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Mugwort Essential Oil Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Mugwort Essential Oil
Glycemic Index / Load
Mugwort Essential Oil

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Mugwort Essential Oil Cures


Action of Mugwort Essential Oil

Nutrients in Mugwort Essential Oil

Parts Used

Leaves, Buds, Flowers

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Mugwort Essential Oil

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.
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Mugwort Essential Oil is extracted from leaves, buds and flowering tops of Mugwort.
It is made by steam distillation.
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Materia Medica for Mugwort Essential Oil

Mugwort Essential Oil General

Mugwort Essential Oil is made by the steam distillation of the Mugwort plant.
The Nervine and Calming effect of Mugwort Essential Oil reduces stress from the body and the Nervous system. Mugwort Oil is a tonic for the Nerves and the Brain. It strengthens the Nerves and relaxes the Brain. It is useful in curing Epilepsy and Hysteria.
Mugwort Oil possesses Emmenagogue property which helps in normalizing the Menses. It conquers the problems related with Menses like Fatigue, Abdominal Pain, Headache and Nausea. It regulates the lining of the Uterus and improves the health of the Uterus. Mugwort Essential Oil improves the fertility and reproductive health in women. It enhances the Milk production in nursing mother.
The massage with the Oil keeps the body warm and helps in getting rid of Infections.
Mugwort Oil is Digestive in nature. It normalizes the flow of digestive juices and cures Digestive Disorders. It stimulates digestion and prevents the Stomach and the Intestines from the microbial infection.
Being Diuretic in nature it is beneficial for a person suffering from Renal failure. It increases the Urination and improves the frequency and amount of Urine. It alleviates the accumulation of water and toxins in the body.
The stimulant action enhances the functioning of the body organs by improving blood circulation and hormone secretion.
It expels the Parasitic Worms from the body.
It regulates the sweat glands and promotes Sweating.
It inhibits the abnormal cell production and aids in healthy cell growth. Thus, it is useful in treating Skin Problems like Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis.
It is a good herbal remedy in curing Inflammatory conditions of the Joints like Arthritis. It eases the Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness.
It is beneficial in clearing the Phlegm and the Mucus. It treats Bronchitis and Cold.

Caution: Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Keywords: Stress, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Infections, Parasitic Worms, Skin Problems, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Muscle Pain, Phlegm, Bronchitis, Cold
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