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Hepar Sulphuris Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Hepar Sulphuris
Glycemic Index / Load
Hepar Sulphuris
Botanical Name
Hepar Sulfuis Calcareum
Homeopathic Name
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum   -   Mother Tincture

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Hepar Sulphuris Cures


Action of Hepar Sulphuris

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Nutrients in Hepar Sulphuris


Parts Used

Chemical compound
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Hepar Sulphuris is a chemical compound.
It is white amorphus powder.
The inner layer of Oyster shells is combined with flowers of sulfur and burned to create Hepar Sulphuris.
Best used for Cold, Cough and Abscess.
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Materia Medica for Hepar Sulphuris

Hepar Sulphuris General

Hepar Sulph is a versatile chemical. It is generally used homeopathically, meaning in potentized form.
It regulates the body's tendency to suppuration especially on Skin and Lymph Glands.
It promotes the healing of Tonsillar Abscesses, Chalazions and Stye.
It aids Hemicrania, Urinary disorders.
It treats Hypersensitivity to cold and drafts.
When you have examined an Abscess and decided that you want to hasten the formation of the pus, then administer it in a very low dose. Give One dose of Hepar Sulph 3X. Once you feel the inflammation has subsided and the pus formation is at its height, then give Hepar Sulph 200 one dose to dry the Abscess.
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Dimple j
16 Jan 2016
Please do let me know whether Hepar Sulph is used to treat chronic cold caused due to inhaling cold air and what is the effective potency one has to use
Herbpathy Research Team
21 Jan 2016
Dear Dimple j
Hepar Sulphuris is undoubtedly a remedy meant for chronic Phlegm, NOT COLD.
If you are exposed to dry-cold wind and you get a running nose, fever, headache ( gets worse by lying down ) and a feeling of sand in eyes -- Take one dose of Aconite 30 immediately on exposure. You will be cured within 15 minutes. Condition applied is-- it should be taken immediately after exposure, no delaying.
If you are suffering from chronic cold, discharging yellow phlegm, already matured. Then you need to take ONLY ONE DOSE of Hepar Sulph 200. You are advised not to take it in lower potency, otherwise your condition will spoil, as low potencies are known to produce phlegm, rather than cure it. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
20 Jan 2020
I get this all the time (exposure to cold wind causes headache (worse for lying down), cold-flu symptoms, etc. I didn't know I needed aconite 30C. Since I didn't take it then (3 days ago), and I now have a little red blood in my sputum, what should I do?
20 Jan 2020
PS: I was going to take hepar sulph 30c (30x is unavailable) to deal with the gritty sand feeling (and redness) in my left eye (outer portion), but now I am worried about doing this...
Louis Pressi
21 Jan 2020
Hey Cis. Hepar sulph 200 is the right one for you. A lower dose is not recommended. It will help in treating bloody discharge. Take only 1 dose. Visit a homeopath near and ask for the same. Take 1 dose in a glass of water. Drink 10 ml or 2 teaspoons from this glass.
05 Mar 2016
I was having psoriasis with white scales peelings all over. I cured by taking petroleum 1000 every 15 days. Graphite 200 every week. Mang Ace 30 daily.
Now I am having scalp pus and itching. Severe cracks on bottom of feet. Unable to walk. Please suggest me homeopathic cure. Thanks With regards. RCGolani. 64years male.
08 Mar 2016
Dear Rup Chand Golani
You should not be taking those medicines anymore. The symptoms you have mentioned are the adverse effects of taking those medicines in higher amounts. You will get severe constipation and the problem will get worse. So you need to STOP the usage of these medicines. This can even be fatal. Haridrakhand. This is a herbal formula which is quite known to cure Skin disorders. You may buy the formula and take it as per your physician's suggestion.
It is advised to consult your physician before taking any remedy, be it Homeopathic , or Herbal.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Talha ( Pakistan )
10 Mar 2016
Dear Dr(s) Team,
I am having the hair fall problem and don't want to be bald, the Dr prescribed me China Q and Acid Phos both in mother tinctures for two months and to use arnica oil in parallel, is it the right formula he suggested or i should change? Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Herbpathy Admin
22 Mar 2016
Dear Talha, As you have already consulted with the doctor, he must have given you the most appropriate remedy according to your symptoms. Any medicine is given by a doctor after the thorough check up and analysis of the symptoms. So you may use these medicines and notice that your getting any benefits or not. Please consult the doctor again if you are not getting the desired results or in case you face any kind of side effects.
As far as these formulas are concerned, yes these are considered good for hair problems. But it is difficult to comment that it will suit you or not. It depends from person to person and many other factors like age, sex and physical condition etc.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Muhammad Ahmad ( Pakistan )
28 Mar 2016
Dear Sir, i am having severe hair fall. someone used China Q (mother tincture ) and Acid Phos (mother Tincture) and his issue was resolved so he advised me too to use the same, i am using since last two months now. unfortunately, i couldn't find any reliable homeopath here, i would request you to advise me the remedy or endorse what i am using is perfectly fine..

thank you
13 Apr 2018
May try Arnica 30, one dose (4-6 pills) every day for 15 days and report on the forum pl.
Joe ( New Jersey )
30 Apr 2016
I was given Hepar Sulphuris Calareum for treatment of H-Pylori. Has anyone heard of this use before?
04 May 2016
Dear Joe
Yes Hepar Sulphuris is the right medicine. But make sure that you do not repeat this dose. NO REPETITION........ H pylori, is a type of bacteria which resides in the stomach. It's known to be transferred from one person to another by coming into contact with another person’s saliva or other bodily fluids by doing such things as sharing drinks or utensils.
Cure is--
Broccoli--- consume broccoli sprouts 50 gm, twice a day for 7 days.
Cranberry ---Drink 100ml Cranberry juice everyday for 15 days. Green Tea---Drink two cups of Green tea in a day, regularly for 15 days. Mastic Gum is a herb known to be quite effective to cure this disease.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
17 Apr 2018
hi. i have h pylori and doctor has given me nux vomica and before that she gave me arsenicum album. but i still have it over a month.
M shafique ( Pakistan )
10 May 2016
I have used 2 month antibiotics tablets but did not work for throat infection and mouth ulcer .please suggest a cure.
16 Jun 2016
Dear M shafique The remedy for you is take a small piece of Liqourice ( Mulethi ). Put it in your mouth and suck it. This will cure your throat infection.
Dilute 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil in one glass of water. Swish the mouth with it, 2 times a day. This will cure your Mouth Ulcer.
Oana ( United Kingdom )
23 May 2016
My daughter is having a cold almost every month endig giving antibiotics sometimes starting with runny nose now she got a dry cough but chocking with flegma.and a bit of temperature.what do you recomend?is hepar sulfh any good?thank you
Aadarsh Mani ( INDIA )
01 Jun 2016
Dear sir,
I am a student of class 10th and having a horrible coughing problem since i was of 2 yr but i took medicines and cured it for some days but sadly the problem get restarted after some days when medicine is left . from last to yrs i am taking seroflo 100 and montek lc which take cough out of chest and i get relief but the doctor asked me to take these medicine regularly in changing season.
I want a permanent medicine for it so that i can get relief from this yellow white and brown cough.
27 Jun 2016
Drink Thyme tea : add two teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves and one cup of boiling water. Cover the cup, steep for 10 minutes, and strain. DO salt hot water gargles, thrice in a day. Take ginger peppermint syrup. One teaspoon after every 4 ours in a day. Take this for about a week. Try these remedies. and write back with results.
08 Feb 2017
I'm not sure but it seems you have chronic bronchitis. If that is the case there is a tremendous treatment of this in homeopathy. 1- ANT-ARS and the potency OR power is 1M. 10 drops 3 times a day half an hour before meals
2- RAPH-S (mother tincture to clear bronchitis tubes) and potency is M1
10 drops 3 times a day one hour before meals-- good luck
Sarah Jane ( Ireland )
01 Jul 2016
Dear Sir,
I have an abscess under a tooth. I have been recommended to use Hepar sulphate. I've taken 30c 6 times a day every 2 hours, for 2 days. Unfortunately I was unaware that alcohol and coffee should not be used during this time, and had a drink the first night, and coffee today. Does this completely negate any heph sulphate taken to date? What would you recommend I do, and how long should it be before I notice a change in my condition?
01 Jul 2016
Sarah Jane
It is true that alcohol and coffee do reduce the effect of homeopathic medicine. However, what you have written, it is totally against the norms of homeopathy. When an abscess is in the formative stage and there is only inflammation no the site, then only you can use Hepar Sulph 30C, that too only one dose, not to be repeated. It is before the full formation of the abscess. If the abscess is already formed, then it has to be carried forward to it's maturity, till its suppuration stage. In this stage, Hepar Sulph 3x will help, not 30. Hepar Sulph 3x, a dose every 4 hours only for one day. Red line symptom is : Abscess must be extremely painful to touch.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
01 Jul 2016
Continued for Sarah..................... If you have taken Hepar Sulph 30 C, six times, like you said, the body will not know whether to resolve the abscess or make the puss. It will be extremely painful.
So, now please take an action accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Apr 2017
For an already formed abscess of the tooth, i was recommended hepar sulph 30x every 6 hours for 7 days. Face is swollen and red, pressurized sensation like infection is trying to surface. Stinging after taking each dose but its temporary. Pain level has gone down since starting tge regimen but ive only taken 2 doses. Have i been ill informed? What do u suggest moving forward?
Ankur ( India/karnataka )
03 Jul 2016
My 2 yr. Old son has cough and runny nose from last 15 days. In night he is feeling restless. And getting up in night, cries for 1or 2 hour then sleeps.sometime he is complaining about ear pain and pain in genital area too.
Preet Sachdeva
06 Jul 2016
Dear Ankur In the mean time you can give Ginger decoction to your son. Half teaspoon after every 4 hours. Also it is important to know if your wife is breast feeding. Other herbs will be suggested then.
07 Jul 2016
No she is not feeding
07 Jul 2016
I gave him hepar sulpharis. Now he is fine. But feeling like womiting during potty.
Lalit Kurra ( India )
10 Jul 2016
Iam suffering from pus in tonsils & due to this high fever body ache. Shall I start hepar sulphur
20 Jul 2016
Dear Lalit
I advise you, not to take any Homeopathy without a doctor's advise.
You may take Tinospora Cordifolia. 5 drops 3 times in a day.
Saurabh ( India )
25 Jul 2016
Sir, I am 40 years male Indian. My problem is that I have big and small boils on my head, moustache area and eye brows. The boils on head have big base (around .5 inches diameter), they are very hot and have small tip as their top, no puss but 'dried blood' type top. Those on eyebrow and moustache area are mixed, the above type plus 'acne type having pus/white top'. I am ultra sensitive person, under tremendous stress and face recurring throat problems.
Kastoori Nayak
02 Aug 2016
Dear Saurabh The herbs for you are Urtica Dioca. Buy this tincture from a homeopathic store. Take 5 drops of this tincture in a glass of water everyday for a month. Another Herb is Neem. You may buy Neem tincture , it is known as Azadirachta Indica.Take 5 drops of this tincture everyday for 15 days. All these herbs will purify your blood and help you get rid of the boils.
Abhishek ( India )
02 Aug 2016
I am a male and 42year indian.
My problem is that having regular allergic rhinitis nose block, headache,hey fever, mild body pain.Whenever I took steam experience some white transparent small sticky granuls discharge.
What kind of treatment and medicine to take.
I was taking allopathic medicine Last 15 years.
Citrizine 10mg
Motair Lc 10mg.
Nose spry

02 Aug 2016
Abhishek You have been taking anti histamines and anti allergic herbs.
You need immunity boosting herbs. Take Ashwagandha capsules on alternate days. One in a day.
Drink 2 cups of Green Tea everyday. One in the morning and one in evening.
Visit the page Immunity boosting herbs in the action section of this website and look for the herbs. Chavanprash is also a great immumnity booster.
Muhammad Ali ( Pakistan )
10 Aug 2016
Dear sir,
I am suffering from oral ulcer in my throat Skin since 4 months, 3 or 4 red white sores and ulcer in throat skin, side effect of wrong treatment of tonsils, taken Allopathic Medicines given by Doctors, however, i am also suffering form tonsils too, i am taking Allopathic Treatment (Mouthwash and Ulcer Spray for Oral Ulcer) but getting no good result.....
Now, i want to take Homeopathic medicines, Homeopathic Dr. suggest me to take Silicea 200 and Hepar Sulph 200 (in liquid form) 5,6 drops in water 4 times a day, with gap of 3 days between Silicea 200 and Hepar Sulph 200.
Now I want to know that is this treatment usefull for both "oral ulcer and tonsils", and is there any side effect of these medicines coz i have already suffered from Tonsils and Oral Ulcer..........
I am male and 31 year,
22 Aug 2016
Muhammad Ali
You should stop taking the homeopathic medicines. The dosage that you are taking is too much. your disease is homeopathy.
For oral cancer take Galium Aparine tincture and Wheatgrass juice. Visit the page Cancer in the disease section of this website for a better cure.
19 Feb 2021
He said oral ulcer not cancer
Aayat ( India )
21 Aug 2016
Sir , I am 20 years old and i am suffering from acne problem but my uncle suggested me to use hyper sulphur 200 . Is it ook to use it.....though I am using some allupathic medicine of some other disease... so can I take hyper sulphur and r53 for acne problems...
22 Aug 2016
Ayat It is recommended herb for acne is : Neem water. Wash your face with neem water every day.
Chew mint and basil leaves every morning for a week. 3 -4 leaves are good enough.
Make a paste of Basil leaves. Apply it everyday on face and wash after 15 minutes of application.
22 Aug 2016
Thank u sir
But I just want to know that is neem water has any side effect...if it tang my face or it will fade my color....if not then ..what will be the step of using it...
Sir will u please elaborate....
20 Sep 2016
No, it will not. Boil 10 leaves of Neem in water. Let the water cool. Strain it and wash the face with this water. Very effective it is. You may increase the quantity of neem leaves as per your requirement. Depends on how often you wash your face. Washing Thrice in a day is recommended.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
17 Jul 2017
Hepar Sulphuris Pentarkan is it use for acne and white heads problem that which weeks acne end on the face is it good to use this think I am very teard about that acne came 3 years he not go
Monhart ( United States )
17 Sep 2016
Hey there my daughter ( 1 month ) is suffering from a cold, she produced a small amount of vomit after a burp and is noticeably congested. I was inquiring what I could give her to ease her , we do have Hylands kid kit is there anything in there we may use?
Thanks in advance!
21 Sep 2016
No please. You must not give any of those medicines to your one month old baby. The herb that is the cure for your baby is Ginger, but that too is not supposed to be given directly to the kid. The cure must be given to the mother, so that herb reaches the baby indirectly via mother's milk. We assume that you are breast feeding your baby. Drink a decoction of Ginger twice a day . So, now whenever you feed your baby , the herb will go into the baby's system and should provide him/her relief from cold. Consult your health care provider before trying any herb or medicine.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sharmeen ( Pakistan )
22 Sep 2016
does hepar sulphuris 200 does it cause hair fall??
27 Sep 2016
No, Hepar Sulphuris does not cause Hair Fall. Did you take this remedy ?
What for and how much ? You need to be a bit detailed. Write back to us and explain your problem in detail please.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Varinder ( India )
29 Sep 2016
Sir my son 8 years old has Molluscom on his face mostly under chin and little up also. Kindly let me know what medicine would you prescribe.
Izabela ( England )
02 Oct 2016
Dear Sir.My dad suffers from a very painful and degenerative rhumatoid artrititis and a prostate cancer.He is on a very strong medication-methotrexat for artritis and hormon injections for a prostate.Both meds
make my dad very anaemic,weak and he loses weight,althougt the prostate problem is stable.PLEASE could you recommend some natural alernative/treatment for his problems:joints pain and infllammation,
Anaemia,and prostate.Thank you in advance and God Bless you.Please,please help Izabela Uk.
07 Oct 2016
Give him Night Jasmine capsules r you can try decoction of this herb, it's hindi name is Harsinghaar. Also, he may take Boswellia capsules. One everyday for a month. Night Jasmine is the herb which has shown miraculous effects on a number of people. You must visit the herb given on this website.
Aakash ( India / M.P. )
13 Oct 2016
I have pain in left side I can feel a vein which is having pain move upto the base of the peins than to wards my thigh which medicine I have to take plz suggest
19 Oct 2016
You need to be specific. Left side what organ are you talking about ? Are you talking about testes or scrotum or thighs or the entire penile area. Explain your problem in detail.
Suz ( USA )
14 Oct 2016
For 3 weeks I have had an infection about the size of a quarter on my arm which might be a staph infection or MRSA. I put manuka honey on it for a couple days, keeping it covered, and then let it dry in the open air. It did heal over with a thin layer of skin but a bump of yellow puss can be seen below the skin. It is slightly raised and tender with very a small amount of red inflammation around it. I am told I need to get rid of the puss to heal it completely. My doctor has given me Silicea 6X (tissue salt) and Hepar Sulphuris Caccareum 30k (with 140 granuals) to force the puss to a head. She has told me to take 3 of the silicea under the tongue, then 10 minutes later, 3 of the Hepar Sulph. Cac. And she said to repeat it many times before bedtime (I did 4 repetitions in 6 hrs), and then to repeat the doses in rapid succession again the next day. I have had approximately 10 doses (3 of each) in the past day and a half. The puss has turned white and seems to be getting smaller. The only side effect is a rather bothersome vaginal discharge. I had redness and burning in the vagina prior to starting the pills...which I suspected was related to the infection on my arm. Input?
14 Oct 2016
It is advised that you do not take any of these homeopathic remedies. As, the vaginal discharge is the result of taking these remedies in excessive amount. Please drink a strong cup of coffee everyday for a week. this will help to negate the effect of the medicines you have been taking. The medicine is correct. But you have taken it in large amounts. Write back to us after 15 days and share the result of not taking the medicine.
The vaginal discharge should reduce by then.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
28 Oct 2016
I did as you suggested...stopped the homeopathic remedies immediately and had a cup of coffee each day for a week. When I got back in touch with my alternative MD on the 18th, she was disappointed that the remedies had not worked, and she got lab tests back showing that it was a staph infection (not MRSA) on my arm and back. Since this infection had been going on for 30 days, now, she started me on Amoxicillin on the 19th. Today is 9 days later. I will finish the prescription tomorrow, and it appears to have healed the sores. Of course I was disappointed that the manuka honey and the homeopathic remedies did not work. Perhaps I was too impatient, but a full month of working with the infection did not show a lot of progress.
Suz ( USA )
14 Oct 2016
To continue the above question....
I am 70 years old. I have recurring breast cancer...not metastesized...and I take many supplements for it but no prescription drugs. Also, 9 months ago I fell and broke my femur near the right hip. It is healing with a rod and screws inserted. Tests show osteopenia.
My questions...
1. Is the Silicea 6X normally prescribed with the Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum? Or is this something my doctor added because of my femur break & osteopenia?
2. Am I taking an excessive amount of the Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum? I weigh only 110 lbs.
3. Can I stop taking the Silicea 6X and continue the other?
4. Should I discontinue both of these?
Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Suz ( USA )
14 Oct 2016
I see you have already answered my questions. Thank you.
18 Oct 2016
You are most welcome. The aggravation caused by the homeopathic medicines shall subside after 15 days. ( Provided you do not take any of them ) And drink a cup of strong coffee every day for a week.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Pavani ( India )
28 Oct 2016
I am suffering with acne I used ladam pal for 2 days 200 power after using that my infection increased.it is very painful when I kept soap on my face.can I use heper sulph to cure this?
04 Nov 2016
No please. Do not take any medicine. And if you take Hepar sulph for this condition , then it will aggravate the condition. So, read the page "The Genesis " in the vibrant health portal and drink Green Leaf Juice for 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ruchira Banerjee ( India, Odisha )
04 Nov 2016
I am Ruchira Banerjee suffering from fungal infection on outer ears and on nose which is giving me unbearable tickling and itching. I am taking Hepar Sulph 200 twice a week but I want to be more sure about the dose. Kindly guide me.
11 Nov 2016
You need not take This much of Hepar Sulph. I would suggest that you please. Stop the consumption now . Do not take any herb.
16 Nov 2016
Dear Sir,
is there a remedy for improving the skin, wrinkles, crackes, elasticity, especially building collagen? I mean anti - aging remedy. I am 55 years old, using retin A, some glycolic acid and good moisurizer for a half a year with no effect so far. I would like to try homeopathy. My skin is combinated, I hadn?t had any wrinkles on my forehead before, because it was oily , but now new deep wrinkles and cracks suddenly are appearing between my eyebrows and also sagging jawline. I now, it is s the age, but is there a solution, please?
Thank you for your advice.
18 Nov 2016
It is suggested that you visit the portal : VIBRANT HEALTH, given above, on this website. The page "The Genesis" is just for you. You may try the protocol.
The Pearl capsules will help to rejuvenate your skin. Take one capsule, twice a day, for on to two months.
Shekhar ( India )
22 Nov 2016
Hello Sir, I am having White small spots (Hypopigmentation) on forehead due to Pimples since 12 years. I am 29 now.
My one Homeopathic Dr. Friend advice me To use Hepar sulph Pentagram. May this be effective, I have doubt because he doesn't have vast Experience.
Can I use Baksoinat Cream 9 on my forehead. It is for Leucoderma, Burn Hypopigmentation. Can it have any side effect because I have Hypopigmentation due to Pimples. Please advice me immediately.
23 Nov 2016
Shekhar Please do not take any homeopathic remedy for it. As, this may cause aggravation. So, do not use Hepar Sulph . You problem can be solved by a herb called, Mukta Pishti or Mukta Bhasma . This herb is prepared by Pearl. You may buy the herb from any herbal store. Take one capsule everyday (100 mg ).
Consult your doctor before you take any remedy..
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
23 Nov 2016
i will suggest that you buy Baidyanath capsules only,. They are better than all. Hypopigmentation can be cured by also applying cranberry juice on the affected area.
Brett ( MO )
27 Nov 2016
I have a molar on the right side that has been hurting. The pain is a constant ache that goes from the top of the tooth down into the gums. The dentist found no signs of in infection and the gums around the tooth look good. It hurts to eat just hard food.
28 Nov 2016
Dear Brett We must say that you have identified the correct remedy. Well done Sir. Your cure is Hepar Sulphuris. Dio not take it in any potency other than 3X.
So, take Hepar SUlphuris 3 X; thrice a day : Morning, afternoon and evening. This is a one time dose only. Do not repeat it. Only to be taken for a day, thrice as mentioned. For any queries, you may always write back to us.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
14 Dec 2016
Dear Sir / Madam,

I am suffering from Pleomorhic Adenoma ( cyst below my right ear ?) Is there any herbs that is useful for this condition please ?

warm regard

19 Dec 2016
Soak a piece of clean cloth in castor oil and place it directly on the infected cyst. Now, place a hot water bag on the cloth placed on cyst and compress for half an hour. The heat of water and castor oil will help in curing cyst easily by shrinking it.
Daniela ( USA/kansas )
03 Jan 2017
Dear sir/ma'am,

Heparsulph 30 was suggested for my 4 year old who has developed acne looking bumps on inner upper thighs, side of knee, and a few on top of foot. They don't bother him or itch/hurt. Is this a good remedy?
12 Jan 2017
Please mention the exact dosage that has been prescribed. Is there any bursting sensation on those lumps ?
Do the lumps keep on increasing in number or in size ?
Is your kid extremely sensitive to cold air? We mean, that he/she wants to be wrapped all the time. Do you feel that your child gets anxious or is irritated by on slightest cause ? Answers to all these questions are important, please let us know.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Daniela (usa/kansas)
17 Jan 2017
To describe the bumps... They are small and red. A few appear to have white inside. Some are bigger, but not very big (smaller than a pencil eraser)
Daniela (USA/Kansas)
17 Jan 2017
Recommended dosage was hepar sulph 30 (5 pellets dissolved in water 1oz, twice a day, for 2 days). No bursting sensation.. He does occasionally complain that it feels like something is poking him and he'll scratch a lot. The bumps did increase and it looks like they slowed down but hand haven't stopped. He is not sensitive to cold air.. If anything he's always on the "hotter" side and likes being cool. I do notice when he gets warm he's very irritable. But on the contrary this has been the first year he doesn't want to wear short sleeves. He'll make me put him in long sleeves. I'm not sure if it's because he'll scratch his eczema spots (inner elbow crease, wrist area, and hands).. He's had eczema since he was a baby and very slowly seems to be decreasing.. But those spots and behind knees still get it. I do feel he gets irritated and anxious easily. I can send or post appropriate pictures without showing other areas, if this will be helpful. Thank you, I truly appreciate feedback.
Hinna ( Pakistan )
09 Jan 2017
Hello i am having severe acne with black heads and pus filled pimples
I have used allopathic medicines 3, 4 tyms but the acne appears again on discontinuation
Have tried all home remedies but didnt worked
Some one have suggested me homeopathic medocines by dr .willmar schawabe it includes topi sulphur cream , silicea tablets and hepar sulpuris pentarkan should i start using it
12 Jan 2017
Yes, you are right. Homeopathic remedies can help. But, for that we need to know all the symptoms that you have been experiencing, and you yourself have to be very much observant about the symptoms. the symptoms may be emotional, mental or physical. Do you suffer from acne on face, or chest or on shoulders? Please specify the body parts.
What is your age ?
Do you feel itching on the acne ?
Are the pimples sensitive to touch ?
Do you suffer from gastric problems?
Do you suffer from menstrual problems ?
Is the acne attack due to use of cosmetics ( if you have noticed ) ? Your reply is awaited. Hepar Sulph and Calc Sulph are the most effective remedies for the pus filled acne.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sugandha ( India )
10 Jan 2017
I a 30 year female from India from past 8 years I get pus filled abscess in my library minor a and the area near my genital region. I was taking hepar sulp 200 and silica 200 for almost 4 years but the problem persists. Some times it's gone and suddenly it comes back. I take hepar sulph 6 too and used gun powder and thuja. Can u plz help
12 Jan 2017
Dear Sugandha. Since, you have been already taking so many homeopathic remedies, and that too for a long time. So, we need to know some more symptoms. And, your case has been forwarded to our experts. They will get back to you shortly once you share the symptoms; mental, emotional and physical.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Subrata Dey ( India )
16 Jan 2017
I am suffering from cold allergy from last 20 years, no medicine worked, i visited many doctors but they were unable to find out my real problem, even I am also confused...the problem occurs during winter and rainy days when the weather is chilled, I start feeling itchy nose,eyes,ear when i inhale cold dry air,the problem is worst, my nose gets blocked all the time during winter,very difficult to breath, the only medicine prescribed a doctor and suggests that i have ALLERGIC BRONCHITIS and prescribed MONTICOPE TABLETS, which gives me little relief, and the effect is for few hours, again the same problem i face, during summer i am OK and lives a healthy life,but winter kills my lifestyle,I keep on searching for remedies for this problem.and came to know about homeopathy treatment for bronchitis, and learned about HEPAR SULPHUR i read all the articles related to bronchitis treatment, the symptoms,and everything about Hepar shulphur medicine,and i personally found all the problem i am facing during winter even i cannot explain exactly,but found exact the the Hepar sulphur patients face,the problem is COLD,the only problem in my life,please suggest me a right medicine that will help.
01 Feb 2017
Subrata. The cure lies in homeopathy. You will have to follow the regimen-- You may start by taking Tuberculinum 10 M one dose. Do not repeat. ONLY ONE DOSE. Then do not take anything for a month. And write back to us after a month. Then we will let you know the next remedy to be taken.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mari ( Australia )
26 Jan 2017
Dear doctor, I need you advice. Have been to the dentist, have done Xray and he told me that I have to pull out two teeth due two chronic infection and that's the only way . Also, it might be the main reason of my sinusitis, which I have for the last 4 years now. Is there a chance to keep those teeth? Is there homeopathic remedy that I can try? I was thinking to use Hepar Sulphur 6c. Thank you
01 Feb 2017
Dear Mari. To save your teeth, we suggest that you take the homeopathic tincture: Symphytum. Add 10 drops of this tincture to a glass of water, drink it morning and evening. Continue for 10 days. For Sinusitis, take Tuberculinum 10 M one dose. ONLY ONE DOSE. Do not reapeat the dosage. Also, please let us know if you were born fat or lean ?
Do you crave for eggs, sugar or milk?
DId you suffer from any phobia? Answers to all these questions are important. Please let us know.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Laura ( USA )
27 Jan 2017
My daughter has tonsil stones. Someone recommended Hepar Sulphuris. Would this be appropriate? Dosage and length of treatment?
27 Jan 2017
This problem will be cured by a constitutional remedy. So please answer the following questions about your daughter-- Her age.
Was she born fat or flabby. Or was she feeble or looked like a wrinkled baby ?
Does she crave for eggs, mud or milk ?
Is her tongue moist and yet she feels very thirsty?
Does she feel a sensation as if throat is plugged ?
Are the tonsils swollen and tongue is red like strawberry ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
28 Jan 2017
My daughter has been coughing for awhile and is gets coughs easily due to cold. My homeopath had her on Lachesis and nat nut. She still has cough and plhlegm at times. It's worse when she runs. This hep sulph seems like a good fit her. Should I just give one dose of 200? Or do I need to repeat this until it is fully gone?
06 Feb 2017
Please stop all the homeopathic remedies. Do not take anything for a week and then let us know after a week. Then a cure will be suggested.
Christie ( U.K )
01 Feb 2017
Could I get your advise please? I have a problem with abscess's, I have since my early teens (I'm now mid 20's) I get them quite often, they start off like a boil but within 24 hours or so they usually swell up more and are really red, hot to touch and painful, sometimes they burst but other times they do not and turn dark in colour instead and usually end up returning. I have one at the moment that is red, hot to touch and painful and has got darker in colour, I think this one may be close to bursting but I'm unsure (I also have 2 others at the moment but they're not as painful) a friend recommended Hepar Sulph for abscesses, the only ones I could find in a high street shop were Hepar Sulph 30C so I just started taking them today, I've never taken any herbal tablets before so I took the stated dosage on the box of 2 tablets every 2 hours for the first 6 doses, is this the correct amount and am I taking the right thing? And if so how many shall I continue to take until it heals?
07 Feb 2017
Dear Christie. The Hepar Sulph is the right medicine for you. One single dose is enough. You have already taken too much. Please stop the intake now. .Do not take it anymore. Do Not... As the only cure to your condition is ONE DOSE OF HEPAR SULPH.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
08 Feb 2017
Oh right ok, thankfully it cleared up in the end. So next time another one comes up shall I just take one dose daily or just one dose and no more? Thank you for your help.
Manjusha ( India )
05 Feb 2017
Pl help. My son is 3.5 years. He gets recurrent cough cold fever since august 2016. He snores while sleeping, breathes from mouth, white saliva comes out from mouth while sleep, sweats a lot, is cold sensitive, had difficulty in hearing, also speech is not very clear especially 'r'. In December we got to know that his adenoids have enlarged.
In allopathy he is taking solvin, prospane, nasal spray combinase.
In homeopathy he has taken 3 dose of calcerea carb, 10 days of baryata carb, belladona doses, kali mur dose , justidica .
Repeat x ray shows adenoids enlarged.
He continues breathing from mouth, thick mucus from nose either white or slightly yellowish.
He takes very long in eating .
He is very fair complextion.
Kindly help
07 Feb 2017
Dear Manjusha. It is advised that you do not give him any more medicines now. You have complicated the case by giving too many medicines. Please stop all medicines. We suggest you to wait for a month. After a month, please let us know the actual problem as it will be then.This is the only way to get a permanent cure.
Please observe the symptoms by the end of this one month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rebecca ( Washington )
12 Feb 2017
I have chronic eczema and I scratch a lot at night I currently use triamcinolone ointment and Vaseline I think it's too heavy and I end up scratching it all off because I'm miserable after I take a bath it covers my pores and makes me sweat is sulfur the right medicine for me to take what dosage do I use how long do I take it please help me I'm desperate
14 Feb 2017
No. Hepar Sulph can not be recommended until we know the detailed symptoms. If you take it, the disease will flare up, making the condition complicated.
So, you rewrite to us and explain all the symptoms in detail.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
S Zaheer ( Usa )
12 Feb 2017
My father is diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The homeopath has prescribed him 10 drops of hepar sulfuris CM everyday.

Is this medicine good for cancer treatment? Can he take it on daily basis ?
13 Feb 2017
Your query has been forwarded to our Cancer expert team. In the meantime, we advise you to stop the consumption of this remedy. Hepar Sulph is a remedy only to be given once, it can not be repeated. So, do not repeat it . We will reach back to you shortly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
B C Madan ( Delhi, India )
17 Feb 2017
I am 78 plus, I get itchy skin in my thigh folds, in Jan-Feb, it turns pink, oozes smelly pus, it affects my walking & is very irritating, , what homeopathic med would be useful for me. I have no other disease, except that I am prone to colds in changing weather.
Sandhya Ahuja
27 Feb 2017
BC Madan. You need to boost your immunity. Echinacea and Golden Seal.
Buy the capsules and one capsule of each per day for a month.
Once, the immunity is taken care of, then the homeopathic remedy can be suggested later. Write here again after a month and let me know the feedback Madan.
Elizabeth ( England )
05 Mar 2017
I've been breaking out in sore pimples on my chin recently- I'm on the pill dianette but it seems to have stopped working. Just picked up some hepar sulph from the brand nelsons- what dosage and how long shall I take it for
The bottles says 2 30c tablets 6 times a day for a week. Is this too much? Hoping it will clear my breakout
Arka Nag ( India, west Bengal )
07 Mar 2017
I have extremely sore tonsils, recurrent attacks once, sometimes twice a year. This time my tonsils have been sore with with white pus formation, even though I've been on Amoxycilin, from the onset of sore throat this time around. They're worsening by the day. It's been 7 days now, the fever is alsoa persistent. I've taken 4 pellets of hepar sulph1m thrice since last night, with a gap of 6 hrs. Please suggest how to proceed further.
07 Mar 2017
Arka Nag. Stop taking Hepar Sulph. DO not repeat it at all.
The herb that you need to take is the one that boosts your immunity.
Take one Capsule of Echinacea every day and one capsule of Golden Seal every day for one month.
Anaya ( Pakistan )
09 Mar 2017
My son has pus bowls acne on head my fanily doctor gave him hepar sulph 200 daily one dose. Its 6 days passed while taking one dose daily ( 6 doses has been taken) and you said only one dose should be take and donot repeat it. Please inform me what will be happen in this case?now i stop giving hom when i read your text
Irana ( India )
09 Mar 2017
DO not repeat the dose anymore. Yes, it is advised that the remedy need not to be repeated, because instead of healing, it might engraft the disease. Yes, please stop giving it now. And just observe the symptoms.
10 Mar 2017
My two years son now have severe skin reaction dr said its a allergy in the form of reaction. His body has full of red scars and acne like measles and wounds like burning skin . With high grade fever. Now hr is under treatment . I dont knw whether it is the reaction of hepersulfh 6 doses in high potency 200.whateverbim facing so tough and painful time. I wish i could back to time and hadnot give my son hepersulfh...its too late
18 Mar 2017
Does hepar sulph. Help recurring thrush and BV?

21 Mar 2017
Heather. Take Echinacea capsules and Golden Seal capsules every day for a month. These will boost your immunity and will cure The infection and recurrent thrush.
Hepar Sulph is not the cure for it. Increase ethe intake of Vitamin C in your diet. Take heavy doses of Vitamin C.
Aysha ( India maharashtra )
19 Mar 2017
I had a period problem and i am not fertile everymonth
21 Mar 2017
What all other symptoms did you experience?
Please give a detailed explanation of your problem? What is your age? Did you get your pelvic ultrasound one? And also the hormone test. Please get these done. What period problem do you mean, as there are many, like scanty period, no periods, heavy periods, painful menses, irregular periods, delayed periods So what is your exact problem ? Do you drink carbonated drinks like soda or cold drinks ? Did you use artificial sweeteners ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Flasmiley ( USA )
30 Mar 2017
I've had a bad sounding cough for two months after I was exposed to mold feels like something covering inside throat lots of yellow mucus have difficulty coughing it up. Voice initial disappeared for a week then cough started. Tried all medical meds antibiotics inhalers nothing workers been hospitalized twice. Thinking of using Hepar sulpuris and spongia tosta pellets. Will these work and how should I use them? would like to pick them up tomorrow.
31 Mar 2017
The cure is Antimonium Tartaricum ( Ant. tart ). Take Ant Tart 200 or 30 one dose.
Do not repeat the dosage at all. Share the feedback after 15 days. All the best.
Flasmiley ( USA )
30 Mar 2017
22 year old Daughter has intense heavy menestural bleeding lots of large clots for 3 to four weeks at a time when she has high stress situations. This started 3 years ago. Started having periods with heavy cramps at 10. What can help?
31 Mar 2017
Did you get her diagnosed by a doctor?
You need to get her Pelvic Ultrasound done.
Samrat sen ( INDIA )
02 Apr 2017
Samrat Sen (kolkata)

Sir, I am suffering from Dysphagia , and acute gastric problem since 3 yrs, and tired of taking capsules and tablets.Is there any medicine in homeopathy that can treat these disorder. Any help?
04 Apr 2017
Samrat Sen. If you need a homeopathic cure, we need to know other symptoms as well, like, is the throat red ?
Do you feel pain while swallowing the food or is it pain free ?
Are you only able to swallow liquids ?
Are your tonsils enlarged ? Is your dysphagia accompanied by bloating and indigestion which gets worse on lying down. Do you feel any lumps in the throat ?
Any sort of sad feelings ?
Please let us know the answers to these questions.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Samrat sen (India)
16 Apr 2017
Sir, I am able ro swallow both liquids and solids. Yes, my ton sills are enlarged accompanied the infection, and I have a massive chest burn, and throat burn, No, I don"t feel any lump in my throat. And I always feel sad, and every time some negative thoughts circulates in my mind..., and also I have erosive antral gastritis. Sir, Any help in this regard will be appreciable.
Barney ( Wisconsin )
05 Apr 2017
I have a broken tooth, my lower right molar. There is generally no pain or discomfort but for the past few years ive had reoccuring pain and swelling once or twice a year and now the pain has spread to the neighboring tooth. I believe i might have an infection or abscess in the gum or whats left of the pulp in the broken tooth and perhaps the swelling is just pushing on the nerves of the neighboring tooth? I cannot afford dental care, and am deathly afraid of the dentist, having an extraction or root canal is something i want to avoid at all costs if possible. If i could find a solution for the pain and swelling at least until i can save up for the procedure or something homeopathic that can save the tooth all together that would be ideal. Ive read about hepar sulph and symphytum but have read different things about different dosages and duration. I just want a solution now so i can bring the swelling and pain down so i can go to work and function as normal. Please help. Thank you.
11 Apr 2017
Please consult a doctor. This case needs physical examination and we ca not suggest a cure.
So, visit your Dentist please. All the very best.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Krishnanand ( India )
05 Apr 2017

I have been diagnosed allergic rhinitis by ENT doctor i have phlegm in throat, chest, head around eyes , stuffy nose . I have been suffering from constant pain and swelling in and around eyes. There is a headache often and I feel tired and sleepy due to heavyness in eyes. It feels as if ears are closed. When I sleep I feel phlegm flowing around nose and eyes and ears and face. I have regular problem . Please suggest a remedy .
Labneesh Sethi
11 Apr 2017
The cure for you is one dose of Tuberculinum Bovinum 1m. Please take only one dose. I repeat, do not repeat the dosage at all.
It is a homeopathic remedy, you may buy it from any homeopathic store in your region.

Only one dose.
Share the feedback after 15 days. Do not drink coffee or tea for 15 days.
Dutta ( New York )
12 Apr 2017
My wife is suffering from Eustachian tube problem from January 2017. The symptoms are her ears feel clogged and full ..been through many nasal sprays and antihistamines and also steroids ..but still the ears didn't open up. Doctors sometimes say fluid in middle ear and sometimes say no fluid or infection ..they said she has allergic rhinitis and also sinus problems which may be blocking the tube with the ear full feeling ..

She just started with heparsulph CM 4 days back and took 3 dose 12 hr intervals ( however she was also taking the steroid that time ) ..will that cut the power of the homeo meds ?

Also she is taking the bio chemics homeo ( like cal phos mag Phos twice a day ..also she will be taking tuberculinum later and capsicum ..

All this was prescribed by a homeo doc from India

Have u seen relief with the above and opening up of ears ?
13 Apr 2017
Dutta. We wonder how are you taking so many homeopathic medicines together ?
Only one should be taken at a time and that too without so much of repetition. Each of the remedy you have taken might graft a new disease. So, we advise you to stop the consumption of these remedies.
Do not eat any of it. You already have taken quite a lot. Just observe the symptoms now. Do not take anything and write to us again after 10 days and then share the symptoms then experienced
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
21 Apr 2017
What should I be taking for strep throat. It started a week ago.
Chandni Jha ( India )
21 Apr 2017
Chew Ginger with salt.
Have a cup of Honey lemon tea every day.
Eat Echinacea capsules, one daily for a month. You may also try Apple Cider Vinegar Gargles. Add 2 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of warm water and gargle thrice a day.
21 Apr 2017
Thank you for your reply!
Mahboob Ali khan ( India )
23 Apr 2017
Hi Sir My name is Ali Khan.
I am facing anxiety from last six months.rapid heart beat and sensing pulses also getting jerk in short Nap in the day..
Please advise ..Thanks
Sumitra Kalra ( India)
27 Apr 2017
Take Hawthorn capsules, one everyday for a month. You may also take Hawthorn tea, if capsules are not available. Valerian tea is another herb that you should take. It is very effective in curing anxiety.
Drink one cup, daily for one month.
01 May 2017
I am taking hepar sulph 200 once a day to dry my nasal passages colgged by recent cold infection. Previously I was taking hepar sulph 30 thrice a day, but it stopped working for me due to long use. With hepar sulph 200 I have started experiencing pointed pain in top or back of head. This pain generally goes away after stopping this medicine. Does hepar sulph 200 has a side effect for headache. (PS : For sure it's not the headache that's generally associated with sinus infection.)

Moreover, lately I am also feeling decrease in my stress tolerance. I used to feel band around my head with little bit stress at work place, which was not the case previously. I am 38 year old.
Karuna Sahani ( India )
03 May 2017
The disease you are suffering from is Hepar Sulph. Please stop taking it. Homeopathic remedies are not to be repeated these many times. The symptoms that you are feeling now are a result of excessive intake of Hepar Sulph only.
Please drink a strong cup of Coffee every day for one week. This will help to nullify the effect of excessive Hepar Sulph. You must know that you already have taken too much of Hepar Sulph. Do not take it at all now. Stop using this herb. Wait for the real symptoms to come up and then share them.
04 May 2017
Thanks Karuna Sahani for the advice. Yes keeping in view your advice and my own observation, I restricted hepar sulph usage. The pointed headache is gone. But I am still experiencing decrease in my stress tolerance level. I get band around my head sensation whenever I am occupied with a problem at workplace. :-( Does it has anything to do with hepar sulph excessive use in the past, or it's something else.
Karuna Sahani
19 May 2017
It may be a consequence of excessive usage of Hepar Sulph. Relax, you do not need a medicine for this.
Just, try doing meditation every day for 20 minutes. This is the best way to increase your stress tolerance level, it may also prevent the stress. Just start with meditation and breathing exercises please. All the very best.
Sonia ( Germany )
10 May 2017
I have been detected with Hidradenitis Suppurativa(HS) in the armpits and I have a dry cough with Wheezing sometimes in the night or early morning and yellow phlem will come out when I cough but its not there during the day, sometimes white phlem comes during cold.

I see that Hepar Sulph 200 one dose is good for prevention of HS. Is that True? I also see Rhus Tox as a remedy. But can you please advise.
Bishwas Subramannium
23 May 2017
Remote prescribing in your case is not possible. I hope you consulted an expert in homeopathy for your condition. By an expert I mean, an old school, a rigid, an orthodox and a learned homeopath.
Mihir S ( USA / California )
11 May 2017
Hello, I am having recurring boils in various parts of the body, they will start with a small red area the size of a pea and they will increase slowly from that point onwards, I have had this issue on and off for atleast 5-6 years now with no permanent relief. I was advised to take HEPAR SULPH 200 (5 times a day) and then recently suggested Myristica Sebifera 30 (5 times a day). Last time around it happened and i took these homeopathy medicines, it did not help much and i had to eventually go on antibiotics for 5 days which took care of the issue, about a month later i have 2 boils now on the hips that are developing again. they are Red in appearance, one of them is the size of a 3/4inch diameter, not very painful to touch though yet, mildly painful so far. but the size of it seems to be growing from a Pea sized area to the size it is right now. there is no appearance of a white head on top of the red inflammed area, it feels hard/lumpy on the inside when touching/feeling it.

How should i proceed and how do i try to cure it permanently ?? i try to take good care of the skin overall with frequent clothing changes and following good hygiene.
Mihir S
11 May 2017
So far i have noticed that i get these when i have any kind of lentils, i would either have indigestion OR acidity levels will become high and during the course of this, i would get either these type of boils OR small white head boils somewhere on the body, most often on the face near the nose extremeties, I am almost certain that i am allergic now to these and this is becoming a trigger for my boils, but i would like to get a good medicine regimen to cure both the boils i have right now without having to resort to any further Antibiotic. Thank you
Pat ( Pennsylvania USA )
11 May 2017
There is a cyst, sort of hard, on the top of my friend's head. Dermatologist said it's just a cyst. He could lance if he wants. We would like to treat it naturally. It is not inflamed but it is growing very slowly. He also has eczema. Should he take Heper Sulph or something else? What dosage and for how long? When does he convert, if needed, to 3x and for how long? Can we also use a castor oil pack on it?
Dr. Harprakash Singhal ( India )
24 May 2017
Pat. The remedy for you is not Hepar Sulph, But Calcarea Carbonica, also known as Cal Carb. Buy this remedy in LM 0/1 potency from a homeopathic shop.
Method of taking the remedy : Put 3 pillets of the remedy to a bottle, half filled with water. Close the lid of the bottle and hold it from the neck and hit it or bang it on your hand for 10 times. Now take a swig of water from the bottle. Repeat this process everyday for a month and share the feedback with us after 30 days. No need to take 3x potency for now. Also, please note that you hit the bottle on your hand everyday, this is to change the potency of the remedy. As, you are not to take the remedy in same potency every day. For any queries, you can always write again.
12 May 2017
I have M.E. which has weakened my immune system. Now I have an abscess on tooth and need root canal treatment. Should I take hepar sulph while I wait for treatment? I also have high anxiety. Any advice very welcome please.
Jayant Sisrodia ( Australia )
23 May 2017
What is M. E. ?
would you like to explain ?
Ajitkumar ( INDIA )
18 May 2017
This medicine also affective on fistula.
Tushar Sehgal ( Uttar Pradesh, India )
12 Jun 2017
I'm a 24-year-old male. I have a strong metabolism and due to that and other factors, like the heat or exercise, I tend to sweat a lot. Even a 2 min workout or if I'm not under a fan or in Ac, I start to sweat. And it leaves me a very bad body odor. I cannot wear a clothing, even if I've worn it for 10 mins, again without washing. It sometimes gets really embarrassing when I'm out with colleagues or friends and I'm sweating like a pig and all my clothes are drenched in sweat. Need help with this excess sweat and the B.O. urgently.
Thanks in advance :)
Cristiane Gobi ( United States )
14 Jun 2017
I have a 6 year old daughter who has been having tonsilitis/strep since she started school 2 years ago, it happens about 2x a month. We have been given her a bunch of different antibiotics that seems to work for a little bit, but it keeps coming back. I just started to research about homeopathy and saw a similar case where the person was told to take Hepar sulphuris calcareum 200C and it seems to have worked, would this be the right medication and dosage for a 40lbs 6 years old
Swarni Deol ( India )
20 Jun 2017
No please, you can not give these homeopathic remedies to your daughter just like that.
It is important that you do an analysis and match her symptoms first.
It is advised that you talk to an expert homeopath in your region and then go for the medication.
Homepathy can be very dangerous, in case you give the wrong medication.
Rahat ahmad ( India/Bihar )
19 Jun 2017
Hepar sulphur 6 used pregnant???.?
20 Jun 2017
During pregnancy , why do you want to use Hepar Sulph ?
What is the problem that you wish to cure ?
Silvia Rodriguez ( United States )
23 Jun 2017
My son has cystic acne and was recommended Hepar sulphuris. We don't know what the dosage is or how long should he take it. Please advice.
11 Aug 2017
You may take it in Lm potency. Dissolve the 2 pillules in a glass of water, take one teaspoon every day from this bottle for 3 days. Please shake the bottle daily before you take the medicine.
Clare Sullivan ( UK )
23 Jun 2017
HI, I am in the UK and I have a chicken who came from a battery cage farm. She has started to lay her eggs internally. No shells, just the embryos. It causes swelling in her abdomen as the albumen fluid leaks through to here. Her body will try to absorb these eggs/embryos back in to her body but often the chicken lays faster than the body can absorb. Someone suggested hepar sulph and bryonia as a cure.
I think she is deficient in vitamins and mineral and calcium and I have been supplementing her with vitamins and calcium for aroudn 2/3 weeks now. She has not laid an egg yet and her belly is still swollen. At the moment she is not uncomfortable and still eating and acting normally. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this problem? I think the cause is laying too many eggs and not having enough good diet to support this.
Ankita ( India )
25 Jun 2017
Dear sir,
I am suffering from recurring ear infection...This is third -4th time that I have this problem...Till now I was using allopathy medicine to cure it.....Can it be treated permanently in homeopathy...My doctors have suggested following medicines
1.Heper sulph 200 2 dose
2.Mullen oil 2 drops 3 times a day
3.Plantago -30
And after 3 days he will give me one more medicine Merc solution 200
I feel extreme pain when I drop the Mullen oil inside infected ear....how can I reduce it? Please tell me how long will it take to cure completely.....Please help me...
Abhishek Varshney ( India/Uttar Pradesh )
03 Jul 2017
i have one of the serious problem like for about 5 years in a row now. i know acne is a common problem around people in young age but my case is somehow different like earlier when i had acne (my acne type is white pus surrounded by red area) , i thought it was because of age, then when years passed and i still have these white pus like acne popping out like they are not going to leave me and my face i thought it is because of my diet like what u eat is actually what u are. i searched a lot and found that dairy products are not for me as it increases the stimulation and produce oil that gives u acne as a result so i reduced the quantum of dairy from my diet. but still i have my acne in routine. i not at all eat junk food. i also gone through the dermatologist course right from 2013 and still my day starts with having 3-4 creams including gel which contains benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, adapalene in it to control my acne from getting worse. please help, i seriously know each and every aspect of acne what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not, how to wash face and how frequent like everything but still don't know its root cause. HELP! i will be very glad. god bless u :)
12 Jul 2017
You may try Psorinum Lm potency 0/6. Add one dose, that is 4 small goblets in a bottle. Shake this bottle 10 times and take one table spoon every day. Do this until that bottle is finsihed. Remember to shake the bottle hard or do the succussion before you take it.
Ringo Kelly
11 Jul 2017
I'm suffering from MRSA for over a year. Have taken antibiotics, it helps so long I have it but comes back afterwards. It's terribly itchy and there's a discharge of a light watery liquid. I've been taking Hypericum 200C Ars Alb 200C for the past 20 days twice a day, but haven't noticed any improvement. I'm also having Kali Sulph 6X twice a day. Yesterday I took a dose of Hepar Sulph 200C.
Please help!
Rishabh ( India )
13 Jul 2017
sir,i always suffers from cold,and sneezing, i go to a homeopathy dr,he gives me hyper sulpher 3x(2 tablet 3 times) and natrum muriaticum 12 x(4 tablet 3 times),but after taking it 3 doze with water i feel very high headache and dizziness, now after 3 months after my headache are continue, what should i do now.
i stops this medicine after 5 dozes.
11 Aug 2017
If you feel that, I would suggest that you do not take these remedies. For cold and sneezing, take Oregano essential oil. Drink a cup of Ginger tea, daily. Turmeric lehyam, with a pinch of black pepper with warm milk should be taken daily for 15 days.
Zainab ( Pakistan )
19 Aug 2017
It's been almost a week, I'm suffering from mouth sore and painful throat with a very mild dry cough. I can feel the swollen ball like things on exactly both lateral to trachea.. (Might be swollen lymph nodes). It's really difficult to have even lighter spicy food. Hot and cold drinks are irritating. Suffering from body pains (moderate - severe muscular pain LBP mild - moderate joint pains). At the spot, I have a fever at 38.5?C/101?F.. I'm unable to consult some doctor immediately (If I'll wait, it may get more late for a week). Kindly prescribe me a treatment for my conditions. Thank you.
Khan ( Pakistan )
23 Aug 2017
Sir, I have fever blister type not round on back of throat. Almost every month they start iching and become swelled red. I have to take antibiotics. Dr. says it is strep throat. I too have gastric problems like acidity and heart burning. I took homeopathic hepar sulf 30c pain is not reduced however, I started runny nose green liquid. and general tiredness. Should I switch to hepar sulf 30 or will you recommend some other treatment? Thanks
09 Oct 2017
No. please. Just stop taking any homeopathic remedy. Just take Green leaf juice. Have a glass every day for 15 days. https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Blisters-Cid3042
I have shared the link with you.
Taylor ( USA MI )
26 Aug 2017
My 5yr old has a dental abscess. She says it does not hurt but it is filled with puss. Dentist wants to extract tooth even though there's no compromise to the adult tooth yet. I want to heal the infection myself 1st. I started her on grapefruit seed extract as a natural antibiotic and I have her oil pulling with coconut oil. What homeopathic remedy can I use to help the abscess best?
Jessica ( USA/OH )
30 Aug 2017
Dear Sir/Madam,
My son, age 4 1/2, has been having recurrent tonsillitis since July 2016. He has just recovered form his 11th sickness. He was misdiagnosed with strep once and treated with antibiotics (doctor thought the negative rapid strep must be wrong due do the way his throat looked). All subsequent strep tests have been negative. With his tonsillitis he experiences mild to high fevers (up to 104.5 F), red, swollen throat and tonsils, white/yellow pus patches, swollen lymph nodes in neck, loss of appetite, headaches, and stomach pains. These last 4-5 days. Sometimes more severe than others.
He was breastfed until age 3, a fat, healthy baby. Never any ear infections. When well, he eats/sleeps/plays normally. His weight/height gain is good. Rarely gets sick with colds. His tonsillitis never leads to any runny nose, cough, watery eyes, or congestion. We visited an ENT doctor, while son was well, who advised his tonsils and adenoids look good and are small and healthy looking. Ears looked good too.
Our primary care physician recommends removing his tonsils which we would like to avoid. Do you have any homeopathic recommendations for us? Thank you very much for your time. ~JL
09 Oct 2017
Tonsils are the sentinels of the body, that protect you. If you have them, the body protects you against the diseases. If you have them removed, the disease will enter more imprtant organ. Do not get your son's tonsil removed. Just answer these quetions, Is your son shy ? Or extrovert ? Does he hide behind his mother ? Do not worry, he will be cured. Does he lick walls , chalk or mud ?
Is he fond of milk, eggs or sugar ? Please answer all these.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
09 Oct 2017
Yes, my son is shy when entering an unfamiliar place and/or meeting new people. He will occasionally hide behind his mother and peek around playfully. When he is familiar and comfortable with his surroundings he is well-balanced. He does not lick walls, chalk or mud. He likes dairy and eggs but does not crave them. He is very fond of sugar and I have to watch/limit his intake. I have been giving him echinacea every day for almost a month as well as elderberry syrup with honey. I increased his probiotics to 10 billion CFUs. Once a week he drinks bentonite clay mixed in juice. It's been almost 2 months since his last tonsil infection.
Sher hassan ( Pakistan )
30 Sep 2017
Is it safe to take hepar sulphuris 30 with R6? What will be it's effectiveness?
02 Nov 2017
Why do you wnat to take Hepar Sulph ?
Even if you have been prescribed by a doctor, you must not take more than one single dose.
Neeraj ( India/uttarakhand )
04 Oct 2017
I have a boil under my right arm, though the swelling around the boil has reduced but not subsided fully. Will hepar sulphate 1m work? If yes what will be the dosage
Sabit khan ( Pakistan )
22 Oct 2017
I'm suffering from pus cells in seman ..and always it 8/10 some time 7/10 but don't cured ...also my sperms count is so weak .pls suggest me mdcn
Kailasha ( Nagpur )
10 Jan 2018
Gokharu ( Land Caltrops ) is the remedy that can be used to cure Pus cells in the Semen. Buy Tribulus Terrestris mother tincture from a homeopathic store and take 10 drops in half glass of water every day.
Laura ( India )
04 Nov 2017
Dear Dr team,

I'm suffering from sever itching in my vulva region. walking triggers the itching. Washing with little hot water gives relief. I care for my hygiene very well, but the itching is severe during night.. therefore couldn't sleep properly.

Kindly suggest some medicine.
Drishti Goinka
10 Jan 2018
Take a bowl of cured with a pinch of powdered jaggery in it. This will take care of the infection, if any. Also, take Cranberries, daily for a month. 5-6 berries daily.
Is there any inflammation or rashes in the Vulva region ?
Shilpa Dutta ( India / west bengal )
05 Nov 2017
Hi.. I have got a chronic bronchitis for around 5 years now.. And this problem always increase at season changes. At season changes I always get fever, headache, body pain, initially runny and then blocked nose and acute breathing problem. I'm already taking bryonia 200 and belladona 200 alternatively. Even after taking these medicines I need to take inhaler for breathing issue. Am I on correct medication? Will u suggest me some homeopathy medicine that can cure my chronic bronchitis issue.
10 Jan 2018
You may take one dose of Ant T 1m . This is a homeopathic remedy. It is an effective remedy to cure chronic Bronchitis. Take only 4 pellets of this remedy. Do not repeat. Share the feedback after a month.
Ana ( USA )
15 Nov 2017
Hi. I have a dental access in a tooth with a root canal. The dentist told me that I may need to extract the tooth. I want to avoid this. I have been taking Hepar Sulph 6 for a week now, the pain is almost gone, but today I feel as if it is not working anymore. I did not know that coffee was bad and I have been taking coffee 2x a day. What can I do. Thanks a lot for your help.
10 Jan 2018
It is good that you have been taking Coffee. Because that would have nullified the ill effect of taking too much Hepar Sulph. It is advised that you do not take any homeopathic remedy.
Ummay Mim ( Bangladesh )
18 Nov 2017
I am 25 years old female. In my lifetime I had no acne but 5 months earlier I used a friends face brush who had acne with allergy. From then I am having serious acne problem. This looks like medium size pimples with no head and pus but they are really painful. In very rare case pus form but in very small amount. This acne leaves black scars and form postulate or type of cyst under skin. After some days again acne forms from these cysts and the cycle is happening for the last 5 months. Today I have taken a dosage of hepar sulp 200. Now what should I do? Please suggest me. GOD bless u.
Subodh debnath ( India/West bengal )
22 Nov 2017
Hs-6 can use for longl

Parth Chaudhary ( India )
29 Nov 2017
Sir , I’m having A Boil on My right buttock and it’s there since 10 days , it does not seem to ripe and burst open , its very painful , I can’t even walk , I merely manage to go to the washroom , I’ve been putting a paste of turmeric mustard oil with Ashwagandha leaves over it , but seem no result , I recently took a few dose of belladonna 200 , it seems to be a painkiller , and work only for sometime , the region around the boil is hard and guess there is pus filled , can I take silicea 6c and hepar sulph 30 c to ripen away the boil ? And if yes in which quantity , please help it’s urgent , and I’m 17 years old !
Prasenjit Saha ( India )
30 Nov 2017
My 4 yr old daughter suffering from an acute cough with thick yellow mucus for last 5 days, also thick cough in nasal passage. Wheeze sound also coming. Hepar Sulph 30 & Cassia Sohera mother given to her for last 4 days, but the condition not improved. Someone suggested me to give Hepar Sulph 3x - 2 spoons 2 times. Awaiting your valuable suggestion
10 Jan 2018
No. Only give her steam of Eucalyptus oil. Do not try homeopathic remedies like this. It may graft some serious disease on her. Ginger decoction is also good for her. Give her diet rich in vitamin C.
Saloni ( India )
20 Dec 2017
Doctor has prescribed Hepar Sulphur 30 and Causticum 200 to me (age:30) for allergy due to dust/ pollution, persistent cough with yellow mucus for over a month and pain in throat. She said that you can continue to for a year and it will heal permanently. Dosage is: 5 drops in 1/2 cup of water thrice a day.

Is the dosage correct and is it safe to continue it for so long... If I feel better can I discontinue it.
Fida ( Pakistan )
29 Dec 2017
I have recurrent tonsillitis symptoms associated with infamed tonsils,high grade fever. And I treated with antibiotics of different classes with steriods,anti allergic ,mouth lozenges.
I just got relax for 15 days or so and then suffer with the same symptoms. So suggest me the proper homeopathic treatment
08 Feb 2018
You may try Tuberculinum 10 m. one dose. do Not repeat. Since, the tonsils are recurrent. Tuberculinum may help you. But, it is advised that you consult an expert homeopath.
Tushar ( India )
01 Jan 2018
Dear sir/madam
Is sulpher 1000 is useful to free from alcohol addiction? If it is what will be its doses & side effect of that if any?
Kindly advice.

10 Jan 2018
Youn may try Nux Vomica for curing ill effect of Alcoholism. Agar and Sulph are good remedies for curing it. But, only under the care of an expert. Consult an expert homeopath about the dosage and the remedy to be taken.
Enma ( Canada )
05 Jan 2018
I have deep eye inflammation. I took 6 pellets of Hepar Sulphuris 30ch twice within 3 hours. Last night and today my eyes felt extremely dey (with more pressure in my eyes) as well as my mouth and nasal passages. Will this resolve?
10 Jan 2018
Please stop taking any homeopathic remedy. you are not supposed to take too much of the remedy. I will suggest that you take a strong cup of Coffee to nullify the effect of Hepar Sulph . The cause of inflammation may be any. Is there any other symptom that you have observed, other than this. ?
Sara Ahmad ( Saudi Arabia )
06 Jan 2018
I want to ask about my son, he's 4 month old. He's having by birth nasal problem. He was having greenish nasal discharge, nose blockage & loud snoring or rattling type sound.. dr. asked to use saline nasal spray,with that he gradually develops cough too... now when he cry or cough it feels like there's sputum too in the throat. According to dr. chest is clear..
Kindly suggest the homeopathic remedy to cure this by birth issue.
10 Jan 2018
Sara. It is advised that you only consult an expert pediatric. Share all the symptoms with your doctor. Do not try giving any remedy on your own. This case needs a physical diagnosis and we can not do that. So, visit a doctor and do as he says.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ritika ( Canada )
07 Jan 2018
my son 5 year old now , but when he was 4year old he had tonsil and adenoids surgery, now after year ENT say his adenoids has enlarge again and he has now chronic sinusitis, my son only in the night snore, had dry nose, breath by mouth and when he has cold and cough he get ear infection. SO somebody told me to give homeopathy remedy which is -
haper sulph 10m give 15 day then psorinum 10 m give 15 days (alternatively)
1-Natrum Ars 30 give 4 pilets three time a day
2-Belladona 30 give 4 pilet three times a day
3-Antim tart 30 give 4 pilet three times a day
Justecia 10 drop three times a day
cold sinus drop 15 drop three times a day
and all this remedy i have to do for 6 to 7 month . Please advice above remedy is good please guide me
10 Jan 2018
Homeopathy is too dangerous to be given like this. Too much and n repititions. We do not recommend this. It is advised that you only consult an expert homeopath before you give your son, all these remedies. AN EXPERT only !!! Homeopathic remedies are not supposed to be given on " some body's " advise.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
12 Feb 2018
thanks for the reply, all above medication is prescribed by homeopathic doctor ,
Mona jain ( India )
15 Jan 2018
I was diagnosed with tinea corporis and was given I-win 100mg capsule for 7weeks, twice a day. In the 3rd week of the treatment I was having urticarial rashes for which I was advised apis mel 200, 1 dose and urtica urens 30?3times a day. It didnt help as I took this for 3weeks. Later I was given hepar sulph 30?4doses and silicea 6x?4doses daily.i have taken this for 10 days but no improvement in urticaria.
Please suggest some medicine.
Mehwish ( Pakistan )
18 Jan 2018
Dear sir I had my upper left wisdom tooth extracted one year ago and few days later found a small piece emerging out of gum which I got extracted too . Since extraction I have had sore throat that gets itchy as I swallow in saliva. And it has become recurrent now with greenish discharge from nose and throat everyday I clean my thorat with steam even then it keeps on coming and extraction side I mean left side of face and throat feels inflamed. And that side drools alot. On same side I have root canaled tooth and its filling has removed but does not ache. But that upper side where that tooth is and extracted wisdom tooth side drools alot
And drools more when I take sulphur 1M. And now greenish sputum fluid goes to ears too. Which homeopathic medicine I should take. I have swollen occipetal lymph node too right after extraction of same upper left wisdom tooth.
N Narasimha Murthy ( India )
27 Jan 2018
Whether Homeo med heparsulf & silicia can be taken in a course for blood injury to avoid taking tetwak injection.If not which homeo med to be taken to avoid tetwak?
08 Feb 2018
What is the exact injury ?
Is the blood coagulated ?
Where is the injury exactly ?
Please explain the entire problem , with symptoms in detail
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Anupma Sehrawat ( India )
31 Jan 2018
My 11 months old son have small spots over his left hand and face. They look alike mosquito bite earlier. but they never gone. They fade a little and again gets pink. I consult with a skin specialist he said don't use wollen and hozry cloths to your son otherwise it turns to eczema. What to do?
Lie ( Uk )
01 Mar 2018
My daughter 12 years old took too much doses os hepar sulphur and now she has lots os supuration on her mouth (glands) is Silecea the right remedy to help it go now? pls advise regards
Juan M ( Texas )
12 Mar 2018
Hi,I would like to ask about absess in rectum ,my husband is with a sharp pain in his rectum, the doctors made a first surgery, but didn't remove all the absess, in the next 2 weeks they did another one but still with pain and the pus and blood coming all the time,do you think hepar sulphuris can help him,we really appreciated your help, ,,,,,,Juan M
Raeesa ( Gauteng, South Africa )
19 Mar 2018

I am interested in purchasing medicine to help my 17 year old daughters acne. we have been to a homeopath where we live (south africa) for a few months now but i am finding it very expensive for us to keep going there, so therefore, i am interested in purchasing medicine from you that can help my daughter.

my daughter has had acne since she is 15 years old and it is a lot better since she has been going to the homeopath near our home. she does still however, get large, painful breakouts sometimes, especially before and during her menstrual period.

the homeopath told her not to eat raw onions, raw tomato, raw salt, colddrink, mango and vinegar and she has been following this diet. I am not sure what medicine he gave her specifically, but, i do know that she was given hepar a few times. all of the medicines that she was given was the globules. the purpose of the medicines was to clean her blood and balance her hormones.

i hope that you can advise me on what medicine to buy for my daughter's acne.

thank you very much
HARRY ( India )
29 Mar 2018
My son has recurrent cold infections sometimes starting from nose , then goes to throat and ultimately triggers bronchitis. We follow homeopathy and everytime start with Arsenic Alb and belladonna and end up giving him tuberculinum 1m which doctor says is his constitutional remedy. I want to increase his immunity. Can you help ?
Kashif ( United Arab Emirates )
30 Mar 2018
I have boils on my hip which is known as buttocks since 4 months. First it started near the spinal cord area and pus forms up than burst to blood and bile than at last the area with circle becomes red and swelling as hard..
I have used lots of antiobotics and injections but at time it cures up and after some time it appears at some distance again and again and its hard to sit...
Kindly suggest me remedy to kill the germ which is in the skin...
Chandrashekar ( U A E )
09 Apr 2018
I Chandra
I hv fistula can hepar sulphur calcereum can work for fistula
Susan ( TX )
14 Apr 2018
My wisdom tooth is sensitive to cold/hot and tender, painful to touch. I'm interested in trying Hepar Sulph 6x but not sure how much or how often to take also I use essential oils and understand they should not be used together how long before and after taking Hepar should I be off of essential oils
Arvind parikh ( India Maharashtra )
09 Jul 2018
Overdoze of hepar sulph 200 tablets
S. Narang
25 Aug 2018
Does the homoeopathic medicine ARS ALB 200 results in reduced scores on intelligence tests in children/people over the period of time considering that the patient is doing competence test preparation?
Liaquat ( Pakistan )
08 Sep 2018
Pain in skin always right side on belly sensitive skin touch feeling cold since1987
Amit Mahajan ( Punjab )
02 Oct 2018
I'm suffering from psoriasis. All the body parts were effected 7 years ago. But in between it did not flare up. But from last 1 year it has come again on my legs filled up with pus and it is painful too. Currently I'm taking hyper sulph 200 5 times a day and 50% problem is solved . Any suggestions?
Simpson ( India )
16 Oct 2018
sir ,
Iam having boils under arms ( furunculosis), after boils burst ,
I am taking hepar sulf 30c ( 6 pills twice a day), now iam more sweating is any reason , boils , pus came down .
what is the reason for more sweating ,,,,,,,,,,,Is it due to hepar sulf......
kindly reply any one....
M. Rehman ( Pakistan )
27 Nov 2018
Sir, my daughter is having Alopecia Versalis from the age of 6 years and now she is 26, did many treatments but now 90% of hairs gone. Checked with homeopathic doctors here too but no one responded positively. Is there any treatment in your knowledge for this disease? Kindly suggest.
Kawal ( India/Haryana )
09 Dec 2018
Hello mam i am suffer from pilonidal cinus and i am pregnant of conceiving two months and i am taking HEPAR SULPHUR 200 is it is safe in the pregnancy????
Bilal Nadeem ( Pakistan )
30 Dec 2018
Respected Dr (s)
I am suffering from swollen abscess on my face jawline near my right tonsil.
My professor recommended me to take heparsulf 200 till this abscess doesn't get rupture then he advised me to take heparsulf 1M one time to dry the pus
Please tell me howany dosage should I take per day.
Thank you
Avinash ( Delhi )
18 Jan 2019
I am sufferring from Cough, Cold , and fever an some time headache please suggest hemoeopathic medicine,...

Gitesh ( Chhattisgarh, India )
05 Feb 2019
My Daughter, 9 yrs, is suffering from acute croup bouts every once in a month, lasting 10 days. She is having a very sensitive throat. What should I give her? She loves singing, but this croup (Barking non productive cough) discourages her every time. Plz provide a permanent cure

KP sah ( India )
09 Feb 2019
I am suffering from cough. Many times fever attacked. Weight went down. Recently one allopathic physician advised it is a case of mild asthma. My immunity is very low. Having diabetes type 2 and mild BP. Recently gall bladder deleted. Taking anti allergies tab for 30 days. Taking mild inhaler twice daily. Please suggest me. Regards. KP sah, Kolkata 14
Dev ( India )
05 Mar 2019
Dear Dr, I am taking lycopodium 200 for digestion, gas formation, sluggish mind, anxiety. I also want to add Avena Sativa 30 for some weight gain as it is not happening with lycopodium and I am very underweight. Pls advise..
05 Apr 2019
i have infected wound in the the finger of my left foot. Yellow color pus is being discharged.Wound area is red and swollen and painful.Please suggest best medicine for healing.
Sonia ( India )
31 May 2019
I am suffering from ance for 10 yrs...used many medicines and treatment on my face but nothing worked...now I m taking Kali bromatm 30 ch..3 times a day,hepar sulphur 1 time a day and radium bromatm 200 ch once a week...will this work...my age is 30 yrs...
Shilpi ( USA )
14 Oct 2019
I have been taking Hepar sulph 30 for 3 months twice a day 3 pills and Calc sulph 30 also once a day 2 pills for polyp n sinusitis and for acne. I still get cystic acne on my chin though. My hair started to fall out a lot recently. Does these medicines have any side effect or it’s just fall weather that is causing the hair fall ? Can u suggest remedy for hair fall n cystic acne on chin also..
08 Nov 2019
Dear Shilpi, Sorry for the late response. Please stop taking medications at such a frequency. Hairfall and Cystic Acne can be a side effect too. How is your problem of Polyp, Sinusitis, and Acne now, after having medicine for three months? For Hairfall, you try a number of remedies : You can make Banyan oil. Put pieces of dry banyan root in Sesame oil. Leave for a month. The oil will leech out the properties of the banyan. Massage head with the oil once in two days. Allow the oil to work. You can read more of the remedies on the Hair fall page on this website. For Cystic Acne : Put 3 to 4 small pieces of Orange peel in a bowl. Add a glass of warm water in it. Leave it overnight. Use its water to wash your face the next morning. Repeat this daily for a week. There are more remedies on the Cystic Acne page on this website and use the cure easily available to you.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Monica ( California )
08 Mar 2020

I have an infection of the root (abcsess), and I have already taken the Hepar Sulphuris Calcereum, and the Silicea. I took them about 5 minutes apart, 2 pellets for both of these homepathic medicine. And thought my jaw and teeth felt funny. The teeth felt tight, and gritty, and my jaw started to feel sore, it scared me. But after learning some more about homeopathy. I want to continue with the Hepar Sulph again. I don't know if Silicea would be required. I last took them yesterday March 6, at 9AM. Can I continue taking Hepar Sulph for root infection?

I have two very important Questions:



And how will I know when the infection has gone away? What signs or symptoms would I need to look for, that it is gone?
27 Mar 2020
Hey Monica
You have taken too much medicine already. Stop all medicnces immediately. If do not take any more medicines you will be cured slowly in a week. If you take even one more pellet of ANY medicine you will suffer for a long, long, long, looooooong time. You will go from doctor to doctor and you wont get cured.
Homeopathy is a dangerous system. You have already damaged yourself, but you can come out of it if you stop.
08 Apr 2020
Age is 24 years. I want to know/suggestion what will be appropriate dosage of Hepar Sulf 200 for cough and asthma?
10 Apr 2020
Dear Asif, Homeopathic medicines might give aggravation at first. It completely depends on the Age, constitution of the person, other symptoms involved to suggest a homeopathic medicine. Please explain what type of Cough do you have, as Dry, Whooping, Barking, with Phlegm etc. More details can be checked on the 'Cough disease page'. on Herbpathy. Please check the page and elaborate more on it.
For Asthma, from how long do you have Asthma?
When do you feel aggravation or amelioration? Please answer for further assistance. Check the individual pages of Cough and Asthma for more details on disease and herbs for it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Barry DAbreo ( India Maharashtra )
18 Apr 2020
Hi , iam 37, patient of muscular dystrophy since I was 24 increasing gradually, however right not my illness I want to cure is pilonidal at my tale bone cleft which is recurrent even after flap surgery done.. I also get an acne inversa under my left armpit which gets painful large inflammed n pussed up n gives me fever body pain etc. I've been getting these boils/ abcesses since many years now and fed-up of surgery.
I on n off take hepar n Lycopodium n thiosinaminim for my boils pilonidal n armpit cysts.
And use to take plumbum for my muscular dystrophy.
Pls help me cure my pilonidal and armpit acne inversa or may be HS as u diagnose it.
Barry 919820912171 India mumbai
Pintu Porel ( WEST BENGAL )
31 Jul 2020
i have a headche with Cold flu and Light Fever with Cough. i have taken Hepar Sulphar 200 Once a Day,
Entimonium Crud 30 3 Times a Day, and Entimonium Tart 30 3 times a Day..
I am Write or Wrong?
NirMal ( India )
22 Aug 2020
I am.diabetic.
I have redness in penis and skin is become tigjy not allowing to go up the glans.
I also have severe .tooth ache.
Is hebar sulph advisable
Suresh kumar ( AUSTRALIA/WA )
24 Sep 2020
What's the best medicine for labrynthmitis?
M suhail ( India )
22 Nov 2020
Iam suffering from bronchitis,weak sexual power,overallweakness,small things causese great stress.weaknes in eyes,easily tired after mental work..i need homoeopath....hear in my city(indore.mp.india) doctor are very busy they do not give time to understand patient problem....i have searched medicine called kali phos 6x ..pls suggest
Falina ( Usa )
23 Nov 2020
Hello my infant baby 8 months old has had recurrent UTI with ecoli. He has had antibiotic twice to cure it the last 2 times. This time i am looking for homeopathic remedies. I was advised by a natural store near me to give silver colloids. I consulted with a homeopathic dr near me and she gave him haper sulph 2 drops 2x a day for 2 days and tk stop usong silver. Is this a good remedy for his UTI? I am very scared of it getting worse but also am nervous of using antibiotics again. Please advice as soon as you can. Thank you.
Angie G ( United States Georgia )
28 Feb 2021
What can I take for genital herpes with itching and occasional painful outbreaks.
The itching almost never goes away unless I use aloe vera and oregano oil then it stops temporarily.
I am 38 years old woman and have had this problem for about 10years now. Slender build.
Is there a cure?
I also get irritated and angry very easily
I also use colloidal silver from time to time for cold symptoms. I don't take any medications over the counter.
I read that Hepar Sulphuris 10x
once a day is an option for both herpes and anger It this true? Please help.
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