tissues, and the Serous Cavities to prevent Edema.
It also used to treat jaundice.
It prevents the inflammation in Liver to stop causing Hepatitis.
It is beneficial for treating Headache.
Single Herb

Spanish Needle for Inflammation

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Spanish Needle. Take two times a day.

Spanish Needle for Wounds

Extract the juice from the leaves. Apply externally on the affected area.

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) for Blood Impurity

Brew some Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) flowers and leaves in 200 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink it once a day to remove impurities from the blood.

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) for Throat Disorder

Boil few Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) leaves and flowers in 100 ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this infusion two times a day.

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) for Abscess

Steep few Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) leaves in 150 ml boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain off this infusion. Drink this infusion to reduce Abscess.

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) for Cuts

Infuse few Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) leaves in 150 ml of boiling water. Rinse off your Cuts with this infusion to heal them.

Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) for Hepatitis

Boil few Spanish Needle ( Tharwad ) roots in 200 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Regularly drink this decoction to get best results.
Queries on Spanish Needle
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Budeyo Michael ( Uganda )
18 May 2016
Thanks for health services.
I would like to know if blackjack (Spanish needle) can heal me from Inguinal Hernia.
If not then what can I use naturally to be permanently cured without surgery?
Dr beckford
06 Jun 2016
There is no treatment for inguinal hernia but surgery, nothing but surgery, it's an anatomy desease only surgery can cure it
Eric Charles Sogbey
06 May 2021
Sorry, Dr. There is a treatment for hernia WE can use mahogany bark with 6 other ingredients.
Bisong Pedzo
27 Feb 2019
Check out on YouTube, exercises that reverse the situation naturally
Check out the benefits of king grass on google
Tan S.Y. ( Malaysia )
30 Nov 2016
Dear Dr. Bedford, I have this liquid that often comes from my nasal. I just do not how to describe this liquid thing. When Its happens I get an unusual taste. I do not not have a blocked nose nor cold or flu. I feel some pressure on my forehead towards the nasal area. Can spanish needles help? Is it due to bacterial infection?

Thank you
Dr. Suvarin
05 Dec 2016
Tan S. Y. It seems that you are suffering from Sinusitis. You must avoid the dairy products, as this will worsen the condition. Drink Peppermint tea everyday for a month. Please read the link, given below. http://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Sinusitis-Cid183
10 Aug 2017
you can try spanish needle herbal tea. It is available at lazada online shopping.
Joshu Bahati
17 May 2020
That is catarrh it can be sinusitis as Dr said but try fennel seeds t
ea can help you.
Fredo ( Uganda )
10 Feb 2017
iam diabetic can surery black jack juice (leafy fluid) help
Cheryl C ( United states )
15 Jul 2017
Is Spanish Needle available for purchase in the United States? I have a lingering cough and doctors have not been able to identify the reason.
07 Nov 2020
It is native to the United States, especially in the Southeast. I live in Florida and my backyard is covered in this plant. You can probably find someone selling it, or if you live in the correct region you’ll likely be able to find anolant and grow it yourself from seeds. They grow ridiculously quick.
Jackie ( Uk )
26 Jul 2017
Why should black jack leaves be avoided during pregnancy

03 Oct 2017
It may induce an abortion.
Stacy ann
18 Oct 2018
I am 6 weeks pregnant n a lady tell me to drink young spinach niddle boil with garlic is it safe
23 Nov 2020
I don't know about the garlic....but the blackjack on itself is not harmful...in fact, it is encouraged to eat as vegetables in my country (Malawi) by pregnant women.
Tetanya brooks ( Jamaica )
03 Oct 2017
Can spanish needle help bad period pain?
19 Apr 2018
The worst thing you can do is eat milk or cheese before or during your period. If you want to eliminate period pain altogether, eat greens, fruit, whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, no fried food and no animal meat a week before your period. Try it once and see if it doesn't work. Let me know.
Meeshta ( India )
03 Oct 2017
Tetanya. I can help you with the herb for period pain. Take Shatavari capsules, one very day for a month. DO not take them during your periods.
Have a glass of milk every night before you sleep. Improve the intake of protein in your daily diet. Keep your body warm, especially back and feet warm during periods. This will help you to a great extent. Do you suffer from any other symptoms too?
Harriet ( South Africa )
07 Mar 2018
Is it true that blackjack leaves can helo if you have fibroids? Can I get pregnant if im taking blackjack l?
12 Mar 2018
During Pregnancy, it is not advised to take herbs on your own.
19 Apr 2018
Hi Harriet, walk me through a typical menu for the week for you. You'd be surprised to know that the foods that we eat are responsible for the diseases and illnesses we have. All can be reversed however with a change in our diet.
Anastasia ( Zambia )
17 Mar 2018
can blackjack regulate periods?
It Joshua bahati (Zambia)
17 May 2020
You Will try fennel seeds, coriander seeds tea
Elsie Cooper ( Uganda )
15 Apr 2018
How much should one take in a day and for how long should it be taken for.
If you are using it for health maintenance
Upenyu ( Zimbabwe )
19 May 2018
can i take it too if i have fibroids, will it help with increasing my blood
Jack ( Florida )
16 Jun 2018
Is spanish needle prolong cancer
Allan Krieger ( United States Florida )
14 Dec 2018
Is there any treatment for Kidney disease that Western medicine treats with dialysis?
Charlotte Segerstrale ( USA )
03 Jan 2019
what is the difference in preparation between decoction, boil, brew, steep, infuse. So many styles of prepping for different conditions
Am looking at preparing Spanish Needle for ingestion to prevent and or kill cancer cells
Also to aid digestion to prevent constipation
Thank you
Krystal Wyndham ( Jamaica )
17 Feb 2019
My daughter is have a on and off fever the highest range is an 101 .. I went to the doctor and he gave me baraligin m to use it for 5 day%u2019s but it%u2019s not working .. need your advise please thank you..
Jennifer Davidson ( Jamaica )
12 Mar 2019
Is there any herb that can be use to treat or cure blood clot
Ralston Ricketts ( Jamaica )
26 Apr 2019
How do I prepare Spanish needle to use as a medicine
Loj ( USA/ga )
25 Oct 2019
Spanish needle for toenail fungus? anyone know a cure?? Thanks
30 Oct 2019
Dear Loj

You can try Tea Tree oil to treat Toenail fungus. Dilute Tea tree oil in water and dip the toenail in water for 15 minutes. Also, apply Apple Cider Vinegar on the toenail. Dilute it in water and then apply with cotton over the toenail. Do it for 2 weeks and see the results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Pyerina ( Uganda )
04 Apr 2020
Am pyerina thanks for this wisdom i have a question i have secondary infertility, and one tube was removed and lately i was operated for fiber. can blackjack help me to get ride of fiber. if not what can i use
15 Apr 2020
Dear Pyerina As you mentioned you had operate for Fibroid, did it reoccured? After how long? Please mention the size of fibroid. If you have a Uterine Fibroid, Please try the following: * Have a cup of Chasteberry tea everyday or have 5-10 dried Chasteberries in a day. * Buy Angelica Sinensis mother tincture. Have 5 drops in a glass of water. * Have Wheatgrass juice everyday. 30ml every morning. * Have a cup of Ginger tea every day. * Detoxify your body on regular intervals. Follow this regimen for 1 month and see the results. Write back with answers of the above questions for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
15 Apr 2020
Hey Pyerina, take Folliculinum 200- 1 dose. After a month take Ustilago Maydis-200, 1 dose. Share your results after a month, based on the symptoms, other dose has to be taken. You can get the medicines from Homeopathic stores.
Carol Wellborn ( USA/Florida )
06 Aug 2020
How do you recommend using Sp.Needle for a stubborn UTI? What part of the plant is best? Raw or cooked? How much is too much? Does it Disturb sleep if taken at night?
Jingwa Sylvia ( Cameroon )
10 Sep 2020
How can black jack help for hypertensive patients and wat dose of black jack can the hypertensive patient take
Arana ( Jamaica )
17 Oct 2020
Can i use spanish needle during my menstruation, and can I use it during pregnancy
Shanea ( Jamaica )
25 Oct 2020
I have a problem seeing my period frequently so i would like to know which herb i can use for it please...
Marsha ( Jamaica )
23 Jan 2021
I am Marsha thanks for the insight I have question am diabetic and high cholesterol problems is it possible to cured of both let me know the herbs you recommended. Thank you
Andrea Carter
25 Jan 2021
Can spanish needle help with crohns?
Monica ( Uganda )
08 Feb 2021
Can i stop medication for high blood pressure and i use only black jack herbs only? or i will not be safe.
Thank you.
Michael ( Zambia )
13 Apr 2021
Hi,is is it safe for a pregnant woman to consume black jack tea? Can a pregnant woman also use black jack tea to treat Urinary Tract Infection?
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