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Sappan Wood Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Sappan Wood
Glycemic Index / Load
Sappan Wood
Botanical Name
Caesalpinia Sappan
Hindi Name
Bakam, Mal, Vakam, Vakam, Vakum
Chinese Name
Su Mu, Su Fang

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Sappan Wood Cures


Action of Sappan Wood

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Sappan Wood

Nature of
Sappan Wood


Parts Used

Heartwood, Leaves, Bark, Seeds

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Sappan Wood

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Should avoid consuming it if debilitated with Heavy Menstural Bleeding, Abdominal Disease.
Excessive dosage may leads to death.
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Sappan Wood is a small flowering tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical and subtropical regions.
It grows up to 10 M.
Best used for Blood Purification.

In TCM :
Sappan Wood : Su Mu
Meridians associated : Heart, Spleen and Liver.
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Materia Medica for Sappan Wood

Single Herb

Sappan Wood for Diarrhea

Prepare a decoction with heartwood of Sappan Wood. Drink twice a day.

Sappan Wood as Emmenagogue

Drink 100 ml wood decoction of Sappan Wood once a day.

Sappan Wood as Antiinflammatory

Cut Wood of Sappan Wood into small pieces. Boil them in water. Drink this decoction thrice a day.

Sappan Wood for Dysentery

Prepare a decoction using bark of Sappan Wood. Drink 20 ml twice a day.

Sappan Wood for Wounds

Crush dried seeds of Sappan Wood. Sprinkle it over Wounds.
Queries on Sappan Wood
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Godwin Goveas
16 Feb 2016
i have been just diagonised with fatty liver due to alcohol and junk food ....I also have piles problem for which i am treating with Himalaya ....can you suggest for improving liver problems & piles ?
19 Feb 2016
Dear Godwin Goveas It is advised that you should stop alcohol and must not eat junk food any more.
Plies is also a disorder of faulty Liver.
The best Herb for Liver is -- Milk Thistle. Buy Milk Thistle capsule. Take one capsule daily for a month. Drink Radish juice 30 ml on an empty stomach for 3 days. Skip for 7 days. Then again take for 3 days. Skip for 7 days again , then retake it for 3 more days.
This shall cure your Piles.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
16 Feb 2016
14 Feb 2017
ARe you selling? How much?
Balili Farm
03 Oct 2019
We have it in Philippines
Wigan Dampalig
12 Jul 2020
Where can we buy sappan wood,here in the Philippines..
28 Aug 2020
Hello Wigan, we are from Bangkok, Thailand. We are supplying Sapan wood to several countries.
Please get in touch with us at - bromscosmetics@gmail.com
13 Jul 2020
Hello Wigan
Herbpathy is not buying/selling of herbs. Please check online or nearest plant nursery.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
03 Mar 2017
Yes hm is your sappan woods? i need it
03 Mar 2017
Mitch Wants to buy Sappanwood from you. Even I want to buy them.
Please share your contact number. I am in a need.
12 May 2017
09565107929 i have sappan woods txt me if you want to buy.tnx
08 Oct 2017
How about seeds Rose, do u have?
14 Oct 2017
PH+914912572246 ,2572259 CELL +919249792275 ,9249356953
email farmtrust .agri@rediffmail.com
Ana Villanueva
01 Apr 2017
Where can we buy Sappan wood, we want to buy it? Where are you from? Please let me know how can we buy it?
Jojo espina
04 Apr 2017
Good am..mayroon ako stocks sa bahay..about 60 kilos
21 Dec 2017
Enter your reply here...seeds meron?pwede po bang pang tanim?
29 Dec 2017
Interested ako.cp number mo
28 Apr 2017
Hello po puwedi po. Bah ako maka bali ng sappan wood pls. Email me (meajelt@yahoo.com.ph)
07 Sep 2017
Hello How can i buy sibucao from you
I live in QC
Pls let me know
My sister has heart problem,, she needs it
Balili farm
03 Oct 2019
Pls email balilifarm@yahoo.com
We have a living tree will only cut some in the bark if needed.
Ranulfo Arbiol
08 Oct 2017
Halo Jojo, u mean u have seeds? If yes, pls txt me here in my Globe number, 09062958403...Tnx...(PENRO Ranny Arbiol-Leyte)
Anne D. Laparan
27 Dec 2018
hi, we have sappan tree here , i use it after i give birth. do you want to buy? call/message me 09438013196 / 09154748648 or pm me to my FB Anne D. Laparan
14 Oct 2017
THE FARMING TRUST OF INDIA PALAKKAD KERALA INDIA CELL+919249792275 ,9249356953 TELE +91 491 2572246 ,2572259
08 Feb 2019
You can buy it infront of quiapo church
07 Sep 2017
Where can i buy sappan wood??
How much in Phil.peso??
Marciano B. Apao
30 Sep 2017
Good morning Zen,
I have stocks of sappan wood at home. I can send you via LBC. It only costs P20.00 per pack plus LBC cost.
This is my contact number 09175469371
Gino Paolo C. Flores
20 Dec 2017
Sir pano po makaorder sa inyo eto po number ko 09212254757
Anne D. Laparan
26 Jan 2019
hi Zen, I have a stock here as i am also using it to have a better sleep also use it for stress reliever . we have a lot of it in our farm in province just 2 hours to drive from cebu city where I live right now. it is only php.50.00 per pack or 21 stick that is good for 1.5 L of water and can use it twice.
you can pm me to my fb messenger Anne D. Laparan or contact me at 09438013196 / 09154748648
Kallee ( Mauritius )
01 Mar 2016
Hi I am from mauritius and I don't think there is sappan tree here.I would like to buy and need little advice please
Herbpathy Admin
02 Mar 2016
Dear Kallee,
We do not deal in sales or purchase of any herb or herbal product.
You can buy this herb online or any near-by herbal store. Herbal products are available on e-commerce websites. Check for the quality and the authenticity of the product and the seller before you buy.
We have moved your query to the Buy/Sell page of our website. Users post their contact details on that page for the purpose of buying or selling herbs. That is entirely a user affair. You may visit that page and look for the users selling the needed herb. Herbpathy.com has just provided the platform for communication for the users.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
11 Nov 2017
Sir I am interested to buy Sibukaw Seeds please pm me. my Mobile number is 09322362764 . I am in Cebu right now, Taga Bohol Ko. Sa Corella. Please Sir. Salamat Sir.
Albert Ligan
10 Sep 2016
I have a lot here in Bohol, Philippines.
14 Feb 2017
Hello sir Albert. pwidi mangayo? where in bohol sir? My relatives are in bilar area. thank you btw, unsay name ani known sa bohol? thank you
Ranulfo/Ranny Arbiol
08 Oct 2017
Hello Bay Albert, u mean u have plenty of seeds? If so, pls txt me up, 09062958403...PENRO Ranny Arbiol here of Leyte...
09 Feb 2017
hi we have sappan trees in our backyard ,,,
09 Feb 2017
whoever wants to have sappan trees ,,you can have my fb account just pm me ,,zero hayk
03 Mar 2017
hi bryant what is your fb account?
Monina (philippines)
14 Apr 2017
Hello...Im using sappan wood and we have in our place and its really effective my father always gave to drink. If you are interested. This is my facebook account you can me a message. Just search Monina Amsali (Lady M)
Alan ( Philippines )
09 Mar 2016
i am alan i have hematuria what dos this mean and is it dangerous to me! Or what is the best cure/medicine for it.....?
Koel Kaith
16 Mar 2016
Dear ALan
Hematuria is the disease of Kidneys and Urinary Tract. If not treated, it might cause UTI. Can be cured by Bitter Gourd juice twice a day. Take it on empty stomach in the morning. try for 10 days. Land Caltrops is the Herb for your Kidneys. Take its tincture. Tribulus Terristris is the name. take 10 drops in half glass of water daily for a month.Another Herb is Punarnava. It water extract form is recommended. Do not worry ! the disease can be cured. Eat half tea spoon of Aloe Vera pulp daily in the morning for a week.
Chonallie Reyes ( Milan, Italy )
16 Mar 2016
Im been treated n have cyst n my breast for how many years, ive tried to drink and prove this kind of tree which proven also with my niece and its all gone, im here in milano italy but when i went home ive found this tree through the help of my cousin, first they tell me that i have to drink moderately for 15 days which no water except this ,,, ive tried everyday just too have fun, why after having 1 month vacation return back to italy i have the schedule for operation of my cease breast, so after 15 days ive drink , im shock why because the cease was not already there,,,,, ive continue to drink really then ive tried to go hospital for mamogram and finally the cease was proven its Gone this is really true anybody can call me in my place there a lot of Sapang tree and every now and then,i brought Sapang tree here in Italy i have a lot of friends drinking also my one friend have a lofus illness and its also cured not only her if u are interested u can call me and say about this miracle Tree and i can explain more further, thank you for reading this experience which thanks also to our Lord Jesus Christ,
24 Sep 2016
We prove it in laboratory experiment that it has anti bacterial property against e coli and staphylococcus
14 Feb 2017
Amen! Where in pinas ka naka buy sa sappan? i need sappan for my moms breast ca. thank you.
30 Apr 2019
marami sa amin sa iloilo mga probinsya ng san miguel
Bobby niuda
31 Dec 2018
mis maly i got a sappan in negros can u contact my wife jane niuda in his mobie. 09103685348. this is bobby niuda husband.
20 Aug 2017
a lot here in mindanao
Rodel B. Buntag
25 Sep 2017
we have a lot sappan wood in mindanao, please message or txt me if you want to buy 09216030718.
06 Feb 2019
For those who are interested to buy sappan wood or sibucao, please contact me at 09234186342, or PM thru FB messenger.. Rodel Bancairen Buntag
Ma. Fe Oppus ( Philippines )
11 May 2016
Good day.May i know if sappan wood is effective for leukemia particularly ALL.I tried giving it to my son already.
11 Jun 2016
You can buy sappan in quiapo
Wigan Dampalig
12 Jul 2020
Hello mam,,meron b sa quiapo mnla ang sappan..
13 Jul 2020
Please write your query again in English, for it to be understandable.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
22 Jun 2016
Dear Ma. Fe Oppus ,
Yes Sappan Wood is effective for leukemia. You can prepare a decoction by boiling Sappanwood heartwood or bark in one cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink it 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.
15 Jul 2016
Thanks Tina!Do you know anybody who can testify the efficacy of Sappan wood for leukemia.On a personal experience since i started giving it to my son his cbc and platelet result does not go down even he is in chemotherapy .I just dont know if it is because of this plant
Mary Rose ( Philippines )
12 May 2016
How can the seeds be prepared as a conccoction for treatment of nervous disorders?
21 Jun 2016
Dear Mary Rose,
The concoction is prepared using Sappan Wood Bark. Ingredients 1 piece of Ginger 40 grams of Sappanwood Bark 10 Cloves 3 Clove leaves 2 Cardamom seeds 2 Cinnamon leaves 3 Nutmeg leaves 2 Lemongrass 2 Shell Ginger 600 ml water Rock sugar Put all the ingredients in a pot except Rock Sugar. Boil it for 20 minutes. Add Rock Sugar. Serve either hot or cool.
Syed.M ( Tamil nadu )
10 Jun 2016
Hi ...we are selling and distribution of country drugs (herbals) and we are giving medicin form also...because of me practice siddha medicine and running vaidhiyasala ......kindly contact us....9047270009
16 Jul 2016
Hello. Can sappan wood cure hepa b patient?
Riah Desai
04 Aug 2016
Oh! For Hepatitis B, You will need to follow this three steps process--- 1.Drink two tablespoon of Radish juice everyday for one week. 2.Take Milk Thistle for ten days. You may take capsules also. It is easily available in the market.
3.Take 1/4th of Sugarcane juice. Add 1/2 cup of Curd into it. Eat it for 15 days. This course will tone up your liver and help in treating Hepatitis B
This course of herbs is very effective for your condition.
17 Sep 2016
How to make radish juice?
Ritchie L. Bautista ( Philippines )
18 Jul 2016
Good day! i want to ask , what is best medicinal plant for my father , he is diagnose with bladder and bone cancer stage 4 , and now having dialysis twice a day for kidney failure. Please help. Thanks
01 Aug 2016
Ritchie Please specify is he suffering from gall bladdr cancer or urinary bladder cancer. For kidneys he should take Gokharu tincture, it is known as Tribulus Terristris. 10 drops in a glass of water everyday. Buy it from any homeopathic store. and give him punarnava herb in its water extract form. For Cancer, these Herbs might help your father, since the cancer is already in the fourth stage.
Galium Aparine Tincture-- Drink 10 drops of this tincture daily in a glass of water.
Wheat Grass Juice-- Drink 30 ml of juice daily in the morning
Ganoderma-- Take Ganoderma capsules (100 mg) daily.
Cannabis Indica Tincture-- 5 drops of this tincture in half glass of water
Soursop-- 100 ml Soursop juice daily.
Food for him--- A cup of Raspberry juice daily. Tomatoes are a great anti oxidant and will help to expel free radicals. Chew 2-3 Basil leaves daily. Consult your health care provider before taking any herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jinepher Bautista ( Philippines )
02 Aug 2016
GOod evening poh.. Itatanong kulang poh sna kung pwede poh bang inumin ang sibukaw sa may sakit sa puso at kilangan daw poh operahan.. Please help meh kung ano poh ba dapat igamot? Thank you ??

04 Aug 2016
Jinepher Sorry, we could not understand your query. Please write back to us in English. Thank you
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Elvira Canoy
05 Sep 2016
Herbpathy, her txt mean
Good evening,i ask if the sappan concotion is not harmful for my father who suffer a heart failure actualy he advised to have an OPEARATION. thank you and pls HELP ME
Maria Corazon Cruz Gapate ( Philippines )
10 Aug 2016
i want to know if how much can be a fatal dose if using this herb ? because my friend told me to use Sappan wood bark decocted in replace to ordinary H2O?
Jun ( Phillippines )
15 Aug 2016
Hello,I'm jun
May I know if what is the cure for my wife that has been having problem to her menstruation,she did stop taking contraceptive pills 4 a week,what should we do,the doctor said that it is dangerous for her to take again the pills,that she might be pregnant,please help us find the cure..please
Cecile ( Philippines )
16 Aug 2016
Greetings! !!!!!!!
May i ask if sibukaw can help for breast pus discharges. Thank you. Cecile
26 Aug 2016
What kind of discharge it is ?
What is the color and viscosity of discharge ?
Do you feel any pain in breasts ?
Have you noticed any other change in the breasts , like size, redness, tenderness ?
For how long have you been facing this problem ?
Also mention other symptoms, if noticed.
Are you a nursing ,mother ?
Answers to all these questions are important for the cure. Write back to us .
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Claire ( Philippines )
16 Aug 2016
Hi I am Claire. I want to ask if sibukaw can be used for knee osteoarthritis and how to use it? Thank you.
26 Aug 2016
Claire BuyBoswellia capsules. Eat one capsule everyday for a month. Also massage the affected areas with warm sesame oil for 10 to 20 minute every day. Repeat the process for 1 month
Sappanwood is used to cure arthritis.
Divina C. Lachica ( Philippines )
28 Aug 2016
Good day! I'm Divine, my mother is now 86 yrs. old, diabetic siya and for so long na umiinom sya ng kanyang maintenance, naakpektuhan na ang kanyang kidney at mataas ang creatinine, kaya highblood din siya. pero malakas naman sya, kung hindi nga lang po malabo ang kanyang mata dahil sa cataract e makakalakad pa siyang mag isa. Makakatulong po ba sa kanya ang sibucao, paano po? Meron po kaming sibucao padala ng brother in law ko. Ang kailangan po ng aking ina ay mapababa ang kanyang creatinine.
Marciano Apao
30 Sep 2017
Good morning Divina,
Makatulong ang sibukaw sa ina mo. Boil it in 5-10 minutes. Let it cool down and serve it every after meal.
Victoriano mabelin
26 Feb 2019
maganda ba young sibukaw sa kidney
Elvira Fagyan ( Philippines )
14 Sep 2016
Does the trunk of the sappan tree can flush the galbladder when boiled? And does it cure diabetic people?
Priyanshi Verma
15 Sep 2016
No I do not think so. It is very difficult to flush gall stones. The best thing to do is to go for a planned surgery. As, if the stone gets stuck in the neck of the bladder, then it will be problematic for you.
I have came across many people who have got their gall bladder removed because of stones, and are now leading a perfect normal, healthy life. So, you may give it a try.
Bulet ( Philippines )
19 Sep 2016
Hi I'm bulet...can sappan wood help me to cure my diabetes type 2. what are the preparation for it?
20 Sep 2016
Bulet, yes the herb may help you , but it is not very effective for Diabetes. I think you must visit the diabetes page in the disease section on this website.
the super effective herb is Gymnema Sylvestre. http://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Diabetes-Cid55 I believe it has helped many diabetic people.
25 Sep 2016
hi, i've been drinking sappan juice ( stocked sappan wood in a glass of container with water in it) only during my period because i have this dysmenorrhea and recently my brother told me to stop drinking it if i want to get pregnant which my husband and i would love to have a child. my question is, is it true you can't get pregnant if i continue to drink the sappan juice. thank you
06 Nov 2016
Jane ( Philippines )
12 Nov 2016
is sibukaw plant can be seen in the whole world or every where?
Alonica ( Philippines )
16 Dec 2016
Is it true that sappan helps to shrink tumor? Thank you
Ridimb Kurya
20 Dec 2016
Sappanwood is used to cure Blood disorders. It is used to cure a number of other disorders like Menstrual pains, abdominal pains after child birth and Dysentery As such, it does not have any evidence of shrinking tumors. These are the antitumor herbs that can help to shrink the tumor. This is the link -- http://herbpathy.com/Action-of-Antitumor-Cid540
Tip Lutticken ( Usa )
11 Jan 2017
Can I make Sappan tea with a small piece of sappan wood and drink all day? Would it be overdose?
Kaira Dev
23 Jan 2017
Tip. Take only one to 2 cups of this tea in a day. Why do you want to drink it the entire day? Take 2 cups every day. And I hope you are aware of the fact that, if taken in excess, it may even cause death.
Noreen ( Philippines )
11 Jan 2017
I am selling Sappan/Sibukaw wood, peeled and tastless when boiled. This has become our small business since time in memorial and we're already exporting packs in Japan since the market there is high on demand. People with different ailments have been demanding this wood from us, from diabetes to cancer...and all have been satisfied with the results. Sick free. Heck, I for one spent years trying to find ways on how my hubby then and I was ever going to concieve a child, so i started drinking a cup a day just for detox and one day I was positively pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Just some thoughts to share, this is earth's gift to humanity and I'm sharing this to humanity as well.
Kailash Lakhanpal
23 Jan 2017
Hey. Noreen Thank you so much. Your feedback is a source of motivation and hope to all who wish to conceive. For those who have been trying for years . Many congratulations to you and your family. Your feedback is valuable. I am a practitioner of naturopathy. Nature has blessed us with this magical gift of herbs. I feel more lucky now.
14 Feb 2017
Hello Noreen. Whats your mobile num? Where are you from? How much ang sappan wood please? thank you.
31 Oct 2017
Hi Malyn, I am based in Cebu City, Phils. We are selling our Sibukaw packs locally or within Cebu City area for P60.00/pack.
Ma. Edlaire Peralta
20 Aug 2018
Pwede po ba akong bumili sainyo ng Sibukaw para lang po sa sakit ng atr ko.
Ma Edlaire Peralta
20 Aug 2018
My location is Sta. Rosa laguna pano po amg mode of payment niyo
Marciano B. Apao
30 Sep 2017
Good morning Noreen,
Can I buy sibukaw from you? How much? What is the mode of payment? Pls contact me at 09175469371
31 Oct 2017
Hi Marciano, where's your location, may I ask? :)
Mitch ( Philippines )
29 Jan 2017
Hi norren, where are you in the phils. Can u give me ur contact number..? I want to order this sappang ,sibukaw wood from you.thanks!
Malyn ( Philippines )
14 Feb 2017
Can anyone from this group please help me where to find sappan tree in Bohol or Cebu city area?
Need it badly. Thank you.
27 Apr 2020
we have sappan here in mindanao
16 Feb 2017
The best way to do is to order it online. The herb will be delivered at your doorstep.
So do the research please and place an order from an authentic vendor.
Malvin kim ( Philippines )
21 Feb 2017
We have pieces of this sappan wood stacked for about 3 years now. It still looks okay like no growing molds nor foul smell. Can we still use this? My aunt provided us for my mom but she no longer have any means of contacting her supplier for this herb.. Please advise. Thanks!
Marciano B. Apao
30 Sep 2017
Sappan wood can be preserved for many years if it is dried.
Joan aranas
28 Feb 2017
hi i am diagnosed with adenomyosis and i am taking provera 10mg alongside with hemanex to control my bleeding,my blood pressure is at 160 and im taking twynsta, my blood sugar is also high and is taking metformin for it, my sgpt is also high and is taking udcacid for it, when i wake up at 2am i cannot go back to sleep anymore is it safe for me to drink the juice from sibukaw?
02 Mar 2017
Hamamelis Virginiana mother tincture can be bought from a homeopathic store.
take 5 drops in a glass of water. Try this for a week and then write back to us. Observe all the symptoms during this week and share the results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Cherry ( Philippines )
01 Mar 2017
Is taking sappan wood not harmful to those who has a maintain medication like atenolol? and also my husband has a gastritis, is he allowed to take this herbal medicine?
02 Mar 2017
Yes Cherry, this herb can be used to cure Digestive Disorders. However, the best herbs for gastritis are, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar,and Baking Soda.
Atenolol is used for High Bp and Chest Pain, so I don't think this herb can interact with that.
But, in order to e sure, talk to your doctor.
Cherry San Amba, Philippines
02 Mar 2017
Ma'am he had blood transplant last year because his doctor found out that he has anemia. His hemoglobin is very low. Perhaps its because a lot of foods were avoided because of his gastritis in the first place. Aside from that he is taking Atenolol for his anxiety according to his doctor. Is it good that he will take the decoction of sibukaw bark? and also how much ml does he need to take if ever? Thank you for the positive reply... God bless!
03 Mar 2017
Give him. Kiwi, Beetroot, Pomegranate, Carrot juice, Dandelion soup. These herbs will cure his Anemia and improve his hb. . Please give him food that helps to build RBC.
Yes, he may have it. But why do you want to take this herb for gastritis when there are other very very effective herbs. Please read the disease Gastritis in the disease section of the website.
04 Mar 2017
Thank you maam!! Godbless!
Prof. Balwinder Singh (balwindergne@yahoo.co.in ,9855066699)
13 May 2017
Best formula ,tested ,in the world to fight anemia and blood disorders.
1.Shu di Huang (Rehmannia)
2.Lu Rong (Antler velvet)
3.Tu Si Zi (Dodder seeds)
4.He Shu Wu (Polygonatum Multiflorum)
5.Dang Gui (Angelica Sinesis)
6.E Jiao (Donkey hide Glue) Use extracts if possible .Mix in eual qty.Take 1 GM 3-times a day.
Give energy boost from day one.May take 1-2 months to fully replenish.
If you can't make ,Tell me .I will send 120 capsules for 2000/-
I bet it will clear all blood related problems,
Mark ( Philippines )
03 Mar 2017
Is this good for diabetic person ?
03 Mar 2017
Yes, it is a good herb to cure Diabetes. The best herb is Gudmar. Take Its tincture, it is known as Gymnema Sylvestre.
5 drops added to a glass of water daily.
03 Mar 2017
Thanks ! . Where I can Find That ?
03 Mar 2017
How many glasses of sappan everyday ?
03 Mar 2017
You can have sappanwood decoction 30 ml every day.
And as far as Gymnema Sylvestre tincture is concerned, you can buy it from any homeopathic store. Keep a regular check on your sugar readings. This tincture can drastically lower the sugar levels. All the best Mark.
Teddy crame ( Philippines )
27 Mar 2017
Im taking sappan wood to cure of my highblood, a small pieces of sibucao putting on a bottle of coke 1.2 leters and putting it up a natural water and i drink it several times using a cup glass specially in the evening. It is an effective to cure my highblood?
Avinash J
30 Mar 2017
In a bottle of coke ?
Are you serious ?
Any sort of carbonated drink should be stopped. Not even soda should be consumed. Any drink or eatable that has artificial sugar called aspartame should not be taken at all.
Do your suffer from high blood pressure or high blood count, or high blood cholesterol.
What is the exact problem
Elen Tabangay ( Philippines )
09 Apr 2017
Is there a side effect on the kidneys
which causes hypertension?
20 Apr 2017
Sorry, the query is not clear. Do you suffer from Kidney Disorder and Hypertenstion , both ?
Gino flores
20 Dec 2017
Is this good for hypertension
Mark Limago ( Philippines )
02 May 2017
Is this good for our heart and kidneys ?
What is the perfect time to drink it ?
Before meal or after ?
31 Oct 2017
Drink it like you drink water
Joshua Agnes ( Philippines )
02 May 2017
Is this good for tubercolosis and pneumonia ?
29 Jul 2018
yes this is good for tuberculosis and pneumonia
Orce ( Philippines )
04 May 2017
How to prepare sappan seeds for nervous disorder?
JOSH DE VILLA ( Philippines )
31 May 2017
Can sappan wood can cure gallstones? how will it be used it
Jhee ai joe ( Philippines )
13 Jul 2017
add me on fb acount jhee ai joe
im selling sibukaw vines
per/ pack...
Virmon ( Philipppines )
12 Aug 2017
Is this good for Kidney Failure and for a person on Dialysis?
Sheena ( Philippines )
23 Aug 2017
Morning i jas want to know some information is sappan can help cure brain tumor? l was diagnose with a brain tumor is this could help reduce the tumor? How many mos that u could see the result.. ?what are the ryt dosage for this case?where we can find it her in the philippines? Tnx.
Geraldine ( Romblon )
25 Aug 2017
try this one also...
it helps me a lot suffering from vertigo,gerd,palpitation and high blood pressure...QUANTUMIN PLUS..
search on facebook...
Gang sky
19 Apr 2020
Hi maam Geraldine, capsule po ba ang quantumin plus? Bago Lang din aq nag suffer ng vertigo, gerd na may plema at palpitation, ilang besets po cya dapat Inumin?
Maricel Sunga ( Philippines )
01 Sep 2017
I have an ovarian cyst , is that said sapphan wood can cure my health problem?
Garya ( Phd Homoepathy )
20 Sep 2017
For ovarian cysts, drink chaste Berry tea, one cup every day for a month. Also please share other symptoms if any.
A complete explanation of symptoms need to be mentioned before a cure is suggested. I think you hould try Hoemopathic cure for it and for that other symptoms need to be known.
Edgar ( Philippines )
03 Sep 2017
I just want to know if sappan wood is effective to normalize high blood pressure? so that i can stop using medicine as maintenance to lower my high blood pressure.
20 Sep 2017
For high Blood Pressure, take Giloy ( tinospora Cordifolia tincture ) 5 drops added to a glass of water, every day for a month. It is advised that you visit this page : https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-High-Blood-Pressure-Cid9
08 Sep 2017
Is this good or can cure for tuberculusis (tb)?
Marciano B. apao
30 Sep 2017
Yes, Jerome. Sibukaw can also cure tuberculusis.
Sheril Miral ( Philippines )
25 Oct 2017
I just want to ask if sappan wood is effective to patient with chronic kidney disease stage 5...frm.philippines.
31 Oct 2017
Drink drinking the concoction for 15 consecutive days instead of drinking regular water and see the results.
Noel castor ( Philippines )
06 Mar 2018
Hello good day, with God's mercy I'm just feeling well here, can I drink this boiled sappan wood as my daily dose of 2 glasses a day. Can this daily dose may cause side effects? thanks.
Nitin Rana ( India)
08 Mar 2018
Noel Why are you drinking Sappan wood. What is your problem ? Excessive dosage of this herb can be fatal. Do not drink it you are healthy and do not have any problem.
Noel castor (Philippines)
26 Mar 2018
As of now i'm taking a tea cup of boiled sappan every other day for cleansing purposes only since i am also a pork and beef eater. Is it just okay for my health? I'm 56 years old,, thanks a lot.
Roselyn ( Philippine )
08 Mar 2018
.helIo im Roselyn .. 29years old. I was diagnose w/ chronic kidney desease last 2016 and now continously for hemodialysis until now. I ask if sappan wood can cure my kidney. Thank you wait ur respons
Gunjan Garg
08 Mar 2018
For Kidneys ---
Buy the following Tinctures from a Homeopathy store and have 5 drops of each in a glass of water and take it once in a day.
1. Tribulus Terrestris
2. Boerhavia Diffusa
3. Crataeva Nurvala ( It is also available in tablet form, have 1 tablet every day. In Hindi it is known as Varuna).
Mari Lourdes ( Philippines )
15 Mar 2018
I was diagnosed for breast cancer, grade 2 , december, 2017. I opted to drink turmeric and ginger. Is sappan effective to halt c ancer cells?

Thank you.
Geetha . V ( India )
02 Apr 2018
I have tail bone inflammation. I drink Sappan wood water as like normal drinking water. Is it good? Is there any side effects to drink as like normal drinking water.
05 Apr 2018
Suffering from endometriosis with cyst. Monthly period is real painful. Sappan tree could help with my case? Or any other herbal remedy to recommend?
29 Jul 2018
horsetail plant effective for your case and proven & tested...then change your eating habit to healthy one. avoid too much sour food, avoid taking bath & drinking cold during menstruation...if you avoid this things surely you can feel the difference..
Emma ( Philippines )
08 Jul 2018
HI good day! Is sap pan wood good for high blood? If so how to use it? Thank you in advance.
29 Jul 2018
yes it is...boiled the chopped sibukaw (heartwood) drink every day atleast 3cup a day...when you notice that sibukaw fades its color. dried it then ucan used it again..
Calvin Emata ( Philippines )
20 Aug 2018
Is sappan wood good for cardio artery disease patients? Thank you and God bless.
Jhee ( Philippines )
16 Sep 2018
we sell sappan wood strips
txt or call

Anne sarza ( Philippines )
01 Oct 2018
How many times can we use again to boil and drink a sappan wood after 1boil
Murugesan ( TAMIL NADU )
26 Nov 2018
sappan wood available in my house 10000 kg selling in your company pl tell
Ma. Cecilia ( Philippines )
18 Mar 2019
Really ?! this is not good for pregnant ?! i am pregnant now and because my BF is low , my aunties recommend sibucao or sappan .. what should i do ?! i drink juice from it in a month until now ?!
Nova Jean Ragandang ( Philippines )
02 Apr 2019
Good pm po ask ko lang f ok lang bah naka pill ako at sabayan ko ng treatment na sibukaw..? Tnx
02 May 2019
Can I drink take this drink even if im taking medicine for blood thinner?
Dred ( Philippines. )
02 May 2019
Can i take it i have rheumatic heart disease
Shenna mae belarmino ( Philippines )
03 Jun 2019
I bought sapan bark because they said that it can cure anemia, is this true? How will i drink it? Some substitute this to water but they said it can overdose
Danang ( Indonesia )
06 Nov 2019
We have sappan wood 14ton, dry condition
Saturnina E.Morandante ( Philippines )
15 Nov 2019
How to prepare sibukaw .I want to drink I'm a case of multiple myeloma.
Raymond ( Philippines )
21 Nov 2019
how many ml should i take it everyday and how many times a day for maintenance a boiled sappan would?thank you.
KHYATHI ( India )
30 Jan 2020
Is it good for liver stage 2problem
Maddie ( Philippines )
04 Apr 2020
Hello, can i ask if this sappan wood can lower creatinine? Thank you
14 Apr 2020
Dear Maddie
Creatinine is a waste substance of muscle metabolism. But when it gets deposited in the body, it damages the Kidney. Sappan wood is not an effective treatment for Creatinine, try the following herbs:
1. Tribulus Terrestris: Buy Homeopathic tincture, take 10 drops morning and evening.
2. Punarnava extract: Take 10 drops morning evening. It is diuretic and will remove the toxins from the body.
3. Varuna: Buy capsules and take one per day. It will detoxify your body.
Take these for a week and study the results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Chaitanya ( India/ Telangana )
08 Jul 2020
How Much Quantity of Sappanwood can be boiled in water are they any side effetcs drinking everyday with warm water
08 Jul 2020
Dear Chaitanya. Please mention why you want to take the herb. Read under Materia Medica, a few procedures mentioned. Also, excessive dosage of this herb can be fatal. Do not drink it if you are healthy and do not have any problem.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
24 Jul 2020
Can we drink dahamukthi while breastfeeding and can we give to infant?
Minerva ( Philippines )
25 Jul 2020
Is it good to lower high blood pressure?
27 Jul 2020
Dear Minerva, Yes, it can be used. However, the most effective herb to control High Blood pressure is:
Take Tinospora Cordifolia- Mother tincture ( Giloy ). Take 2-3 drops daily in a glass of water.
- Arjuna bark powder. Take 1 teaspoon daily with a glass of water.
Please mention if you are already taking medication or consult your health care practitioner before taking anything.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
06 Oct 2020
Hi. May I ask if sibukaw would help my PCOS? Thank you.
Jessica Navaluna ( Cebu city Philippines )
05 Sep 2020
I am having hypertention, lately i feel palpitation. Can i drink Sappan with my mentainance MICARDIS 40mg plain? What is the dosage of Sappan i take in a day ? Please help.
03 Jan 2021
Is sappan wood effective for curing gallbladder disease ? Like inlflamed gallbladder with stones
Sayler ( Philippines )
16 Mar 2021
Hi , I drink sappan wood everyday as my water, there's no side effect?..I have breast cyst and pcos?
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