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Stomachic Herbs


Stomachic herbs are those herbs which strengthen and tone the Stomach. These herbs help in proper functioning of the Stomach.

Effect of Stomachic on Body or Organ :
These herbs effect the Stomach.

How does Stomachic work :
These herbs stimulate gastric secretion of the Stomach. This may result in proper digestion and relieves various Stomach Disorders.


Albizia Zygia
Alpinia Malaccensis
Altingia Excelsa
American Mint
Andropogon Gerardii
Angelica Arguta
Anthocleista Procera
Aquilaria Malaccensis
Aristolochia Philippinensis
Asarum Arifolium
Aster Peduncularis
Balsamorhiza Sagittata
Basil Thyme
Bauhinia Malabarica
Begonia Picta
Bridelia Ovata
Camel Grass
Cardamine Amara
Cassia Abbreviata
Cassia Angustissima
Cassumunar Ginger
Castanea Mollissima
Chrysophyllum Africanum
Cissampelos Owariensis
Cleidion Spiciflorum
Clematis Buchananiana
Cleome Spinosa
Commiphora Agallocha
Cork Bush
Crassocephalum Rubens
Cyperus Arenarius
Cyperus Iria
Cyperus Longus
Deinbollia Grandifolia
Dendrobium Ovatum
Descurainia Pinnata
Desert Milkweed
Desmos Cochinchinensis
Dysophylla Auricularia
Enicostemma Littorale
Eulophia Dabia
Eurya Acuminata
Ficus Politoria
Fishbone Fern
Frasera Speciosa
Gaultheria Leucocarpa
Geranium Wallichianum
Glochidion Zeylanicum
Gomphia Serrata
Hedgehog Skin
Hibiscus Trionum
Himalayan Whorlflower
Inula Cappa
Isodon Rugosus
Japense Star Anise
Jhar Beri
Jurinea Dolomiaea
Large Indian Breadroot
Lavandula Stoechas
Limnophila Rugosa
Madras Carpet
Marsdenia Tinctoria
Mollugo Pentaphylla
Muster John Henry
Oldenlandia Glabra
Parameria Barbata
Pedicularis Canadensis
Penstemon Grandiflorus
Queen Sago
Red Pagoda Plant
River Birch
Rosa Webbiana
Roxburgh s Wormwood
Salix Sitchensis
Schkuhria Pinnata
Scoparia Dulcis
Scrambled Eggs
Shrubby Jasmine
Sugar Palm
Swamp Milkweed
Tangerine Peel Ripe
Thalictrum Dalingo
Tree Vernonia
Velvet Burr
Vernonia Patula
Wild Indian Strawberry
Wild Leek
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Anisomeles indica as Stomachic

Take 2 teaspoons decoction of Anisomeles indica leaves twice a day.

Hunteria Umbellata as Stomachic

Make a bark decoction of Hunteria Umbellata. Boil until it gets half. Drink 5 ml of it once a day.

Bael for Stomach Problems

Take one cup of ripe Bael fruit and mix it with Jaggery . Take 4 tablespoons of this mixtuure, once a day for 3 months.
It will provide relief from Constipation and Indigestion.
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