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Muscle Sprains Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Muscle Sprains
Medical Name
Muscle Sprains
Hindi Name
Muscle Sprains Symptoms
Muscle Sprain
Painful Movement of Joints
Discoloration of skin around the Joint

Muscle Sprains Cured By


Acacia Greggii
Ampelocissus To...
Anredera Scande...
Bear Gallbladde...
Chasmanthera De...
Combretum Micra...
Crinum Aszaticu...
Davallia Solida
Derris Trifolia...
Digitaria Conju...
Dinophora Spenn...
Dioscorea Hispi...
Harpephyllum Ca...
Heart Leaf Rasp...
Hedyotis Scande...
Kalmia Angustif...
Large Indian Br...
Ludwigia Adscen...
Maerua Siamensi...
Malabar Nutmeg
Mentzelia Albic...
Muscadine Grape
Musk Basil
Nicotiana Rusti...
Riverbank Grape
Sapphire Berry
Scutellaria Vio...
Sonneratia Alba
Stachytarpheta ...
Stem Clasping L...
Tree Vernonia
Xerophyllum Ten...
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Muscle Sprains is a disease of the Muscle and Ligament.
The tearing of muscle or ligaments around the joint is Muscle Sprain. It occurs due to over stressed muscles or when they are in use from a long time.
Ligaments are the tough band of connective tissues that provide support to the joints.
Muscle Sprain is characterized by pain and swelling.
It may cause damage to the small blood vessels.

Muscle Sprain commonly affects the

Muscle Sprains is classified as
First Degree Muscle Sprain : If a few fibers of the ligaments are teared.
Second Degree Muscle Sprain : If more than half of the fibers are teared.
Third Degree Muscle Sprain : The tear of complete ligament.

Causes of Muscle Sprains
Muscle Fatigue
Muscle Tightness
Improper warm up
Excessive Stretching
Nutritional Deficiency
Over extension of Joints
Injuries to soft Tissues
During pulling or lifting
Sudden pressure on Muscle
During playing outdoor games

If not treated properly, Muscle Sprain may cause
Permanent Damage to ligaments

Differential Diagnoses: We are often get confused between Strain and Sprain.
In Strain, as the name indicates, it occurs due to over stressed muscles or when are in use from a longer period.
Where as the Sprain is associated with tearing of Ligaments.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Muscle Sprains

Single Herb

Clove ( Laung ) for Muscle Sprains

Apply Clove oil on the affected areas. Rub gently.

Garlic ( Lehsun ) for Muscle Sprains

Massage the affected area with Garlic oil.

Horseradish for Muscle Sprains

Take Horseradish bark. Grind with little water. Apply it on affected parts.

Olive ( Jaitun ) for Sprains

Massage with oil twice or thrice a day.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Muscle Sprains

Cut Aloe Vera in two halves. Warm each part on the pan. Bandage it on the sprained areas.

Balm of Gilead for Muscle Sprains

Prepare a tea of the leaves and use as a wash for the affected area. It also reduces Inflammation.

Vitex Trifolia for Muscle Sprains

Heat few leaves of Vitex Trifolia in a pan. Tie them over painful area.

Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Leaves for Muscle Sprains

Make a poultice of Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Leaves and apply.

Onion ( Pyaz) for Muscles Sprain

Chop Onion in to small pieces. Wrap in a muslin cloth. Put it over the affected area.

Lime ( Nimboo ) for Muscle Sprains

Make a paste of Lime leaves. Add Butter. Apply the paste over the affected area.

Cabbage for Muscle Sprains

Take out the outer layer of Cabbage. Warm it in a water. Bandage.

Arnica for Muscle Sprains

Have two capsules of Arnica.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Muscle Sprains

Massage with Peppermint Essential Oil on the affected area, two times a day.

Meadowsweet for Muscle Sprains

Prepare a tea made from dried leaves of Meadowsweet. Have one cup once a day.

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Muscle Sprains

Add Ginger to your daily diet.
Or: Have Ginger tea.

Comfrey for Muscle Sprains

Use decoction of Comfrey oil.

Turmeric ( Haldi ) for Muscle Sprains

Mix a teaspoon of Turmeric in a glass of hot milk. Have it.

Yerba Santa for Muscle Sprains, Bruises

Make a poultice of fresh or dried Yerba Santa leaves and apply externally for Muscle Sprains, Bruises.

Epsom Salt for Ankle Sprain

Add 4 to 5 tablespoons of Epsom Salt in 2 liter of lukewarm water. Soak the affected ankle for half an hour 2 to 3 times a day.

Castor ( Arandi ) Oil for Ankle Sprain

Dip a cotton pad in Castor ( Arandi ) Oil. Place over affected ankle. Bandage. Cover bandage with plastic bag. Heat the place with hot water bottle. It gives relief.

Cypress Essential Oil as an Analgesic

Cypress Essential Oil holds the good Analgesic effects. It gives relief in any type of pain. Whether it is associated with muscles or joints.
Mix 10 to 15 drops of Cypress Essential Oil with Mustard Oil or Olive Oil. Slightly warm the mixture. Massage the affected part for 5 to 10 minutes. Cover the area after massaging.
Note : Good to do it at night.

Arnica as Muscle Relaxant

Arnica is helpful in relaxing tight muscles and regulates the blood flow. It can be used for Pain in Neck, Legs, Head and Muscles. It relaxes the muscles and treat the Cramps.
Add a handful of dried Arnica leaves in 1 liter warm water. Soak a cotton cloth in it. Dab the cloth on the affected area. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a day to relax the Muscles.

Basil ( Tulsi ) as Muscle Relaxant

Add 10 to 12 fresh Basil leaves in a cup of warm water. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain well. Drink two times a day.
Add a handful Basil Leaves in water. Soak a cloth in it. Dab the soaked cloth on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this twice a day to relax the Muscles.

Abelmoschus Manihot for Muscle Sprains

Grind 2 to 3 Abelmoschus Manihot roots with a glass of fresh water to extract out the juice. Drink this juice daily once a day to reduce Muscle Sprains.

Thyme Essential Oil for Muscle Sprains

Apply one teaspoon of Coconut Oil ( or any other carrier oil ), followed by eight drops of Thyme Essential Oil to the affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat the process three times a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 1

Make a paste of Sunhemp, Jequirity and Tamarind.
Add some Salt and warm it.
Plaster on the affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 2

Add 1 tsp Black Pepper powder in 8 tsp Sesame oil. Heat it. Apply on the affected parts when bearably hot.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds, Bruises, Sprains and Burns 1

Take the following herbs-
4 tablespoons Myrrh ( Gandh Ras )
2 tablespoons Goldenseal ( Pit Kanad )
1 tablespoon Cayenne Pepper ( Lal Mirch )
Mix All these and put in a quarter of rubbing Alcohal. Keep it stand for a 8-10 days, shaking the mixture daily. Use it as a liniment for Wounds, Sprains, Burns, Bruises and wherever a liniment is needed.

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 3

Mix equal amount of Carom seed powder, Salt and Turmeric powder in Sesame Oil to make a paste. Apply over the affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 4

Combine equal amount of Almond Oil and Garlic Oil. Massage over the affected areas.

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 5

Take some Sesame oil and add 2 drops of Lemongrass, White Fir Essential Oil and Marjoram. Massage for 20 min on the affected areas. Do not expose your body to cold wind after the massage.

Herbal Treatment For Muscle Sprains 7

Take some Almond Oil. Add 2 drops each of Marjoram and Crysanthemum Indicum oils. Massage the affected part with this mixture of oils. It reduces pain and inflammation.
OR : One can also do Cold Compress.
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