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Eyes Bloodshot Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Eyes Bloodshot
Medical Name
Eyes Bloodshot
Eyes Bloodshot Symptoms
Eyes Red
Eyes Bloodshot
Bloodshot Eyes
Arterial Tension
Bounding Pulse
Pain in the Eyes
Swelling in the Eyes
Dry Eyes

Eyes Bloodshot Cured By

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Eyes Bloodshot is a disease of the Eyes.
The congested Blood Vessels that causes redness in the Eye is Eyes Bloodshot.

Causes of Eyes Bloodshot
Eye Infection
Kidney Failure
Corneal Abrasion
High blood pressure
Blood thinning drugs
Prolonged use of contact lenses

If not treated properly, Eyes Bloodshot may cause
Permanent damage to the Tissues

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Eyes Bloodshot

Single Herb

Betel ( Pan ) for Eyes Bloodshot

Boil 5 fresh Betel leaves in 2 cups of water. Strain and cool it. Use this water to wash the eye. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Eye Care

Eye is the most sensitive and beautiful part of our body. Eyes reflect our expressions. It needs too much care, if compared to other body parts. We can not be careless for eyes. This era prefers all in one formula. keeping all this in mind, at the time of research we have found a very effective formula for total eye care. Whether a person has stressed eyes or any other eye problem, answer is one. You may rely upon the formula as all the ingredients used are 100 % pure without any chemical. Now let's move on to the formula below :
Ingredients Needed :
Onion : Preferably white ( Pyaz in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Lemon ( Nimbo in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Ginger ( Adrak in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Honey ( Shehad in India ) One teaspoon
Take a small glass bottle. Pour all ingredients in bottle. Shake well. Your Eye drop is ready to use. Put one drop in both eyes. You may use it once or twice a day.
This will produce irritation in eyes but don't worry it's normal. This happens only because of pure ingredients used.
Note : While following the instructions, please pay attention to the clean objects ( Like- Knife, Squeezer, Bottle etc).
Additional Benefit : You may use it, Even if you don't have any eye problem. Why ? It strengthens the eye muscles and keeps your eyes healthy.
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