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Puffy Eyes Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Puffy Eyes
Medical Name
Puffy Eyes
Puffy Eyes Symptoms
Saggy Eyes
Eye Pain
Eye Discharge
Blurred Vision
Itching in Eyes
Redness around the Eyes
Formation of Bags under Skin
Loose Skin under the Eyes
Puffy Eyes
Swelling under lower eyelids

Puffy Eyes Cured By

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Puffy Eyes is a disease of the Eyes. The swelling under lower lids of the eyes is puffy eyes.
It is a result of weak muscles and tissues that surround the eyes. It causes saggy eyes that results in the formation of bags under the Eyes.

Causes Of Puffy Eyes
Old Age
Family History
Sinus problems
Kidney Problems
Prolonged Crying
Fluid Retention
Hormonal Imbalance
Not having a sound Sleep
Working on Computer for long Time
Increased levels of Toxins in the Body
Fluid retention due to over production of salt
Some times it may be a sign of Premenstrual Syndrome
Sudden occurrence of Puffy Eyes may be an indication of some Kidney Problems. If it is accompanied by Fever and Skin Rashes, it may be cause of some Allergic Reaction.

Most of the times the Puffy Eyes are accompanied by Dark Circles . The causes for both Disorders may be same. However Dark Circles are dealt with separately on this portal.

If not treated properly, Puffy Eyes may cause
Irritation in Eyes
Inflammation of Eyes

Note 1 : Drinking too much alcohol causes puffy eyes. It lowers the ADH (anti diuretic hormone) in the body. It dehydrates the Skin and results in saggy eyes.
Note 2 : Drinking plenty of water may reduce the puffiness of the Eyes. Also take a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Note 3: Herbal Remedies that you may easily find in your kitchen to get rid of Bags Under Eyes.
1. Potato : Potato is good for Eyes bags and dark circles also. You may apply potato juice around your eyes wit a cotton ball. Or you may chop a potato into slices and keep the slices on your Eyes.

2. Tea Bags : You may store used Tea Bags in freezer and keep chilled tea bags on you Eyes.

3. Cucumber : Cut a Cucumber into slices and keep them on your Eyes. Cucumber is good for dark circles also.

4. Add some coconut oil to ground beans and make a paste. Apply it under your Eyes. It will calm down the blood vessels and reduces the puffiness under your eyes.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Puffy Eyes

Single Herb

Water for Puffy Eyes

Water reduce the swelling part of body. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day

Tea bags for Puffy Eyes

Take used tea bags. Let it get cool. Apply the cooled tea bags over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. It reduce the swelled area.

Cucumber ( Kheera) for Puffy Eyes

Put the cold slices of cucumber over the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Potato ( Aalu ) for Puffy Eyes

Take two slices of Potato. Put it over the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Puffy Eyes

Apply Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) gel over the puffy eyes. Use two times a day.

Salt ( Namak ) for Puffy Eyes

Mix half teaspoon of Salt in a glass of warm water. Dip cotton cloth in water. Put it over the eye lids. Repeat this procedure several time to get relief from Puffy Eyes.

Witch Hazel for Puffy Eyes

Prepare a decoction of Witch Hazel leaves. Dip a piece of cotton cloth in to it. Put it over the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Banana ( Kela ) for Puffy Eyes

Apply mashed Banana ( Kela ) around eye for 20 minutes.
Peel a Sweet Potato ( Mitha Aloo ). Cut in to pieces. Put a piece on each eye for 15 to 20 minutes.

Parsley ( Ajmod ) for Puffy Eyes

Grind Parsley ( Ajmood ) with little water. Extract the juice. Apply it with the help of cotton for 15 minutes at night.

Zucchini for Puffy Eyes

Cut two thinly sliced Zucchini and put it over your eyelids for 20 minutes. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Puffy Eyes 1

Separate the yellow part of the Egg. Add Witch Hazel in Egg White. Mix them well. Dip a cotton cloth in it and apply over the Puffy Eyes

Herbal Treatment For Puffy Eyes 2

Mix equal quantity of Potato ( Aalu ) juice and Cucumber ( Khira ) juice. Apply it under eye. Let it dry. Wash with normal water. It gives relief in puffy eyes.

Herbal Treatment For Puffy Eyes 3

Add one teaspoon of Lemon ( Nimbo ) juice with one teaspoon of Cucumber ( Khira ) juice. Apply it over affected area for 15 to 20 minutes daily.

Herbal Treatment For Puffy Eyes 4

Take two drops each of Coconut Oil and Cypress Essential Oil. Mix them well. Dab a cotton ball in this blend and gently apply the mixture under the eye area. Repeat the process daily before going to bed.
It will reduce the Eye bags accompanied by Dark Circles.
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