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Thiosinaminum Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
English Name
Botanical Name
Hindi Name
Sarson ke tel ka Chemical
Homeopathic Name
Thiosinaminum   -   Mother Tincture

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Thiosinaminum Cures

Most Effective


Action of Thiosinaminum


Nutrients in Thiosinaminum

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Thiosinaminum is a chemical derived from Mustard Seed Oil.
Best used for dissolving and or repairing Scarring and Adhesions after a surgery.
After an operation, when the wound heals, a scar or cicatrix may develop on the skin. Adhesions are fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs, because of injury during surgery. Formation of internal scar tissue that connects tissues not normally connected.
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Materia Medica for Thiosinaminum

Thiosinaminum General

Thiosinaminum is a wonder drug. It is a chemical, prepared from Mustard seed oil. It is used in the preparation of Homeopathic medicines. It is known for its healing properties.
It is used internally as well as externally for dissolving Tumors, Scar Tissues, Strictures, Adhesions, Cataracts and Fibroids. It also treats Acne, Scars and Stretch marks.
In case the eardrum becomes thick and causes deafness, Thiosinaminum can be used. It is also beneficial in treating Tinnitus.
Thiosinaminum in low potency produces good results. Low potency works well in Scar tissue healing, Tissue Abnormality, Lymph Gland Enlargement and Tumors.
It is beneficial in treating Frozen shoulder, Swollen Glands and Lymph support system. It also reduces non cancerous tumors.
It supports healthy Ovulation, fertile mucus production and Endometrial lining in women. It increases the sperm count and sperm motility in men.
It is used to treat Stretch marks, Keloids.
It is an effective remedy for Arteriosclerosis, Burns, Vertigo, Prostate Enlarged, Catarrhal Deafness and Otitis Media.
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Queries on Thiosinaminum
Rahul Raj ( India/bihar )
14 Sep 2017
I have multiple keloide on me chest.one in the centre is little bigger. This is for 8 years rest keloide erupted few years back.I have consulted one of the best homeopathy doctor in Patna...he has given me flouric acid and on more medicine..out of which flouric acid has been advised to take two tab while going to bed at an interval of 4 days.so can I use thiosinaminum externaly on my keloide.will it be helpful.plz suggest...
Subas bista
14 Jul 2019
please use thuja 1 m.acid nit 1m and silecea 1m 1 dose each
14 Jun 2018
Are your Keloids healing from this homeopathic medicine? I have also many Keloids. Please help me.....mob 7979925462
Urmila saxena ( Utter Pradesh )
21 Oct 2017
Sir my mom suffring from esophagus stricture
2-3 monthes she can't eat and drink anything properly surgery is last option
Please help is very urgent she is 52 year old
Jyothi ( India )
07 Nov 2017
Dear sir

I have completely blocked fallopian tubes can I take thiosinaminum 30c and silica 30c together to clear my tubes and conceive.

Thank you
09 Nov 2017
Homeopathic remedy should not be given until totality of the symptoms is known. We suggest that you take Shivlingi seeds ( Striped Cucumber seeds ).
You may buy the powder and take half teaspoon with warm water. Another herb is Chaste Berry. Take a cup of Chaste Berry tea, every day for a month. this will cure the hormonal imbalance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sue (USA)
11 Nov 2017
In the USA, there is a physical therapy, like deep massage, which can open some fallopian tube blockages. Try looking up “Clear Passage”, in Florida. I think the city nay be Clearwater. There is a video which shows how to do self massage. It is worth looking for someone who can do this special massage where you live. Best of luck!
Dandu Reddy
16 Dec 2017
Hi Sir,

I am suffering from urithera stricture which have recurred after surgery. Can I use Thiosinaminum to stop the strictures reoccurring again. What is the recommended dosage we should use and how long we should use it for?

Thanks Reddy
22 Dec 2018
Did you get a result? Did you try this?
Ravindra yadav ( India/ U P )
23 Dec 2017
I have check in the tumara , I use for 4 months ,but do not benifit,and I use medicine thiosinaminum 3x .
Plz sir help me .
What is use my medicine.
Lim ying fei ( Singapore )
29 Dec 2017
Want to Buy Thiosinaminum Herb
Nwala Nike (07069575208. Or. Nicholas7845@gmail.com).)
15 Mar 2018
Yes l want to buy Thiosinaminum Herb
Summy ( India )
14 Jan 2018
I have adhesions in uterus and pcos.Can i take thiosinaminum 30 C and pusatilla nigrican.
Karuna Seth ( India )
16 Jan 2018
No, Please For PCOS take Metformin tablets. one drop every day for 15 days. If you have Diabetes then, you need to be a bit cautious. Other herbs are Chaste Berry and Dong Quai. Drink a cup of Chaste Berry tea, every day for a month. Dong Quai capsules, one daily for a month.
Ranjana ( India )
05 Feb 2018
I am suffering from tinnitus, Is Thiosinaminum benifical ?does it help curing tinnitus ? Has anybody been cured of tinnitus ? Plz. Let me know.thx.
21 Jan 2019
Sir tell me your mobile no.
Shan ( India/ Maharashtra )
11 Feb 2018
I am female of age 39, got chickenpox last month and have numerous scars on face and body. Is Thiosinaminum helpful in fading and treatment for the scar?
Juju ( United States )
19 Feb 2018
Is Thiosinaminum helpful for Chrohn's Disease? Could it possibly help with Crohn's related fistulas?
Ahmed ( Maldives )
20 Feb 2018
i suffer from obstructive azoospermia. there seem to have a blockage in the sperm carrying path. could Thiosinaminum be a good choice??
Manan Kalra
13 Mar 2018
Are you sure that there is a blockage. You can try Striped Cucumber seeds powder. Dripetes Roxbugrhii seed powder. These 2 herbs can help if there is any blockage in sperm carrying path.
Sal ( London,England )
09 Mar 2018
Can I take tbiosinaminum and silica for severe scar tissue pls?
13 Mar 2018
Sal. Please explain the problem in detail. What scar tissues ? Which body part ?
Other symptoms as well.
05 Apr 2018
It's internal around bully button and abdomen due to
Myomectomy and laparoscopy to correct adhesions Post abdominal myomectomy. Pls what do you recommend?
Narayan ... assam ( Assam india )
12 Mar 2018
Sir I m suffering from acute hearing loss since last 4 yrs with tinnitus in both ear... I m a musician n am regularly exposed to loud sound frequently which is the main cause of my SSNHL ( sudden sensorineural hearing loss almost 60% in both ears)... I hear distune musical notes distorted human voices... My B12 is deficit .... Please suggest me homeo medicines for above stated medical problems.... Thanks .
Nand kishore ( Himachal pradesh )
13 Mar 2018
I have keloids 10 to 15 years old. Can I use thiosinaminum 3x tablet and thiosinaminum ointment
16 Mar 2018
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Keloids-Cid3981 I have shared the link of the KELOIDS page with you. Please refer to this page and try the herb which is easily available to you.
25 Mar 2018
Tuff dfjjjgf fuji cry gffujv hfsyijfj
Sweety ( India )
16 Mar 2018
I have a lot of ice pitted scars on my whole face .My scars are very old .Can I use Silcea and Thiosinaminum together.
16 Mar 2018
The scars marks can be cured by coconut oil. Apply the oil regularly twice on the marks. Also. potato can be rubbed on the marks every day for a month.
Sunjay somani ( India )
16 Mar 2018
I have severe phimosis since last 4-5 years and the foreskin doesn’t retract at all. I also have a mild enlarged prostrate. Urine flow comes in trickles. Doctor has prescribed Quick Silver 1M and Thiosinaminum powder form. Is this correct and will it be effective ?
Raj ( India )
20 Mar 2018
Hello Experts ,

I gave Urethral Sticture , Can i Use Thiosinaminum 3x

Will it be helpfull ?

Please advise , Doctor had advise for Urethoplasty .
10 Jun 2018
Yes it works. I have personally been benefited for this condition.
08 Aug 2018
What is the dosage? How long it to take.
My urine as well as ejaculation both pressure low ,In RGU found Stricture near the Prostatic Urethra till the junction of anterior
13 Oct 2018
hello raj.... im also suffring from urethral stricture. dr. also advice urethropaithy
what about your problem.....now,?,if u got any relief please say to me about your treatment...
Sachin ( India )
22 Mar 2018
i have lot of a acne scer on my whole face.my scar are very old.can i use thiosinaminum 30 ch
Avinash singh ( India )
11 Apr 2018
I have urethral stricture which leads to almost 80 percent urine blockage. Doctors told surgery. Can i take thiosinaminum for it. Plz guide sir. Thanks
10 Jun 2018
Its a wonderful medicine for urethral strictures. I have beenusing Thios 200 - 2 drops every morning for 7-8 months. Great results. Am now planning to taker lower potency 3x.
23 Dec 2018
Hello Amit please tell me about...ow I can take this and what is form of route and it's getting effective,..
Yashika zambani ( India )
01 May 2018
Does Thiosinaminum 30ch is really helpful for stretch marks? Like old ones
Shekhar Sinha ( India/Bihar )
04 May 2018
I'm 52 and suffering from frozen shoulder for the last one year. Have been taking homeo medicines Adel 4, calcarea florica, magnesium phosphoricum etc but with no significant relief. Acute pain at times, limitations of arm movements, sleepless nights because of pain. Kindly suggest a proven remedy.
18 Sep 2018
Rus tox 30ch ,10 drops in morning and evening
Hisham ( United Arab Emirates )
09 May 2018
I am suffering from recurring scar tissue under my nose skin. I went through a rhinoasty to remove the scar tissues but unfortunately they came back right after the 3rd day of surgery. Will thiosinaminum dissolve the scar tissue of my nose so that I don't go through the surgery again.
AHMED ( India /tamil nadu )
13 May 2018
I am having scar tissue in penal shaft and a bend to it, can I use thiosinamium and of what potency.
Prerna rani
21 May 2018
My wife have 7cm overian cyst she is using thoieminum 3x last 1 month will it effect
Ravindra Srivastava
03 Jul 2019
Provide Apis 3 regularly 3 times a day. But say about menstrual position to say about complete cure.
Anandi kalyan ( India )
25 May 2018
I have severe keloid problem can I take thiocinaminum 30
Anandi Kalyan ( India )
26 May 2018
I have keloids scar and tumours what is the recommended doses of thiosinaminum? Plz inform
Nilofar Ahmed ( United States )
11 Jul 2018
Hi, I have frozen shoulder in my right shoulder and my left shoulder has pain from shoulder to my elbow. Is there any hope to be cured if I take Thiosinaminum. what dose of Thiosinaminum I should take and how many times a day or weeks and how long.
I would appreciate your advice. Thanks. Nilofar.
18 Sep 2018
Take RUS TOX 30Ch 7 drops in morning and evening it cured my cervical spondylosis pain was starting from below head radiating to shoulder,arm even to fingers contact +91-8837689473
Sharif sonny ( BANGLADESH )
13 Jul 2018
Thiosinaminum 3x can be used for urethral strictures. I have an operation 1 week ago.does it help that strictures does not come against.?
Rohit roshan ( India )
04 Aug 2018
I have urethral stricture due to pelvic fracture from 22 March 2018 I take arnica 30 and thiosinaminum 3x twice a day from one month is it cure my stricture and how many take
Mitali Goel ( India )
06 Aug 2018
Rohit. You already have taken too much homeopathic remedies. You should stop and , do not take any remedy for at least a month. Just observe the symptoms. Do not try any other homeopathic remedy for now.
08 Aug 2018
I m suffering from Urethral Stricture.Just two weeks through RGU Test came to know. Reports shows structure is at the junction between Prostatic and anterior urethra.During ejaculation also semen out like dribbling.
At one void only 100-150ml urine flows. Flow Rate 7ml/sec . I m just 25y.Please help.
Ankita Shergil
10 Aug 2018
Raju. You may take Cantharis 30, one dose only. Buy this from a homeopathic shop and take only one dose. Wait for a month. It should get better. In case it does not, then you may visit your doctor.
14 Aug 2018
Ok thanks for the guidance.
Ajay Rathi ( India )
14 Aug 2018
After an ear surgery to relace ear drum I have been diagnosed with Tinnitus, to which extent thiosinamium 3x can be useful. Are there any cases in which a patient is cured of tinnitus? Thank you
19 Aug 2018
I had undergone UROTHROPLASTY in year 2000 and again operated to remove scar tissues in year 2017 due to urethral stricture. Again I am having problem of urine blockages and UTI infection . Can I take THIOS. Medicine and in what POTENcY?.
Nithya ( Kerala )
15 Sep 2018
I am suffering from infertility due to endometriosis. Undergone one surgery 3years back. Can I takeThios for improving the quality of egg prevent further recurrence of endometriosis
Munu Khatri ( Delhi )
20 Sep 2018
What strength of Thiosinaminum I have to take for my stricture, I am 63. It happened after prostrate surgery.
Nilesh ghude ( Maharashtra )
05 Oct 2018
I have urethral stricture but thiosinaminum best medicine sir
17 Jan 2019
Alexo ( Ghana )
07 Oct 2018
Sir I have urethral stricture deases can I take Thio. Where can I get some to buy and the price of it.
Shridevi Chikkur ( India/ Karnataka )
07 Oct 2018
I am breastfeeding mother and I got keloid due to burn 6 months ago. Can I use thiosinamium now i.e during breastfeeding . please let me know I can use or not
Mary Francis ( Telangana )
12 Oct 2018
I hv a keloid on my neck ..for how long should I use thiosinamium 3x
Dhiraj ( India )
24 Oct 2018
sir mere urethra sticture ka problem h kya karu.urine ka flow slow h aur burning bhi h
Firoz Ahmad ( Bihar india )
31 Oct 2018
Dear sir
We have urethra strectur finde last month by sonography so can I take thiosinmium mother tinture pls advice kinds regards
Tim Vogrin ( Pennsylvania, U.S.A. )
04 Nov 2018
I have recurring scar tissue at the joint of the urethra and bladder due to prostate surgery (surgical removal of prostate due to cancer). Have been to urologist several time to have urethra dialated. Dilation works for about a month, then urine restriction begins again. Would thiosiniminum be beneficial to me? If so, in what dosage/time?
Thank you.
Nasair ( India / telangana )
07 Nov 2018
I have urethral strictures problem please help me
Pranav kumar ( India/maharashtra )
09 Nov 2018
I'm suffering from ankyolysing spondylits since 15yrs (32/M).
Presently calcification of joints is observed with stiffness and acute pain, I want to purchase thiosinamium.
I have permission from the authorities required for personal use.
Vijay kaushik ( Uttrakhand )
14 Nov 2018
I am 64 years old. I got major heart attack on 16 oct 2018. During enjiography Dr says that my artelaries are blocked with caliciam deposit and enjioplasty is not possible. Some body suggest me Thiosinaminum 3x and Lachesis 30. Is it helpful in reducing calciam deposits from artelaries. Kindly help me.
Luis ( Mexico )
21 Nov 2018
I had a prostate operation last year. After this I suffered a stricture of the prostatic urethra (reduced diameter a 50 % in 3 cm), and as a consequence of the problems of urination, I developed a bladder calculation that causes several pains after the miction. Can I take thiosianinum to solve the problem? At this moment I have thiosinaminum 6dh but I do not take, because I do not know if it is benefical for me.

Thanks and god bless you.

Annette Newton-Jones ( Queensland )
05 Dec 2018
Arteriosclerosis of the vessels to the optic nerve causing blindness. Would thiosin help with silica and what strength and dosage would you suggest?
Yash Ashok Mehta ( India )
17 Dec 2018
I have abdominal and peritoneal adhesions. Can i use thiosinaminum for dissolving adhesions.
Gary ( U.S. / Tennessee )
29 Dec 2018
I have scar tissue at the bladder neck opening. Will thiosinaminum help reduce the buildup of scar tissue? I take thiosinaminum 30C, 4 pellets, 3X daily. How long do I continue to do so?
Zara Khan
05 Jan 2019
Sir, i have several abrasions and cuts on my arm they are still healing.... the skin is a bit discoloured and have a thuck layers(keliods)....... Would it be useful to take thiosinaminum 30??
Gksinha ( India )
07 Jan 2019
My skin is thicknned at places due to lichen planus.Is there some treatment for it.Steroids antiallergic etc are not giving effective result
Kartikeya agrawal ( India uttar pradesh mathura )
21 Jan 2019
Sir mujhe tinnitus ho gya hai kya krna chaiye mujhe ye prblm 6 moths se hai left ear me hai
Anil Kumar ( India U.P. )
09 Feb 2019
Anil Kumar
Uttar pradesh

Scar in ratina in the Right eye . Suffering from pain . What I can take thiosinaminum 3x ?
Please help me
30 Apr 2019
Last 4 years I am facing tinnitus in my left ear followed by hearing loss. Now little noise started in right ear also. took many homeopathy medicine and other medications .please help
Rahul ( India )
12 May 2019
I have lipoma on my body. I am taking homeopathy mediacation from 2 months and it has no effect on it. Could anyone suggest me what to do ?
Ravi ( India )
15 Jul 2019
i am suffering from urinary track stricture from last 10 years and have two surgeries and after that again regrowth of stricture occur for this my doctor done diliation every 2-3 months.
i have used many homeopathy medicines but no result now i am taking pariera barvera. can i take thiosinaminum will it be effective
Nisha Thakur
18 Jul 2019
Hey Ravi,
This is because of the multiplication of cells. You need to have Anticancer medicines. Have Follinum 30 c. Take 1 dose of it. After a month take 1 dose of Carcinosin 10 M.
1 dose means 4 small pills.
I would advise you see a homeopath before starting medication.
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