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Emmenagogue Herbs


Emmenagogue herbs are those herbs which stimulate and normalize the menstrual flow. These herbs increase flow of blood near Uterus and Pelvic areas. Mostly they are used to cure Menstrual Disorder.

Excess of Emmenagogue herbs may cause :
Liver Problems
Excess of Blood Clotting

NOTE : Do not take during Pregnancy. They may cause Abortion.


Adiantum Venustum
Alysicarpus Longifolius
Alyxia Reinwardtii
American Mint
Aristolochia Philippinensis
Aristolochia Sericea
Asphodelus Ramosus
Baeckea Frutescens
Bauhinia Malabarica
Calophyllum Tomentosum
Camel Grass
Camphorosma Monspeliaca
Cistus Ladanifer
Cotton Lavender
Diospyros Decandra
Dysoxylum Decandrum
Euodia Lunuankenda
Foetidia Mauritiana
Gold not to be used as such. delet and use
Himatanthus Lancifolius
Hyptis Pectinata
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Jerusalem Oak
Lavandula Stoechas
Mollugo Pentaphylla
North Indian Catmint
Oriental Poppy
Oxeye Daisy
Parameria Barbata
Patthar Suva
Philadelphia Fleabane
Pleioceras Barteri
Polygonum Pubescens
Pulsatilla Patens
Roxburgh s Wormwood
Rubus Buergeri
Scoparia Dulcis
Smilax Bracteata
Sow Thistle
Sparrow false Pimpernel
Syzygium Malaccense
Verbena Bracteata
White Baneberry
Yellow Rattle
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Yarrow for Menstrual Disorders

Emmenagogue : Hot infusion of Yarrow Leaves are good for Menstrual Disorders.

Black Cohosh for Menopause and Menstrual Disorders

Rhizomes of the Black Cohosh are used for the treatment of Menopause, Menstrual Disorders.
It can be taken in the form of extract. Drink 20 Mg a day.
Or have Black Cohosh tablets.

Sappan Wood as Emmenagogue

Drink 100 ml wood decoction of Sappan Wood once a day.

Vitex Trifolia as an Emmenagogue

Make a decoction of Vitex Trifolia fruit. Have 20 ml of it twice a day.

False Spikenard for Menstrual Disorder

Make tea using roots of False Spikenard twice a day.

Solanum Xanthocarpum for Menstrual Disorders

Take half tsp of Solanum Xanthocarpum seeds with lukewarm water. Have it once a day.

Banyan for Female Diseases

Take Banyan fruit powder, Sugar and Cumin powder in 2:2:1 ratio. Take half tsp of it twice a day with Milk.

Cabbage Rose for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Drink a cup of tea prepared by Cabbage Rose petals.

Avocado ( Makhanphal ) for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare flower tea of Avocado ( Makhanphal ). Consume 30 ml of it twice a day.

Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ) as Emmenagogue

Make a root decoction of Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ). Have a cup of it after the completion of Menstrual Cycle. Take it for three days.

Celery ( Shalari ) for Menstrual Disorder

Chew fresh leaves and stem of Celery ( Shalari ) during Menstrual Delay.

Confederate Rose for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Drink 30 ml leave decoction of Confederate Rose plant. Have it two days before your Menstrual Cycle begin.

Chrysanthemum Indicum for Difficult Menses

Consume 30 ml flower decoction of once a day. Take it before two days of your Menstrual Cycle begin.
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