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Colchicum Autumnale Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Colchicum Autumnale
Glycemic Index / Load
Autumn Crocus, Meadow Saffron
Botanical Name
Colchicum Autumnale
Homeopathic Name
Colchicum Autumnale   -   Mother Tincture

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Colchicum Autumnale Cures

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Action of Colchicum Autumnale

Nutrients in Colchicum Autumnale

Taste of
Colchicum Autumnale

Parts Used

Corm, Seed, Flower

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Colchicum Autumnale

It may cause Vomiting, Stomach upset, Kidney diseases, Low blood pressure.
It may be toxic. Excessive use may cause death.
Consultation with a Healthcare Professional is must before use.
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Colchicum Autumnale is a flowering plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a subtropical climate.
It grows up to 30 Cm.
Best used for Gout.


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Materia Medica for Colchicum Autumnale

Single Herb

Colchicum Autumnale for Gout

Take rind seeds of Colchicum Autumnale with water once a day .
Or : Take tablets of Colchicum Autumnale.

Colchicum Autumnale for Rheumatism

Make a paste of Colchicum Autumnale with 3-4 buds of saffron and an egg. Apply it, locally.

Colchicum Autumnale for Wounds

Sprinkle root powder of Colchicum Autumnale over the wounds two times a day.
Queries on Colchicum Autumnale
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Sunil ( India/Bihar )
30 Mar 2017
Sir,i m suffering from gout pain and high uric acid(13).taking colchicum30 and urtica urens .will it help to cure things forever.suffered attack twice
31 Mar 2017
Sunil. Please stop taking Colchicum and Urtica Urens. The danger in taking these remedies regularly is that you might be grafted by a new disease. Thus, we do not recommend repetition of homeopathic remedies. One dose is okay, but you have been taking too much of it. You need to do the following--
-- Stop taking these medicines for 3 weeks. Do not take any of these remedies again, unless advised.
-- Start taking half teaspoon of Baking Soda with Lemon water , 4 times a day.
Take this mixture for 21days.
-- Once you are done with Baking Soda, take One dose of Colchicum 1m. Only take one dose. DO not repeat at all. Wait for 15 days and observe the symptoms. You can then write to us again.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Kapil sachdeva ( Haryana )
01 Apr 2017
Hi my name is Kapil and my mom is having more pain in her leg fingers and this is the symptom of high Utica acid ...could anyone please help me to get this sorted out .. someone suggested to take medicine colchicum autumnale 30 ...please confirm if this medicine helps curing high Uric acid . If yes then suggest to take how much dose of it so that the disease will prevent ..
Smitha Khera
03 Apr 2017
Kapil. Only take one dose of Colchicum Autumnale 30. Only and only one dose.
Please, do not repeat the dosage at all. After that, start taking Stinging Nettle Tea, one cup every day for 20 days. This herb is very beneficial in curing High Uric Acid.
Waqas ( Pakistan Punjab )
20 May 2017
I am waqas I am suffering from high uric acid (9.4) and gout when I use allopathic medicine It reduce quickly but when I stop using these medicines it increase quickly, kindly advise me the medicine in homeopathic
Inna ( Israel )
31 Jul 2017
Hello. My dog had kidney failure nine months ago. I strengthen it with acupuncture. I once talked to a veterinarian and she told me there was a colchicine drug that helps to keep the attacks away from the kidneys. Doctors compare the known disease of other Faemias to the disease of people suffering from Mediterranean fever. The question is whether the drops of the universe can work in a drug place. For example I can add drops to water that a dog drinks ???
Prasant kumad ( India )
21 Aug 2017
I want to take colchicum30,my esr report is 90,i am a ckd patient,will it be good for me to take? please conform me.
Rituraj Khetrapal
30 Aug 2017
Take this remedy in Lm potency form. Buy 0/3 from a homeopathic store and take one tablespoon. Method : Add only 2 pellets to a small bottle. Drink one tablespoon daily. Do not forget to shake the bottle really well before taking the medicine. Please note, it is very important to shake the bottle so as to change the potency of the remedy.
Chirs ( USA / FLORIDA )
28 Aug 2017
Third attack of gout this summer, can barely walk, but has been worse - just started Colchicum Autumnnale 30c tablets. Taking 5 under tongue every hour
What can I do to avoid this in the future - otherwise I am very healthy 61 year old male.
30 Aug 2017
When did you take Colchicum ?
I would suggest that you take the same remedy ( Colchicum Autumnale ) in Lm potency. Buy 0/3 in Lm potency or 0/6. Take 2 globules, add in a glass of water, drink one sip from this everyday till the glass of water lasts. Do not drink Coffee or Alcohol at all.
Chincona ( Homeopathy Student )
30 Aug 2017
Colchicum Autumnale is of the best remedies for curing Gout. Just take the medicine in the LM potency, talk to your homeopath and start taking the medicine. This will prevent the future Gout attacks too. Also, Share other symptoms that you might have noticed.
Kelvin chitondo ( Zambia )
09 Oct 2017
I am a man aged 40 years old . I was diagonised with gout in 2011. since then I have had several gout attacks . in my knees, elbow and recently in my fingers . could kindly advaise which homeopathic medicine I can use for my gout.last time I had my uric acid test 3 weeks ago its was 9. I am currently taking apple cider viger(2 teaspoons,2 times a day ).
Rajiv arora ( India )
08 Jan 2018
Sir i am suffering from ankolysing spondylitis and i am hla b 27 positive with colitis means my stool did not flush properly from toilet seat.. Can i use colchium autumnale... And power suggest me for this remedy....
Qaiser butt ( Pakistan )
15 Mar 2018
It is well known fact that homeopathic medicne has no side effect , but here I read severe side effect of the gout medicine . Pls clarify.

Nisar Ahmad ( Pakistan / Punjab )
20 Mar 2018
I am 47 years old male. Six years ago I feeling pain in both hand joints. knees, ankle, elbow, heels, Toes etc. My blood uric acid level is high. So I have used colchicine tablet 0.5 mg and gouric Tablet 80 mg. At last I have no fully relief from this disease. Please advise me what can I do?

Debasish das ( INDIA/W.B )
27 Apr 2018
I am suffering acidity in stomach & burning sensation before lunch & dinner ,doing night shift 2days a week ,done allopathy long before 4 months,now after taken carbovegetabeles no improving, now continuing colchicum 30 by doctor. Am I going in right way?
Riesha Carlisle ( United States )
23 Oct 2018
I was diagnosed with pericarditis and went into afib last month that lasted 4 days before my heart rate finally slowed down. My last MRI showed that I have 4cm of fluid around my heart and constrictive heart function. I was told to take .6mg of Colchicine once a day for 3 months for the pericarditis to go away but this medication causes my hands and feet to tingle and go numb. It also causes my left arm to hurt really bad. I did some research and ordered Colchicum autumnale 30c but I'm not sure if this will work and be a good replacement. Can you advise if this will work and if so how much should I take? Thank you for your time in advance.
Jitendra Srivastava ( India )
30 Dec 2018
Sir,MY uric acid 8.1. So, kindly advice to me for reduce of uric acid
Otto ( Virhinia )
17 Dec 2019
Where can purchase Autumnale?
18 Dec 2019
Dear Otto Herbpathy is not into buying/selling of herbs. A homeopathic formation of Colchicum Autumnale is available at Homeopathic stores. Consult a doctor before taking the medicine. Or you can write to us for any assistance with your ailment.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Idowu ( Nigeria )
29 Dec 2019
Am suffering for inguinal hernia ,depositing some fluid on my scrotum sack,leading to swell up,pls what can i take
A. Majumder ( USA/WA )
10 Sep 2020
I have been suffering from Gout and Arthritis in my fingers toes. It started with red, painful inflammation on toes and then rose up to my fingers. My middle fingers are bent toward left. I restricted eating chicken, lintel and other vegetable that affects Gout, completely eliminated goat meat, and any kind of alcohol but still I have it. Does your recommendation of baking soda,. lemon water and Colchicum will get rid of this pain for good for me? I am a senior citizen and want to be free of pain for the rest of my life. I shall appreciate your help very much. Thank you.
D ( Aust/Vic )
09 Oct 2020
My husband suffers chronic Lower Back Pain, has done for years. I am looking for something that will help him.

He is very allergic to any "anti-inflamatory" including tumeric, green lip muscle & over the counter ibuprofen tablets.

I am trying to find out if "Colchicum Autumnalis (Rahzes) tablets" have any anti-inflamatories in them that would affect my husband.

If they dont have anti-inflamatories in them can you tell me where I can purchase some to try.
Regards D
2Rrr is Patient TR TR TR
15 Jan 2022
Its very toxic dangerous. Any by product of it or MS itself have very narrow therapeutic range. It will result in multiple organ damage Liver Kidneys Heart Lungs etc.
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