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Lung Diseases Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Lung Diseases
Medical Name
Lung Diseases
Hindi Name
Fefdon Ka Rog, Phefdon Ka rog
Lung Diseases Symptoms
Inflammation Of Lungs
Discomfort in Lungs

Lung Diseases Cured By

Super Effective


Abscess Root Pl...
Afzelia African...
Allium Karatavi...
Amaranthus Blit...
American Mint
American Mistle...
Angelica Arguta
Aralia Californ...
Atriplex Horten...
Cissampelos Muc...
Coelocaryon Pre...
Combretum Colli...
Commiphora Agal...
Crotalaria Quin...
Croton Laccifer
Dendrocnide Har...
Doronicum Royle...
Drypetes Gosswe...
Eucalyptus Alba
Euthamia Gymnos...
Hydrophylax Mar...
Hyptis Pectinat...
Madras Carpet
Populus Trichoc...
Rhododendron An...
Sisymbrium lro
Smooth Solomon ...
Sugar Palm
Swamp Rice Gras...
Thistle Sage
Torch Tree
Triumfetta Rotu...
Viola Japonica
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Lung Disease is a disease of the Lungs.
An illness that affects the lungs and disrupts their functioning is Lung Disease.
The Lungs are the respiratory organs present in the chest inside the rib cage. They take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.
The Lungs supply oxygen to the whole body with the help of the Heart. The Heart pumps deoxygenated blood to the Lungs. The Lungs return the oxygenated blood to the Heart. Then this blood is supplied to the cells, tissues and organs through the bloodstream. The oxygen gives energy to the Whole Body.
Anything wrong with lungs causes problems.
Specific Diseases of the Lungs are covered separately on this portal.

Herbs that have a special affinity for the lungs in general are given here. Certain herbs have a beneficial effect on the lungs, no matter what the malady. Those herbs are dealt with on this page. For specific herbs for specific diseased conditions are given on the pages covering those diseases.

Causes of Lung Diseases
Bacterial or Viral Infections
Sudden change in body temperature (Gram sard Hona)

If not treated properly, Lung Diseases may cause
Lung Cancer

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Lung Diseases

Single Herb

Confederate Rose for Lung Diseases

Prepare a decoction using one fresh flower of Confederate Rose. Drink 36 ml twice a day.

Osha for Lungs

Osha has expectoration properties which clear mucus from the Lungs.
Boil Osha roots in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink that tea twice a day.
It helps in preventing Respiratory Disorders and increase the efficiency of Lungs.

Lungwort For Lungs

Lungwort is an incredible Herb that takes a good care of Lungs.
Take 4 to 5 fresh Lungwort leaves. Boil it in a glass of Water for 10 minutes. Cool it. Strain and drink this tea twice a day.
This will help in cleansing the Lungs.

Oregano for Lung Diseases

Oregano is an aromatic Herb that is wildly used in Cooking. It has several medicinal values also.
It is considered as Lungs cleanser. Its specialty is to detoxify the Lungs and expels the Phlegm from the Lungs.
Add some dry or fresh oregano leaves to your meal. Oregano oil can also be used for Lung Congestion.

Verbascum Thapsus for Lung Disorders

Verbascum Thapsus contains saponins which act as an expectorant. It clears excess of Phlegm from the Lungs.
Make a tea of Fresh Leaves of Flowers. It will act as an expectorant and will clears the Lungs.
Smoking steam of tea will help in Nasal congestion.
Burn dried leaves and inhale the Smoke to get rid of nasal and lung congestion

Thyme For Lung Diseases

Take a handful fresh leaves of Thyme. Boil it in water. Cool it. Strain and drink tea twice a day.
It will detox your Lungs and prevent them from diseases Like Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Cold, Cough and Sore Throat.
Inhaling the steam helps in giving relief from nasal congestion and Lungs Congestion.

Lobelia for Lungs

Boil 5 to 10 fresh leaves of Lobelia in water. Inhale the steam 2 to 3 times in a day.
It will melt the Thick mucus and expels it from the Lungs.

Inula Helenium For Lung Congestion

Drink Inula Helenium Roots tea Twice a Day. It will help in Lung Congestion.
Or Boil Roots and Inhale steam. This will also effect the Lungs and remove the excess of Phlegm from the Lungs.

Plantago For Lungs

It is one of the Herbs that is used to make Cough Syrups.
To get rid of Dry Cough and Lung Congestion, Drink Plantago Leaves decoction.
Boil A handful leaves in water and drink twice a day.

Polygonatum for Lung Diseases

Prepare an infusion by steeping Polygonatum
roots in 150 ml of water. Strain it off. Drink this infusion two times a day to prevent Lung Diseases.
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Herbal Treatment For Lung Diseases 1

Take One tablespoon each of Mint leaf Juice ( Pudina ) and Carrot juice( Gaajar ). Add some Honey ( Shehad ) and take on an empty stomach in the morning for a few weeks. It strengthens the Lungs.
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Tahir ( Pakistan )
05 May 2016
Dear sir, please surest for lungs infection.
05 May 2016
Dear Tahir
Before suggesting you any herb, please tell us some more details about your health. What kind of Lungs Infection do you have? and is there any Symptom that you might have noticed? Please tell us some more details, so that we can recommend you an appropriate.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Teresa jones
04 Aug 2017
i have c o p d and very tired all the time T Jones
Irene mangguing
05 Nov 2017
I experienced difficulty breathing..even when i lie down at night i hardly breathe..so what i do i sit and and it relieves me a little...i also smoke...the doctor said i water in my lungs..she said i have pulmonary desease..last 2 years ago i had medicated for tubercolosis...after medications the doctor says i was clear...
06 Dec 2017
Dear Irene Mangguing
Buy Pulmonary Officinalis mother tincture and have 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day. Take it for 15 days and see the results.
Sandra Woodard ( South Dakota,USA )
19 Feb 2019
I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis,use oxygen to help with shortness of breathe.What herbs do you recommend?
Mohammad Muazam ( Pakistan )
29 May 2019
hi My mother is suffering breast cancer before five year ago every thing was done chemo readiation opration but after five year its again started its goes to the lunges also and she have pain on right side leg and avery day she have high fever and the dr again started chemo thropy pls can you suggest me what i have to do which medicene i have to give her i am realy worry plz help me
17 Dec 2021
Hi am not able to breath properly sometimes like something is chocking in my lungs that am forced to push it by a breath and I give sound at that action like some one is suffocating
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