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Eucalyptus Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Eucalyptus Globulus
Hindi Name
Safeda, Sapheda, Neelgiri
Chinese Name
An Ye
Homeopathic Name
Eucalyptus Globulus   -   Mother Tincture

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Eucalyptus Cures


Action of Eucalyptus

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Eucalyptus

Taste of

Parts Used

Leaves, Oil of Leaves, Bark, Sesamum Oil, Essential Oil

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Eucalyptus

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.
It may cause headache.
People suffering from Epilepsy and High blood pressure should avoid using eucalyptus essential oil.
Avoid applying over Wounds, Cuts or Broken Skin.
External use is recommended.
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Eucalyptus is a tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in a dry climate.
It grows up to 45 M.
Best used for Malaria, Fever.

In TCM :
Eucalyptus Oil : An You
Leaf of Eucalyptus : An Ye


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Materia Medica for Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus General

Eucalyptus is associated to the Myrtaceae family. It is an aborigine of Australia.
It is Lice resistant.
It is beneficial in combating Fever.
Its oil lightens the mind and helps to concentrate better. It suppresses Stress and Tiredness.
Eucalyptus is effective in maintaining Oral health. It is used for keeping away Oral and Throat infections. It keeps Gum Bleeding at bay.
Its oil is a valuable Decongestant. It relieves Sinus, Stuffy Nose in case of Cold and Cough.
It is a favourable cure for Respiratory disorders like Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia.
It alleviates Lung ailments thus, cleansing them.
Eucalyptus is good herbal remedy to overcome Skin troubles like Acne, Blackheads, White heads, Cuts, Wounds, Burns, Ulcers, Scraps, Boils, Cold Sores.
It is helpful in balancing Blood sugar.
It stimulates Food Craving.
It counters Influenza.
Eucalyptus alleviates Liver disorders.
It curbs Gallbladder infections.
It treats Back Pain.
It reduces discomfort, as a result of Neuralgia.
Eucalyptus is a good herbal cure for Joint Pain, Joint Stiffness, Arthritis, Rheumatism and Muscular Pain.
It helps in curing Urinary Bladder Infections.
It is an efficient Repellent as it keeps Fleas and Mosquitoes away.
It is used for cleaning the household goods due to its disinfectant properties.

Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it. Not recommended for Pregnant and Nursing Women.
Keywords : Lice, Fever, Stress, Fatigue, Oral Problems, Congestion, Respiratory Problems, Lung Problems, Skin Problems, Diabetes, Appetizer, Influenza, Liver Problems, Gallbladder Problems, Back Pain, Neuralgia, Joint Problems, Urinary Problems, Repellent.
Single Herb

Eucalyptus for Fatigue

Massage your body using Eucalyptus oil before taking bath.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Backache

Take 2 teaspoons Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil. Heat. Massage with lukewarm oil.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Chest Congestion

Add few drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in a cup of boiling water. Inhale the steam.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Rheumatism

Massage the affected parts with warm Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Wounds

Mix 2 tablespoons of Eucalyptus Oil in two cups of lukewarm water. Use it as a wash to get relief.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Bloating

Pour 5 drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in one glass of water and take it twice a day.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Insect Bites

Apply Eucalyptus oil over bitten area. It helps in relieving pain.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Dyspnea

Put 5 to 6 drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in hot water. Take steam over it.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Leaves for Emphysema

Take fresh or dried 2 Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Leaves. Boil in a cup of water. Strain. Drink it twice a day.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Asthma

Put 3-4 drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil on a paper towel.
Keep it by your head while sleeping and breath in the aroma.
OR : Put few drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in a pot of boiling water.
Breath in the aromatic steam by taking deep breaths.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Gingivitis

Add 3 ml Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in 40 ml lukewarm water. Swish with it.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Whooping Cough

Add few drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in boiling water. Inhale the steam for 10 minutes twice a day.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Laryngitis

Add 4 to 5 drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil in a liter of boiling water. Inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Bronchitis

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil has Antibacterial property. It helps to cure the problem. Steam is the best option to treat bronchitis.
Boil a liter of water. Add 8 to 10 drops in boiling water. Inhale the steam at bed time.

Eucalyptus for Diabetes

Roast 8-10 leaves of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) without getting them burned. Soak the roasted leaves in a glass of water overnight. Strain and consume in the next morning.
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Herbal Treatment For Sinusitis 1

Take 10 Cloves, 10 Field Mint leaves and 10 Eucalyptus leaves. Boil in one liter water. Inhale the steam twice a day.
Attention : You may take steam of simple water, if these ingredients are not available.

Herbal Treatment For Emphysema 2

Put 3 tablespoon each of Wintergreen and Eucalyptus in One jug of boiled water. Have steam bath.

Herbal Treatment For Grey Hair 5

Boil Indian Gooseberry in water with 1 tsp Eucalyptus oil in it. Put the mixture in an iron bowl for a night. In the morning, add Yogurt, Lemon juice and Egg white in it. Apply it on the scalp and hairs. Wash when it gets dry.

Herbal Treatment For Tuberculosis 3

Mix powdered Slippery Elm, Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil and water in equal quantities. Shake well and take internally One tablespoon daily.

Herbal Treatment For Blood Clots 1

Combine equal quantity of Slippery Elm powder, Eucalyptus oil and water. Shake well and rub on the affected skin.

Herbal Treatment For Fatigue 5

Take Rosemary oil and Eucalyptus oil in equal quantity. Massage the whole body with this oil.

Herbal Treatment For Phlegm 11

Take the leaves of Mint ( Pudina ) and Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) in equal quantity. Boil in 2 liters of water. Remove from heat and take steam.

Herbal Treatment For Dandruff 11

Take 2 to tablespoons of fresh Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) pulp in a bowl. Add one tablespoon Eucalyptus Essential Oil ( Safeda ). Stir. Massage your scalp with this mixture. Leave it for an hour. Wash off.

Herbal Treatment For Chest Congestion 4

Take a bowl of boiling water.
Add 4-5 drops of each-
Aniseed Oil ( Choti Saunf ), Eucalyptus Oil ( Safeda ), Fennel Oil ( Saunf ), Cardamom Oil ( Choti Ilaichi ), Peppermint Oil( Vilayati Pudina ), Angelica Oil ( Choraka Bheda ), Juniper Oil ( Aaraar ) and Hyssop Oil ( Jufa ).
Inhale the aromatic smell.
OR : Make a blend of all these oil with any massage oil and rub on the chest.

Herbal Treatment For Lower Back Pain 12

Add Ginger ( Adrak in India ) paste in warm Eucalyptus Essential Oil ( Safede Ka Tel in India ) . Apply this mixture on painful areas.

Herbal Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis 3

Chop the fresh Mint ( Pudina ) leaves and squeeze the juice. Mix a few drops of Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) oil. Massage gently on the painful parts.

Herbal Treatment For Sinusitis 4

Put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil and Black Pepper powder in a hot water pot. Inhale the steam to clear your sinuses.

Herbal Treatment For Lower Back Pain 15

Mix 4-5 drops of Eucalyptus oil in Ginger ( Adrak in India ) paste. Apply on the affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Dark Circles 4

Take the following herbs in equal quantity :
Witch Hazel : Oil
Almond : Badam : Oil
Eucalyptus : Safeda : Oil :
Rose : Gulab : Oil
Chamomile : Babunah : Oil
Mix them together. Apply it under eyes twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Blemishes 6

Take the following herbs :
Peppermint : Vilayati Pudina : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Tea Tree : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Lavender : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Eucalyptus : Safeda : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Geranium : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Lemon : Nimbo : Oil : 1 tablespoon
Put all oils in a glass bottle together. Keep it for 2 days. Apply it over affected parts once a day.
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