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Shoe Flower Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Shoe Flower
Glycemic Index / Load
Shoe Flower
Botanical Name
Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
Hindi Name
Jasum, Jasut, Java, Gurhal

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Shoe Flower Cures

Most Effective


Action of Shoe Flower

Nutrients in Shoe Flower

Taste of
Shoe Flower

Parts Used

Roots, Leaves, Flowers

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Shoe Flower

It may cause infection in eyes.
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Shoe Flower is a flowering shrub.
It is an evergreen.
It grows in tropical, subtropical climates.
It grows up to 8 M.
Best used for Hair Growth.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Shoe Flower

Single Herb

Shoe Flower for Leucorrhoea

Add 2 tsp leaf juice of Shoe Flower in a cup of water. Drink it twice a day.
OR : Drink 10 ml leaf decoction of Shoe Flower twice a day.

Shoe Flower for Urinary Problems

Use flowers of Shoe Flower plant to make decoction. Drink 30 ml once a day.

Shoe Flower as Coolant

Prepare a flower decoction of Shoe Flower plant. Drink 2 tsp once a day.

Shoe Flower for Hyperthermia

Take 200 g flower petals of Shoe Flower plant. Add 1 Liter water and 400 g Jaggery in it. Boil until it gets half or thick. Take 5 g of it once a day.

Shoe Flower for Baldness

Take flower petals of Shoe Flower. Crush them to extract juice. Boil the juice with Coconut oil. Store and use for Head massage.

Shoe Flower for Hair

Crush leaves of Shoe Flower plant to extract its juice. Apply it over your Hair and scalp. Wash after sometime.

Shoe Flower for Menstrual Problems

Fry 2 flowers of Shoe Flower plant in Butter. Take it with warm Milk once a day.

Shoe Flower ( Jasum ) for Mumps

Grind the leaves and flowers together and make a paste. Apply as a poultice onto Mumps.

Shoe Flower ( Jasum ) for Fever

Prepare a leaf decoction of Shoe Flower ( Jasum ) and apply as a lotion on your body to normalize temperature.

Shoe Flower for Alopecia Areata

Shoe Flower or Chinese Hibiscus provides a good Hair Care. It increases the volume, luster and prevent the Hair fall and Dandruff.
Take 8 to 10 flowers of Shoe Flower plant. Boil them in half a liter of Coconut oil. Strain the oil. Store it in a bottle. Now apply this oil 3 times in a week and leave it over night. Repeat the process on regular intervals to get good results.
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Herbal Treatment For Jaundice 2

Boil One tablespoon each of Trailing Eclipta leaves, Azadirachta Indica flowers, Radish and Shoe Flower in half litre water till water is reduced to half. Take thrice a day with One tablespoon sugar.

Herbal Treatment For Cough 41

Take 20 g root of Shoe Flower and 50 g leaves of Adhatoda Vasica. Make its decoction. Drink 30 ml twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Leucorrhoea 3

Prepare decoction with flowers of Shoe Flower. Take 30 ml of it and add 20 ml Milk, 1 tsp Jaggery and half tsp Carom. Drink 20 ml once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 8

Add 10 to 12 Shoe Flowers into 1 to 2 cups of Coconut Oil. Heat them together until burnt. Strain this to separate oil from solution. Before sleep apply this oil to your scalp. Wash off your hairs in the next morning. Repeat this for one to two times a week.
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Biji ( India, kerala )
14 Jul 2016
Is the flower good for stone problem and. Lung cancer. How can one oue it
04 Aug 2016
Biji, yes the herb cvan be used to cure Cancer. But , you should read the disease Cancer in the disease section to know about super effective herbs used to cure lung Cancer. Lungwort is a very effective herb for Lungs, you may check that herb. Lungwort takes care of the health of Lungs. Pulmonaria Officinalis is the name of the tincture. Start by taking 5 drops in a glass of water, daily for a month. Cannabis Indica- Take 5 drops of this tincture daily in water.
Liqorice Tea should be taken daily in the morning. Galium Aparine Tincture-- Drink 10 drops of this tincture daily in a glass of water. Wheat Grass Juice-- Drink 30 ml once day. Soursop-- 100 ml Soursop juice daily.l of juice daily in the morning
Ganoderma-- Take Ganoderma capsules (100 mg) daily. Food -- A cup of Raspberry juice daily. Tomatoes are a great anti oxidant and will help to expel free radicals.
04 Aug 2016
...... Biji...... Chew 2-3 Basil leaves daily. Peas, Turnip, Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Mango, Strawberries, Black Cumin
Also, chewing 5-6 coriander seeds will help to fight Cancer. And as far as stones are concerned, write back and share are you talking about Kidney stones, Gall bladder stones or Ureter stones.
Rani jamal ( UAE )
02 Apr 2017
Please advise medicine for swelling due to allergy or stress
03 Apr 2017
Please mention your symptoms in detail.
Swelling of which body part ?
Is it accompanied by inflammation too ?
What allergy are you suffering from ?
We need to know more of your symptoms to understand the problem.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Amrik ( Punjab )
25 Jun 2017
Best & effective herbal Treatments go newly borderline type II Diabetes for 58 yr male.
Amrik ( India )
25 Jun 2017
What is botanical name/name in hindi of a bitter wild vine called Tuma in Panjabi.
Rebecca ( India )
05 Mar 2018
Can I eat petal of shoe flower before breakfast?is it benefit for uterus
08 Mar 2018
Shoe Flower is beneficial in curing Urinary Problems. you may have it.
Antwi ( Ghana )
03 Jun 2020
Pls which part of the plant is used for solving urinary problem
Is it the leaf,stem,root or flowers
Ranen Dutta ( India )
11 Sep 2020
I have a very dry cough, more like an irritation or allergic type of cough. Is it possible that as I take heart, diabetes and blood pressure medications (allopathy), certain medicine is not suitable? How to overcome this. The medicines I take twice a day are: Amlip, Dilvas, ATR, Clopiklot, Ecosprin, Okamet, Metopole.
P. Fernando ( Sri Lanka/Kandy )
06 Apr 2021
I have being loosing hair for a long time. tried many vitamins and oil massagers.
still I am having the same problem. I had very thick and long hair. Pls advise me.
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