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Indigo Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Indigofera Tinctoria
Hindi Name
Nila, Nili, Neel
Homeopathic Name
Indigo Tinctoria   -   Mother Tincture

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Indigo Cures

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Action of Indigo

Nutrients in Indigo

Combines With

Taste of

Parts Used

Whole Plant, Dried Leaf,Root, Fruit Dye
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Indigo is a branching shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a warm climate.
It grows up to 2 M.
The Homeopathic remedy, Indigo Tinctoria is best used to treat :
Epilepsy with Worms
Pain in the limbs after every meal
Stricture after Gonorrhea
Snake and Spider Poisoning.



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Materia Medica for Indigo

Single Herb

Indigo for Jaundice

Grind dried leaves of Indigo. Consume 5 g of it thrice a day.

Indigo for Leucorrhoea

Crush the roots of Indigo. Make its decoction. Drink 10 ml twice a day.

Indigo for Abdominal Diseases

Drink 30 ml root decoction of Indigo twice a day.

Indigo for Arthritis

Prepare leave decoction of Indigo. Drink 5 ml twice a day.

Indigo for Fever

Consume 20 ml leaf decoction of Indigo twice a day.

Indigo for Liver Diseases

Add 5 ml Honey in 20 ml leaf juice of Indigo. Have it twice a day.

Indigo as Antidote

Grind whole plant of Indigo to make paste. Apply it over bitten areas.
OR : Drink 1 tsp leaf juice of Indigo daily. Have it twice a day.

Indigo ( Nili ) for Wounds and Insect Bites

A leaf poultice can be used externally for Wounds and Insect Bites.
OR : Make a paste of Indigo ( Nili ) with warm water and use for burns, scalds, wounds, insect bites, animal bites, boils.

Indigo for Epilepsy

Crush whole plant of Indigo and extract its juice. Take 1 tsp of it twice a day.

Indigo for Hydrophobia

Consume 1 tsp leave juice with same quantity of Milk once a day. Use it for 1 week.

Indigo for Spleen Enlargement

Mix 1 tsp leave juice of Indigo with half tsp Honey. Take it two times a day.

Indigo for Aphthous Ulcers

Extract juice from fresh branches of Indigo. Add some Honey in it. Apply the mixture over Mouth Ulcers.

Indigo for Arsenic Poisoning

Make root infusion of Indigo. Drink 15 ml of it twice a day. It acts as an antidote against Arsenic.

Indigo for Ulcers

Sprinkle dried leaf powder of Indigo over Ulcers.

Indigo for Diabetes

Take 4 g dried leave powder of Indigo with lukewarm water. Have it twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Herpes 1

Take following Herbs in mentioned quality :
20 g Dandelion root, 25 g Skullcap root, 30 g dried plant of Purslane, 15 g Pinellia roots, 20 g dried Indigo plant, 30 g American Ginseng root, 20 g Cinnamon twig, 30 g Bupleurum root, 20 g dried plant of Thlaspi Arvense and 40 g Liquorice root. Grind them to make powder. Add water in the required amount of the powder to make paste. Apply it over external Herpes.
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Dr Nilima Wadnerwar ( India )
11 Jan 2017
Which one is the reference for the use of nilini as an antidote for arsenic poisoning?
18 May 2017
If indigo powder is so effective then why it is not use commonly by people having grey har
SONU KUMAR ( India Bihar )
02 Jun 2017
Use of indigo in medicine
Vatsala Modh ( India )
17 Jun 2017
Why not popularly used for dying the hairs? Any side effects?
07 Oct 2018
i personally am the biggest fan of of indigo + henna paste for hair...bt it causes severe head ache after using it...i search a lot for this...the basic material of which indigo has in it as a leaf is not good for the migraine suffering people.
Kiran ( Punjab )
26 Jun 2017
I have a little itching in my scalp after using indigo powder, is it any allergic reaction
22 Aug 2017
Hi, I tried using the indigo leaf for grey hair. I soaked both henna and indigo leaf powder in coffee decoction over night. Applied for hair. Grey hair turned into blonde hair. Did not change to black. Can anyone help what should be the proportion and what are the other ingredients that needs to be added.
31 Oct 2017
After applying hena then make dry hair n then use indigo powder ..hair will be black .don't use together.
Shama ( Punjab )
05 Sep 2017
is indigo leave of south india(trivendrum) good and safe for hair colouring.
Modassir Khan ( India/Karnataka )
12 Sep 2017

Dear sir
I have require root extract of indigofera tinctoria L powder
Where I can get this..?
Contact me 9451829991
04 Dec 2017
Bindu ( Hyderabad )
07 Jul 2018
Dipti Desai ( Texas, usa )
02 Jul 2019
I used henna and indigo for hair color. But my roots are still grey. And hair is getting thinner on top. And I get headache after using it.
So what are the suggestions. What should I do.
03 Jul 2019
Hi Dipti,
You must be allergic to Indigo. Indigo contains an ingredient which might trigger a migraine or cause headache in few people.
Try Sage oil for increasing thickness of hair and volume too. Apply it 1 hour before washing your hair. I also had an allergic reaction from Indigo. Sage oil really helped me in regaining hair volume. Ask your hair professional regarding hair color.
Ravi ( India. Andrapradesh )
24 Feb 2020
Iam indigo seeds. Farmar..

Indigo seds for seal. Cantacet. 919704359996
Saisree ( India )
05 Oct 2020
can we drink indigo powder mixed with hot water?
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