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Malkangani Oil Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Malkangani Oil
Glycemic Index / Load
Celastrus Oil
Hindi Name
Malkangani Oil

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Malkangani Oil Cures

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Action of Malkangani Oil

Nutrients in Malkangani Oil

Malkangani Oil
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Taste of
Malkangani Oil

Nature of
Malkangani Oil


Parts Used


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Malkangani Oil

Avoid its use during pregnancy due to its Abortifacient property.
Excess intake may cause Vomiting, Diarrhea and Skin Rashes.
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Malkangani Oil is obtained from the seeds of Celastrus Paniculatus.
The seeds are cold-pressed to get the oil.
Best used as a Brain Tonic.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Malkangani Oil

Malkangani Oil General

Malkangani Oil is processed from Malkangani seeds. It has a pungent aroma.
It is a Tonic for the Brain and Nerves. It sharpens the intellect and improves Cognition and consciousness. It improves mental health. It increases the retention power, thus, boosts the memory. It helps to treat Paralysis.
Due to the lack of oxygen in the cells, our immune system gets weak. We feel cold and lazy. A tablespoon of this oil works best during winters. It will make you feel lively.
It provides nourishment to the hair and scalp. It improves blood circulation to the scalp which strengthens the hair and reduces Dandruff. It gives volume to the hair and prevents Hairfall.
It keeps the skin smooth and soft. It cures the problem of Dry Skin. Topical application of this oil treats Eczema, Leucoderma, Scars, and Psoriasis.
A massage relieves Pain associated with Arthritis, Sciatica, Gout and Joint Pain.
It eases the digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and bile in the stomach. It treats Indigestion.
A gentle massage on the chest before going to bed keeps the body warm and builds a resistance against all kind of Respiratory Infections.
Single Herb

Malkangani Oil as Memory Enhancer

Malkangani Oil increases memory and act as a Brain Tonic.
Mix half teaspoon of Malkangani Oil in one glass of warm Milk. Consume it, once a day.

Malkangani Oil for Drowsiness

Consume 3 drops of Malkangani Oil mixed in one glass of warm Milk per day.
It will make you feel energetic, lively and boosts up your immune system.

Malkangani Oil for Scars

Malkangani Oil clears your skin by removing all the unwanted Scars and marks. It rejuvenates your skin.
Gently massage with Malkangani Oil over the affected areas daily.

Malkangani Oil for Dandruff

Massage with Malkangani Oil over your scalp, once in a week. It nourishes your scalp.

Malkangani Oil for Arthritis

Gently massage over the painful areas with Malkangani Oil daily. It provides relief from severe pain in joints.

Malkangani Oil for Indigestion

Malkangani Oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices thus, making the digestion easy.
Consume half teaspoon of Malkangani Oil mixed in one glass of warm Milk daily.

Malkangani Oil for Bronchitis

Massage Malkangani Oil over your chest before going to bed and consume half teaspoon of Malkangani Oil in one glass of warm milk.
It will keep your body warm and will prevent Respiratory Diseases.
Queries on Malkangani Oil
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Parveen Malik ( Chandigarh )
17 Mar 2017
My father, 67, has slurred speech and depression since 3-4 years. Neurologists? have diagnosed Parkinson's disease. Allopathic medicines show no benefits in speech.
Can you suggest about how his speech and energy levels can be restored ?
Please reply.
22 Mar 2017
I'm not sure about this, bit definitely try malkangni oil. Both inward and outward. Vitamins C in higher doses and alot of vegetables. Try also with all other rejuvenating herbs found in India and China. Marijuana is proven very effective against Parkinson.
Kkpanchuri(expert medical tourism)
01 Jul 2017
Please do sukshma yoga for One year
Ghulam Rabbani ( Pakistan )
17 May 2017
How to make malkangni oil
25 May 2017
Cold pressing the seeds of Celastrus herb gives the oil.
Buy the oil from a herbal store. The extraction method won't be that simple i believe.
From M.awais To Ruhi
10 Apr 2018
0307-4411477 I prepare the malkangani oil
26 May 2017
My Son had flu when he was of 2 days. Doctors had admitted him by saying that he has blood and brain infection. After treatment of 13 days, they discharged him by diagnosing hydrocephalus and said his brain is 90% damaged. Will malkangani oil be useful for his brain development? He also has constipation.
12 Jun 2017
What is the age of your son now ?
Rajeev ( Madhy Pradesh , India )
17 Jun 2017
what is best place to buy this oil with confidence of purity & right product ? Any specific brand or Online avaiability ?
Varsha ( India/ Haryana )
05 Oct 2017
My son is 10 years old. He is suffering from seizures. He is taking eptoin 150 and frisium5 tablet, due to which his brain is affecting, he forgets speaking in what he can give it to him.
Ajaybhai j Ghodadra ( Gujarat )
03 Nov 2017
Dear Sir,
Please give me use idea.
Manish shah ( INDIA. Gujrat )
12 Nov 2017
Is it posebl after take this oil problam araise in cufe (sarde)
Aushmasharma ( India )
08 Dec 2017
My son got a stroke when he was 3months old due to tht his rt side is slightly weaker as he has infart in his left side of brain . He still gets seizures and his rt hand is not functional still how can I give him malkangini oil.
M Awais Latif ( Pakistani Nankana Sahib )
10 Apr 2018
I Am Prapare the malkangani oil
M Awais Latif ( Pakistani Nankana Sahib )
10 Apr 2018
Which malkangani oil prepare self in home prepare call me
Jainav ( India )
08 May 2018
How to take this oil for brain enhance
M.Abdul Jaleel ( Telangana )
30 Jun 2018
How to use Malakangni oil on Psoriasis on Body and Scalp???
Ajay kumar ( Malaysia/kuala lumpur )
05 Jul 2018
M ajay from india i m very needy of this oil m in malaysia right now can i buy this in malaysia if yes then where
Gaurav Sanghavi ( India, Maharashtra )
27 Nov 2018
My sister got brain stroke before 10 days and she 30 yrs old her veins bubble blast and blood spread around left side of brain , due to this her right side of body movement is not fully active almost 20-30% is working. So Malkangani oil is useful to recover her.

If it is useful then when and where I can get the malkangani oil with best quality and best price.
Faruk ( India Gujarat )
20 Dec 2018
I m suffering from depression since 25 can jyotismati oil treat in hiw many days
Chandra ( India Karnataka )
08 Jan 2020
Where can I buy malkangani oil, please reply 9341309666, Email.-bhaghwati.inc@gmail.com
08 Jan 2020
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