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What does Sterols do for the body

Sterols are also known as Phytosterols. It boosts the Immune System and protects the body from the infections. It lowers the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. It keeps the Blood Pressure in control and removes Plaque formation in the arteries.

Requirement of Sterols per day
1 to 2 grams

Benefits of Sterols
Sterols help to reduce Low Density Lipoprotein. It helps in the proper functioning of the Heart. Sterols give relieve from the symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate. It helps to treat the Gallstones and helps in proper digestion.

Functions of Sterols
Sterols gives relieve from Menopause Symptoms. It treat Mood Swings and Hot Flashes. It treats Asthma and soothes the respiratory tract. Sterols play a vital role in regulating the process of Cell development. It helps to prevent Hair Loss. Sterols boosts the Immune and treats Cold and Flu.

Effect of Sterols deficiency in the body
High Blood Pressure
Bowel Inflammation

Herbs Containing Sterols

Most Effective


Ajuga Bracteosa
Asphodelus Fistulosus
Astragalus Atropilosulus
Bersama Abyssinica
Boscia Salicifolia
Butea Superba
Cassia Sieberiana
Combretum Coccineum
Commelina Benghalensis
Cordyline Fruticosa
Croton Mubango
Cylicodiscus Gabunensis
Drypetes Chevalieri
Ficus Variegata
Hyoscyamus Muticus
Pipturus Arborescens
Tricholepis Glaberrima
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