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What does Glycine do for the body

Glycine is a non essential amino acid. It is found in Bone broth and other protein sources. It is also naturally produced by the body. It has low toxicity. The excess Glycine in the Body gets excreted in the Urine. It is found in high concentrations in the skin, connective tissues of the joints and muscle tissue.
Glycine improves the cognitive and metabolic functions of the Body. It prevents the development of cancerous tumors and melanoma. It acts as stimulatory and depressant for the Brain. Supplementation of Glycine improves the sleep quality. It is used for treating Schizophrenia stroke and inherited metabolic disorder. It is necessary for proper functioning of Central Nervous System. It acts as inhibitory neurotransmitter in the Central Nervous System. Glycine is main amino acid that forms Collagen and Gelatin in the Body. It is used to create muscle tissue and convert glucose to energy. It supports strong immune, digestive and nervous systems. It is used as a gastric antacid and dietary supplement, and as Bladder irrigation in Transurethral Prostatectomy.
Side effects: It may upset your stomach.
If you are having any medication or suffering from Kidney or Liver disease should not consume Glycine without doctor consultation.
Normal levels of Glycine in the Body
0.90-4.16 mg/dL
Daily requirement of Glycine
90000 milligrams ( mg )
What are the functions of Glycine in the Body
It is helpful for the construction of healthy DNA and RNA in the Body. DNA and RNA are the building blocks of the Body. They are necessary for proper functioning of body cells.
It boosts the body’s level of Creatine and promotes muscle growth.
Glycine is the main component of collagen. Collagen is a non-contractile connective tissue. It makes up our Skin, tendons and ligaments.
It is used in the treatment of Hypoglacemia. It regulates the Blood sugar levels in individuals suffering from type 2 Diabetes. It also regulates the Glucose used as Energy by the skeletal muscles.
Glycine helps in maintaining a healthy Digestive System. It regulates the Bile acid and helps in digestion of fats. It balances the acid base ratio in the Digestive tract. It is used as a common ingredient in Antacids.
It improves cognitive ability of the Brain and improves sleep.
It prevents Muscle Degeneration. It is helpful for individuals recovering from surgery.
It can be used topically for the treatment of Leg Ulcers and Wounds.
It has Antioxidant property and destroys growth of cancer cells.
It is used in the treatment of Fatigue, Anemia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
It increases muscle mass and performance. It helps to build muscle tissue and strength.
It is an Antiaging amino acid. It keeps the connective tissue and the skin flexible and firm.
It protects the Body against shock as a result of Blood loss.
It prevents free radical formation and Hypoxia.

Benefits of Glycine in the Body
Heal wounds
Helpful in Back pain
Reduce asthma attacks
Help to maintain skin health
Regulate the level of Blood sugar in the Body

Effects of Excess Glycine in the Body
Skin rash
Swelling of the mouth

Herbs Containing Glycine

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Anogeissus Leiocarpa
Bovis Calculus
Combretum Adenogonium
Combretum Collinum
Gongronema Latifolium
Miracle Fruit
Plantago Ovata
Tacca Integrifolia
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