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What does Silicon do for the body

Silicon is a Mineral. It is the most abundant Element on the Earth. It is present in the Soil. It is very hard and is found in rock crystals such as quartz or flint. Silicon is present in Bone, Blood vessels, Cartilage, and Tendons, helping to make them strong. It represents about 0.05 percent of Body weight. Silicon is widely available in the Foods.

Level of Silicon in the Body
0.06 to 0.35 mg/L

Functions of Silicon in the Body
Silicon promotes Firmness and Strength in the Tissues. Silicon is a part of the Arteries , skin , connective tissue, and eyes. It helps Collagen to hold the Body tissues together. Silicon works with calcium to restore Bones.

Benefits of Silicon in the Body
Improve Skin
Prevents Alopecia
Improve Joint Function
Delays the Aging process
Prevents Aluminum Toxicity
Improve Cardiovascular Health
Heals Infection of the Urinary Tract
Stimulate Cell metabolism and division
Regenerate Skin and the Vascular walls
Prevent Kidney stones
Normalize Hemorrhoidal Tissues
Diminish Inflammation of the Intestinal tract
Repair and maintain Vital Lung Tissues
Hinder the pain of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism
Silica beautifies Hair with Luster, Elasticity and Vigor
Normalize circulation and Regulate High Blood Pressure
Improve the elasticity of the Joints

Effects of Deficiency of Silicon in the Body
Hair loss
Rapid aging
Heart disease
Sprains and strains
Brittleness of nails
Alzheimer's disease
Digestion problems
Formation of wrinkles
General aging of the skin
Abnormal skeletal formation

Effects of Excess of Silicon in the Body
Kidney Stone
Diuretic Effects
Kidney Damage
Thiamine Deficiency
Excessive Urination

Daily Requirement of Silicon in he Body
4 to 5 milligram ( mg )

Herbs Containing Silicon

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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