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Rheumatism Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Rheumatism Symptoms
Weak Muscle
Pain in the Joints
Difficulty in walking
Swelling and Stiffness in the Joints
Difficulty in doing daily activities

Rheumatism Cured By


Acacia Melanoxy...
Acampe Praemors...
African Blackwo...
Afzelia African...
Afzelia Bella
Afzelia Quanzen...
Aglaia Odorata
Ajuga Bracteosa
Ajuga Decumbens
Alafia Barteri
Alafia Landolph...
Allanblackia St...
Allophylus Abys...
Alnus Acuminata
Aloe Buettneri
Alstonia Boonei
Alstonia Congen...
American Mint
American Mistle...
Angelica Arguta
Angelica Laxifl...
Anisocycla Cymo...
Anredera Scande...
Anthocleista No...
Aquilaria Malac...
Aralia Spinosa
Ardisia Giganti...
Areca Concinna
Aristolochia Ka...
Arrowleaf Eleph...
Asparagus Flage...
Australian bott...
Baeckea Frutesc...
Balsamorhiza Sa...
Barleria Opaca
Basil Thyme
Bastard Sandalw...
Beilschmiedia M...
Bersama Abyssin...
Big Sagebrush
Bischofia Javan...
Bitternut Hicko...
Black Sassafras
Blue Fox Tail
Blumea Odorata
Bonamia Semidig...
Brassica Napobr...
Brassiopsis Pal...
Bridelia Atrovi...
Bridelia Ferrug...
Brugmansia Arbo...
Brugmansia Pitt...
Buchholzia Cori...
Calophyllum Tom...
Camel Grass
Canadian Aspen
Canarium Bengal...
Canarium Madaga...
Canarium Strict...
Capparis Toment...
Caralluma Eduli...
Carnegiea Gigan...
Carolina Poplar
Carpolobia Alba
Caryota Mitis
Cayratia Gracil...
Chaetospermum G...
Chamaecrista Fa...
Cherry Stem
Chesocheton Cum...
Chhal Mogra
Chinese Mesona
Chinese Silkvin...
Chrysophyllum L...
Cibotium Barome...
Cinderella Weed
Cinnamomum Iner...
Cissus Vitigine...
Cladostemon Kir...
Cleistopholis P...
Cleome Amblyoca...
Coelocaryon Pre...
Combretum Colli...
Combretum Gluti...
Commiphora Agal...
Cordia Subcorda...
Costus Lucanusi...
Craterispermum ...
Cremaspora Trif...
Crimson Bottleb...
Croton Crassifo...
Croton Haumania...
Croton Lobatus
Croton Macrosta...
Croton Sylvatic...
Cupressus Lusit...
Cyanotis Axilla...
Cylicodiscus Ga...
Cynoglossum Lan...
Cynometra Lujae
Cyphostemma Set...
Dalbergia Trich...
Dalechampia Ipo...
Daniellia Olive...
Datisca Cannabi...
Derris Trifolia...
Desmos Cochinch...
Dieffenbachia S...
Dioscorea Hispi...
Dioscorea Praeh...
Distemonanthus ...
Dombeya Rotundi...
Downy Wood Fern
Drypetes Gosswe...
Dysophylla Auri...
Dysoxylum Malab...
Eastern Larkspu...
Erodium Ci
Hoya Multiflora
Hygrophila Stri...
Hyoscyamus Albu...
Jatropha Glandu...
Leucas Lanata
Potentilla Fulg...
Turks Turban
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Rheumatism is a disease of the Joint, Muscle and the Fibrous Tissue.
Any disorder that causes inflammation and pain of the Joints, Muscle or the Fibrous Tissues is Rheumatism.

The diseases which are considered in the category of Rheumatic Diseases are

Gout : It is a kidney disease. The crystal formation in gout causes inflammation of the soft tissues.
Bursitis : It is the inflammation of Bursae. Bursae is a small cushion present at or near the Joints.
Osteoporosis : It is a disease of the Bone. Is reduces the Quality of the Bone.
Osteoarthritis : The cartilage degeneration causes inflammation of the joints.
Arthritis : The burning sensation, pain and swelling of the Joints is Arthritis.
Rheumatoid Arthritis : If the inflammation of the joint causes damage to the surrounding tissues it is Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Causes of Rheumatism
Family History
Kidney Diseases
Gallbladder Diseases
Too much stress on the joints

If not treated properly, Rheumatism may cause
Long term pain
Deformity of the bones
Permanent damage to the tissues and muscles.

Your best bet is, Acris Sine Kali and African Marigold.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Common Names

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Rheumatism

Single Herb

Custard Apple for Rheumatism

Take the leaves. Boil them untill water remains half. Apply that thick decoction on the affected area.

Golden Shower for Rheumatism

Take out the pulp of the fruit. Grind it with some water. Boil it on a low flame. Leave it for two hours. Apply it on the affected parts.

Balloon Vine for Rheumatism

Fry some Balloon Vine leaves in One cup of Gingelly Oil. Let it cool. Apply on the affected area.

Lemon Grass for Rheumatism

Take the grass. Add Margosa oil. Warm it for half minute. Apply on the affected area.

Cotton for Rheumatism

Take seed oil. Apply it on the affected part.

Champak for Rheumatism

Massage the affected part with flowers oil twice a day.

Radish ( Muli ) for Rheumatism

Take 2 tablespoons of Radish juice daily for two months.

Pongam for Rheumatism

Powder the seeds. Mix in any ordinary oil. Apply on the affected part.
Prepare infusion of leaves. Wash the affected part twice a day.
Massage with lukewarm seed oil twice a day.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Rheumatism

Take fresh pulp from the leaves. Warm it. Apply on the affected parts.

Grape ( Angur ) for Rheumatism

Take one cup of fresh Grape juice twice a day.

Long Leaved Barleria for Rheumatism

Make a decoction of the seeds of Long Leaved Barleria . Take quarter tsp with Butter milk or Fresh Juice or Coconut powder.

Dalbergia Lanceolaria for Rheumatism

Use Dalbergia Lanceolaria seed oil to the infected skin.

Bay Leaf For Rheumatism

Make a tea of Bay Leaves by boiling some leaves in 2 cups of water. Soak a small cloth in this warm tea and apply on the affected joints for 10-15 minutes. It brings relief to sore and stiff joints.

White Mustard for Rheumatism

Add One tablespoon Mustard powder in Four tablespoons of Flour. Make a paste. Apply on the affected area as a plaster for 15-20 Minutes.
Do not keep it for too long.

Ficus Retusa for Rheumatism

Make a poultice of leaves and bark of Ficus Retusa. Apply it, on infected skin.

Drumstick For Rheumatism

Massage with the oil of Drumstick’s seeds on the affected part to get relief from chronic pain.

Caraway For Rheumatism

Take 1/2 cup juice of Caraway. Add some water and drink it after meals for 15 days.

Alstonia Scholaris for Rheumatism

Take quarter tsp of Alstonia Scholaris root powder with hot water once a day.
OR : Make a paste of Alstonia Scholaris bark powder. Warm and bandage it tightly on the affected area.
OR : Apply the milky sap of Alstonia Scholaris locally on the affected part.
OR : Use the tender leaves as poultice.
The Anti rheumatic property of Datura Stramonium ( Dhatura in India ) reduces the pain and swelling of Joints due to Rheumatism.
Have 1 to 2 tablespoons of Datura Stramonium leaves juice daily.
OR : Crush the leaves of Datura Stramonium and use as a poultice on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.
Mix Bacopa Monnieri leaves juice with molten petroleum jelly. Apply on affected areas when bearably warm.
OR : Mix leaf juice of Bacopa Monnieri with paraffin wax. Apply on affected parts.

Agarwood ( Agar ) for Rheumatism

Apply the gum of Agarwood ( Agar ) on the affected part twice a day.
Prepare a decoction of the bark. Drink once a day.

Colchicum Autumnale for Rheumatism

Make a paste of Colchicum Autumnale with 3-4 buds of saffron and an egg. Apply it, locally.

Angelica for Rheumatism

An infusion of dried Angelica root can be used to wash the affected body parts to relieve rheumatism.

Gardenia ( Gandhraj ) Seeds for Rheumatism

Take one teaspoon powder of Gardenia ( Gandhraj ) Seeds twice a day.

Indian Elm ( Cilbil ) Bark for Rheumatism

Grind Indian Elm ( Cilbil ) Bark with water. Apply on the affected part twice a day.
Boil leaves of Red Sandalwood in a cup of water. Drink once a day.

Bitter Quassia for Fever, Rheumatism

Use externally an infusion of Bitter Quassia wood.

Basil ( Tulsi ) for Rheumatism

Apply crushed Basil ( Tulsi ) leaves to painful parts.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Rheumatism

Massage the affected parts with warm Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil.

Walnut ( Akhrot ) for Rheumatism

Eat 5 Walnuts daily in the morning.

Bitter Gourd ( Karela ) for Rheumatism

Drink 1 cup of Bitter Gourd juice daily by adding 1 tsp Honey in it.

Tansy for Rheumatism

Massage the affected area with Tansy Oil. It is also good for external injuries.

Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) for Rheumatism

Use the essential oil to massage the painful area.

Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) as an Analgesic

The essential oil of Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) can be applied externally to relieve Headache, Menstrual Cramps, Abdominal Cramps, Gout, Rheumatism and other pains.

Caraway ( Shahi Jeera ) for Rheumatism

Boil 2 tablespoon seeds of Caraway ( Shahi Jeera) in some water.
Use it as a wash for Rheumatism.

Walnut ( Akhrot ) for Gout, Rheumatism

Boil 2 cups dried Walnut ( Akhrot ) leaves in 6 cups of water for 30-45 minutes.
Add to the bath water.

Celery ( Shalari ) for Rheumatism

Take One tablespoon juice thrice a day, an hour before every meal.

Codariocalyx Motorius for Rheumatism

Drink 30 ml root decoction of Codariocalyx Motorius. Have it once a day.

Butter Tree ( Mahua ) Bark for Rheumatism

Prepare a decoction of Butter Tree ( Mahua ) Bark. Take 2 teaspoons once a day.

Galangal for Rheumatism

Mix 4 g rhizome powder of Galangal in a cup of lukewarm water. Drink it thrice a day.

Castor for Rheumatism

Crush Castor seeds to make powder. Take 2 g of it once a day.

Anisomeles indica for Rheumatism

Take Anisomeles indica leaves. Prepare a decoction. Have one tablespoon thrice a day.
Make a poultice of Black Nightshade ( Makoya ). Apply it on affected parts.

Solanum Trilobatum ( Alarka ) Fruit for Rheumatism

Take 50 gram dried Solanum Trilobatum ( Alarka ) Fruit. Powder them. Have half teaspoon with lukewarm water twice a day.

Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Seeds for Rheumatism

Apply paste of Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Seeds over affected parts twice a day.

Carom oil ( Ajvain ka Tel ) for Rheumatism

Apply Carom Oil over painful joints.
Powder the dried Indian Gooseberry fruit. Take 1 tsp of it with 2 tsp Jaggery. Have it twice a day.
Have half cup decoction of Indian Pennywort ( Brahma Manduki ) once a day.

Pennyroyal for Rheumatism

To get relief in Rheumatism massage well with Pennyroyal oil.

Solanum Xanthocarpum for Rheumatism

Solanum Xanthocarpum has Antirheumatic effect. It is beneficial in cubing Pain and inflammation.
Crush leaves of Solanum Xanthocarpum and extract the juice. Take 30 ml daily by adding 5 g of Black Pepper powder in it.

Snow Lotus for Rheumatism

Fry root paste of Snow Lotus in Mustard oil. Filter and store. Use it for massage over painful Joints.

Gynura Segetum for Rheumatism

Chew the leaves of Gynura Segetum.

Avocado ( Makhanphal ) for Rheumatism

Massage using Avocado oil over painful Joints.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Rheumatism

Drink 30 ml beetroot juice daily. Have it twice a day.

Bilimbi for Rheumatism

Heat few leaves of Bilimbi in pan. Bandage them over affected areas.

Celastrus Paniculatus for Rheumatism

Massage using seed oil of Celastrus Paniculatus over painful Joints.

Blumea Balsamifera for Rheumatism

Apply the boiled leaves as a warm compress on the affected area.

Belladona ( Angur Shefa ) for Rheumatism

Apply the crushed leaves as a plaster for Rheumatism.
Take half cup fruit decoction of Garcinia Cambogia ( Punarpuli ) daily until you get good results.

Vitex Negundo for Rheumatism

Boil Vitex Negundo leaves in some water for around 20 minutes. Add it to your bathing water and take a warm bath.

Chinese Gynura for Rheumatism

Make a decoction using fresh leaves of Chinese Gynura. Drink 100 ml twice a day.
Apply the seed oil directly to the skin.
Crush the root of Indian Leadwort ( Lal Chitrak ) in any mild oil. Heat slowly and apply as a liniment.
Night Jasmine Essential Oil has Anti Rheumatic effects. It is helpful to treat Rheumatism effectively. Mix 5 to 10 drops of Night Jasmine Essential Oil in any carrier oil. Massage with lukewarm mixture daily.

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Rheumatism

Cinnamon Essential Oil holds Anti rheumatic property. It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with muscles, joints and fibrous tissues.
Put 5 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil in a tablespoon of Mustard Oil. Warm it a bit before applying. Massage the affected area for 10 minutes daily.

Castor ( Arandi ) Leaves for Rheumatism

Castor ( Arandi ) consists of Antirheumatic effect. Consequently, it is helpful for treating the stiffness and inflammation associated with Rheumatism.
Steam or warm the needed leaves of Castor ( Arandi ). Keep it over the affected joints and bandage.

Castor Oil for Rheumatism

Castor Oil possesses Antirheumatic effect. Hence, it is useful to treat pain and inflammation related with Rheumatism.
Rub the lukewarm Castor Oil over the affected joints. Cover the area.

Parsley Essential Oil for Rheumatism

Parsley Essential Oil has strong Anti inflammatory property. This property helps to reduce rheumatic pain and inflammation. It removes impurities from the blood and inhibits the excess production of uric Acid.
Put 4 to 6 drops of Parsley Essential Oil in lukewarm bathing water. Soak your body for 15 to 20 minutes.
OR : Add 4 to 5 drops of Parsley Essential Oil in 1 to 2 tablespoons of any lukewarm carrier oil ( Sesame Oil ). Mix well. Apply to the affected area. Gently massage for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this 2 to 3 times a day.

Baliospermum Montanum for Rheumatism

Massage Baliospermum Montanum oil on Painful Joints.
Take 3 gms of Ajamoda Seeds and grind them into a fine powder. Consume it twice a day with a cup of warm water.
Make a poultice, made of Kigelia Africana green fruit and lukewarm water. Apply over the affected area.

Cancer Bush for Rheumatism

Add few stem and leaves of Cancer Bush in 200 ml of boiling water. Steep it for 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this mixture daily to cure Rheumatism.

Lemon ( Nimbo ) for Arthritis

Mix 1 tsp of Lemon juice and Honey in a cup of warm water. Drink twice a day.
It helps in reducing inflammation and expels the harmful toxins from the Body.

Jasmine for Rheumatism

Soak Jasmine flowers in Castor Oil and gently massage with this oil over the affected area daily.

Fennel Essential Oil for Rheumatism

Fennel Essential Oil is effective in case of Rheumatism.
Gently massage with Fennel Essential Oil on the affected areas. Repeat the process two times a day.

Adhatoda Vasica for Rheumatism

Take 5-10 g of Adhatoda leaves. Dry the leaves and make a fine powder. Add 1 tbsp of Sesame oil to the powdered leaves. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes. Rub the paste over the affected area and cover it with a loose bandage. Repeat the process 2 times in a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 1

Take equal quantity of Bitter Apple root and Long Pepper. Grind them together. Make small pills. Dry under the sun. Have a pill with a glass of luke warm water every morning for 7 days.

Herbal Treatment For Camphor for Rheumatism

Mix 2 tablespoons Camphor Powder in half cup of Coconut Oil. Warm and massage.

Herbal Treatment For Argyreia Nervosa for Rheumatism

Make the paste of the Elephant Creeper root with rice water. Apply topically on the infected skin.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 2

Mix equal amount of Sweet Flag's (Ghorvach in India) root, Long Pepper (Pippali in India), Black Pepper (Kali Mirch in India) , dried Ginger (Adrak in India) , rind of Chebulic Myrobalan (Haritaki in India) and rock salt (Sendha Namak in India) . Grind them to make powder. Take a pinch of the powder with lukewarm water or Honey (Shehad in India).

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 3

Make small pills by mixing Indian Gooseberry powder with double its amount of Caryota Urens. Take 3 pills daily.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 4

Mix Equal quantity of Lime ( Jamri Nimbu in India ) juice in Pongam ( Kirmal in India ) seed oil. Massage on the affected area twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 5

Prepare seed mixture of Asparagus Racemosus, Black Cumin, Fenugreek and Carom. Eat 1 tsp in morning with warm water.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 6

Mix equal quantity of Fresh Black Nightshade juice, Sesame oil, Ginger powder and two tablespoons of Mustard oil. Boil. Strain. Apply lukewarm on the affected part twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) For Rheumatism

Take any vegetable oil and add few drops of Cinnamon oil. Massage on the sore muscles.

Herbal Treatment For Camel Thorn for Rheumatism

Massage with Camel Thorn Oil (available in the market) on the affected parts twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 7

Take Zanthoxylum Budrunga fruit with Honey daily for 15 days.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 8

Powder the equal quantity of Coriander ( Dhaniya in India ) seeds and dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) together. Take half teaspoon with one teaspoon Honey ( Shehad in India ) once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 9

Grind 50 grams each of Dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Long Pepper ( Pippali in India ), Cinnamon ( Dalchini in India ), Cardamom ( Choti Ilaichi in India ) and Bay Leaf ( Tejpatta in India ) together. Now boil 350 grams of Dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ), 800 grams Ghee and 1/4 Kg Sugar in 2.5 Kg Cow's Milk. Mix both the preparations and store in a glass pot. Take One tablespoon twice a day regularly to get rid of Rheumatism. It also enhances body glow and power and is very useful specially for women.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 10

Boil 10 grams dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ) and Caraway ( Shahi Jeera in India ) in One cup of Mustard oil ( Sarson in India ). When both turn into red then put down the preparation and filter. Massage this oil on the knees twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 11

Take 3 tablespoon of Winter Cherry and One table spoon of Ginger. Grind together with two spoon of Ghee.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 12

Take dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) and Sphaeranthus Indicus ( Gorakhmundi in India ) in equal quantity. Grind them together. Have 2 pinches with lukewarm water twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatism 13

Take 50 ml Launaea Pinnatifida leaf juice. Add 30 ml Pongamia Pinnata ( Indian Beech ) oil. Apply this mixture on the affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Joint Pain 20

Take 1 tbsp of Turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of powdered Sugar and little Calcium Carbonate ( known as Limestone or Chuna ). Add a little water and mix all. Apply this poultice over the Joint pain. Cover it with bandage. Keep it for 5-7 hours. The best way is to to apply at night and leave it overnight. Wash it off with water in the morning. Do it for 5-7 days.
If the pain is chronic, do it for 1 month.
Turmeric increases the Blood circulation, Lime Stone effectively transports Calcium in the Body. The sugar added in the poultice makes the paste thick.
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