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Bamboo Silica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Bamboo Silica
Glycemic Index / Load
Bamboo Silica
Botanical Name
Bambusa Textilis
Hindi Name
Tabasheer, Banslochan
Chinese Name
Tian Zhu Huang, Qing Pi Zhu

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Bamboo Silica
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Bamboo Silica

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Bamboo Silica


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Bamboo Silica is the silica obtained form the bamboo leaves and stalks.
It is obtained from two spices Bambusa Textilis and Schizostachyum Chinense.
It helps the skin to absorb essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
Best used for Skin, Hair and Nails Health.

In TCM :
Bamboo Silica : Tian Zhu Huang
Meridians associated : Heart, Liver and Gall Bladder.
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Materia Medica for Bamboo Silica

Bamboo Silica General

Bamboo Silica is of great medical importance. Its juice has very high medicinal value.
Bamboo Silica is a good herbal remedy for Hair. It makes the Hair stronger and prevents Hair Loss.
It is beneficial for treating Alzheimer's Disease.
It is a good herbal remedy for the Teeth, as it makes them stronger and removes Cavity.
It is best in combating Skin Ailments. It enhances moisture and elasticity of the Skin.
It is best in treating Eczema, Frostbite, and Rashes. It also cures Skin Sores, Warts, Abscesses and Acne.
It is a good herbal treatment for respiratory disorders like Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough and Emphysema.
The Silica present in Bamboo silica helps in lowering Blood Fat and Cholesterol Level.
It is an effective treatment for Joint Pains and Osteoarthritis.
Since it bears the attributes of an Antidote, it is used to counter Stings, Snakebite,etc.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
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Herbal Treatment For Diabetes 21

Prepare a powder of 35 grams dried Black Plum seeds, 12 gm of Bamboo Silica, 12 gm Green Cardamoms seeds and collect in a vessel. Take 1 tsp powder with water two times a day for 3 weeks. This is one of the best and instant natural remedy to cure Diabetes.
Queries on Bamboo Silica
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John Peters ( England )
11 Sep 2016
I recently bought Tabashir Bamboo capsules ( 150mg ), and have been taking 4 a day ( 2 evening and 2 morning) since Wednesday 7th September 2016. I have suffered bad dreams on two occasions since then, not usual for, and I would like to hear your thoughts on possible side effects. There was no guide notes when these capsules arrived. The capsules came from Swiss Healthe.
I shall refrain from taking them till I hear from you. Thank you John Peters.
14 Sep 2016
John Peters. Firstly, we would want to know what are you taking these capsules for ? What is the exact problem for which you had to buy the capsules ? And why 4 capsules in a day ? Are you taking these on a prescription ? Or, on your own ? Reduce the dosage to 2 capsules in a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Write back to us again and mention the other symptoms also, if you have noticed any after taking these capsules.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
20 Nov 2019
i eat 40g of tabasheer a day dose it harms?
what should i do now
21 Nov 2019
Dear Alma, We suggest you stop taking Bamboo Silica ( Tabasheer ) or lower the dosage if it is showing any side effects. You are possibly taking a higher dosage which is not accepted by your body.

Please mention why are you taking it?
What side effects do you suffer from?
From how long have you been taking it?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Amrut ( Karnataka )
24 Sep 2016
how to consume Tabasheer for adults and childrens
26 Sep 2016
Amrut The dosage of the herb depends on the condition to be cured. What is your concern ? Please specify your problem in detail for an effective cure
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Nov 2020
I have a bad habit of eating slate pencil
Suzann ( United States of America, State of Ohio )
06 Oct 2016
I would like to start on Bamboo Silica for my Osteoporosis and for nail, skin and hair care. My hair is thinning and my nails are splitting both horizontally and vertically. I am 64 years on this earth.

Can you advise how much I should take and for what period of time And If I take a second round, what should the timeline be between them.
17 Oct 2016
You may start with Bamboo silica capsules. This will take care of your Nails and Hair. Consume it for a month. For Osteoporosis, Take Dandelion tea everyday. Include Tomato in your daily diet. Also, you may take Boswelia capsule, have 1 every day for 1 month.
Monique crocker ( United States )
09 Dec 2016
are there any side effects from drinking bamboo tea ?
Kajal Sharotri
14 Dec 2016
Monique Crocker.
Why do you wish to take this tea. I do not think there are any side effects of this herb, unless you are not taking and medication ( for some disease ) that may interact with it. If you are not taking any drugs and you wish to cure a specific disease with this herb, then you may.
It is safe. A very effective herb for Skin and Hair Care.
Lindsay ( Ohio USAsa )
28 Dec 2016
Which one would be best for me the tea are capsule are both I have total baldness.
03 Jan 2017
Lindsay. You may take any, which ever is available to you. Try the tea for a month. And take capsules, the next month. That's all. Take Land Caltrops capsules. eat one every day for a month.
Ruqayya ( India )
09 Feb 2017
i m eating slate pencil which is too harmful for me but m addicted of that.. so can u plz tell me how can i use tabasheer instead of slate pencil. . nd how much will b taken.. nd m suffering from hair loss nd thinning hair so plz suggested me some thing..
27 Feb 2017
Do you crave for eggs and milk?
And were you born fat and flabby?
Did you suffer from dysentery or tonsillitis when you were an infant ?
The answers to all these questions are important for us to suggest a cure.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Armaan Ibrahim
09 Jun 2018
Hey, Herbpathy. I was addicted to the slate pencil and then I started eating banslochan taking from the attar store. Now, I am consuming it from around last two years and rightnow from last 6 months I am facing excess loss of hari loss. answer of your asked question: Do you crave for eggs and milk?
Not so much. And were you born fat and flabby?
yes till I was at the age of 2. I was healthy child Did you suffer from dysentery or tonsillitis when you were an infant ?
Sheetal ( India/Maharashtra )
24 Feb 2017
Hi, I am suffering from extreme hair fall problem. I have read amount bamboo extract but don't know how to consume it like quantity, duration. After I stop taking bamboo extract, will there be any side effects of it or will I again suffer from hair fall problem
Rupal Himanshu Kohli
24 Feb 2017
You can eat 300 mg capsule, one every day for a month.
This will help in the hair growth and not only this, it will provide you with a radiant skin and beautiful nails.
22 Dec 2017
Also some Bamboo supplements instruct taking 2 300mg capsules daily, which totals to 600mg per day. Would that be ok?
24 Feb 2017
Bamboo extract ( Silica ) can be taken for a month or two.
22 Dec 2017
Can we not take it longer than two months?
Sis ( INDIA )
09 Mar 2017
I am 37, always want to eat clay or slate pencil from last so many years. Now, my mother brought banslochan which is in small pieces look like piece of glass. Pls. suggest can it be harmful also as i have been suffering from heavy flow during periods.
09 Mar 2017
First of all, please share that were you born fair and flabby?
Do you crave for eggs or milk?
Do you also crave for the sweet food item?
09 Mar 2017
I have the same problem, but i do not crave for milk nd eggs, i dont like sweets at all and no i was not born fair and flabby.
14 Mar 2017
Yes, I born fair but not flabby. I don't crave for eggs or milk. Even we are pure vegetarian. Yes, I like to eat sweets but not too much. Thanks! (waiting for the reply to my question).
Zeenat fatima
12 Mar 2017
For bones related i came across banslochan.I delivered normally two childrens. And there isvery weakness in my bones so my mother brought the banslochan powder.so how can i use it?and days?and time?

And secondly ,my mother eatsa lots pencil chalk so how she can eat banslochan ?
*my mother was not born fair n flabby.
My mom not at all like sweets.
She likes milk but not crave for milk and egg..
She was not facing any tonsilts when she was infant..

Plzzzzz do replyy..
Jagroop Mehta
17 Mar 2017
Yes, your mother may eat Vanshlochan capsules for a month.
For your bones, take Winged Treebine ( Hadjod ) for 20 days. also, then you may take Boswellia capsules daily for a month. These can help. Drink a tea prepared by Dandelion leaves every day, one cup. This will strengthen your bones.
Kt257 ( India )
12 Mar 2017
I'm 20years old female. I have been eating clay, slate pencil, wall plaster from last few years! I can't resist myself from eating it if i see it..
I was born normal & healthy & fair .. not extra fat or flabby!
I'm allergic to eggs (can't digest) so i don't eat it! .. i drink milk but not really have any cravings for it! I eat sweets or any sweet item occasionally, Don't have a sweet tooth! And i didn't suffer from tonsils or dysentery!
I have recently got two packets of tabasheer from Chandini chowk! How should i consume it?
15 Mar 2017
Take one dose of Calc Carb 10. Only take one dose. Do not repeat. Talk to your doctor before you try any herb.
Sam kahn ( Usa )
15 Mar 2017
Hello, I am 42 years old and have been diagnosed with early menopause for past 1.5 yr. I am unable to sleep well and usually wake up around 3 a.m. and not able to sleep after that. I am having hot flushes that stays for 3-4 minutes and feels like burning or needles on my chest, face, palms and feet. I also feel very depressed and have started to worry a lot. I was never like this before. I want to treat my problems with herbal treatment. please advise me what should i take. thank you
15 Mar 2017
How is your Liver ? Do you experience never get done feeling? Do you have to go to the toilet to shit time and after? In the mean time, you may take Black Cohosh capsules. One capsule every day for a month. Let us know the answers to these questions.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Lata ( India )
12 Apr 2017
How to use bamboo silica for frizzy hair.
Mehta Sobti
13 Apr 2017
You simply eat Bamboo Silica capsules. One capsule daily.
These will help to cure frizzy hair and will provide you with a radiant skin.
31 Jan 2019
How to use bamboo silica for thinning hair
Amandeep ( USA )
07 May 2017
I am in USA where can i get it
04 Jul 2017
Buy it online from the sites like amazon or iherb.
Push ( Punjab )
08 Jun 2017
I love to eat tabasheer as it tastes good to me
I consume almost a spoon daily
Do you feel it ll harm me one day
I don't carve for slate ,eggs,milk etc
My calcium is okey
Keertika ( Indiana )
04 Jul 2017
Push. No, please you can not take Tabasheer for more than a month. As, the prolonged use of this herb may cause other diseases like deficiency of Vitamin B in the body. If you take it for a long time, the excessive Silica will get deposited in your body and this may cause dehydration. Why do you consume this herb ( Tabasheer ) ?
09 Nov 2020
Hi keertika i am 6 month pregnant and i am taking banshlochan from last 3 months but from last one month fluid level is decreasing.. is this because of banshlochan?
Because sugar level is normal doctor didn’t find any issue in my reports which could cause deficiency of fluid.
Iffat ( India )
14 Jun 2017
How do i take this ? My doctor has told me to mix 1 tbsp ashwaghandha shatavar powder tabashir. But how do i add tabashir in my milk .it is in solid form and wat is the quatity
Chaiya ( India )
04 Jul 2017
Why did your doctor recommend you this combination ?
What is your problem ? Please share the symptoms and the problem in detail. You can buy the powder from of this herb.
23 Jun 2017
Kim (India)

I am 33, always want to eat slate pencil from last so many years. Now I am consuming Banslochan which is in small piece of glass. Please suggest if its safe to consume it?

yes i born fair and flabby (a healthy child). I do crave for eggs not milk though. And I do crave for sweet food items sometimes.
Suryan ( Phd. Researcher Homeopathy )
04 Jul 2017
Kim. Okay. Thank you so much for sharing the symptoms. So, what is the disease then ?
You only have these cravings , that's it ? Is there any disorder that you are suffering from. As per my study, the remedy for you is Calc carb. But I need to know your physical symptoms, mental symptoms and the disease before confirming the dosage of the medicine.
Latika Kamra
19 Jul 2017
Buy Calc Carb 0/6 LM potency, Add 2 pillules to a water bottle. Drink one 2 tea spoons of this water every day. Always shake the bottle hard before having it or Bang the bottle on your palm10 times, this is called succussion. This is very important. Do not forget to do it.
05 Jul 2019
I also suffering from these symptoms. Craving for milk ,sweets and foxnuts.
I used to hate milk and sweets.
Since ,I noticed some worms in my faeces And I am treated with homeopathy for that
I don't like to eat banslochan, milk,etc.at all
But I have heavy craving for that.I am also suffering From pain in joints of leg and irregular periods. Help me.I don't want to live like that.
25 Jul 2017
Hello Suryan,

I am not suffering from any disease , just a craving for all these things mainly slate pencil & now Banslochan...I want to eat it right away after having my meal.
Anu (India)
17 Feb 2018
I also have craving for slate pencils and clay that's why i have started taking tabasheer and i also crave for slate pencil rt. Hi After the meal
Vatshala ( India )
09 Aug 2017
Hi..I am 24 yrs old female..I had the habit of eating chalk n clay..then I came across banslochan when somebody in my family used to consume during pregnancy..it is big transparent tasteless stone kind of thing..I have been taking it from last 3 yrs..kind of addicted to it..I take it after food..does it have any side effects? I take it without adding any other ingredients..plz advice,I really need help..I have peptic ulcer..n haitus hernia..
Jack ( India )
27 Aug 2017
How to consume it for hair growth
10 Oct 2017
For Hair Growth, take Bamboo Silica capsules, one every day for a month. Massage your scalp with Chili infused oil.
Abhishek ( India )
28 Sep 2017
I had tibial fracture few months ago. I am going through natural recovery under doctor guidances. Bone is still not healed. Someone recommended me tabasheer for better healing. I bought it. But i dont how to consume it and wheather it is beneficial for bone recovery or not?
14 Feb 2018
Yea it is beneficial for the bone ..take 2 to 3 pieces of banslochan twice a day for a month or 2
Margaret hunter ( United Kingdom )
25 Jan 2018
is it safe to take silica while taking clopidogrel zentiva and blood presure tablets
Riya sachdeva ( Delhi india )
02 Feb 2018
Does eating stabasheer incease weight
07 Feb 2018
Yes it increases weight espicially of children
17 Feb 2018
Children of what age groupI?
07 Mar 2018
Well i read that it does not increases the weigth
06 Feb 2018
I am a 15 years old girl.I came across banslochan 6 months ago and now i am addicted to it and also slate pencils. I was suffering from tuberculosis last year. I was taking banslochan for no reason. Please tell me what to do as I am badly addicted to it.
Rituraj Goswami
12 Feb 2018
Try quitting it. Whenever you have craving for it, put fruit candies in your mouth. Or you may try a chewing gum. The only way to overcome any addiction is YOUR WILL POWER. It should not be taken for a long time. So, better try now.
07 Feb 2018
I ate 6 boxes of banslochan 250mg each in three months it is very tasty and now i am addicted to it .....i have not seen any side eggect yet but will it harm my health ? If yes, then in what way?? Please reply
12 Feb 2018
Excess of everything is bad. You should not be taking it for more than 3 months. Stop the consumption now. It may lead to side effects like-- Excessive Urination, which may cause Dehydration. Also, it will make their Kidneys to work more this may not be good for your Kidneys, as it may cause their over exertion.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
14 Feb 2018
Do you have something that can stop the addiction??please reply
09 Nov 2020
I am 6month pregnant and i am taking banshlochan from last 3 months but just half tps with lil 1/4th cup of milk and now my amniotic fluid level is decreasing, so is it decreasing because of banshlochan? Please help?
Marlies ( Canada )
10 May 2018
I am just starting to take bamboo silica for split nails. The capsules say take one a day. For how long can I take them?
Sandy ( India telengana )
16 May 2018
I am addicted to eating tabasheer.. Is this good for health.. Can u please tell me about this
Oren ( Louisiana )
27 Jun 2018
I'm a kidney transplant patient and want to know if taking Bamboo silica, for hair would or could have negative effects on my kidney beans in any way ?.
27 Jun 2018
Kidney....Not beans !
Damini verma ( India )
05 Sep 2018
I have a craving to eat banslochan every time. Is this right to eat every time or not?
Chhavi Bhardwaj ( India )
03 Oct 2018
Hello sir I'm 20 years old and suffering from meniscus tear and I've calcium deficiency as well so is banslochan beneficial for me and if yes then how should i consume it?
Please reply me soon since this problem is hampering my day today work.
Anju ( Mauritius )
26 Oct 2018

I have bought Banslochan powder 400 grm. I am currently pregnant with twin. I want to know how much quantity to consume (in term of teaspoon or tablespoon) and how long.

As I want to take if for the better bone growth of babies.
Maha ( Jammu and Kashmir )
13 Mar 2019
I have eczema and after using medication there are dark spots on my face my face is extremely dry ...what should i use?
Shweta Kothari ( USA )
21 Mar 2019
How much bansh lochan can be eaten in a day?
Pasha ( Hyderabad )
23 Mar 2019
I am a 25 year old man. I have burning urination sometimes and digestive issues. I get burning sensation while excreting stool if I eat oily and masala food. I have this problem since more than 3 months.
Belin ( India )
14 Jun 2019
am 5 month pregnant, i loves to eat slate items..daily i eat 1 pencil, am trying to shop... will this herb help me... if i buy 1 pack on banslochan... how much can i eat.. if feel if i eat this ill stop slate pencil.. am born healthy for past 3 yrears am temptingto eat slate items. i eat eggs not much milk and i use to eat sweets.. still now i have not faces any pronlems.. am will to eat this can i eat this?
S.pat ( India )
11 Sep 2019
Sir I suffer from oligospermia what can I do ,by Ayurvedic medicine
12 Sep 2019
Dear S.pat
Please take Mucuna Pruriens capsules. Take 1 tablet daily with milk. Take it for 15 days.
Take 2-3 Saffron strands in a glass of warm milk every night before going to sleep.
Eat dried dates.
Write back after 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sunil ( India )
19 Dec 2019
I am 32 year and mother of 2 and half year daughter and also 8 month pregnant. I love to eat tabaseer ans consume approximate 1 tablespoon of tabaseer daily form last 3 month. Is it safe to consuming that amount of tabaseer in pregnancy??
Nayha ( Jaipur ..India )
23 May 2020
Does banshlochan cause stones.. if eaten in excess
Shabar ( India/JandK )
24 May 2020
Can i use tabasheer powder for canker sores of mouth....mouth ulcers....
Khushi ( India )
04 Jun 2020
How much pieces of banslochan is enough for a day.?...I consume 10 is that okay
Lola ( India )
11 Jun 2020
I have rheumatoid arthritis since 5 years. Im 42 years old female. Im also having gall stones. My query is will consumption of banslochan affect my galll stones? How much should i consume banslochan stones in a day? After meal or empty stomach it should be taken? Kindly help. Please reply
Junewoodfine ( Greater Manchester England )
19 Jul 2020
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 i am now 69 years old. I have started to take tabashir bamboo tablets 2 in morning and 2 evening. My walking has slightly deteriorated. Please tell me how the tablets will help. Look forward to hearing from you.
29 Jul 2020
I am having cravings for slate pencil, diyas, clay. But from last 1yr i have started eating banslochan and i am like so much addicted to it. Its like every day i have to consume small amount of those stone type particles. I like the taste very much and i love to have it.
I was also having very frizzy hair but now its not so much frizzy and also my nails are not that strong. Should i continue eating it or what should i do? Please help.
31 Jul 2020
Dear Princy,
You have had enough of the herb. Now you may stop. Eating excessive vanshlochan may give you other problems, like, Low Blood Pressure and Headaches. It might even be harmful for the Lungs. So, please STOP taking it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
01 Aug 2020
But its out of my control now. I havent consumed it regularly but its like I purchase it in a timegap of 2-3months n then consume it on a regular basis for few months then again stop consuming it. Its like have become a habit of mine. Currently I am consuming it for last 1-2months bt i take like one small piece of that stone type particle of it daily. I cannot control myself. How to control this?
Sheela 42 years old ( India )
14 Sep 2020
I am used to of eating vanslochan for teo years and taking heavy dose. Now i have been suffering from high sugar . Is vanslochan responsible for it.
Amrit ( Canada )
07 Oct 2020
Hi, I was addicted to slate pencil or the urge of having that but I am not eating slate from two years or more but the addiction was there and everyday my mouth gets watery I chew my tongue and it feels better and I have heard about tawashir which can help to cure the addiction and a harmless alternate. And, I am consuming I think raw tawashir (white crystals) I didn’t know it comes in the form of capsule or tea. And I was not born flabby or fat, I don’t crave for milk or eggs also, not suffering from tonsillitis. Please let me know how tawashir can help. I am consuming tawashir(4-5 pieces) from a month.
20 Oct 2020
How much tabashir I can consume in a day I have acne and scars my age is 16?? And I eat tabashir is it good and can it be proven helpful?
Urmi ( India )
13 Nov 2020
First I addicted of pencil then I started vanslochan now m addicted of it too much... I eat vanchlochan 250gram box with in 4-5 days... I know it's too much..but now what to do? I'm badly addicted of it.. till now I feel headache problem side effect only.. nothing else... I'm eating vanslochan for 4 month... Can u suggest me what type side effect of it?
Neha maurya ( India )
22 Nov 2020
How much quantity of banslochan tabashir- white crystals can be eaten in a day?
Aqib ( Punjab )
03 Dec 2020
Does tabasheer contain carbohydrates
Yasir ( Pakistan )
22 Dec 2020
I had bells palsy 10 years back on left side. 70 percent recovery. Weakness exists. Myhaors have gotten thin brittle and weak with a lot of shedding in crown and temple area. Please advise me regarding bamboo extract and for bells palsy
Puneeta chauhan ( India )
22 Apr 2021
Craving of eating tabasheer everytime i m taking 1to 2 spoon of tabasheer mixing with elachi and mishri daily is it good to eat daily i m suffering from acid reflux from last 5 years after eating this mixture i feel better. How much should i have to eat daily pls suggest.
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