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Cascara Sagrada Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Cascara Sagrada
Glycemic Index / Load
Cascara Sagrada
Botanical Name
Rhamnus Purshiana
Homeopathic Name
Cascara Sagrada   -   Mother Tincture

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Cascara Sagrada Cures

Super Effective


Action of Cascara Sagrada

Most Effective

Nutrients in Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada
Combines With

Taste of
Cascara Sagrada

Nature of
Cascara Sagrada


Parts Used

Aged Dried Bark

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Cascara Sagrada

-Excess use may cause Electrolyte Imbalance, as a result it may cause Dizziness, Blurred Vision, Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea. In Electrolyte Imbalance the body fails to function normally as the organs may get damaged.
-Avoid use during Pregnancy and while Nursing as the bark contains Cathartic property which may be transmitted to the baby.
-Do not use fresh bark. It should be at least a year old.
-Habitual use may cause Laxative dependence
-Prolonged use or abuse by over dosage may cause excessive Loss of electrolytes.
-Consequently, body potassium may be depleted causing a severe diseased condition.
-It may cause allergic reactions such as Hives, Swelling on Face, Lips, Tongue and Chest Congestion.
-People with Intestinal Obstruction, Ulcers, Appendicitis, Crohn's syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome should not take it.
It may cause Abdominal cramps and Rectal Bleeding.
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Cascara Sagrada is a small tree.
It is deciduous.
It grows in a subtropical climate.
It grows up to 10 M.
Best used for Constipation .
Cascara Sagrada takes care of

Note :
Cascara Sagrada is a purgative herb. It may produce abdominal cramps. Combine Cascara Sagrada with Fennel seeds to avoid the occurrence of abdominal cramps . Fennel seeds have a carminative effect on the Gastrointestinal tract.
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Materia Medica for Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada General

Cascara Sagrada is a herbal treatment for Constipation. It soothes the mucous membrane of the colon. It leads to the accumulation of electrolytes and water. This increases the bowel movement from the colon. It puts a pressure on the colon that makes a smooth bowel movements. It cleans the Colon.
Cascara Sagrada is a good herbal treatment for the Digestive system. Cascara Sagrada is a natural laxative. For chronic Constipation, there is no better choice than Cascara Sagrada.
Cascara Sagrada helps in the treatment of Gallstones. It is a good tonic for Gallstones. Cascara Sagrada increases Bile secretion and helps to get rid off Gallstones. It helps produce Digestive juices and makes digestion of food easier which prevents Stone formation.
Cascara Sagrada is good for Hair problems. To get rid of Hair Lice and Dandruff, It cleanses the scalp and removes the Flaky skin. Cascara sagrada helps stop hair fall. It helps prevent blocked pores on the scalp that cause Hair fall. Cascara Sagrada facilitates healthy Hair growth. Its conditioning properties make Hair soft, strong and shiny. Usage of Cascara Sagrada strengthens the Hair Follicles and gives radiant Hair.
Cascara Sagrada has Anti Cancer properties. It inhibits the growth of Cancer cells. Cascara makes chemotherapy more effective. It fights free radicals in the body and suppresses the growth of Cancer causing cells.
Cascara Sagrada Heals the Skin. It helps in treating Acne problems. Cascara Sagrada tinctures reduce Acne.
Take Cascara Sagrada for Patchy Skin conditions.
Ointment prepared with this herb is potent for Skin burns and shields the Skin from harmful Ultraviolet Rays.
Cascara Sagrada helps to get rid of Wrinkles and Blemishes. Its anti aging property makes the Skin look Young and Beautiful.
When combined with Liquorice, it becomes more potent.
Methods of Administration. How to take
Tincture. The best and the most potent method of consuming Cascara Sagrada is to Tincture it.
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Decoction: Make a tea.
Put Cascara Sagrada in a cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for l0 minutes. Drink three times a day.
Single Herb

Cascara Sagrada for Constipation

Prepare a decoction of Cascara Sagrada bark. Take it at bedtime
Steep One tablespoon bark in One cup water for an hour. Take One cup a day, on an empty stomach.
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Herbal Treatment For Obesity 6

Crush Commiphora Mukul resin to make powder. Add same quantity Oats in it. Take 1 tsp of the mixture with lukewarm water once a day. Then take 4 g Cascara Sagrada bark at night. This whole process helps to push out all extra Fats ( form of Cholesterol ) from the body.
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Arvind ( M. P. India )
26 Feb 2016
Cascara Sagrada tincture dose for constipation.
07 Mar 2016
5 drops in half glass of water in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. take it until you are not relieved of constipation.
Lyudmila Lee ( Kazakhstan )
18 May 2017
Please, write description about Yakritadi,
Gladys Morales ( United States )
17 Jun 2020
Hi, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, started taking linzess, looking for a natural way to fix my problem also I have left upper quadrant pain for be months, use to take Metamucil every 2 days, Dr has given me miralx, colada, and bentyl, but stop the bentyl because of constipation, can't eat of drink limited. Please any suggestion will be appreciated

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