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Hepatopathy Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Jigar Khrab Hona, Khrab Jigar, Jigar Khrab
Hepatopathy Symptoms
Abdominal Discomfort
Low Grade Fever
Blood in Vomit in severe cases
Damage to the Liver and impairment of Liver Functions

Hepatopathy Cured By

Most Effective

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Hepatopathy is a disease of the Liver.
Any disorder that causes damage to the Liver is Hepatopathy.
Liver is known as the power house of the Body. It is located below the Diaphragm.

Liver has various functions like...
It produces Cholesterol and Hormones.
It produces Bile Salts that get stored in the Gallbladder. Bile salts help in digestion.
It filters toxic substances in the Blood.
It regulates the level of glucose in the Blood.
It helps in storage of Minerals and Vitamins such as A,D,K and B12.

Anything wrong with the Liver causes impairment of the Liver functions.

Causes of Hepatopathy
Poor Diet
Hepatitis B
Drug Addiction
Viral Infection
Bacterial Infection

If not treated properly, Hepatopathy may cause
Liver Failure

Alkalize or Suffer

Your best bet is Milk Thistle

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Hepatopathy

Liver Diseases General

It is normal to first talk about the anatomy of an organ, then its normal functions, then the diseased condition and conclude with remedies.
But, this time, lets reverse the process. Lets first talk about the herbs to be used to cure Liver diseases.
When the Liver is diseased it shows its conditions in many symptoms like Jaundice, Hepatitis, Biliousness, Gallstones. The list is endless. But the solution is the same. If you or your doctor has concluded that the diseased condition is due to the malfunction of the Liver, look no further. The answer lies in the use of these top notch herbs.
Milk Thistle
Sleeping Plant
Use them singly or in combination, they will bring back the Liver to its normal functioning.
And, now if you would like to read about the organ called Liver, read on.

Liver is the human body’s largest organ. (Forget about the skin).
Liver is the main filter of the human body. It is also the main organ that regulates the digestion. It is the master weaver that controls the metabolism. Immunity is dependent on its health. Liver sick, Immunity down, man sick. It stores Nutrients.
It is a pivotal and important organ that controls the supply of energy and nutrients to the tissues.
The Liver is a tenacious organ. It is capable of regrowing dead or damaged cells/tissues and becoming healthy in a short time.
Liver produces Bile. The function of the Bile is to regulate digestion by breaking up fat into small pieces so that they can be absorbed by the Intestines.
Bile Ducts carry bile through the liver and gallbladder. Bile, then travels to the Duodenum of the small intestines.
Functions of the Liver. The Liver has countless functions. Some of the major functions are :--
Detoxify Blood
Store Vitamins and Iron
Store sugar glucose
Convert stored sugar to usable sugar
Break down Hemoglobin and Insulin
Convert ammonia to urea
Destroys old red blood cells
Secrete bile
Produce Proteins for Blood plasma
Production of cholesterol and special proteins to help carry fats through the body
Regulate blood clotting
Resist infections. Produce immune factors. Remove Bacteria from the bloodstream
Old dead red blood cells are the waste product that gives our stools brown color. Discoloration of human excreta may be a warning that something is wrong with your liver. Darkened urine bears the same message. Jaundice is the name of the disease when the skin and the eyes become yellow. Jaundice means excess Bilirubin. All these are the consequences of malfunctioning of the Liver.
If I abuse myself by consuming alcohol, my Liver will harden and Cirrhosis will set in. The same will happen if I am infected with Hepatitis C.
Single Herb

Radish ( Muli ) for Hepatopathy

Radish ( Muli ) is a supportive herb for Liver. It helps to set the Liver right.
Take fresh Radish ( Muli in India ). Use blender, juicer or grate the radish to squeeze the juice. Have 40 ml on an empty stomach for 3 days.
Note : If problem persists, you may repeat the process after a gap of a week.
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Uzzy ( Nigeria )
13 Jun 2020
Thank you for the vital information.

Can I use radish tincture instead of flesh radish? It pretty difficult getting flesh radish here in Nigeria
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