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Sodom Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Calotropis Procera, Calotropis Gigantea
Hindi Name
Madar, Arka, Ak, Akond, Arkh
Homeopathic Name
Calotropis Gigantea   -   Mother Tincture

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Sodom Cures


Action of Sodom

Most Effective

Nutrients in Sodom

Nature of


Parts Used

Leaves, Flowers, Root, Steam Bark, Latex, Root Bark

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Sodom

Consult a doctor before use.
Avoid use during pregnancy, breast feeding.
Do not take in excess.
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Sodom is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical and subtropical climate.
It grows up to 3 M.
Best used for Eye Problems.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Sodom

Single Herb

Sodom for Ascites

Apply the latex of Sodom locally on the affected areas.

Sodom for Leprosy

Use the latex of Sodom plant on the affected skin.

Sodom for Leucoderma

Apply the latex of Sodom on the skin patches.

Sodom for Ringworms

Apply the milky fluid of Sodom plant over infected skin.

Sodom for Stings

Locally apply the milk fluid of Sodom plant on the damaged skin.

Sodom for Deafness

Take a ripe yellow leaf of Sodom. Warm it. Squeeze the leaf juice drops in ears. Use it for 2 weeks.

Sodom for Caries

Apply the latex of Sodom on the affected teeth.

Sodom for Gastroenteritis

Roast the leaves of Sodom and apply locally.

Sodom for Swelling

Apply the roasted leaves of Sodom over the affected area.

Sodom for Headache

Warm the leaves of Sodom. Tie it with cotton cloth on the forehead.

Sodom as Antidote

Chew 4 leaves of Sodom once a day.
OR : Crush roots of Sodom and apply it over bitten area.

Sodom for Fever

Mix equal quantity leaf juice of Sodom with Honey. Take 1 tsp of it repeatedly after 1 hour.

Sodom for Aphthous Ulcers

Add 1 tsp Honey in same quantity latex of Sodom. Apply it over affected areas.

Sodom for Ascaris

Consume mixture of Sodom leaf juice and Honey twice a day.

Sodom for Dental Diseases

Externally apply latex of Sodom plant over Dental Problems.

Sodom Latex as an Analgesic

Apply Latex of Sodom over painful areas.

Sodom for Tumor

Consume 3 ml root extract of Sodom. Have it once a day.

Sodom for Diabetes

Consume 1 g dry latex of Sodom twice a week.

Sodom for Liver Disease

Take some leaves and flowers of Sodom. Make its decoction. Have 10 ml of it twice a day.

Sodom ( Madar ) for Maleria

Sodom ( Calotropis ) is a shrub. It is found at the road sides and the corner of the streets.
Pluck a leaf of Sodom and collect a drop of the milky sap in a spoon. Add some palm jaggery and make a small pill. Ask the Malaria patient to swallow this pill on empty stomach.
Note : Pluck the leaf before sunrise as after sunrise that milky sap turns poisonous.
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Herbal Treatment For Abscess 8

Mix the latex of Sodom with Turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply it over the affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Abscess 9

Soak few Carom seeds in the latex of Sodom overnight. Roast the soaked seeds over flame. Grind them to make a fine powder. Mix 1 tsp of the powder with Yoghurt. Apply it on the damaged skin.

Herbal Treatment For Acne 7

Mix some Carom seeds with the milky sap of Sodom. Leave it overnight. Roast the soaked seeds and grind them. Mix 1 tsp of the powder with Yogurt. Apply it on the affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Asthma 15

Take equal quantities of Sodom flowers, Clove and Black Pepper. Grind them together. Mix a pinch of this mixture with lukewarm water. Drink this water once a day.
Caution : Do not use in excess as it may cause Diarrhea or Vomiting.

Herbal Treatment For Bronchitis 7

Grind the root bark of Sodom. Mix it with Date Palm sugar. Take a pinch of it during bedtime with warm milk.
Caution : Excess use may cause Diarrhea.

Herbal Treatment For Cold 6

Mix Date Palm sugar with Sodom root bark powder. Take 2 pinch of it with warm milk at night.

Herbal Treatment For Cough 30

Take root bark of Sodom. Grind it to make powder. Add Date Palm sugar in it. Take quarter tsp of the mixture with warm milk during bedtime. Use it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Fatigue 3

Take mixture of Date Palm sugar and Sodom root bark powder during bed time.
Caution : Excess use may cause Vomiting.

Herbal Treatment For Insect Bites 1

Make a mixture of Sodom root bark powder and Date Palm sugar by taking them in equal ratio. Take 1/4 tsp with warm milk at night. Use it for 4 days.

Herbal Treatment For Leprosy 2

Take root bark powder of Sodom. Add same quantity of Date Palm sugar in it. Take a pinch of it with warm milk after dinner.
Caution : Do not use repeatedly, as it may cause Diarrhea.

Herbal Treatment For Cholera 2

Grind the root and bark of Sodom ( Akra in India ) to make a fine powder. Add some Ginger ( Adrak in India ) juice and Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch in India ). Mix properly to make a thick paste. Make pea sized pills of it. Make a decoction of Cardamom ( Choti Elaichi in India ) and Mint ( Pudina in India ) leaves. Take 1 pill with the decoction after every 2 hours. Use it for 5 days.

Herbal Treatment For Cold 7

Take boiled rice in a cup. Add 5 ml Sodom latex. Put it under sun to dry for 1 week. Repeat the whole process by adding 15 ml latex. Grind to make powder. Add some Camphor powder in it. Use it as snuff.

Herbal Treatment For Cough 31

Add 1 tsp milky sap of Sodom in 1 cup boiled rice. Dry it under sun for 7 days. Now again add 3 tsp latex in it and dry again. Grind to make powder. Add camphor powder in it and use as snuff.

Herbal Treatment For Colic 4

Take 4 g of Sodom ( Akra in India ) flower, black salt ( Kala Namak in India ) and Carom ( Ajvayan in India ) seeds. Add 8 g dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) in it. Grind them to make powder. Make a thick paste by adding Lime ( Jamri Nimbu in India ) juice in it. Make small pills of equal size with it. Take 1 pill per day with warm water.

Herbal Treatment For Stomach Ache 4

Grind 1 tsp of Sodom ( Akra in India ) flower, black salt ( Kala Namak in India ), Carom ( Ajvayan in India ) seeds and 2 tsp of dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) to make powder. Make dough like consistency by adding Lime ( Jamri Nimbu in India ) juice in it. Make pills of it. Have one pill per day with warm water.

Herbal Treatment For Earache 1

Extract the juice of ripe yellow leaves of Sodom ( Madar ). Take quarter teaspoon of it and add same amount of Sesame Oil ( Til Ka Tel ). Now, add quarter teaspoon of Sweet Flag ( Ghorvach ) powder, Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) , Garlic ( Lehsun ) and 2 teaspoon of Asafoetida ( Hing ) powder. Boil the mixture until it gets thick. Filter it through a piece of cloth. Cool it and use as ear drops.

Herbal Treatment For Ear Discharge 3

Mix 3 g of each of the following herbs :
Sodom ( Madar ) leaves juice, Sesame Oil ( Til Ka Tel ), powder of Sweet Flag ( Ghorvach ), Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) and Garlic ( Lehsun ). Add 12 g Asafoetida ( Hing ) powder in it. Boil until it gets thick. Filter through a piece of cloth. Cool it and use as an ear drop.

Herbal Treatment For Headache 5

Take 500ml of Sesame oil. Add two tbsp of Sodom flower juice, Turmeric powder, Garlic paste, Black pepper powder each. Boil over a low flame till it thickens.
Cool. Put it in a bottle. Take 3-4 tbsp of oil and massage the scalp with it. Use thrice a week.

Herbal Treatment For Asthma 21

Take the following herbs in equal quantity :
Emetic Nut Tree : Maniphal : Nuts
Sodom : Akra : Root
Liquorice : Mulethi
Grind them together. Have 2 pinches once a day with water.

Herbal Treatment For Cold 11

Take Emetic Nuts ( Maniphal ), Liquorice ( Mulethi ), Sodom ( Akra ) in equal quantity. Powder them together. Have one pinch once a day. It gives relief in Cold conditions.

Herbal Treatment For Bronchitis 16

Mix dried Sodom flowers, Black Pepper and Clove in 4:2:1 ratio. Grind them to make powder. Consume 3 g of it with lukewarm water.

Herbal Treatment For Earache 10

The Analgesic property of Datura Stramonium helps to ease the pain. Sesame Oil soothes the Ears. Sodom ( Madar in India ) kill harmful bacteria causing infection and pain in the Ears.
Take 125 gm juice of Datura Stramonium ( Dhatura in India ) leaves and same amount of Sesame Oil. Mix well. Boil in a tin vessel for 5 to 10 minutes on medium flame till the juice remains half. Add 5 top 6 leaves of Sodom and a pinch of salt in it. Boil till it gets a thick consistency. Strain and let it cool. Put 2 to 3 drops of this solution in the affected areas twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Asthma 11

Take Ziziphus Xylopyrus roots, Sodom stem bark, Erythroxylum monogynum stem bark, Indian Kino stem bark and 10 dry Cayenne Pepper. Grind them all to make a fine powder. Consume quarter teaspoon of each of the herb powder for 3 days with 1 liter of water, once a day.
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Lidya chelangat ( KENYA )
09 Mar 2016
how is sodom apple fruits used in controlin mosquitos
Vosheen Shaikh
16 Mar 2016
Dear Lidya Chelangat control mosquitoes, fleas, other parasites. Its flower or latex can be used for this purpose. The squashed ripe fruit of the Sodom apple steeped in water and then dug into the soil controls worms, and other pests.
Daniel ( Kenya )
13 Jul 2016
1.Do Sodom apple extract treat people with premature ejaculation?
2.is the apple extract used to enlarge penis?
3.what are the other benefits
of the apple extract
4.what are other natural herbs that treat the problems in number; 1and2 above?
20 Jul 2016
Dear Daniel
Well, I have never come across with such evidences, but yes i can help you out with other herbs. 1. Maca powder with milk daily for 1 month.
2. Land Caltrops, 1 capsule every day.
3. Herbs may not help to increase your size, but yes they may provide strength.
Wairimu ( KENYA )
04 Sep 2016
1.Can Sodom apple plant cure animal proteins allergy? I cant eat eggs, meat or milk due to allergic reactions.
2. If yes, which parts of the plants do I use?
09 Sep 2016
Wairimu I do not think sodom apple is used to cure animal protein allergy. all you can do is avoid taking food that you are allergic to, if you continue to take them, then an allergic reaction might be triggered. The herb that is known to help is Stinging Nettle, Urtica Dioica is the name of the homeopathic tincture of this herb. take 5 drops of the tincture in a glass of water, every day. Try for 15 days, if it suits you then you may continue for 20 days.
Shanny kavetsa ( Kenya )
10 Dec 2017
Can the fruit sap of Sodom Apple cause short sitedness if it spills in the eyes
Cynthia Wanjiru ( Kenya )
21 Apr 2018
Can a Sodom apple affect a baby if she bites it and Drinks the liquid inside the fruit,??
Willie ( Kenya )
26 Nov 2018
How do the sodom apple treat stomach ulcers ?
How can treat asthma using sodom apple?
21 Dec 2018
can sodom apple cure high blood pressure? if yes, how is it used?
Rafael oginga obote ( Kenya )
15 Feb 2019
can sodom apple be used to treat jiggers and ring worms
Chief Stephen ( Ghana )
04 May 2020
Sir,please am 21 years and am suffering from tinnitus and am hearing lost and i feel pain where the pituitary body is"beside the brain"please i need help and how to get ride of this severe pain and sound in the ear thank you.
Dabulamanzi Maseko ( South Africa Limpopo )
21 May 2020
Where can I find Sodm apple leaves in South Africa?
Nhlanganiso Mabhena ( Zimbabwe )
26 May 2020
I am in Zimbabwe and am looking for the Sodom Apple for treating my child who is diabetic with type 1 and the other with type 2.where can I get the Sodom apple or the parts that treat Diabetes? If possible, can I also get the prescription for Diabetes treatment using the Sodom Apple/Bitter Apple.
Muhammed Umar
24 Jun 2020
Dear Mabhena,
can you come to Nigeria and collect it?, or through which channel can i send it to you considering this corona virus pandemic.
Just Mee
01 Nov 2020
Nigeria ??????????????????????????????
03 Sep 2020
Available almost everywhere in zimbabwe - just go kumusha and look for Nhundurwa
Amos ( Ghana )
03 Aug 2020
Does Sodom plants or leafs has spiritual use?
Emmanuel ( Nigeria/ Ogun )
26 Sep 2020
please can the sodom apple cure elephantiasis of the leg
Rwizi ( Zimbabwe )
29 Oct 2020
For 13 years l have a very itchy scrotum and parts of the buttocks with less sensation but severe in the butt valley , recently l have consumed the ripe fruit of the bitter apple as tea.Suddenly l felt hefy fatigue , vomiting feeling and my heart had a sharp prickly pain for couple of minutes.

I feel like l have worms that's the driving motive for the ingestion of the bitter fruit , regardless l still have itchy genitals and feeling of a crawling worm in my groin area.
Rwizi ( Zimbabwe )
29 Oct 2020
Do not consume the fruit of the yellow bitter apple , it mighty trigger a heart dsyfunction or severe vomit.Do not follow every word men utter on internet as l have done consuming the yellow bitter apple fruit as tea advised by a guy from a particular foreign nation.
****Clinical advice is always Paramount and should be considerately minded.*****

Aisha ( UAE/Dubai )
02 Nov 2020
Please where can I get Sodom Apple leaf in Dubai?
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