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Antipyretic Herbs


Antipyretic herbs are those herbs which help the body to reduce Fever. These herbs helps in lowering the Body temperature. They are also known as Febrifuge.

Excess of Antipyretic herbs may cause :
Difficulty in Breathing


Alstonia Boonei
Altingia Excelsa
Alyxia Reinwardtii
American Mint
Andrographis Alata
Anthocleista Vogelii
Baby Sage
Biophytum Candolleanum
Bovis Calculus
Bulbine Capitata
Caralluma Edulis
Cleidion Spiciflorum
Combretum Micranthum
Daniellia Oliveri
Datisca Cannabina
Diospyros Decandra
Dysophylla Auricularia
Filipendula Vulgaris
Gentiana Dahurica
Gongronema Latifolium
Grewia Hirsuta
Henbit Deadnettle
Himalayan White Violet
Hippobroma Longiflora
Hunteria Zeylanica
Jhar Beri
Leea Aequata
Ludwigia Adscendens
Maytenus Marcanii
Munronia Pinnata
North Indian Catmint
Panax Fruticosa
Pluchea Lanceolata
Populus Trichocarpa
Powder Puff Tree
Red Pagoda Plant
Roxburgh s Wormwood
Scoparia Dulcis
Smooth Leaf White Violet
Spider White Lily
Stephania Glabra
Suicide Tree
Tetracera Sarmentosa
Tinospora Crispa
Triumfetta Rotundifolia
Vanieria Cochinchinensis
Wikstroemia Indica
Wrightia Arborea
Yellow Wood Violet
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Lemon Grass for Fever

Boil grass in water. Inhale the vapour thrice a day.
Or crush the leaves. Boil one teaspoon in a glass of water. Have it twice a day.

Sapodilla for Fever

Take 10 g Sapodilla bark. Make its decoction. Drink 20 ml of it three times a day.

Vitex Trifolia for Fever

Drink 10 ml root decoction of Vitex Trifolia plant once a day.

Bael for Fever

Consume a cup of leave decoction of Bael. Have it twice a day.

Carissa Carandas for Fever

Make leave decoction of Carissa Carandas. Drink a cup of it twice a day.

Gardenia ( Gandhraj ) for Fever

Make a decoction using bark of Gardenia ( Gandhraj ). Drink 10 ml thrice a day.

Carambola for Fever

Drink 30 ml Carambola juice once a day.

Callicarpa Tomentosa for Fever

Boil 5 g each of root and bark of Callicarpa Tomentosa tree in 1 Liter of water. Drink 10 ml thrice a day.

Chrysanthemum Indicum for Fever

Make an infusion using flowers of Chrysanthemum Indicum. Consume 28 ml thrice a day when symptoms arise.

Camphor Essential Oil ( Kaphur Ka Tel ) for Fever

Camphor Essential Oil ( Kaphur Ka Tel in India ) bears Antipyretic property. It lowers down the body temperature.
Add 3 to 4 drops of Camphor Essential Oil ( Kaphur Ka Tel in India ) in a bowl of boiling water. Breathe in the aroma for 5 to 10 minutes.
OR : Simply apply Camphor Essential Oil ( Kaphur Ka Tel in India ) on forehead with fingertips.

Bladder Cherry ( Kakanaja ) for Fever

Antipyretic and Antimicrobial attributes of Bladder Cherry ( Kakanaja in India ) work effectively against Fever.
Eat 4 too 5 ripe Bladder Cherry ( Kakanaja in India ) daily.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Fever 22

Take 100 g Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds with 15 g Aconitum Heterophyllum ( Ateesarand ) seeds. Powder them. Take quarter teaspoon of the powder with same quantity of Sugar. Have it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Fever 23

If Fever is due to Malaria then try this remedy :
Take roasted seeds of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) with same quantity of Long Pepper ( Pippali ). Grind them to make powder. Take quarter teaspoon of it with one teaspoon Honey. Have it twice a day.
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