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Yarrow Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
English Name
Botanical Name
Achillea Millefolium, Achillea Collina
Hindi Name
Gandrain, Gandana
Chinese Name
Tu Yi Zhi Hao
Homeopathic Name
Millefolium   -   Mother Tincture

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Yarrow Cures


Action of Yarrow

Most Effective

Nutrients in Yarrow

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Parts Used

Arial parts. Root, Essential Oil, Bark, Leaves,Flower

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Yarrow

It may cause Dermatitis.
Use for long time may cause Headache and photo senstivity to light.
Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Caution : Fresh Yarrow leaves inserted into the nostril may cause Nose Bleeding.
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Yarrow is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows up to 10,000 ft.
This astringent action of Yarrow is used to stop the Bleeding and Diarrhea.
Best used for Fever and Wounds.

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Yarrow

Yarrow General

The Hindi name of Yarrow is Gandrain. Yarrow is a creeping perennial plant associated to the Asteraceae family. The Homeopathic Name of Yarrow is Millefolium.
Yarrow is one of the best herbal remedy to arrest bleeding. The dried and powdered leaves of Yarrow stop nosebleed within seconds. Surprisingly, Yarrow can even cause Nosebleed. For this very reason Yarrow is famous by the name of "Nosebleed". The fresh Yarrow leaves inserted into the nostril produce nosebleed.
It avoids metastasis of malignancies throughout the body.
Yarrow has a cooling, astringent, aromatic and healing effect on the body.
Drinking Yarrow powder in warm wine heals wounds caused by knife or sharp object. Topical application of Yarrow provides relief from Cuts, Scratches, Ulcers and Sores.
It is a natural antiseptic and prevents Infection. It cleans the wounds and reduces pain related to it.
Yarrow promotes synergy. It increases the medicinal effects of other herbs.
Chewing fresh Yarrow leaves daily cures Gum and Toothache problems.
Yarrow increases the blood circulation to the Skin.
Yarrow induces Sweating. It is a good herbal remedy in treating Fever.
Yarrow and Mint Tea alleviates allergic symptoms.
It regulates the Blood pressure and prevents the formation of Blood Clots. It tones the Blood vessels and widens the capillaries.
It is effective in curing Hemorrhoids and bleeding from the Nose.
Yarrow is a Uterine tonic. It regulates the Menstrual cycles. It provides relief from Menstrual Cramps and treats heavy Menstrual bleeding. Take Yarrow tea or tincture to prevent Uterine Hemorrhage. Yarrow leaves are used to treat Hemorrhages.
It contains fatty acids that act as a Cholagogue and promote the formation of Bile. It cures the problem of Indigestion.
It alleviates the complaints of the Gallbladder.
Yarrow has an Antiinflammatory effect. It helps to cure Arthritis, Gout and Rheumatism and is known to reduce Pitta.
It is a good herbal remedy for treating Breast Cancer and Sore Nipples. Yarrow provides instant relief from Breast Pain. Make a poultice of Yarrow leaves and rub it on your breasts to get rid of the pain.
It is widely used in curing Chicken Pox and Measles. Drink Yarrow Tea two times a day for fast recovery.
It is used in treating excessive or suppressed discharge of Lochia post child birth.
It cures inflammation and infection of the Urinary Tract.
It prevents the formation of Kidney stones.
Yarrow is used with spices to clear the phlegm accumulation.
The Homeopathic remedy, Millefolium Achillea is best used to treat :
Bad effects of a fall from a height and over lifting
Haemoptysis in Phthisis
Varicose Veins in Pregnant women
Who should take Yarrow?
Yarrow is best suitable for children, aged person, women with anemia and a person lacking muscular tone. It is a top solution for wounds with excessive bleeding ( internal or external ). It counters the ill effects of over lifting and falls.
Bleeding, internal or external can be arrested by Yarrow within seconds. Yarrow tones the capillaries of the Nose, Lungs and Uterus especially Precapillary Arteriovenous Hemorrhages.
When to use Yarrow?
Mind Symptoms
When a person :
Gets easily irritated and violent.
Forgets easily. Gets lost during a work. Is unable to remember what he/she is doing.
Has a dull and confused head. The condition improves with the intake of coffee.
Feels pain in the pit of the stomach. Gets hyper-excited.
Child makes sighing and groaning noise.
Head symptoms
When a person experiences :
Dizziness. He walks slowly and falls backward and to the right side. This will not happen during an exercise.
Nausea when stooping forward.
Severe Pain in the vertex region of the Head.
Throbbing Pain in the Facial arteries and Head arteries.
Increase in the blood flow to the Head.
Sharp pain in the right side of the Head.
Severe Headache. He feels like striking his head against a wall.
Twitching of forehead muscles and eyelids.
Constriction in the forehead skin.
Ear Symptoms
A sensation of hearing activity stopped in the Ears
Feels cool air passing through the Ears
Abdomen Symptoms
Bleeding from bowels
Liver Pain
Menstrual Colic
Incarcerated Hernia
Ascites, Dysentery, Bloating
Flatulence with unpleasant smell
Colic accompanied with bloody diarrhea during Pregnancy
Breast Symptoms
Sore Nipples
Insufficient Milk production
Eye Symptoms
Agglutinated Eyes in the morning
Blood in eyes
Unclear vision
Fistula Lacrymalis
Tears or discharge from the eyes
Fog appears in the front of eyes. The fog is not near to the eyes but is distant.
Facial Symptoms
The face becomes hot. A person feels like the blood is rising to the head
Redness of face
A tearing sensation in the temples, teeth, jaw and ear on the right
Heart Symptoms
Increase in Pulse rate
Heart Palpitation with blood in sputum
Nervousness accompanied with pain in Heart
Kidney Symptoms
Blood in Urine
Pus in Urine
Bladder stones with Urine retention
Lung Symptoms
Hemoptysis with Tuberculosis
Breathing difficulty with Tetanic spasms
Mouth Symptoms
Swollen tongue
Dry Mouth
Pain in the left side of mouth while swallowing
Nose Symptoms
Stuffy nose
Sharp pain felt in between eyes and nose
Rectum Symptoms
Bleeding bowels
Bloody Dysentery and Piles
Mucus in Diarrhea
Sleep Symptoms
Yawns but not tired
Sleeps late and not refreshed in the morning
Stomach Symptoms
Hematemesis i.e. blood in Vomit
Stomach Cramps, the person feels like a liquid flowing in the intestines to anus
Constant feeling of distress in stomach due to Hunger
Fire in stomach. The burning sensation may be felt in the Chest
Teeth Symptoms
Toothache while eating food
Gum Ulcers, Gum Boils
Temperature Symptoms
High Fever, Excessive Thirst
Chills with pain in the Left Kidney
Pulse rate high
Colliquative Perspiration
Throat Symptoms
Voice get rough
Relaxed Uvula
Ulcers in the throat
Enlarged Palate
Caution: Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Keywords: Toothache, Gum Problems, Cuts, Scratches, Ulcers, Sores, Fever, Infections, Wounds, Pain, Allergy, Blood Clots, Nose Bleeding, Hemorrhoids, Menstrual Cramps, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Gallstones, Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatism, Breast Cancer, Sore Nipples, Mastitis, Breast Pain, Chicken Pox.
Methods of Administration. How to Take
Tincture. The best and the most potent method of consuming Yarrow is to Tincture it.
To learn how to make your own Tinctures Click here
Infusion : Make a tea.
Put 1 teaspoon of dried Yarrow leaves powder in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes. Drink three times a day.
Single Herb

Yarrow for Menstrual Disorders

Emmenagogue : Hot infusion of Yarrow Leaves are good for Menstrual Disorders.

Yarrow for Flatulence

Powder the leaves and Flower heads of Yarrow. Take 1 tsp with luke warm water twice a day.

Yarrow for Toothache

Apply a Poultice: Take a teaspoon of Yarrow. Add hot water to it. Drain the liquid. Make a paste. Wrap in a piece of gauze. Put it on the tooth.

Yarrow for Bed Wetting

Prepare a tea of dried Yarrow herb. Drink twice a day.
OR : Have Yarrow extract.

Yarrow for Chicken Pox

Prepare a tea made from Yarrow leaves. Give this to the patient daily. It is very effective in early stages of Chicken Pox as it break out more easily .

Yarrow as Diaphoretic

Prepare leaf and or flower infusion of Yarrow. Drink 30 ml of it when bearable hot.

Yarrow as Diuretic

Make an infusion with leaves and flowers of Yarrow. Strain and cool. Drink 20 ml once a day.

Yarrow for Small Pox

Take a cup of yarrow tea. Start taking it as symtoms reflect in early stages.

Yarrow for Hematoma

Prepare a decoction of Yarrow flower. Wet the affected area with this decoction.

Yarrow for Cold

Boil some Yarrow leaves to make a tea.
Drink hot to get relief in winter Colds and Flu.

Yarrow for Fever

Yarrow contains Salicylic Acid and has Diaphoretic property. Salicylic Acid induces sweating and Diaphoretic property helps to bring down Fever.
Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried Yarrow leaves. Infuse the dried herb in a cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the herb. Have it warm. Repeat three times a day.

Yarrow for Wounds

The Analgesic and Antiseptic properties of Yarrow reduce bleeding and pain from the Wounds. It protects from further infection and speeds up the healing process.
Add 1/2 teaspoon Yarrow leave powder in a cup of water daily.
OR : Take 2 tablespoons of dried Yarrow leaves. Add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of hot water in it. Let the leaves soften and then mash it to form a thick paste. Let it cool a bit. Spread the paste directly on the wounds. Cover it with a bandage. Leave it for an hour. Wash off. Repeat it daily for a week.

Yarrow for Bronchiectasis

Take 1 teaspoon Of Yarrow flowers. Place it in your mouth under tongue for 1-2 minutes and then chew it like gum. Consume it thrice daily.

Yarrow for Metrorrhagia

Extract the juice of Yarrow leaves by grinding and squeezing them. Consume half cup of the juice divided into morning and evening.

Yarrow for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Yarrow is an anti inflammatory. It will help in reducing the Lung inflammation. Buy capsules, take two a day. Best would be to administer mother tincture of " Millefolium Achillea " 10 drops daily in some water.

Yarrow for Menses Scanty

Yarrow enhances the functions of Uterus and aids menstrual cycle.
Prepare a tea of dried Yarrow and have it once in a day.

Yarrow for Endometriosis

Make an infusion of Yarrow leaves and flower. Drink it 2 times in a day.
Or Take 10 drops of Mother tincture 2 times in a day.
Yarrow reduces the pain associated with Heavy Menses. It promotes a good Menstrual cycle and also eases the pelvic congestion.
Make an infusion of Yarrow Leaves. Drink it 2 times in a day. It is are good for Menstrual Disorders.

Yarrow For Uterine Fibroids

It improves the blood circulation to the Reproductive Organs. It stimulates the hormonal growth and promotes a good menstrual cycle.
Drink infusion of Yarrow leaves 2 times in a day.

Yarrow as an Aphrodisiac

Yarrow raw stem acts as a sexual stimulator.
Prepare a decoction of Yarrow stem in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.

Yarrow for Ovarian Cyst

Yarrow is helpful in stimulating the menstrual cycle. It reduces the pelvic congestion and is good to treat Uterine Fibroid, Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst.
Have a cup of Yarrow tea every day.
OR : Yarrow tincture is also available with the name of " Millefolium Achillea ". Take 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.

Yarrow for Snake Bite

Take 10 grams of dried Yarrow root powder orally. It is effective in case of Snake Bite.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Water Retention 1

Boil Dandelion leaves, Couchgrass leaves and Yarrow flowers for 5 minutes. Take it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Flu 1

Take Elder, Peppermint ( Vilayati Pudina in India ), Yarrow ( Gandrain in India ) leaves in equal quantity. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Add Cayenne ( Lal Mirch in India ), Cinnamon ( Dalchini in India ), Ginger ( Adrak in India ) to taste. Drink it hot.

Herbal Treatment For Small Pox 2

Prepare a mixture of Yarrow, Indian Posy and Cypripedium Pubescens by taking them in equal quantity. Boil it in one litre of water. sponge the body with this water.

Herbal Treatment For Chest Congestion 5

Mix half tablespoon of dried Yarrow and Golden Seal.
Boil in a cup of water for 5-7 minutes.
Drink warm.
It works as a very good decongestant.

Herbal Treatment For Dengue and Chikungunya. A Trio

Although Dengue and Chikungunya are fevers, their attack should be considered an emergency. Platelet count falls very rapidly and if remedial measures are not as swift as the drop in platelet count, the patient will deteriorate. Herbs taken in the crude form as a powder or as a decoction, become bio available to the body very slowly. When rapid action is required a tincture is the best. Fortunately, these tinctures are available at Homeopathy dispensaries. In Homeopathy these tinctures are known by their botanical names.
Night Jasmine (Harshingar in India) is known as Nyctanthes Arbortristis.
Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy In India) is known as Tinospora Cordifolia.
Yarrow (Gandrain in India) is known as Achillea Millefolium.
Buy tincture of all the three above from a Homeopathic shop. Give 10 drops of Night Jasmine (in some water) to start the treatment. After three hours give ten drops of Yarrow. After three hours give 10 drops of Tinospora Cordifolia. Keep repeating for the next three days. The fever should become normal within one day. However, the drop in fever must not be considered as a cure. The remedies should be continued for at least 3 days.
Note. All three remedies are required. Night Jasmine to control the destruction of platelets and rebuild them. Yarrow to ensure that there is no hemorrhage. Tinospora Cordifolia to bring down the fever. Do not change the order. The primary aim is to stop the drop of platelet count. The next important thing is to ensure that there is no bleeding. Fever is the least important aspect.
Queries on Yarrow
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Pl inform me the source of plant yarrow. we require it in large quantity.
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08 Dec 2016
I want to is yarrow is available in rajasthan
12 Dec 2016
You will have to do your research. I am sure you will find the authentic vendors of this herb. You will have to look for the herb on the internet, here you can only find the characteristics of a herb, the diseases it cures.
Uzuazo ( Nigeria/Lagos )
08 Jun 2020
Thank you very much for the useful information.
Am suffering from pile (for about 5 years now), kindly advise on the Yarrow or milk thistle tincture dosages for effective treatment
Bernard Clark ( United States )
22 Dec 2020
I come from the North Western part of the U.S.
YARROW grows wild here.
I used it for bad cuts and the results were very effective.
I never tried to use it for anything else.
I didn't know it had so many used. Thank you for this information
Bobbie martin ( Usa )
11 Mar 2021
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