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Cooling Herbs


Cooling herbs are those herbs which cool the body. They slow down the internal processes. They soothe irritations. They reduce both internal and external body heat.
These herbs are used to cure Stomach heat, Fever and various heat related diseases. They give refreshing effect too. These herbs are also known as Refrigerant.


Berberis Asiatica
Biophytum Candolleanum
Calcutta Bamboo
Corchorus Fascicularis
Cordyline Fruticosa
Dendrobium Hancockii
Digera Alternifolia
Dioscorea Hispida
Divine Jasmine
Dragon Tooth
Ficus Rumphii
Flickingeria Macraei
Glochidion Zeylanicum
Hawksbill Turtle Shell
Hibiscus Macranthus
Hydrocotyle Javanica
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Ipomoea Marginata
Jhar Beri
Justicia Tranquebariensis
Ludwigia Adscendens
Malabar Nutmeg
Mollugo Pentaphylla
Murdannia Nudiflora
Mysore Fanpetals
Nymphoides Peltata
Panicled Peristrophe
Powder Puff Tree
Rivea Ornata
Royle's Pergularia
Rungia Pectinata
Sapphire Berry
Scoparia Dulcis
Small Warty Acampe
Smooth Leaf White Violet
Stem Clasping Ligularia
Sterculia Villosa
Tetracera Sarmentosa
Tree Vernonia
Typha Elephantina
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Inflammation

Apply oil of Henna seeds over inflamed areas. It helps to reduce the burning sensation.

Sphaeranthus Indicus ( Gorakhmundi ) as Coolant

Grind dried flowers of Sphaeranthus Indicus ( Gorakhmundi ) to make powder. Take quarter tsp of it. Have it twice a day.

Shoe Flower as Coolant

Prepare a flower decoction of Shoe Flower plant. Drink 2 tsp once a day.

Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) Leaves as Coolant

Crush leaves of Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) to make paste. Apply it over inflamed Skin.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Burns

Apply leave paste of Henna over Burns. Its cooling effect helps in healing the damaged Skin fast.

Poppy as Coolant

Grind Poppy seeds to make paste. Consume 2 g of it daily with lukewarm water.

Bael as Coolant

The ripe Bael fruit has cooling effect on your Body. Have 5 g of it twice a day.

Morus Nigra as Coolant

Fruit of Morus Nigra has cooling effect on body. Consume it in your daily diet.
Queries on Cooling Herbs
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Marèe ( Nz )
30 Mar 2017
I have achillies tendonitis which responds to ice.is there some forms of cooling rub i could use if ice is not available?*
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