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Daphne Indica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Daphne Indica
Glycemic Index / Load
Sweet Scented Spurge Laurel
Botanical Name
Daphne Indica
Homeopathic Name
Daphne Indica   -   Mother Tincture

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Daphne Indica Cures

Super Effective


Action of Daphne Indica

Nutrients in Daphne Indica

Parts Used

Fresh Bark
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Daphne Indica is a shrub.
It is evergreen.
It grows up to One Meter.
Best used for Smoking Addiction.
Used to reduce pain associated with Rheumatism.
Dosage : 10 drops of Tincture twice a day.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Daphne Indica

Single Herb

Daphne Indica for Smoking Addiction

Daphne Indica helps to expel Nicotine from the body and relieves the Nerve Tension. It prevents irritability and reduces the craving for tobacco.
Take one dose of homeopathic Daphne Indica 200. ( One Dose Only )
Queries on Daphne Indica
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Nitin kumat ( India uttar pradash )
18 Jul 2016
Helo cultivation and collection about the drug daphne and reqiuerd temperature
Rohin ( India )
01 Sep 2016
Is Daphne indica useful for chewing tobacco addiction
Jateesh Behl
02 Sep 2016
Rohin Yes, it is the super effective to help the person quit smoking. I was c chain smoker. And, now, I feel like puking whenever I think of smoking. Thanks to this herb.
Rohini ( India/chennai )
05 Oct 2016
I am having a habit of tobacco chewing.how much dose should I take Daphne indica.how long should I take?. please answer me
14 Oct 2016
Rohini It is suggested that you take only one dose of Daphne Indica 200. One dose is 4 small pellets/pills. This is the exact dosage of this homeopathic medicine that you should take.
Do not repeat the dose.
Urshita Bansal
16 Jun 2020
Where can I buy it please share the link anyone
Rohini ( Tamilnadu )
20 Oct 2016
Thank you Sharon for the prompt reply.only daphne indica one dose is sufficient? Or I should takevany other homeopathy meficine
20 Oct 2016
Only one Dose. Do not repeat it until you give me your feedback after one month. Nothing till then.
21 Feb 2019
Hello Dear,Please tell me about the dosage of Daphne indica 200ch Mothertincture
Rohin ( Tamilnadu )
15 Nov 2016
I am rohin from chennai.it is almost one month since I took one dose of daphne indica.but I am using the same amount of tobacco.what should I do now.please reply
18 Nov 2016
Dear Rohin
It is advised that you take the tincture of Daphne Indica from a homeopathic shop. On the first day: Take 5 drops in a glass of water , thrice in a day.
And then, you may reduce the dosage as per to the cravings. Take only when you feel like smoking. Adjust the dosage on your own then. Please take this tincture for a month. This indeed is the best herb to cure addiction of tobacco.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gagan bajaj ( Uttarakhand india )
15 Jan 2017
Hii. Iam gagan from dehradun. Iam addicted to chewing tobacco from last last 8 years. Tried a lot to quit this habit but cant stop. Is daphne indica effective????
Manteesh Tekta
18 Jan 2017
Yes, only one dose of Daphne Indica 200 is the cure for you. One dose is 4 small pellets/pills. This is the exact dosage of this homeopathic medicine that you should take.
Do not repeat the dose.
Neha ( India )
01 Feb 2017
How to take Daphen Indica as it burns the throat very badly, do we take it with water?
03 Feb 2017
What potency of the medicine are you taking ?
Please tell us how and how much are you taking ? And in what form ?
Yes, the tincture has to be diluted with water, 5 drops in a glass of water, every day.
And also mention the problem for which you are taking this remedy.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
AM ( Delhi )
08 Feb 2017
What are the side effects of this medicine, if taken more than one dose?
27 Apr 2017
Will cause vomiting and dizziness.
Samson ( Punjab/India )
20 Apr 2017
i have bought daphne indica X1 20gm bottle frm Schwabe. I start taking 2 tblts 3 times a day. now 4th day but no effect ,not even 2%.should it work after sometime like 10 days or 20 days or i stop taking the medicine.i take this for smoking.
27 Apr 2017
Do not take this .It won't affect. But Daphne Indica 1m or 200. Take one and only one dose.
Do not take more than one dose. Share the feedback after 20 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
18 Apr 2019
You mean Daphne indica 200Ch globules
Samson ( Punjab )
30 Apr 2017
how much is one dose of daphne indica 1m or 200
01 May 2017
One dose is 4 small pillules. Do not take more than a dose. Only 4 small pills.
01 May 2017
sorry , again want to ask if it is dephne indica 200c pills
Karan Nair
04 May 2017
Yes, these are 200c. C is the potency of this remedy.
20 May 2017
i took 1 dose of daphne indica 200c lets see after 20 days
Pankaj Bhattacharya ( India/West Bengal )
21 May 2017
I am now 67 and a smoker since my youth. I made many attempts to quit cigarette but failed. Worries, anxiety and phobia, unknown fear have made my life miserable. Please advise.
Shubham Draroch ( India )
31 May 2017
Try one dose of Daphne Indica 200. One dose means 4 pellets.
Your willpower is also required, the remedy alone can not work since you are 67 and you are already smoking for quite a long period.
28 May 2017
I took 1 dose 4 pallets of daphne indica 200 ,but today is 8th day the craving increase by 25%.i was smoking 20 fags /day now it shoots upto 25 fags/day.pls advice.
Shubham Daroch ( India )
31 May 2017
It is okay if the craving has increased, I also took the same amount of medicine and my cravings too increased. But, this what needs to be controlled. If the craving increases, means, this is the correct remedy for you. It is only a sharp aggravation. Do not worry. Just do not smoke. Try not to smoke.
Jai Sharma ( India Uttarpradesh )
30 May 2017
Dear Sir,
I am Jai sharma from kanpur UP, I am takeing Chewing Tobbaco (Gutkha) last 10 to 15 years now i m 32 year please suggest any medicine to quit this.
Zubin Mehta ( Inidia )
31 May 2017
Increase the consumption of Vitamin C, A and e in your diet.
Chew a Liquorice stick whenever you crave to chew tobacco. Engage yourself in deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga. Take a shower, go to swim or go for running or jogging whenever you get an urge to chew tobacco.
Alok Shukla
31 May 2017
Please suggest me homeopathy medicine for Chewing tobbaco like panmasala , Gutkha etc last 5 years
Aarif Khan
27 Dec 2017
Daphne Indica
Ikbal Singh Sidhu ( Punjab )
11 Jun 2017
As told i took daphne indica 200c pills ,4 pills 20 days back,but its useless increased my craving ,as usuall i cannot control my habit and it increases by 20%, and also if we can control the craving by self, i think we dont have to take any medicine.,Pls reply needfull
13 Jun 2017
Ikbal. You may try Cream of Tartar powder. Please note, it is available in the powdered form. Have one tea spoon of this powder in a glass of fresh orange juice every day for 15 days.
This remedy will suppress the craving for nicotine and also expels the toxins from the body. Cream of Tartar also clears the Lungs.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
19 Sep 2018
Tartar powder is a homeopathic medicine or allopathy or ayurvedic
Varun ( India )
29 Dec 2017
I m using this med from last 1 week having carving but due to this medicine mouth ulcers got started but carving is same..request help
17 Jan 2018
What is the dosage that you have been taking ?
Also share the amount and potency if taking in homeopathic form ?
SG ( India )
05 Mar 2018
took my first dose of Daphna Indica 1x , it says 2 tablets thrice a day. How to take the pills? i let it dissolve in mouth and throat is burning for a long time.
05 Mar 2018
i forgot to mention, smoker for last 20 years, close to 8 cigs per day. Occasional tobacco chewing
08 Mar 2018
Why did you take Daphne Indica in X potency. ?
Have you been suggested by an expert ? It is not suggested to take Daphne Indica in X potency. Stop taking it, please
Pradeep Kumar ( India/UP )
29 Mar 2018
If I take one dose of Daphne Indica -200 can I take Caladium Seguinum? If yes, please suggest dose and frequency ? Purpose is to quit Nicotex nicotine.
15 Jun 2018
I'm taking Daphne Ind q for quit smoking.please tell me it is same as Daphne indica mother tinture .
Sandeep Singh ( India )
27 Jul 2018
Is Daphne 200 effective in curing sebbhorheic dermatis ...I have been using it for 15 months... But till now it persists to some extent.. I also intake Canad 200 and Mez 200 Sank 200(with Daphne 200) each one dose of two pills.... It is OK or should I do something else. Please answer....
Anup Maini ( Amritsar/Punjab/India )
14 Aug 2018
I am Tobbaco n Guthka Chewer from last 8 years. I have bought Daphne Indica 200c. In what dose should i take? I have also read in above comments that sometimes tobbaco cravings are increased after starting it. What it mean? Good or bad?
Asif Ahmed ( India/Assam )
20 Aug 2018
Phosphorus 200 or Daphne Indica 200, which should I take for tobacco craving. I am 29 and I am a regular Gutkha chewer for last 12 years. Please suggest. Thank you.
Natarajan ( India )
04 Mar 2019
how to buy and where i buy daphne indica ,, i need this...
Ssreddy ( India Andhra Pradesh )
16 Mar 2019
Sir, I am a chronic smoker . Smoking 20 cigs a day. Age 67 yrs . Smoking for the last 25 yrs. Can I use Daphne indica 200 regularly for a month. Please advise me.
18 Apr 2019
I want to quite chewing tobacco but it's a very difficult to me. I try it lots of time but I'm unable.
Ican i use Daphne indica globules 200CH Because Daphne indica 200 pills not showing on any Homeopathic Company.
Abhishek Verma ( Kaimganj )
03 May 2019
One of my close relative (Age-29 yr) have a bad habbit of chewing GUTKA. In a day almost 7-10 packs. So he is week by his body and have some mouth ulcer.
Kindly suggest Suitable medicine,
Abhishek verma
03 May 2019
Forgot to add - Kindly tell me the medicine brand name like (SBL, Wilmar etc), Because when i read these medicine description "it doesn't shows anywhere that it is used to avoid GUTKA.
Jai prakash ( Uttar pradesh )
07 Nov 2019
Hi.. . I'm chewing tobacco since 14 yrs. I'm using daphne indica 1x , 2tablet twice day n plantago major 20 drops b. d. But no improvement. Plz help me.
Rajesh Sharma ( Maharashtra )
01 Mar 2020
I am Gutka addicted last 15 years which homeopathy medicine I will take to deaddct Gutka
03 Apr 2020
Hey Rajesh Daphne Indica 200- 1 dose. It helps to expel Nicotine from the body. It relieves the nerve tension. It prevents irritability and reduces the craving the tobacco. Chew liquorice root.
Urshita Bansal ( India )
16 Jun 2020
Where can I buy Daphne Indica 200 pellets or else please help with how to administer the dosage of the dilution of it.
S S Tiwari ( Bihar )
04 Oct 2020
My father has a habit of eating jarda supadi chunna and kattha from last 35 yrs. He does not want to leave this habit. Even if we discuss it with him about leaving his tobacco eating habit, he gets irritated a lot. One of our relatives suggested us a medicine Dephne Indica 30CH. Should we give it to him pls guide??
Ruby ( India )
26 Mar 2021
I have cervical problem. I was advised to take Daphne indica (30mg) 20 drops twice daily for one month. Is it fine ?
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