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Antitumor or Antitumorigenic Herbs


Antitumor herbs are those herbs which prevent the formation or growth of Tumors.

A Tumor is an abnormal mass growth of tissue. It is also called Neoplasm. It may be solid or fluid filled. A Tumor is not necessarily Cancer. Tumors may be Non Cancerous ( benign ), Pre Cancerous ( Pre Malignant ) or Cancerous ( Malignant ). There are different types of tumors. Tumor is a kind of swelling or lump. It is not a health threat always. Benign tumors are not cancerous and do not need a treatment always. They are treated with Wait and Watch approach. However, Malignant tumors are cancerous and need immediate treatment.

In case you notice any observable mass growth in the Body, visit your Physician to know what it is.

Antitumor herbs help to reduce and minimize the affects of tumors; both Cancerous and Non Cancerous. Below mentioned are some foods and herbs that nourish the Body and detoxify any cancer causing agents.


Acacia Melanoxylon
Acanthosicyos Naudinianus
Aristolochia Kaempferi
Auricularia Auricula Judae
Bersama Abyssinica
Canarium Strictum
Catharanthus Lanceus
Cayratia Debilis
Cayratia Gracilis
Chamaecrista Absus
Christmas tree plant
Cissus Dinklagei
Cissus Palmatifida
Cissus Producta
Corallocarpus Bainesii
Cucumis Africanus
Cucumis Hirsutus
Cucumis Zeyheri
Dioscorea Hispida
Givotia Madagascariensis
Glabrous Sarcandra
Hibiscus Macranthus
Hippocampus Kuda
Jeffersonia Diphylla
Koelreuteria Paniculata
Lespedeza Capitata
Mahonia Nervosa
Oriental Poppy
Oval Leaved Pepper Plant
Pedicularis Canadensis
Pithroj Tree
Potentilla Fulgens
Powder Puff Tree
Red Spike Thorn
Rhazya Stricta
Scoparia Dulcis
Texas Barberry
White Truffle Mushroom
Wikstroemia Oahuensis
Wild Indian Strawberry
Zosima Orientalis
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Soursop for Cancer

Soursop is a very effective remedy for cancer. Cancer may be anywhere in the body, the remedy is Soursop. It helps treat cancer more effectively than Chemotherapy. It kills only the cancer cells, not the healthy cells. Hence, no hair fall or any other deterioration in health. It may be used as the main remedy or it may be used in conjunction with Chemotherapy.
It has very strong Anticancer and Antitumor properties.
It kills cancer cells naturally without any side effects as associated with Chemotherapy.
Soursop Fruit can be eaten to prevent or treat cancer. Fresh soursop juice can also be used for this purpose. Soursop tea is also a way to fight against cancer.
Chop some fresh stems and leaves of Soursop.  Boil them in 1 liter water until water is reduced to half. Strain.  Drink 100 ml twice a day.  You may add Honey.

Black Cumin for Tumor

Consume half tsp Black Cumin seed oil once a day. Also apply it over Tumor.

Bombax Ceiba for Tumors

Apply leaf paste of Bombax Ceiba over Tumor.

Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ) for Tumors

Tie Castor oil coated warm leaves of Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ) over Tumors.
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Mr bee ( Nigeria )
10 Nov 2017
Good day to you somehow fresh leaf and shade dried leaf which one is highly effective
Shady ( Nigeria\Lagos )
16 Sep 2018
Can soursop be taken with other medication
Tosin ( Nigeria )
27 Nov 2020
Can soursop been taken together with Tumeric to reduce the growth of non-hodgkin lymphoma
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