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Antiarthritic Herbs


Antiarthritic herbs are those herbs which are used to cure or prevent Arthritic symptoms. These herbs may be used to treat Gout.


Hedgehog Skin
Indian charcoal Tree
Mahonia Nervosa
Mitha Guggal
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Black Cumin for Arthritis

Mix Vinegar, Black Seed oil and Honey in 2:1:4 ratio. Take 2 tsp of it twice a day.

Bodhi Tree for Arthritis

Make leaf decoction of Bodhi Tree. Pour it over painful joints.

Pineapple ( Ananas ) for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have a glass of Pineapple juice daily.

Golden Bamboo for Arthritis

Prepare a decoction using stems of Golden Bamboo. Pour it over inflamed Joint. Tie your Joint using a piece of cloth after its application.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Arthritis

Drink a cup of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) juice once a day.

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Arthritis

Cinnamon Essential Oil bears Anti arthritic property. This property is useful to treat inflammation and pain of joints.
Take 40 ml of base oil ( like; Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil ). Add 15 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil. Store the mixture in a bottle. Warm the required mixture before use. Massage the affected area with this lukewarm mixture twice a day.

Helichrysum Essential Oil for Arthritis

Helichrysum Essential Oil contains Antiarthritic property. It alleviates the pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis.
Mix 5 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil with one teaspoon of base oil ( Preferably Mustard Oil, Olive Oil ). Warm it slightly. Rub it over the affected part for 5 minutes at night. Cover the area.

Castor ( Arandi ) for Arthritis

Castor has Antiarthritic effect, as it works good to cure pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis.
Take the leaves of Castor ( Arandi ). Wash and pat dry. Steam them and directly apply externally to get relief from Arthritis pain.

Castor Oil for Arthritis

Castor Oil bears Antiarthritic and Antiinflammtory properties. Thus, it acts as a pain and inflammation reliever due to Arthritis.
Massage with lukewarm Castor Oil over affected joints. Cover the massaged areas.

Pumpkin ( Kaddu ) for Arthritis

Pumpkin ( Kaddu in India ) seeds has Antiarthritic and Anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are useful to curb pain and inflammation related to Arthritis.
Grind fresh or dried Pumpkin ( Kaddu in India ) seeds with some water to make a paste. Apply it over the affected joint. Leave it for half an hour. Wash with normal water and pat dry the area. Apply any oil which has analgesic effect. In Addition, You may take dried Pumpkin ( Kaddu in India ) seeds in snacks.
OR : Roast dried Pumpkin ( Kaddu in India ) seeds on low heat. Eat 2 tablespoons a day.
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10 Mar 2017
sir what is the treatmet of the rheumatisum arthratis wwelling & pain in wrist fingrs & gout
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28 Jan 2018
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23 Nov 2018
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