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Blue Flag Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Blue Flag
Glycemic Index / Load
Blue Flag
Botanical Name
Iris Versicolor
Hindi Name
Hemvati Vacha
Homeopathic Name
Iris Versicolor   -   Mother Tincture

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Blue Flag Cures


Action of Blue Flag

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Blue Flag

Blue Flag
Combines With

Taste of
Blue Flag

Parts Used


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Blue Flag

Avoid use during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Excess consumption may cause Vomiting.
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Blue Flag is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in wet, humid climate.
It grows up to One Meter.
The Homeopathic remedy, Iris Versicolor is best used to treat Sick Headache aggravated by eating anything sweet.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Blue Flag

Blue Flag General

The name of Blue Flag is due to its Blue Flower.
It has been utilized for various medicinal purposes.
It is an effective cure for Skin Ailments like Eczema and Acne.
A poultice prepared from Blue Flag is beneficial for Cuts, Wounds, and Burns.
It is useful for combating Indigestion, Flatulence, and Vomiting.
It helps in Countering the problem of Colic.
Blue Flag is a good herbal cure for alleviating Rheumatic Pain.
It is a potent herb for women. It counters the problem of Leucorrhea, Dysmenorrhea and cervix ulcer in women.
Caution : Consult your doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Blue Flag for Swelling

Apply poulticed root of Blue Flag on the affected area.

Blue Flag for Liver Diseases

Put one teaspoonful of the dried herb into a cup of water. Let it simmer for l0-l5 minutes. Drink thrice a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Elephantiasis 1

Make a concoction of Cleavers leaves, Yellow Dock root, Pokeweed root, Echinacea root, Blue Flag root and Marigold ( Gendha ) flower. Take twice a day.
Caution :
Excess use may cause toxicity.
Queries on Blue Flag
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Caleb Wilson ( US /Md )
15 Mar 2017
So if I put blue flag on my bofy it will not bresk me out?
Brijesh ( Us )
18 Sep 2017
I have sciatica with lower back pain coctipation and sometime knee joint pain What should i take
Raina Seth
12 Oct 2017
Take Hypericum mother tincture, 5 drops every day for a month. This is the best herb for Sciatica.
Brijesh ( Us )
11 Oct 2017
please do reply to my query
Lou ( CANADA )
28 Feb 2019
Can Blue Flag be used to eliminate benign cyst lymph node drainage issue? If yes, how can I prepare and use it?
Alice Strangeway ( United Kingdom )
09 Aug 2019
Hi there,

I have acute on Chronic Pancreatitis, Pancreatic failure and Gastroparesis. When my acute flair ups happen my Liver sometimes gets problems too. I am part fed by parenteral nutrition via a jejynostomy. I am looking for herbs to reduce, swelling/inflammation and pain and to improve digestion. I am not sure the best combinations or what herbs interact. Is blue flag suitable or are other herbs more beneficial? Would you suggest a combination or one at a time? Many thanks!
14 Aug 2019
Dear Alice,

1. For Pancreatitis, Take Bitter Gourd. Have 3-4 teaspoons of fresh juice daily for a month. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the Pancreas. Take it for a month.
Also, take 1 dose of Pancreatinum 30. This is homeopathic medicine. You can consult a homeopath for this.

2. For Gastroparesis, Take the Liquorice root. Grind it. Boil half teaspoon in one cup of water. Drink just before every meal thrice a day.

3. For Diarrhea, Take 3 teaspoons of Psyllium Seed Husk in a cup. Add water and a little sugar. Mix well. Eat it. Follow it with half a cup of yogurt. Repeat it thrice a day.
You may also take lime water instead of yogurt. For any kind of Liver problems, have Milk Thistle capsules. Take 1 capsule each day for 1 month.
Linda ( USA )
01 Apr 2020
Is Iris used for atrial fibrillation?
What are the cautions to be aware of with Iris?
any drug or herbal interactions?
02 Apr 2020
Blue Flag is effective for Atrial Fibrillation. Few other herbs that can be used as most effective are:
Hawthorn ( Crateagus Oxycantha ): Take 1 tablespoon of powdered Hawthorn or extract form.
Astralagus: Cut the roots of Astralagus into small pieces. Prepare an infusion of roots. Drink 2-3 cups a day.
Arjuna ( Terminalia Arjuna ): Have Arjuna Tea once in a day or 1 tablespoon of powder daily. Include Guava, Snake Gourd, Cardamom in your diet. Please mention the medications you are taking or consult your Health care provider before taking the herbs. You can also see the individual pages of the herb and check for any side effects.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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