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Emphysema Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Pulmonary Emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD
Hindi Name
Emphysema Symptoms
Shortness of breath
Respiratory infections
Trouble catching one's breath

Emphysema Cured By

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Emphysema is a disease of the Lungs.
The over inflation of air causes damage to the air sacs ( Alveoli ) in the Lungs, Call it Emphysema. It causes difficulty in breathing.
Normally the lungs have small elastic fibers that expand when air passes to them. When some pathogens enter the lungs, the immune system attacks them. It releases substances that kills the pathogens and prevents the body from infections. But sometimes the immune system attacks the healthy cells of the Lungs and body stops such actions by releasing some other substances. This disease is common in smokers. In Smokers, the lungs loses the elasticity. This causes damage to the air sacs. The damaged air sacs fail to expel the air from the lungs. The air gets trapped in the lungs. It causes enlargement of the air sacs and damages the tissues of the lining of the lungs.

Causes of Emphysema
Air pollution
Tobacco smoke
Marijuana smoke
Manufacturing fumes
Coal and silica dust

If not treated properly, Emphysema may cause

Differential Diagnosis: Like Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis also causes shortness of breath. In Pulmonary Fibrosis, the tissues of lungs become thick and scarred.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Emphysema

Single Herb

Aloevera for Emphysema

Take out the pulp Aloevera. Have it two times a day.

Solanum Trilobatum ( Alarka ) Leaves for Emphysema

Take one teaspoon juice of Solanum Trilobatum ( Alarka ) Leaves thrice a day.

Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Oil for Emphysema

Apply lukewarm Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Oil on chest and massage for 15 to 20 minutes at night.

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Emphysema

Have Ginger ( Adrak ) tea thrice a day.

Clove ( Laung ) for Emphysema

Crush 2 to 3 Clove ( Laung ). Boil in a cup of water. Strain. Have 3 to 4 cups a day.
Grind dried Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ). Have one teaspoon powder with water on an empty stomach.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Leaves for Emphysema

Take fresh or dried 2 Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Leaves. Boil in a cup of water. Strain. Drink it twice a day.
Cut 2 blades of Lemon Grass ( Gandhatrina ). Put in a cup of boiled water and cover. Strain it after 10 minutes. Drink it twice a day.

Carom ( Ajvain ) for Emphysema

Take half teaspoon Carom ( Ajvain ) and boil in a cup of water. Strain. Add a piece of Jaggery ( Gur ) in it. stir and drink twice a day.

Dandelion ( Dudal ) for Emphysema

Collect died Dandelion ( Dudal ). Put half teaspoon in a cup of water and heat. Strain after 5 minutes. Have it twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Emphysema 1

Take equal quantity root powder of Ginseng, licorice, Comfrey, Anise,
Add 1/2 tablespoon Garlic, Anise, Fenugreek.
Prepare a decoction.
Take twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Emphysema 2

Put 3 tablespoon each of Wintergreen and Eucalyptus in One jug of boiled water. Have steam bath.

Herbal Treatment For Emphysema 3

Add Basil, Hyssop and Thyme oil in One jug of boiled water. Take steam bath.
Queries on Emphysema
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Carmen spence ( Australia )
03 Apr 2018
I have had Crohns Disease, for 49 years, I have had 3 resections of the Ileum, I can now put up with that, but, now the worst thing that I have experienced is I am continuously breathless, cannot do much at all, I am wondering if both these illnesses are related, as candida fungus.

I am forever researching the internet, for some ideas.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.
19 Apr 2018
Dear Carmen Spence
Please let us know some more symptoms and we will recommend you according to that.
What exactly do you feel and write your all present symptoms.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Kathryn ( USA, Florida )
21 Jan 2019
Hello! My father is 66 with end stage COPD. I have been reading the statements, questions and answers. We know at my fathers stage in this disease the COPD cannot be cured (or at any stage). At this juncture I am looking for a herb or herb strategy to help with his breathing so that it is not so labored and make him comfortable. Thank you.
02 May 2019
Hi Kathryn, Please check my response on this site from Allan. You can email me at allandsgh@gmail.com.
Allan ( Trinidad )
02 May 2019
I have had Stage 4 COPD for several years since 2006. I am presently on Spiriva Respiratory and Symbicort. I also use Apricot Kernels and drink a variety of herbal teas including, ginger, dandelion, morInga and I also use a lot of supplements. Try to get a copy of the book' How I reversed my Mom's Emphysema' by G. Miller. I have been using most of the supplements that he recommended and it does help me tremendously. There are times when I can really push myself a lot and I don't breathe short. At other times when I am not consistent with the supplements, I can do very little. His book gives you a good idea if the supplements you should get, the diet that you should be on and the exercise that you should do. Please free to email me and I can also tell you the other protocols that I have tried and which ones also helped me. Remember prayer is also important as there is nothing Our Saviour cannot do. Take care
Roberto ( Philippines )
11 Feb 2020
My COPD started late 2005. My doctor first subscribed me with Salmeterol Fluticasone propionate 25mcg/250/mcg with salbutamol Bronchodilator then Indacaterol maleate Glycopyrronium bromide 110mcg/50mcg powder for inhalation which gave me some relieve. But lately I'm always suffering from shortness of breath every time I do some activity and even just by walking 30 to 50 meters. I want to take medicine and other herbal remedy for my COPD. Can you recommend me what to take?
Ron ( USA / Nebraska )
06 Apr 2021
I find that Balloon Flower root has been very effective. I am surprised it has not been mentioned. An herbal remedy of Balloon Flower, Licorice, and Lemon Grass as a capsule or tea twice daily works buts does not replace using an inhaler when necessary.
I add Balloon Flower to my herbal cough syrup.
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