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Lotus Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Chinese Waterlily
Botanical Name
Nelumbo Nucifera
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Lian Zi XIn, He ye, Lian

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Lotus Cures


Action of Lotus

Nutrients in Lotus

Highly Effective

Nature of


Parts Used

Whole Plant, Flowers,Seeds, Plumule

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Lotus

Excess may cause Nausea and Loose Motions.
It is incompatible with Hoelen.
Avoid in case of Constipation and Abdominal Mass.
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Lotus is an aquatic plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to a height of 1.5 M, and spread in a diameter of about 3 M.
Best used for Skin Infections.

In TCM :
Lotus Leaf : He Ye
Lotus Fruit : Shi Lian Zi
Lotus Seed : Lian Feng, Lian Zi, Shi Lian Zi
Lotus Petiole : He Geng
Lotus Stamen : Lian Xu, Lian Geng ( Neutral in nature )
Lotus Rhizome : Ou Zhi
Lotus Plumule : Lian Zi Xin ( Cold in nature )
Lotus Receptacle : Lian Fang ( Warm in nature )
Lotus Rhizome Node : Ou Jie ( Neutral in nature )
Lotus Node Carbon : Ou Jie Tan

Meridians associated : Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Stomach, Pericardium, Liver and Spleen.


Common Names

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Materia Medica for Lotus

Lotus General

Lotus ( Kamal in India ) is associated to the Nelumbonaceae family. It is the national flower of India. It is an aquatic plant which grows in a tropical climate. The entire Lotus plant is of medicinal importance.

Lotus leaf possesses Laxative, Astringent and Diuretic properties. The leaf is bitter in taste. It enters the meridians of the Liver and the Spleen. It produces a cooling effect and is helpful in eliminating heat from the body. It prevents excessive thirst due to summer heat. The Astringent property is useful to arrest the bleeding. It keeps the cells binded together and stops the bleeding. The Iron content in Lotus inhibits postpartum anemic deficiency.

Lotus root helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. It is low in calorie which prevents the absorption of fat in the body. The presence of Vitamin C in the Lotus root strengthens the immune functioning. It prevents the body from Infectious attack. Lotus root normalizes the Blood Pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium in the body. Lotus root is good in Stress. It stabilizes the mood and reduces the level of Stress. It is a good source of iron and copper. They improve the production of Red Blood Cells in the body. Lotus root improves circulation of blood in the body. The organs receive a good amount of oxygenated blood. This improves the health of the organs.

Lotus flower has a soothing effect on the Stomach. It combats the problems like Diarrhea, Dysentery and Piles. It improves Virility and is useful in treating Premature Ejaculation. The flower acts as a Cardiac tonic. It strengthens the Heart muscles and regulates the flow of blood. The flower decoction is useful in curing Abdominal Cramps. The stamen is a good herbal remedy in treating the Uterine Bleeding.

The Lotus seeds are used in combating Fever. The seeds have a calming effect on the Nervous System. The seeds promote a sound sleep and cure problems like Insomnia and Nervous Disorders. The seeds improve the body's metabolism and provide relief from Indigestion. The Lotus seed is antiaging in nature. It repairs the damaged Skin tissues and prevents from Dull Skin. Seeds are packed with Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus which are major constituents needed for building strong Bones and Muscles.

Keywords: Bloody Stool, Nosebleed, Diarrhea, Premature Ejaculation, Uterine Bleeding, Fever, Insomnia, Nervous Disorders, Dull Skin, Stress
Single Herb

Lotus for Haemoptysis

Extract the juice from the root of Lotus. Take one tablespoon two times a day for 5 days.

Lotus for Fever

Grind the Lotus petals. Boil untill it remains half. Drink one cup twice a day.

Lotus for Diarrhea

Squeeze the juice of Lotus leaves. Take one teaspoon daily for 3 days.
Take half teaspoon of Lotus Seeds and add them to a one cup of hot water. Let it steep for 15 minutes. Take it twice a day.

Lotus for Headache

Make a paste of Lotus leaves. Apply on the forehead.

Lotus for Heart Disease

Powder the dry Lotus petals. Have a pinch with milk twice a day for 7 days.

Lotus for Skin Diseases

Prepare a paste of Lotus roots. Apply on the affected part twice a day.
Or Apply seeds paste.

Lotus for Ulcers

Boil a pinch of Lotus petals powder in a glass of water. Drink once a day for a week.

Lotus ( Kamal ) Seeds for Libido Loss Male

Lotus ( Kamal ) Seeds enhance Libido in men.
Take one teaspoon dry Lotus ( Kamal ) Seeds for one week.

Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower for Impotence

Prepare a decoction of stamens of Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower. Take one glass once a day.
OR : Take one teaspoon dried Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower stamens once a day.

Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower for Uterine Bleeding

Boil one teaspoon Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower stamens in one glass of water. Take it once a day.

Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower for Premature Ejaculation

Prepare a decoction of Lotus ( Kamal ) Flower. Drink one glass once a day.

Lotus root for Acid Reflux

Grind roots of Lotus to make paste. Take quarter tsp of the paste with Milk at night.

Lotus for Snake Bite

Crush Lotus flower to make paste. Take 2 g of it with water after regular interval of half hour.

Lotus as Cardio Tonic

Boil some flowers of Lotus in water. Drink 5 ml of it once a day.

Lotus as Galactagogue

Include cooked form of Lotus root in your daily diet.

Lotus for Scanty Menses

Powder the dried roots of Lotus. Take quarter tsp of it twice a day with lukewarm water.

Lotus for Vomiting

Make a decoction with Lotus seeds. Drink 30 ml thrice a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Fever 8

Powder the Lotus leaves. Add equal quantity of Sandalwood powder. Mix it well. Apply paste all over the body.

Herbal Treatment For Heat Stroke 1

Take dried Lotus ( Kamal ) leaves and Liquorice ( Mulethi ) in equal quantity. Powder. Have one teaspoon.

Herbal Treatment For Urinary Tract Infection 9

Take 10 g petals of each Lotus and Rose. Make their decoction. Drink 30 ml of it thrice a day.
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