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Essential Oil

What does Essential Oil do for the body

Essential oil is an oil. It is extracted from plants.
Essential oils are called Essential, since they are the ‘lifeblood’ of plants. The oil protects the plant from diseases, provides nutrient to the plant and helps to repel insects.
Essential oils are very fragrant. Each plant has its own unique healing attributes and characteristics.
Essential oils are extracted from plant’s Seed, Bark, Stem, Root, and Flower. They are also known as Volatile Oils, Ethereal Oils, Aetherolea.

Essential oils have Antioxidant, Anti Microbial and Anti Inflammatory properties.
Essential oils are versatile. They are used for personal health care. Essential oil is used as an ingredient in shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm, home cleaner and bug spray.

How to use Essential Oil
Essential oils can be used aromatically and therapeutically.
Always dilute essential oil with carrier oil before use. It should not be Applied/ Inhaled/ Ingested directly.
It can be used for the body in three ways :
Topical Application ( Applying on skin ) : It can be used for massage and baths.
Inhaling : It can be inhaled by the means of Diffusor, Dry Evaporation, Steam, and Spray.
Ingesting ( Only in diluted form ) : It can be ingested in diluted form or by putting a drop in food or drink.

Only small doses are recommended since the oils are highly concentrated.

Essential oils improves skin complexion and makes skin radiant by rejuvenating the dead cells.
It eases aches and pains.
It helps to fight bacteria, fungi and other infections.
It balances sudden extreme emotions like it balances the mind, lifts emotions, clarifies thoughts, reduces Anxiety, and relieves Stress.
It is used for Aromatherapy. ( Use of essential oils for curing health conditions )
You can inhale the aromatic and calm fragrance through a diffusor. You can apply it on temples, back of neck or any pulse point while performing a mudra along to balance emotions.

Side effects
It can cause Dermatitis,Irritation or allergic reaction if applied neat or undiluted.
If taken during pregnancy, it causes irritation and Nausea.

Note: For babies and pregnant women, stick to products specifically made for them than making something on your own. Check with a doctor first before using.

Herbs Containing Essential Oil

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Allium Karataviense
Alpinia Malaccensis
American Mint
Antidesma Laciniatum
Aquilaria Malaccensis
Araucaria Cunninghamii
Aster Peduncularis
Basil Thyme
Camel Grass
Camphorosma Monspeliaca
Canarium Strictum
Canthium Horridum
Cassumunar Ginger
Cinnamomum Iners
Cleidion Spiciflorum
Clutia Abyssinica
Cochlospermum Tinctorium
Colophospermum Mopane
Crimson Bottlebrush
Crithmum Maritimum
Croton Decaryi
Croton Sakamaliensis
Cupressus Lusitanica
Cyathocline Purpurea
Cyperus Alternifolius
Cyperus Arenarius
Cyperus Compressus
Dacryodes Buettneri
Dacryodes Igaganga
Daniellia Oliveri
Dipterocarpus Gracilis
Etlingera Linguiformis
Eucalyptus Alba
Eucalyptus Cloeziana
Eucalyptus Deglupta
Eucalyptus Grandis
Eucalyptus Viminalis
Filipendula Vulgaris
Folium Baekeae Frutescens
Gaultheria Leucocarpa
Gongronema Latifolium
Gynura Divaricata
Heimia Salicifolia
Helichrysum Petiolare
Himalayan Cypress
Himalayan Musk Rose
Homalomena Aromatica
Japanese Angelica Tree
Jerusalem Oak
Lanceleaf Thoroughwax
Lavandula Stoechas
Limnophila Gratioloides
Limnophila Rugosa
Micromeria Biflora
Muscadine Grape
Ocimum Gratissimum
Oenanthe Javanica
Pittosporum Resiniferum
Polianthes Tuberosa
Rata Vine
Roxburgh s Wormwood
Silphium Perfoliatum
Thick Leaved Lavender
Xylopia Longipetala
Yellow Rattle
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