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What does Cellulose do for the body

Cellulose is an insoluble fiber present in the Plant Cell Walls. It is made up of Glucose which is the main source of energy in the body. Cellulose maintains the over all health of the body. It improves the Heart functioning and keeps the Colon healthy. Cellulose supports the digestive system and helps in Weight loss.

Requirement of Cellulose per day
Men : 38 gm
Women : 25 gm

Benefits of Cellulose
Cellulose stabilizes the Blood Sugar Level and prevents metabolic disorders. It supports the proper functioning of digestive system and treats Constipation. It reduces the risk of developing Diverticular disease and infection in the intestinal tract.

Functions of Cellulose
Cellulose helps to slow down the digestive process which keeps the weight in control. Cellulose increases the stool and helps to keep the bowel run smoothly through the digestive tract. Cellulose gives relief from Headache, Nausea and Weakness. It prevents infection in the intestinal tract and protects from Colon Cancer.

Effects of Cellulose Deficiency
Abdominal Pain

Effects of Excessive Cellulose in the body

Herbs Containing Cellulose

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Afzelia Africana
Afzelia Bipindensis
Afzelia Pachyloba
Baruwa Sugarcane
Brugmansia Arborea
Celtis Zenkeri
Clappertonia Ficifolia
Coelocaryon Preussii
Commiphora Pterocarpa
Copaifera Mildbraedii
Copaifera Religiosa
Copaifera Salikounda
Cordia Millenii
Dacryodes Buettneri
Daniellia Klainei
Daniellia Oliveri
Daniellia Thurifera
Distemonanthus Benthamianus
Duguetia Staudtii
Erythroxylum Mannii
Eucalyptus Deglupta
Eucalyptus Regnans
Eucalyptus Viminalis
Furcraea Foetida
Gilbertiodendron Dewevrei
Gossypium Barbadense
Gossypium Hirsutum
Hibiscus Diversifolius
Scoparia Dulcis
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