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Citric Acid

What does Citric Acid do for the body

Citric acid is a crystalline acid present in sour fruits like lemon juice. It is commonly used in our daily life. Oranges, limes, lemons and other sour fruits contain Citric acid. It is common additive to food and drinks. Citric acid is relatively a weak acid. It has a distinct and sour taste. It is an organic compound that is used as a preservative in canned and frozen foods.

Functions of Citric Acid in the Body
It is a normal component of human cells. It is metabolized, degraded and eliminated from the body.

Benefits of Citric acid
Reduce Nausea
Kidney Stones
Anti oxidant
Mineral Absorption
Keep kidney stones at bay
Help when a person has Tonsillitis

Effects of Excess Citric Acid in the Body
Stomach upset
May Weaken Hair
Yellow Skin or Eyes
Bloody, Black or Tarry Stools
Loss of Blood pressure

Herbs Containing Citric Acid

Most Effective

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