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Onion Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
GI 15. GL 1.6
Botanical Name
Allium Cepa
Hindi Name
Piyaz, Lal Pyaz, Pyaz, Pyaaz, Pyaja Sanyantra
Chinese Name
Yang Cong
Homeopathic Name
Allium Cepa   -   Mother Tincture

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Onion Cures


Action of Onion

Most Effective

Nutrients in Onion

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Nature of


Parts Used

Bulb, Seed, Peel

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Onion

Excess use may cause burning sensation in chest.
May cause excessive hotness in body.
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Onion is a subterranean plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a subtropical climate.
It grows up to 60 Cm.
Best used for Cancer and Diabetes.
Want to skip classes ? Put an onion in your armpit. Go to sleep. When you wake up, you will have fever. Do not worry! Nothing bad will happen. Only your parents will get worried and do whatever you want them to do.

Benefits of Onion Peel
1. The outer peel is a rich source of Quercetin. It is behind the following properties of Onion Peel :
Lowers LDL cholesterol
2. Hair health : It strengthens the hair and fights dandruff. It improves hair color and gives them a bright and shiny look.

3. Effect on Doshas :
It balances Vata. Neutral effect on Pitta. Increases Kapha.

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Onion

Onion General

Onion !! Thinking of tears and pungent taste. Have you ever thought how these tears work wonders for your eyes ?? These tears clear all dust particles and other invaders from the eyes. This improves your vision and saves you from cataract. Its pungency helps blood to circulate in the entire body. It causes sweating. Sweat helps to throw out fever, cold, flu and other infections from the body, effectively.
Do you know about an onion's magnetic power? It attracts all germs and bacteria. If a person falls ill, keep an onion bulb under the person's feet. Place some onion pieces near that person. They will draw out toxins from the body. Do you want to breathe bacteria-free air? Cut an onion and place pieces in different parts of your house for a night. It will provide you bacteria free fresh air. A small step becomes a stride toward a healthy life.
Eating raw onions protect you from heat stroke, reduces bad cholesterol, and lowers the risk of heart attacks. If you think you can then take its juice. Many researchers claim that onion juice is one of the most powerful tonic. Mix a little onion juice with small bee honey. Put a drop or two in your eyes daily. This is your passport to lifelong healthy eyes.
Balding !! chop some fresh onions. Squeeze their juice. Rub it on the scalp with fingertips for 10 minutes. Do it twice a week. After 2 to 3 months you may see new hair.
To develop resistance against Cold, Fever, Respiratory Infection, and Worm Infestation: Mix Onion juice with half the quantity of Honey and take it every day on an Empty Stomach for a month.
Looking for a natural Hair conditioner? Boil the outer peel of the Onion with water and use it as conditioner.
Water Retention, arthritis and Gout can be managed by Onion juice.
Boil red Onion with Olive oil and apply on cracked Nipples to ease the complaint.
Steam of red Onion is used to manage the healing of chronic Wounds.
Eat raw Onion boiled with water to expel Kidney stones.
A paste of white Onion and mashed potato can be applied to cure burn lesions.
Fresh Onion juice is used to cure Fever due to Indigestion.
To increase Sperm count, consume Powdered Onion seed ( 3g ) with pomegranate juice.
Cut Onion into small pieces, boil it with double the quantity of milk, and consume this milk to treat Bleeding Piles or other Bleeding Disorders.
Onion is rich in a natural antioxidant known as Quercetin. It protects the body and prevents cell damage caused by free radicals.
Onion juice is effective for Sunburns. Rub the sliced onion on the affected area and get rid of sunburns.
If suffering from Neurologic pains, or local Inflammation, heat the Onion paste, tie it in a cloth, and apply this poultice over the affected area. It provides immediate relief from Pain.
Consume a tablespoon of lime juice with equal amount of Onion juice before traveling, this helps to manage Motion sickness.
To kill the microbes present in Oral Cavity, chew red Onion for a few minutes.
Consume one Onion regularly to ease scanty urination or Dysurea. It is also good for memory and Nervous System.
It has antibacterial property, that helps in killing infections and healing wounds and reducing Swelling.
In order to increase vitality and Sexual vigor, cut sweet Onion into slices, fry it with ghee and consume it regularly.
Fresh Onion juice, with a pinch of rock salt, is consumed to improve appetite and digestion.
Cough !! Try one teaspoon of onion juice with honey. Relieves sore throat and cough. Or if suffering from Cough with phlegm, fry Onion slices in ghee and take it. It will also ease the symptoms of Asthma and reduce hoarseness of voice due to Cold.
Anemic !! You may increase your HB level with onion and jaggery.
Suffering from Dental Caries and Inflammation of Gums? Apply Onion paste on the affected area and see how much relief it provides.
Onion juice is known to treat Ear Ache and improve vision.
A few drops of Onion juice can be put in the nostrils to stop Nasal Bleeding.
Onion seed is used to cure Urinary Tract Infections and Diabetes.
Onion juice helps to make the body lustrous. Improves Skin complexion. Improves voice tone and quality. It brings calmness to the mind.
Onion juice also aids in expelling worms from Stomach and Intestines.
To reduce Hair fall, apply onion juice 10 minutes prior to Hair wash, it improves Hair shine and growth.
Sciatica, Joint Pains, and Nerve Pains can be cured by applying heated Onion paste over the affected area.
Onion paste can be applied over moles or blackheads to treat them.
Oral Problems !! Make it a habit to chew some onion pieces daily. It kills germs in your mouth.
Low Libido !! It's a natural phase of an individual's life. Various home remedies not only increase the libido but also enhance mood. Over all energy is a must for energetic sex. The warm and pungent properties of the herb kindles the fire. And onion contains both of them.
If, during the day, an onion, you eat
At night, you may perform any feat.
Single Herb

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Impotence

Onion ( Pyaz ) bears Aphrodisiac property. It curbs the Impotence by its continuous use.
Take half Onion ( Pyaz ). Peel it and cut in to pieces. Put in a pan and add 50 ml water. Boil until it remains one-fourth. Let it cool. Divide the preparation in to two parts. Have it with Honey twice a day.
OR : Take a medium sized Onion ( Pyaz ). Peel it. Grind. Fry in butter. Have it with honey on an empty stomach.
Note : White Onion is preferred.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Ascites

Eat raw Onions in salads daily.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Ears

Extract the juice of Onion ( Pyaz ) . Use it as an ear drop. Do not forget to warm the extract slightly before using.
Caution : Too hot and too cold extract causes or increases the sensation of pain.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Blood Clots

Include Onions in your diet. Eat raw Onions in salads. It is helpful in resolving the Blood Clots.

Onion ( Pyaz ) Juice for Warts

Take an Onion and extract the juice. Apply the juice on Warts thrice a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Hiccups

Take two- three pieces of Onion with Salt.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Oligospermia

Extract the juice of Onion. Take two tablespoon Onion juice with one tablespoon Honey twice a day.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Acid Reflux

Take Onion with Curd two times a day.
Or: Squeeze Lemon in Onion and it have as Salad.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Jaundice

Cut Onion into small pieces. Put black pepper, Salt, Vinegar or Lime juice over it. Take this mixture two times a day.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Anemia

Take Onion juice with Honey.
Consume 1 tsp Onion juice with Jaggery and water.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Wrinkles

Mix Onion juice and Honey. Apply over the face.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Malaria

Take half onion juice with a pinch of Black Pepper.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Toothache

Chew raw onion for a few minutes to get rid of tooth pain. If you are unable to chew, then directly keep a piece of Onion under the affected tooth.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Bronchitis

Include raw onion in your daily meal. It helps in phlegm removal and stops its further formation.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Aphthous Ulcers

Apply Onion juice on the Mouth Ulcers.
Or : Include raw onion in your diet.

Onion Juice (Pyaz ka Rass) for Grey Hairs

Apply Onion juice on the scalp. Wash after an hour.

Onion Juice (Pyaz ka Rass) for Ear Infection

Put 3 drops of Onion juice in the infected Ear.
OR : Chop the Onion in small pieces. Heat it in pan. Make a poultice of it. Use it under infected Ear.

Onion (Pyaz ) for Freckle

Rub Onion slice on the freckles thrice a day.

Onion Juice (Pyaz ka Rass) for Head Lice

Apply Onion juice in your scalp. Wash your hair after 5 hours. Repeat this procedure twice a week.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Flu

Take equal quantity of Onion juice and Honey. Mix and consume once a day. Use it for 1 week.

Onion Juice ( Pyaz ka ras ) for Vomiting

Take Onion juice after every half an hour.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Gum Diseases

Take a small piece of Onion ( Pyaz ) or Onion ( Pyaz ) seeds. Keep under the teeth till saliva comes. Dripping the saliva. Do it for a week.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Heat Stroke

Onion ( Pyaz ) has a property to absorb heat from body.
Grind a Onion ( Pyaz ). Apply paste on forehead for half an hour.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Nose Bleed

Squeeze the juice of Onion ( Pyaz ). Put 2 drops in each nostril.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Scorpion Sting

Grind a Onion ( Pyaz ) to make paste. Apply it immediately on the affected part.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Chilblain

Cut a Onion ( Pyaz ) in to slices. Rub on the affected part for 15 to 20 minutes.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Sunburn

The Anti-inflammatory property of the Onion ( Pyaz ) is beneficial to treat Sunburn. It gives relief from inflammation associated with Sunburn and reduces the redness.
Squeeze the juice of an Onion ( Pyaz ). Add one tablespoon of Milk ( Dudh ) and a pinch of salt. Mix them well. Apply over affected parts for half an hour and then wash with cold water.

Onion Juice (Pyaz ka Rass) for Sore Throat

Mix 30 ml Orange juice in 60 ml Honey. Take 1 tsp of it twice a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for High Cholesterol

Onion ( Pyaz ) maintains the level of Cholesterol.
Onion ( Pyaz ) should be taken in daily diet as raw or cooked.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Fungal Nails

Cut Onion in small slices. Rub it over affected Nail.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Athlete's Foot

Rub Onion juice between the toes to get rid of fungal infection. Rub the juice three - four times a day on the affected area.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Angina

Consume 1 tsp Onion juice every morning. It acts as a Cardio Tonic.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for High Blood Pressure

Add equal amount of Honey in same quantity of Onion juice. Take 1 tsp once a day. This remedy will show results in 15 days.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Alopecia Areata

Squeeze out the juice of 2 Onion ( Pyaz ). Massage your scalp with juice and wash after 2 hours.

Onion ( Pyaz) for Muscles Sprain

Chop Onion in to small pieces. Wrap in a muslin cloth. Put it over the affected area.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Hyperpigmentation

Cut a slice of Onion. Rub it over the affected area.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Stye

Put a slice of Potato over the affected eye for 5-10 minutes.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Knee Pain

Increase the intake of Onion in daliy diet.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Cold

Grate an Onion ( Pyaz ). Squeeze the juice. Mix one teaspoon of Onion ( Pyaz ) juice with one teaspoon of Honey ( Shehad ). Have it twice a day. It eases common cold in a short time.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Burns

Apply Onion ( Pyaz ) juice over affected area 3 or 4 times a day. It slightly irritates the skin but result is effective.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Pain

Cut an Onion ( Pyaz ). Warm in Sesame ( Til ) oil. Massage affected area with this oil for 15 minutes.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Menstrual Disorders

Start consuming raw Onion ( Pyaz ) before a week of your menstrual cycle.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Abscess

Bind a small piece of Onion ( Pyaz ) over affected part. It cures Abscess in few days.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Age Spots

Cut an Onion ( Pyaz ) in to pieces. Soak 2 to 3 pieces in Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) for 2 hours. After 2 hours, take them out and rub over affected areas for 15 minutes. Let it dry and wash with normal water.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Acne

Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory properties of Onion ( Pyaz ) work against Acne. It kills the bacteria, diminishes the redness and inflammation.
Apply mixture of Onion juice with Honey on the Acne affected area. Let it dry. Rinse with normal water.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Low Libido

Aphrodisiac property of Onion ( Pyaz in India ) increases the sexual desire and makes the person sexually energetic.
Peel a moderate sized white Onion ( Pyaz in India ). Grind it and fry in butter. Take it with honey. Best time to have it, is early morning.
OR : Take one teaspoon of Onion ( Pyaz in India ) juice with Honey.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Dysuria

Boil 10 g Onion pieces in a 40 ml water. Drink 10 ml of it twice a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Frizzy Hair

Apply the mixture of Onion juice and Lemon juice over Hair and Scalp. Wash your Hair after 1 hour.

Onion ( Pyaz ) as Mucolytic

Add 1 tsp Onion juice and Lemon juice in a cup of lukewarm water. Drink it once a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Mosquito Bite

Cut Onion in small slices. Sprinkle Salt on it. Apply salted side on Mosquito Bite.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Scabies

Boil the skins of 4-5 Onions ( Pyaz ) for Half an hour in 4 cups of water.
Let it cool, then apply the liquid all over your body.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Cholera

Grind Black pepper and Onion together. Take one teaspoon after every two to three hours.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Insomnia

Prepare soup of Onion ( Pyaz ). Have it at bed time.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Ringworm

Take a finely ground Onion ( Pyaz ). Apply evenly on the infected parts. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Repeat until you get the desired results.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Laryngitis

Take 2 to 3 medium sized Onion ( Pyaz ). Peel and cut them in to small pieces. Add half cup of water. Put on a low flame until it becomes thick. Strain. Syrup is ready. Mix 4 to 5 tablespoons of syrup in half glass of lukewarm water. Add Honey ( Shehad ) and Lemon ( Nimbo ) juice. Sip it like a tea. Have it twice a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Insect Bites

Onion ( Pyaz in India ) reduces the swelling and itchiness due to Insect bite.
Take a small piece of Onion cut into half and rub it on the affected ares on Insect Bites. Do this 2 to 3 times day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Hairfall

Onion ( Pyaz ) is rich source of Sulfur. Sulfur improves blood circulation to the scalp which restores the hair follicles and reduces the inflammation.
Onion ( Pyaz ) also has Antibacterial effect. Thus, it fights against germs and parasites which may cause Hairfall.
Take one or two Onion ( Pyaz ). Grate, squeeze them through a clean cloth to take out the juice. Use the juice for massaging the scalp, using finger tips. Do it for 15 minutes. Let it dry, then wash with normal water. Repeat the process twice or thrice a week.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Baldness

The high content of Sulfur present in Onion ( Pyaj in India ) boosts the production of collagen tissues. This helps to regrow new Hair and treat Baldness.
Grate 2 to 3 Onions and squeeze out the Juice. Apply the juice on the Scalp and massage for 5 to 10 minutes. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off your Hair with Shampoo. Do this 2 to 3 times a week.
OR : Add 4 to 5 chopped Onions in one liter boiling water. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes on medium flame. Let it cool. Strain well and use it to rinse your Hair. Leave it for 1 hour. Wash off your Hair with any mild Shampoo. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a week for 3 months.

Onion for Callus

Cut a thin slice of Onion. Put Lemon juice and Common salt on the slice. Apply over the affected area and wrap it with a cellotape. Leave it overnight. Do this daily for a week.

Onion for Carbuncle

Cut a thin slice of Onion and wrap it over the affected area with a bandage. Repeat the process after every four hours.

Onion for Giardiasis

Grind one small Onion. Mix it with 1 teaspoon of Honey. Fry the mixture for 10 minutes. Cool it. Consume 1 teaspoon of this mixture 30 minutes before meals for 10 days.

Onion for Heat Exhaustion

Consume raw Onion either in chutney or salad form daily in you diet.

Onion for Keshan Disease

Include raw Onion in your daily diet.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Water Retention

Boil a chopped Onion ( Pyaz ) in 150 ml of water for 3 minutes. Add a pinch of salt. Turn off the flame. Strain it into a cup. Drink it thrice a day to treat yourself.

Constipation in TB patients

Roasted Onion at night

Onion ( Pyaz ) paste for Swelling and Wounds

Apply Onion paste over Wound or Swollen area. Cover with a bandage. Try it once every day for 3 days.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Warts 1

Take equal quantity of Indian Sorrel leaf extract and Onion Juice. Mix them. Apply on the affected part once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Constipation 11

Take fresh leaves of Aloe Vera. Remove spines and outer skin with knife. Cut the pulp in small pieces. Wash it with water. Dry gently with a towel. Put 1 cup obtained dry pulp over flame in a pan. Add 2 cups of Castor oil, 1 cup Date Palm candy and quarter cup sliced white Onion. Heat until moisture is evaporated. Cool it. Store it. Take 2 tsp at bedtime.
Or : If Aloe Vera oil is available, take 2 tsp at bedtime.

Herbal Treatment For Stomach Ache 3

Mix half cup sugar candy, half cup chopped Onion and quarter cup Aloe Vera pulp. Boil it with half cup Castor oil until it gets jam like consistency. Cool it down and store. Take 1 tsp 2 times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Ulcers 1

Boil 100 g sugar, 100 g sliced Onion, 50 g Aloe Vera pulp with 100 g Castor oil. Stir properly until it gets thick. Have 2 tsp twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Abscess 3

Prepare a poultice of one Onion and 5 cloves of Garlic. Apply it on the Abscess.

Herbal Treatment For Atherosclerosis 1

Take chopped Onion ( Pyaz in India ), Garlic ( Lehsun in India ), Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Green Chilies ( Hari Mirch in India ) ( 200 grams each ). Put them in a jar. Add 2 bottles of Apple Cidar Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka in India ). Leave for 2 months. Strain. Take one ounce a day with a spoon of Honey ( Shehad in India ) for a month.

Herbal Treatment For Lower Back Pain 6

Grind Garlic (Lehsun in India), Onion (Pyaz in India), Ginger (Adrak in India), Turmeric (Haldi in India). Mix it in Mustard Oil (Sarson Ka Tel in India). Heat it. Use it for Back massage. It is considered the best remedy for Backache.

Herbal Treatment For Tonic 1

Thoroughly wash 250 gram each of the following herbs. No need to peel them.
Garlic ( Lehsun in India ), Onion ( Piyaz in India ), Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Horseradish, Green Chili ( Hari Mirch in India ), and Lemon ( Nimbu in India ). Put them in a food processor and coarsely chop them. Put the mixture in a 3 liter jar. Top up with Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb ka Sirka in India ). Cover it with a piece of cloth and rubber band. Store in a dark place for a month. Stir with wooden spoon everyday. After one month strain through cotton cloth. Bottle. Store in a cool and dark place. Take 30 ml everyday. Take for whole life.
It will build Immunity, clean arteries of plaque, Lower cholesterol, open blocked arteries and prevent Alzheimer.
Attention : If it hurts the throat, add Honey ( Shehad in India ) or eat a little sugar after drinking it.

Herbal Treatment For Indigestion 7

Take 100 gram Mint, 100 gram Coriander, 2 or 3 Onions, One Tomato and 5 to 6 Chili. Put them in a grinder. Grind them properly. Have it with your food.
Attention : This chutney is very beneficial for digestive system. Take it whole life.

Herbal Treatment For Cholera 3

Take two medium size Onions and 8-10 Black peppers. Grind together. Give two tablespoons once in a day to the patient.

Herbal Treatment For Flu 3

Grind 1/8th tablespoon of Goldenseal (Root), Onion (bulb), Basil(Leaves) each. Take it with lemon water two times a day.
Or: Prepare a tea by adding Basil, Ginger . Have two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Cholera 5

Mix juices of Bitter Gourd and Onion in equal ratio. Drink 1 cup of it by adding few drops of Lemon in it. Use it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Cholera 6

Add a pinch of Asafoetida powder in 100 ml Onion juice. Drink once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Ear Infection 1

Chop Garlic and Onion in small pieces. Tie them in a woolen cloth. Warm this pouch on the pan. Use it on the infected Ear.

Herbal Treatment For Whooping Cough 4

Take one tablespoon of Ginger ( Adrak in India ) juice and half tablespoon of Almond oil ( Badam Ka Tel in India ) and few drops of Onion ( Pyaz in India ) juice. Mix them well. Take this syrup twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Melasma 1

Mix 20 ml Onion juice with same quantity of Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply it using cotton bud on the skin.

Herbal Treatment For Small Breasts 1

Take the following herbs :
Onion : Piyaz : Juice : 2 teaspoons
Turmeric : Haldi : 1/2 teaspoon
Honey : Shehad : 1 teaspoon
Mix all ingredients. Massage breast with this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.

Herbal Treatment For Alopecia Areata 1

Grind 150 g Onion. Add 40 g Black Pepper powder and 10 g salt. Apply this mixture on patches on Head. Wash when it gets dry.

Herbal Treatment For Ascaris 9

Grind the roots of Common Milk Hedge with Onion. Apply this paste over Abdomen.

Herbal Treatment For Bronchitis 18

Chop some white Onions. Add them to Honey. Boil. Apply on your Chest when bearable hot.

Herbal Treatment For Respiratory Diseases 1

Combine quarter teaspoon of Asafoetida powder, half teaspoon of Onion juice, half teaspoon of Betel ( Pan ) leaf juice and 2 teaspoons of Honey. Consume it thrice daily.

Herbal Treatment For Phlegm 10

Take juice of one Lemon ( Nimbo ) and one Onion ( Pyaz ). Boil them in one cup of water. Mix Honey ( Shehad ) for taste. Drink the mixture in one go. Have it twice a day for 5 days.

Herbal Treatment For Morning Sickness 1

Take one teaspoon each of Onion ( Pyaz in India ) and Ginger ( Adrak in India ). Mix and take it on an empty stomach.

Herbal Treatment For Weak Eyesight 2

Take equal quantity of Honey ( Shehad ) and Onion ( Pyaz ) juice. Mix. Use it as eye drop.

Herbal Treatment For Breast Pain 2

Take the following herbs :
Pumpkin : Kaddu : Seeds : 1 teaspoon
Onion : Pyaz : Sliced : 5 gram
Azadirachta Indica : Neem : Leaves : 5
Put all ingredients in 20 ml of any carrier oil ( like: Mustard Oil, Coconut Oil etc. ). Heat until it reduces to one-forth. Use it to massage the affected area with finger tips.

Herbal Treatment For Laryngitis 1

Add a handful of crushed Onions ( Pyaz ) in a bowl of boiling water and heat for 10-15 minutes. filter and take 6-7 tablespoons of this preparation. Now mix 2-3 tablespoons of Lemon juice ( nimboo ) and 2 tablespoons of Honey ( Shehad ). Sip it slowly.

Herbal Treatment For Eye Care

Eye is the most sensitive and beautiful part of our body. Eyes reflect our expressions. It needs too much care, if compared to other body parts. We can not be careless for eyes. This era prefers all in one formula. keeping all this in mind, at the time of research we have found a very effective formula for total eye care. Whether a person has stressed eyes or any other eye problem, answer is one. You may rely upon the formula as all the ingredients used are 100 % pure without any chemical. Now let's move on to the formula below :
Ingredients Needed :
Onion : Preferably white ( Pyaz in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Lemon ( Nimbo in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Ginger ( Adrak in India ) Juice Half teaspoon
Honey ( Shehad in India ) One teaspoon
Take a small glass bottle. Pour all ingredients in bottle. Shake well. Your Eye drop is ready to use. Put one drop in both eyes. You may use it once or twice a day.
This will produce irritation in eyes but don't worry it's normal. This happens only because of pure ingredients used.
Note : While following the instructions, please pay attention to the clean objects ( Like- Knife, Squeezer, Bottle etc).
Additional Benefit : You may use it, Even if you don't have any eye problem. Why ? It strengthens the eye muscles and keeps your eyes healthy.

Herbal Treatment For Macromastia 1

Egg White ( Ande Ki Safedi in India ) helps to reduce the Breast size. Onion ( Pyaz in Inda ) tones the Breast Muscles and reduces the size and pain due to Macromastia.
Take an Egg White. Beat it well to form a smooth creamy texture. Apply this paste at the bottom of the Breast. Leave it for 25 to 30 minutes. Now, take an Onion. Squeeze out its juice. Mix it in a glass of water. Stir well. Use this solution to wash the Egg White applied to the Breast. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off with water. Repeat this remedy 2 to 3 times a week.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 5

Prepare a paste of Onion and apply it over the scalp. After 5 to 10 minutes apply a layer of Honey over it. Then wash it with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.

Herbal Treatment For High Cholesterol 5

Put 1/3 teaspoon powder of Black Pepper to a glass of buttermilk. Put squeezed Onion extract into it and drink it. Consume it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction 8

Grind White Onion to make a fine paste. Heat one teaspoon of Butter. Fry the White Onions in it and add 1 teaspoon of Honey in it. Have it daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Herbal Treatment For Schistosomiasis

Mix 1 teaspoon each of Pumpkin seeds, Onions and Soy Milk. Have it daily.

Herbal Treatment For Asthma 45

Combine quarter teaspoon of Asafoetida powder, half teaspoon of Onion juice, half teaspoon of Betel ( Pan ) leaf juice and 2 teaspoons of Honey. Consume it thrice daily.

Herbal Treatment For Warts 7

Grind a few Onions ( Pyaz ) and Garlic ( Lehsun ) cloves to make a paste. Apply it on the affected area. Cover with a bandage. Leave it covered for 2 to 3 days. Remove the bandage and wash the Warts with water. Do this procedure daily until you get cured.
Queries on Onion
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Muhammad Younis
11 Apr 2015
Onion for Impotence, what should be the ratio of onion juice and honey, and honey will be added to boiled juice of onion during boiling or after boiling and getting it cool? Kindly clarify.
Hearbpathy Research Team
23 Apr 2015
Dear Muhammad Younis,

Take a white onion, peel it. Cut it into two parts. Put only one part in a cup of water. Boil it until one fourth of water is left in the container. Now cool this decoction. Divide the decoction into two halves. Take one half in the morning and another half in the evening. Please add one tablespoon of Honey just before taking it.

You may also try another formula.
Take a medium sized white onion. Peel and crush the onion. Now fry the crushed onion in butter. Have this preparation with a spoon of honey with empty stomach.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
Mohit sharma
11 Feb 2016
some people do not take onion .
What reason
Shubha Pandit
16 Feb 2016
Dear Mohit Sharma
There can be different reasons, why people do not eat onion. Depending from one person to the other. Some do not eat due to religion. As, it is prohibited in some religions. Scientifically, Onion is very hot in nature and excess usage may cause Ulcers in mouth or burning sensation in the chest. Onion and garlic also makes the blood thinner. Therefore, excess should be avoided. And according to Ayurveda, it is one of the Tamasic foods, people avoid it , as it is believed that Tamasic food make a person temperamental and aggressive. So, reasons vary, you see ! Onion is a great Herb and has a multitude of benefits. Scroll up and look for your self.
Good Day !!
Jackson ( Nigeria / Rivers )
29 Feb 2016
Take a medium sized white onion. Peel and
crush the onion. Now fry the crushed onion in
butter. Have this preparation with a spoon of
honey with empty stomach. Question: Which type of butter

Herbpathy Admin
01 Mar 2016
Clarified Butter or any other pure form of butter as per the availability.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gajendra kumar mehra ( Nepal )
18 Apr 2017
Dear sir can we use mixture of onion jouice with ginger and lemon on the scalp of hair and how long can we use,sir please reply as soon as. And what it's side effects of all kind?
Manpreet Lamba ( Mohali )
31 May 2017
Yes, you can apply juice of raw lemon, ginger nd onion. Mix them all well. Apply on the scalp. Leave it on the scalp for 20 minutes and then wash it off.
This is one of the very effective remedies for curing alopecia.
It will stimulate the hair growth. There are no known side effects of this formula so far.
Gajendra kr mehra ( Nepal )
18 Apr 2017
Dear sir can we use mixture of onion jouice with ginger and lemon on the hair scalp and how? we use this remedy.And what will be it's side effects of all kind?Sir please reply fast l am waiting for your message.
31 May 2017
Yes, Gajendra you can use this mixture. It is absolutely safe. Also, please share your problem.
Do you want to use it for Alopecia or for an itchy scalp or Dandruff ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Nelson ( Ghana )
02 May 2017
I want to know,how to use any combination of herbs include onion for syphilis treatmeat.
22 May 2017
Sir I am not having hairs on small patch and have thin hairs. So i am using oil made of herbs on weekends but now i am thinking to use onion juice on my scalp between week days .so is there any side effect of using both onion and herbed oil as they can react because onion is rich in sulphur? Sir please help me out for this query
31 May 2017
You can apply raw onion juice on your scalp, or simply on the bald patch.
Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off.
Onion juice will help in the regrowth of Hair.
Onion has high amounts of sulfur that helps with almost all type of hair disorders that cause hair fall. Also, you can try rosemary essential oil for the same. Add carrier oil like Coconut oil to it.
Mix the oils in the ratio 2 :4. Apply it on the scalp, twice in a week. If you are skeptical about using Onion juice because you are already using other herbs, please share the names of the herbs or the ingredient of the formula you are using.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rohit ( Udaipur (RAJASTHAN) India )
02 Jul 2017
I was consult a doctor He tell me that i have male pattern baldness I have lost my hair from sides of front area can onoin juice & coconut oil solution repair my scalp and regrow my hair on bald patches area
16 Aug 2017
Yes, This oil is very beneficial for baldness. You may try this and share the feedback.
Azeem ( Pakistan )
09 Nov 2017
kindly tell me about onion's side effect & risk assessment against side effect.
As soon as possible
06 Jan 2020
Can we Extract juice of Onion and mix with honey. Keep it and use for some days. or we have to make it all time fresh.
This is for high blood pressure and impotence.
07 Jan 2020
Dear Faiz, Try the following as an effective cure for High Blood pressure and Impotence:
1. For High Blood pressure: Take Arjuna tea. It is very effective to maintain Heart health. take 1 cup daily. 2. For Impotence:
*Boil 2-10 grams of dried Horny Goat weed herb in four cups of water for 15 minutes. Strain it and drink one cup once a day. * Take half Onion. Peel it and cut it in pieces. Put in a pan and add 50 ml of water. Boil until it remains one-fourth. Let it cool. Divide the preparation into 2 parts. Have it with honey on an empty stomach. Write back after 15 days for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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