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Gout Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Gout. Hyperuricemia
Hindi Name
Gout Symptoms
Muscle Pain
Inflammation of Joints
Pain in Right Shoulder
Inflammation of joints specially right Toe
Swelling of Ankles and Feet
Itchy Weals which disappear after a few hours
In chronic cases Nodules (called Tophi) form in soft tissues anywhere on the body
One or both eyes sore on waking from sleep; Feel normal after some time
Pain in Ear, Knee, wrist, or joints of Hand

Gout Cured By


Ajuga Bracteosa
American Mint
Aquilaria Malac...
Aristolochia Ka...
Asphodelus Ramo...
Atriplex Horten...
Cnidoscolus Aco...
Filipendula Vul...
Gaillardia Pinn...
Pluchea Lanceol...
Potentilla indi...
Ranunculus Muri...
Squaw Root
Tetracera Sarme...
Viola Pedata
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Gout is a disease of the metabolism.
Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the body. The excess, crystallizes and the crystals get deposited in the joints and muscles. When the body processes food , one of the by-products is uric acid. When old body cells break down they result in uric acid. These concentrate in some joints especially the big toe and the lower parts of the body. The joint becomes hot, inflamed and painful. This happens in most cases, however, some patients may experience some or all the symptoms given above.
Attacks can last just a few days or for weeks at a time.
Uric acid is produced by the body. It helps us to conserve fat. This is good for us when the body is denied food. Uric acid ensures we retain sodium. Helps us tide over periods of salt depletion. This is a natural function of our metabolism. It is an antioxidant. All in all it is a good thing and actually required by our metabolism. But too much of even a good thing is bad.
Kidneys are supposed to filter the blood and throw out things not required by the body.
Uric Acid is formed in the blood. Excess uric acid should be excreted through the urine.
Either there is excess formation of uric acid in the body or the kidneys may not function properly and excrete the right amount.
In either case the excess of uric acid in the blood forms crystals and gets deposited in the joints, muscles and ligaments.
The crystals tear the soft tissues and cause pain and inflammation.
This is called Gout or Uric Acid diathesis.
Most people around the world associate Gout with Arthritis.
It is not Arthritis per se. Correct diagnosis is important otherwise line of treatment may be wrong.
Gout is sometimes mistaken for Bunion. But it is not a Bunion.
A Bunion is a swelling of the bursa of the first joint of the big toe.
The joint will be enlarged and the big toe will be displaced.

Causes of Gout
Lack of Exercise
Fast Weight Loss
High Blood pressure
Chronic Kidney Diseases
Extremely low calorie diets
Regular intake of Medicines specially Antibiotics
High level of Uric Acid in the body
Heavy Alcohol consumption, especially beer.
Vitamin deficiency, especially B5, A and E
Drop in barometric pressure
Multiple Myeloma
Lead poisoning; increases the potassium content of the blood
Potassium deficiency; Yes ! Increase or decrease, both are harmful.
Diuretics; They deplete sodium, Magnesium and potassium.
Increases in cholesterol

A continued high level of Uric acid may cause

High Blood Pressure,
Heart Disease,

What Not to Eat
Heavy foods
Dried beans
Soft drinks
White Flour
Lentils and legumes
Organ meats (kidney, liver)

What to Eat Sparingly
Ice cream
White bread

What to Eat!!!... All the time
Skimmed milk
Orange juice
Dried peaches
Sweet Potatoes
All types of gourds

If not treated properly, Gout may cause
Kidney Stones
Heart Diseases
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Gouty Arthritis
Building up of uric acid in the body

Your best bet is, Autumn Crocus and European Ash.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Differential Diagnoses : People often confuse Gout with the Following Diseases.

Arthritis : It is associated with Bones.
Gout is associated with high Uric Acid in the blood, meaning it is a metabolic problem.

Rheumatoid Arthritis : It causes Inflammation, Pain and distortion in the joints of the fingers. It is hard to differentiate between Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Only tests may help diagnose it.

Bunion : A deformity at the foot joint in the big toe is Bunion. It causes swelling, inflammation at the base of the big toe.

Osteoarthritis : Older people with Osteoarthritis are often get confused with Gout. If the affected finger tip is enlarged, then it may be a sign of Gout.

Charcot Foot : It is common in Diabetic patient. Charcot Foot means, the Bones of foot get weak and causes nerve damage. Early symptoms of Charcot Foot are Swelling in Feet, Redness on the affected region. These signs may get confused with Gout.

Infections : Joint infection causes inflammation and is accompanied by high Fever. If the test declared the accumulation of crystals in the joints, it is Gout.

Preventions: The reason beyond the Gout is rise in the levels of the Uric Acid. Try to counter the levels of uric acid that may reduce the risk of Gout.
Do not eat meat like Beef, Pork and Lamb
Avoid Seafood and Alcohol
Avoid Fructose rich food and fruit juices

Eating a Healthy diet that contains a protein and Vitamin C may help in fighting against Gout.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Gout

Gout General

Some tips to keep Gout at bay. The basic idea is to alkalize.
Baking Soda is the quick fix. Not a cure. It gives temporary relief when the body is excessively acidic.
When you get an acute attack dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it every 4 hours. The attack will abate in about two days. Reduce frequency to twice a day and continue taking the Baking Soda for at least 15 more days. Do not take more the 4 teaspoons in any one day.
To remove the tendency to chronic accumulation of Uric acid you will have to treat it with herbs. The best two herbs for this purpose are Atractylodes and Phellodendron Amurense.
Optimize the intake of Potassium.
Eat fruits and vegetables that alkalize the body.
Have sex.
Lemon juice ! Ah ! The great lemon. What it can't do. Protects you from gout attacks. How ? You say. By tickling your body to make more calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate alkalizes the body. Finish eating with a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
Need more alkali. Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.
Charcoal ! It's a good option. You just need to take half a cup of Charcoal powder. Add a small amount of water to make a paste. Put the paste into a tub. Add some warm water to the tub, sufficient enough to dip the affected Joint. Dip the affected part into the tub. Read a book or chat with friends for half an hour. After half an hour, wash the area with lukewarm water. Your pain has gone almost. Alternatively, you can make a paste with some charcoal powder and water. Apply the paste to the affected area for thirty minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. Use both the methods twice a week.
Fennel seed water helps to clear out excess uric acid in the bloodstream and break down the bile. It provides relief from Gout. Drink the water three times a day.
Eat a high-fiber diet. It will help excrete uric acid by absorbing bile acids formed in the liver.
Cold Compress ! Easy and instant treatment. Effective for an acute attack. Put ice cubes in a cloth. Place it over the affected area. After 10 to 15 minutes you will feel relief. The low temperature of Cold Compress may promote the crystallization of Uric acid. Discussion with a qualified Healthcare Professional is a must before use.

Sleep early to prevent the Gout attack
Sleeping late in the night has an effect on Uric acid levels in the body. The level of uric acid shoots up if you have a habit of sleeping late in the night. Generally, Uric acid is normalized by the body between 9 PM to 12 AM during the night. For this reason, Gout patients are made to sleep before 9 PM at night.

Herbs to help you overcome Gout
B complex
Fish oil
L glutamine 500 mg daily; it is an antacid and cleans the kidneys
L glycine 500 mg daily
L methionine 250 mg twice daily; it detoxifies purines.
Magnesium citrate 400 mg daily; it is an antispasmodic.
Shark cartilage. Eat regularly for a month. Then reduce to a maintenance dose. Levels have to be determined by your body's needs.
Gout Attack ! Yes ! Ok ! Vitamin C 1,000 mg every 8 hours for a day or two. Acute attack taken care of. Now reduce to 500 mg daily. Vitamin C helps lower serum uric acid.
Vitamin E. Diets low in purine are low in vitamin E. Worse. Fried foods deplete it. So ! Eat capsules. Start with 100 IU. Increase to 700 IU daily.
Potassium. Take 3000 mg daily. If you can do that through food, all the better. Here is some data on potassium.
Baked potato, with skin, 844 mg.
One cup cooked spinach, 800mg.
One cup dried peaches, 1500mg.
A medium avocado, 1200mg.
One cup cantaloupe, 500.
One cup boiled lima beans, 500mg.
A medium banana, 450mg.
One cup orange juice, 400mg.
20 raw baby carrots, 500mg.
One cup of skim milk, 400mg.
One cup nonfat yogurt, 400mg.
One cup unsalted tomato sauce, 350mg.

Taking care of your Joints
Keep the affected Joints immobilized and elevated. This slows down the blood flow and reduces inflammation, flare-ups of Gout.
Putting too much weight on joints can worsen the condition when having a Gout attack. If possible try to lose excessive weight.
If Gout attack is on the big toe, rest as much as possible.
Single Herb

Champak for Gout

Apply flowers oil on the affected part once a day.

Mugwort for Gout

Make leaves decoction of Mugwort. Have it two times a day.

Cherry for Gout

Cherries are good for Gout. They help in two ways. The flavonoids reduce the uric acid in the blood. Flavonoids stop the inflammation due to the chemicals released in the joints when the uric acid crystals start to accumulate. Cherries are excellent for preventing Gout.
Consume one cup of fresh Cherries every day.
OR : Buy Cherry Fruit Extract capsules. Dosage will depend on the severity of the disease.

Pineapple for Gout

Eat a bowl of Pineapple everyday.
Or : Have Bromelain capsules.

Bodhi Tree for Gout

Prepare a juice of Bodhi Tree fresh bark. Take it, twice a day.
Take rind seeds of Colchicum Autumnale with water once a day .
Or : Take tablets of Colchicum Autumnale.

Trifolium Repens for Gout

Prepare a tincture of Trifolium Repens leaves. Apply it on the Gout as an ointment.
Prepare a decoction of Red Sandalwood leaves. Drink once a day.

Epsom Salt for Gout

One of the main attributes of Epsom Salt is Antiinflammatory. It decreases the inflammation and pain of Gout.
Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salt in a tub of lukewarm water. Soak the affected area for 15 minutes daily.
Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) though acidic in nature helps our body to become Alkaline. It helps to alleviate severe pain.
Add 5 ml of Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) in a glass of water. Drink 2 times daily.
OR : Mix equal quantity of Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey. Have 1 tsp once a day.
Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds can be used as a poultice for painful gout.

Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) as an Analgesic

The essential oil of Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) can be applied externally to relieve Headache, Menstrual Cramps, Abdominal Cramps, Gout, Rheumatism and other pains.

Walnut ( Akhrot ) for Gout, Rheumatism

Boil 2 cups dried Walnut ( Akhrot ) leaves in 6 cups of water for 30-45 minutes.
Add to the bath water.
Make a tea by adding 2 tablespoons of Celery ( Shalari ) seeds in 8 cups of water.
Pour it in a covered pot and simmer slowly for 3 hours.
Filter and drink hot One cup thrice a day.

Lemon ( Nimbo ) for Gout

Lemon ( Nimbo ) is a good option to alkalize the body. Alkalization supports the body to counterpoise the excess uric acid.
Add 2 tablespoons of Lemon juice in a cup of water. Drink two times a day.

Apple ( Seb ) for Gout

Malic Acid present in Apple ( Seb ) neutralizes the uric acid. It helps to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with gout.
Peel an Apple. Blend it with a glass of milk ( preferably Goat Milk ). Drink it daily.
OR : Have a glass of Apple ( Seb ) juice daily.
OR : Make a habit to eat one or two apples daily.
Heat some Castor Oil. Use it for massage over inflamed Joints. This is one way. The more effective way is to use a patch.
Fold lint cloth into three layers. Size depending upon the affected area. Dip it in Castor oil. Drip out the excess. Place over the part of the body which is inflamed; toe, knee. Cover it with a plastic sheet. Apply dry heat. Hot water bottle or an electric pad. Wrap in a towel to retain heat. Read a book for an hour. Ok, watch TV, or play on your smart phone. But stay there for one hour. Repeat for at least three days. Acute Gout attack, gone. Rating of this method. Highly effective.
Crush 2 cloves of Garlic. Take it with water in the morning on an empty Stomach.

Speed Well for Gout

Drink the fresh juice of Speed Well 3-4 times a day.

Bilberry for Gout

Have 3-5 fresh Bilberries daily.
Or: Bilberry Jam is also available in the market. Have one tablespoon once a day after meal.
Prepare a tea of Devil's Claw leaves. Have a cup every day.
Or: Have 2 Devil's Claw capsules in a day.
Have decoction of Cinnamon. Take 1/2 glass once a day.
Or Chewing Cinnamon sticks is also very effective in Gout.
Take 2 medium sized Sweet Potato ( Shakarkandi ). Boil and peel. Cut in to pieces and sprinkle lemon over them. Eat them.

Potato ( Aalu ) for Gout

Peel a Potato ( Aalu ). Cut in to small pieces. Put in a glass of water and keep overnight. In morning, strain and drink the water.
OR : Drink half glass of Potato ( Aalu ) juice daily.

Kelp for Gout

Grind dried Kelp. Have half teaspoon with normal water once a day.
OR : Add powdered Kelp in any vegetable soup.

Corn ( Makaai ) for Gout

Boil half a bowl of Corn ( Makaai ). Sprinkle Lemon ( Nimbo ) and Salt. Consume once a day.

Grape ( Angur ) for Gout

Drink a glass of Grapes ( Angur ) juice by adding 2 pinches of Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) once a day.

Guava ( Amrood ) for Gout

Take a Guava ( Amrood ). Cut in to slices. Place Honey ( Shehad ) over them and keep for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, Eat them. Do it regularly.
OR : Take a handful of Guava leaves. Make a paste and add a pinch of Rock salt. Eat it once in a day to reduce Pains.

Apple ( Seb ) Peels for Gout

Peel an Apple and wash the peels. Blend them with a glass of milk ( preferably Goat Milk ). Drink it daily.
Consume 4 to 5 slices of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as salad daily.

Yogurt ( Dahi ) for Gout

Consume a cup of Yogurt ( Dahi ) on an empty stomach daily.

Banana ( Kela ) for Gout

Banana ( Kela ) possesses high concentration of potassium. It aids to transform the Uric Acid Crystals in to liquid, that can be flushed out through urination.
Banana ( Kela ) also contains Vitamin C. It helps to reduce the swelling and pain of Gout.
Blend a Banana ( Kela ) in a glass of milk. Have it daily.
OR : Eat one or two Banana ( Kela ) on a routine basis.
OR : Mix a Banana ( Kela ) in a cup of Yoghurt. Have it daily.

Broccoli for Gout

Crush leaves of Broccoli to make paste. Apply it over affected areas.
Gout is a disease caused by the rise of Uric acid in the body. Turmeric ( Haldi in India ) helps in countering Inflammation and reducing the level of Uric acid.
Turmeric contains Curcumin which is an antiinflammatory agent. It provides relief from the Inflammation of an Gout attack. Turmeric fights against the activity of Xanthine Oxidase enzyme responsible for the production of Uric acid.
Add one teaspoon of Turmeric powder in 2 cups of hot water. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Add Honey ( Shehad in India ) for taste. Have it 2 times a day for 2 weeks.
Carbo Vegetabilis is able to absorb the uric acid by soaking the affected part.
Make a paste by adding water to half cup of Carbo Vegetabilis. Apply the paste over affected parts. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse. Apply any pain reliever oil ( Preferably lukewarm ).
OR : Put prepared paste in a tub of lukewarm water. Soak the feet for half an hour. Do it on alternate days.

Black Cherry for Gout

Black Cherry contains Anthocyanins. This nutrient helps to fights against the Inflammation causing enzymes. It reduces inflammation and slows down the production of Uric Acid to treats Gout.
Have a 1/2 cup of fresh Black Cherry juice daily for two weeks.
Prepare a decoction of 20 g Chicory roots. Drink it twice a day.
Boil 1 to 2 teaspoons of Yerba Mate ( Kali Chaye ) dried leaves powder in 150 ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this tea twice a day to reduce the pain.
Drop few Parsley ( Ajmood ) leaves in 200 ml of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Strain it. Drink this infusion once a day to treat gout.
Slightly warm a half cup of Pine Essential Oil. Massage with this warm oil to your affected area to reduce inflammation and pain.
Massage the affected area with Tinospora Cordifolila powder mixed with Castor oil

Bitter Gourd for Gout

Take a handful of Bitter Gourd Leaves and crush them. Apply the juice and do gentle massage on the affected areas.
OR : You may take Bitter Gourd in the cooked form.
This helps in detoxifying the Body and reduces pain.

Black Plum for Gout

Take Black Plum bark and boil it in water till the water thickens. Let it cool. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Repeat the process two times a day.
It will provide relief from pain.

Olive Oil for Gout

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and has anti inflammatory properties.
Use Olive oil for Cooking. It helps in reducing the Uric Acid.

Wheatgrass for Gout

Wheatgrass juice has antioxidant properties. It is a rich source of proteins and Vitamin C.
Have a fresh shot of Wheatgrass juice daily to reduce Uric Acid in the Body.

Burdock for Gout

Burdock reduces inflammation associated with gout and arthritis.
Have a cup of Burdock root decoction daily.
OR : Take 10 drops of mother tincture 2 times in a day.

Alfalfa for Gout

Alfalfa is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It helps in preventing acute attacks of Gout.
Prepare a tea from leaves and seeds of Alfalfa. Have a cup every day.
OR : Have 10 drops of mother tincture in glass of water. Have it 2 times in a day.

Fennel for Gout

Add one teaspoon of Fennel seeds in 2-3 cups of hot water. Boiling the seeds kills most of their nutrients. Cover it and let it rest for few minutes. It will be a light yellow infusion. Drink this water three times a day.

Coriander for Gout

Take a bunch of Coriander leaves. Wash them properly. Cut the roots. Boil them in 2 glasses of water. Close the lid of container and let it boil for 10 minutes. Let it cool, keeping the lid closed. Strain the water later and drink it empty stomach. It is effective to lower the Creatinine levels or uric acid.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Gout 1

Take equal quantity seeds of the following herbs :
Asparagus Racemosus, Black Cumin, Fenugreek and Carom. Take 5 g every morning with warm water.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 2

Extract the juice from the leaves of Land Caltrops, Damiana, Castor, Common Milk Hedge. Add equal amount of Sesame oil to it. Boil for 15-20 minutes in a tight lid container. Massage the affected area and tie with cotton cloth.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 3

Take Terminalia Chebula by adding Jaggery. Have two tablespoon two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 4

Extract the juice of Cherry. Add Chopped Garlic in it. Drink 1 cup of it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 5

Add 5 g Rose petals in 10 ml Vinegar. Boil till the mixture become thick. Apply it over affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 6

Take following herbs in equal quantity :
Dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) powder, Tinospora Cordifolia ( Giloy in India ) stem powder and Indian Gooseberry ( Aamla in India ) powder.
Add Honey ( Shehad in India ) to make paste. Take half tsp of the mixture twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 7

Take juice of Cucumber, Carrot, Celery and Beetroot in equal quantity. Mix. Drink 100 ml of it thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Cancer, Gout and Acidosis

Alkalize or Perish ?
In all three cases it is important to Alkalize.
Put one Lemon in the freezer. When it has fully frozen grate it. Add one litre water. Add 1/2 tea spoon baking soda ( Baking Soda, not Baking Powder ). Bottle it. Shake it. Drink during the Day. Repeat same procedure for night.
Check acidity with pH strips every morning. Continue this therapy until your urine reaches pH 7.
Now, go into maintenance mode. Drink during day only, if you can maintain your pH at 7 then drink this mixture every alternate day. Then once a week.

Herbal Treatment For Gout: Land Caltrops and Ginger

Make a decoction of Land Caltrops ( Gokharu in India ) and dry ginger ( Adrak in India ). Take once a day for as long as the uric acid does not come within range.

Herbal Treatment For Chicory Dandelion Decoction

The combination of Chicory and Dandelion are beneficial for more than one ailments.
First lets make a decoction. Take half a teaspoon of Chicory, Dandelion and Cinnamon each. Boil them for 5 minutes. Strain the roots. Add Honey for taste. Your decoction is ready.
This combination is a good diuretic and a laxative. It is useful when ever there is need to expel toxins like uric acid or loosen the bowels from constipation.
Chicory is not a cure for Gout. But it does give relief from an acute attack because of its diuretic properties.
This decoction will give instant relief from :
Heart Disease
High Cholesterol,

Herbal Treatment For Gout 8

Mixture of Turmeric ( Haldi in India ), Fenugreek ( Methi in India ) and Ginger ( Adrak in India ) acts well to reduce the pain and swelling of Gout.
Take equal quantities of above mentioned herbs. Powder them together. Take half teaspoon of powder with lukewarm water once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 9

Lemon and Baking Soda both are alkaline in nature. They helps to neutralize excess uric acid in the body.
Add juice of a Lemon and half teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass of water. Stir. Have it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 10

A combination of Tinospora Cordifolia ( Giloy in India ), Picrorrhiza Kurroa ( Kutaki in India ), Liquorice ( Mulethi in India ) and Ginger ( Adrak in India ) is a potent remedy for Gout. This fusion addresses the basic cause of Gout. Tinospora Cordifolia ( Giloy in India ) works as an Immunity Booster and is Antiinflammtory. Both these properties alleviate swelling and pain. Picrorrhiza Kurroa ( Kutaki in India ) stimulates the enzymes which are at the root of Gout. To make the combination more effective, Liquorice ( Mulethi in India ) and Ginger ( Adrak in India ) are added being strong Antiinflammatory herbs.
Take 50 grams each of the following herbs :
Tinospora Cordifolia ( Giloy in India )
Picrorrhiza Kurroa ( Kutaki in India )
Liquorice ( Mulethi in India )
Ginger ( Adrak in India )
Powder them together. Store in a glass bottle. Have a quarter teaspoon of this preparation with a teaspoon of Honey ( Shehad in India ), once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 11

Lavender Essential Oil reduces the Inflammation and Pain associated with Gout. Rosemary Essential Oil reduces the formation of Uric Acid in the blood. Marjoram Essential Oil has strong analgesic property which reduces the Joint Pain and eases the condition during a Gout attack.
Lavender Essential Oil : 10 to 12 drops
Rosemary Essential Oil : 8 to 10 drops
Marjoram Essential Oil : 8 to 10 drops
Any Carrier Oil : 3 to 4 tablespoons
Mix and shake all the above Oils. Apply this Oil blend on the affected area. Massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this two times a day.
Take two large bowls filled with water ( one bowl with warm water and the other with cold water ). Take 12 to 13 drops of this Oil blend. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of Milk in it. Mix them. Pour half of this solution to each bowl. Stir. Soak both the feet in warm water bowl for 10 minutes. Next, place your feet in the cold water bowl for 10 minutes. Do this once again. Gently massage both the feet. Wash the feet with normal water. Do this during a Gout attack.

Herbal Treatment For Joint Pain 18

Take the following Ingredients in powdered form in equal quantity.
Fenugreek Seeds
Mix them well. Store in a air tight container. Take 1 teaspoon 2 times in a day. It helps in reducing Joint Pain, Lower Back Pain and good for pain associated with Gout.
Queries on Gout
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21 Apr 2015
I want to download the contents for URIC ACID and its remedy etc. and want to keep its print with me always. I have gone through it and found very informative and effective. So please help me in this matter.

With Regards

M. Sehgal
21 Apr 2015
Suffering from 10 years with Gout. I used charcoal powder and found relief. Thanks for the information.
Anuradha Bakshi
05 May 2015
This content on Gout is long and exhaustive -- it shows the disease is very common.
I too was having pain in my right shoulder since last few days. May be its a gout attack. I will try out baking soda at it sounds the easiest and revert to you.
Anjana Gupta
01 Jul 2015
I had pain in my knees, ankles and toes. A visit to the Doctor told me that it is an onset of Arthritis. I took a blood test and found my Uric acid level to be high 10.2
Kindly clarify if Gout is the same as Arthritis. and the difference between the two.
Herbpathy Research Team
08 Jul 2015
Dear Anjana Gupta

Before suggesting you anything, we need some information.
Please let us know your age and what all other symptoms are you experiencing.
And we will let you know the difference and the Remedy as well.

Herbpathy Research Team
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
18 Oct 2015
I find it very informative, thank you for giving so much information.
Preety Sighal
20 Jul 2016
Which specialist to be recommended or check out for gout or arthritis problem ??? I have swollen feet from past many months. Problem increase in summers and under sunlight. There is also inching and pain under feet. Early morning there is quite weakness and fatigueness. What shall be done please help.
21 Jul 2016
Dear Preety
Take Maha Yograj Guggul, 1 tablet every day. take it for 1 month.
Baldev SINGH Sran ( Canada )
05 Feb 2018
Can smilax China cure uric acid?
03 Mar 2018
Baldev Singh Sran
We have not come across for such research, please let us know some details about this herb we may let you know according to our research work.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Shafiq bhat ( India j )
11 Feb 2018
what medicans Are sucessful for uric acid
03 Mar 2018
Dear Sir
You may scroll above and see the supper effective herbs given in red. They are good for uric acid.
30 Jul 2019
Hello sir/mam,

My mother has pain in her thighs and there's a bone growing on the base of her feet. She has problem standing up in one of her legs after sitting down for a while. She's 48 years old and her tests highlighted a higher uric acid then the specified normal range.

There are visible veins on the back of her thighs, the doctors have however said that the veins are nothing to worry about.

Would adding Cherries, apples, lemons, bananas and garlic into her diet (like above) help her get better completely?

Your help will be appreciated.

Bless you.
02 Aug 2019
Hello Mehr, For bone growth please take Calc fluor 3X - 1 dose ( 1 dose means 4 tablets ) twice every day for a month. For Uric acid, reduce the intake of pulses and proteins. Try giving her Radish leaves in any form. You can give it to her either as soup, boiled leaves or in the meal. You can continue taking turmeric and honey.
Write back to us after a month regarding the state of her bone growth.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
30 Jul 2019
And kindly let me know if we're supposed to drink the tumeric and honey solution in one take, twice a day?
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