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Dental Diseases Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Dental Diseases
Medical Name
Stomatognathic Disease
Dental Diseases Symptoms
Bad Breath
Red and swollen gums
Bleeding while brushing or eating
Tooth Ache
Bleeding Gums

Dental Diseases Cured By

Highly Effective

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Dental Disease is a disease of the Gums and the Teeth.
The problems of the Gums and the Teeth are consider as Dental disease.
It is an inflammation of the Gums and the Teeth.
It is not always painful.

Types of Dental diseases are
Plaque : It is a sticky deposition on teeth in which bacteria proliferate. Overtime Plaque can harden into tartar which causes more damage.
Cavity : The holes where bacteria have eaten through a tooth's enamel. These Cavities must be filled to stop their destruction.

The best defense against Dental Diseases is good oral hygiene and get an attractive smile too.

Causes of Dental Diseases
Bacterial Infection
Poor Dental Hygiene
Crack or Cavity in the tooth
Consuming lots of sugary or starchy food and drink

If not treated properly, Dental Diseases may cause
Oral Cancer
Mouth Sores
Tooth Sensitivity

Your best bet is, Spanish Cherry
A visit to the Dentist is a must

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Dental Diseases

Single Herb

Damiana for Dental Diseases

Make a paste of the seeds of Damiana ( Dhatura ). Put it to the affected teeth.

Woodfordia Fruticosa ( Dhawai ) for Dental Diseases

Take flowers and leaves of Woodfordia Fruticosa ( Dhawai ) in equal quantity. Boil in water. Swish with lukewarm decoction thrice a day.

Green Tea for Dental Diseases

Swish with lukewarm root decoction twice a day.
Or boil leaves for 10 minutes. Strain. Cool it down. Swish with it twice a day

Clove ( Laung ) for Dental Diseases

Dip cotton bud in Clove oil. Apply it over the affected areas.
OR : Add 3 g Clove oil in a glass of water. Swish using it.

Sodom for Dental Diseases

Externally apply latex of Sodom plant over Dental Problems.

Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) for Dental Diseases

Chew the twigs of Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) to get rid of Dental Problems.

Acacia Nilotica ( Babul ) for Dental Diseases

Cut stem of Acacia Nilotica ( Babul ) in small pieces. Chew one piece daily in the morning.

Black Cumin for Dental Diseases

Rub Black Cumin oil over painful tooth or Gums.

Catechu for Dental Diseases

Rub bark powder of Catechu on your Gums and Teeth.

Lemon Essential Oil for Dental Diseases

Add 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil in a glass of lukewarm water. Stir it well. Gargle daily with this mixture and it will keep your tooth healthy.

Black Plum for Dental Diseases

Burn Black Plum leaves and Almond shells. Add crushed Peppermint leaves in it. Use it as a tooth Powder. Brush with this powder, 2 times a day.

Clove Essential Oil for Dental Diseases

Clove Essential Oil stop bacteria in the mouth. Apply one drop of Clove Essential Oil to your thumb and rub it on your gums. Then, swish your mouth with water and spit. Do not swallow. Repeat the process once a day.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Dental Diseases

Peppermint Essential Oil eliminate bad breath. Mix one drop of Peppermint Essential Oil in one tablespoon of water and swish for one minute and spit. Do not swallow. Repeat the process two times a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Dental Diseases 1

Take the following herbs :
Vinegar : Sirka : 1 tablespoon
Alum : Fitakari : Powdered : 1/2 teaspoon
Black Pepper : Kali Mirch : Powdered : 1/2 teaspoon
Mix all ingredients. Add one teaspoon Honey ( Shehad ) in the mixture. Stir. Rub it on your teeth before sleeping daily.

Herbal Treatment For Dental Diseases 2

Blend Asafoetida ( Hing ) pieces with Lemon ( Nimboo ) juice to make a paste. Dab a cotton ball in it. Apply it on the affected tooth to get relief.
Queries on Dental Diseases
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Arun dhar ( INDIA )
24 Nov 2016
My front teeth are getting discolored...how to make them white.. I am 27 years old...I don't take alcohol or cigarettes...I take tea three times...kindly suggest..
24 Nov 2016
Dear Arun Dhar
Take 1 cup of tea only and try the following Things.
1. Take 2 tablespoon of Sesame oil and swish with this oil for 2 to 3 min. Split out the oil. Do it every day for 15 days.
2. Rub the inner side of Banana peel on your teeth.
3. Buy Walnut bark and clean your teeth with that 2 to 3 times in a week. It gives little reddish color to the lips and the gums.
Always brush gently.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Arun dhar ( India )
25 Nov 2016
Thnk u i vl follow this n vl let u kw
Mohan ( India/ Tamilnadu )
29 Aug 2017
Dear sir, pls suggest cure for tooth cavity decay do ntist asked to remove or root canal tooth treatment.
06 Oct 2017
Dear Mohan
We would not be able to advise for root canal as it needs physical examination. But if you need any herbal treatment for dental care, we suggest you the following Herbs.
1. Add a pinch of Turmeric powder, Black pepper, 1 teaspoon of Common salt in half a tablespoon of Mustard oil. Apply the mixture on your gums and teeth and do gentle massage too. Do it for 5 min. Later swish with some warm water. Repeat the process every day before going to bed, you will not have any cavity or dental disease. 2. Have some Vitamin C every day.
3. Soak 5 Almonds and 2 walnuts in water over night. Next morning peel the skin and consume Almonds and Walnuts both. Also have an apple every morning.
You may also apply Sesame oil on your teeth and gums 2 to 3 times in a week.
Try these formulas at least for 1 month and see the results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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