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Emetic Nut Tree Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Emetic Nut Tree
Glycemic Index / Load
Emetic Nut Tree
Botanical Name
Randia Dumetorum
Hindi Name

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Emetic Nut Tree Cures

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Action of Emetic Nut Tree

Nutrients in Emetic Nut Tree

Taste of
Emetic Nut Tree

Parts Used

Bark and Fruits

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Emetic Nut Tree

It may cause Gastrointestinal Pain.
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Emetic Nut Tree is a Tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical and temperate climates.
It grows up to 9 M.
Best used for Migraine.


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Materia Medica for Emetic Nut Tree

Single Herb

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Phlegm

Powder 2 Emetic Nuts ( Maniphal). Put it in 1/4 grass of water and keep it over night. In the morning, Mix the mixture and take. It gives you relief through Vomiting.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Fever

Prepare decoction of bark of Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ). Take half glass once a day.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Cough

Take 2 dried Emetic Nut ( Maniphal ). Grind. Have it with lukewarm water once a day.
Attention : If problem is severe, you may take it twice a day.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Ulcers

Powder Emetic Nut' bark. Make paste of Emetic Nut' bark with little water. Apply it on Ulcers twice a day.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Acne

Grind fruit of Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ). Apply on affected parts twice a day for half an hour.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Teething Problems

If a child is suffering from any teething problem, rub fruit pulp of Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) over jaws and gums. It gives relief to the child.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Flu

Prepare a decoction of bark of Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ). Take one cup once a day.

Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ) for Head Lice

Extract the juice of Emetic Nut ( Maniphal ). Apply on the scalp thrice a week for 20 minutes.
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Herbal Treatment For Phlegm 7

Take the following herbs :
Liquorice : Mulethi : 10 gram
Emetic Nut : Maniphal : Seeds : 5 gram
Honey : Shehad : 1 teaspoons
Rock Salt : Sendha Namak : 1 teaspoons
Boil Liquorice and Emetic Nut' s seeds in one glass of water. Add Honey and Rock Salt. Mix . Take it thrice a day. It causes vomiting and Phlegm comes out.

Herbal Treatment For Stomach Ache 9

Take 2 pinches seeds of Emetic Nut Tree ( Maniphal ). Grind with Vinegar ( Sirka ). Heat. Apply lukewarm mixture on naval.

Herbal Treatment For Asthma 21

Take the following herbs in equal quantity :
Emetic Nut Tree : Maniphal : Nuts
Sodom : Akra : Root
Liquorice : Mulethi
Grind them together. Have 2 pinches once a day with water.

Herbal Treatment For Cold 11

Take Emetic Nuts ( Maniphal ), Liquorice ( Mulethi ), Sodom ( Akra ) in equal quantity. Powder them together. Have one pinch once a day. It gives relief in Cold conditions.
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31 Jan 2016
I have allergy from nuts so can I use emetic or it will cause allergy
Herbpathy Research Team
01 Feb 2016
Dear Muna
If you are allergic to nuts, then it is advised that you should not take any Nut. Please let us know why do you wish to take this nut ? Is there any specific condition that you wish to cure ?
Please write to us, so that we may suggest you an appropriate cure.
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Anurag ( India )
18 Mar 2017
From where i could get madan phal....
16 Jul 2019
In india, just go to the grocer and ask for mindhol (emetic but) And it's use for wedding ritual, you will get
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