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Menstrual Disorders Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Menstrual Disorders
Medical Name
Menstrual Disorders
Hindi Name
Mahwari mein Dikkat ana, Masik Dharam mein Dikkat
Menstrual Disorders Symptoms
Leg pain
Mood Swings
Weight Gain
Painful Cramps
Clots in blood
Lower back pain
Fainting spells
Bleeding from the Vagina
Irregular Periods

Menstrual Disorders Cured By


Adiantum Aleuti...
Afzelia Bella
Agathis Borneen...
Albertisia Dela...
Albizia Adianth...
Alysicarpus Mon...
Amaranthus Blit...
Anthocleista Dj...
Anthocleista No...
Anthostema Sene...
Baeckea Frutesc...
Bersama Lucens
Big Sagebrush
Buchholzia Cori...
Calamus Rivalis
Canadian Aspen
Carolina Poplar
Cassumunar Ging...
Celtis Mildbrae...
Chaetospermum G...
Cissampelos Muc...
Cissampelos Owa...
Cleistopholis P...
Clutia Abyssini...
Combretum Adeno...
Commelina Afric...
Cotoneaster Mic...
Cotton Lavender
Croton Menyhart...
Croton Pendulif...
Cryptolepis Dec...
Cyclamen Europa...
Dacryodes Klain...
Daniellia Olive...
Dendrocnide Har...
Diospyros Ebenu...
Dombeya Rotundi...
Dotted Hawthorn
Dysophylla Auri...
Enicostemma Lit...
Eriosema Chinen...
Euphorbia Pseud...
Fishbone Fern
Folium Baekeae ...
Garcinia Schomb...
Gaultheria Leuc...
Geum Alatum
Green Dragon
Grey Poplar
Gynura Divarica...
Helichrysum Pet...
Hibiscus Asper
Hibiscus Macran...
Himalayan Black...
Himalayan Straw...
Himatanthus Lan...
Hyptis Pectinat...
Inula Cappa
Ixora Chinensis
Jasminum Multif...
Jerusalem Oak
Leea Aequata
Lycopus America...
Malvaviscus Dru...
Mollugo Pentaph...
Morinda Coreia
Narrow Leaf Cot...
Ochna Jabotapit...
Oenothera Glazi...
Palm Grass
Palm Tree
Philadelphia Fl...
Pink Jasmine
Piper Chaba
Pith Plant
Red Baneberry
Rosa Damascena
Rough Pigweed
Rourea Commutat...
Salvia Serotina
Sarcostemma Vim...
Scoparia Dulcis
Scrambled Eggs
Sow Thistle
Squaw Root
Torpedo Grass
Turks Turban
Ustilago Maydis
Water Speedwell
White Baneberry
Wrightia Arbore...
Zataria Multifl...
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Menstrual disorder is a disease of the Female Reproductive Organ.

Menstruation is bleeding through the Vagina in females.
Females ovulate to produce an egg. If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm, then it drops.
When it drops the uterus sheds its lining.
The shedding of the uterine lining is the bleeding called menses or mensuration.
The bleeding occurs every 28 days.
The normal bleeding is for 4 to 6 days.
Normally it is pure liquid blood.
Clots in the blood is an abnormality.
It occurs from Puberty to Menopause, except during pregnancy and breast feeding.
When there is an abnormality in this cycle it is Menstrual disorder.

Medically, each abnormality has a different name. Each type is dealt with separately also.
Amenorrhea is the absence of menses.
Hypomenorrhea is less than normal menses.
Menorrhagia is heavy and prolonged menses.
Metrorrhagia is irregular bleeding between two menses.
Dysmenorrhea is painful menses. It may be accompanied by cramps, sharp intermittent pain, dull aching pain, usually in the pelvis or lower abdomen.

Causes of Menstrual Disorders
Liver Disease
Kidney Disease
Bad Eating Habits
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

If not treated properly, Menstrual disorder may cause

Your best bet is, Blue Cohosh and Dong Quai.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Note : It is recommended not to take any kind of medicines during your Menses. As it may interfere the natural system and causes problems.

Body Part(s)

Female Reproductive Organs
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Materia Medica for Menstrual Disorders

Single Herb

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Menstrual Disorders

Ginger ( Adrak ) is good for curbing Menstrual disorders. Analgesic and Anti Cramping properties of Ginger ( Adrak ) are beneficial to ease menstrual difficulties.
Boil a piece of Ginger in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Add one teaspoon of Honey in it. Take it thrice daily.
Chew a piece of Ginger 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Yarrow for Menstrual Disorders

Emmenagogue : Hot infusion of Yarrow Leaves are good for Menstrual Disorders.

Yellow Dock ( Churka ) for Menstrual Disorders

Yellow Dock ( Churka in India ) has Emmenagogue attribute which cures the Menstrual Disorders.
Crush the fresh roots of Yellow Dock ( Churka in India ). Squeeze them to extract the juice. Take one tablespoon of juice daily.
Note : Do not take the juice during periods. As, it may disturb the natural process.

Black Cohosh for Menopause and Menstrual Disorders

Rhizomes of the Black Cohosh are used for the treatment of Menopause, Menstrual Disorders.
It can be taken in the form of extract. Drink 20 Mg a day.
Or have Black Cohosh tablets.

Dill for Menstrual Disorders

Soak 1/2 tsp Dill seeds in 1 glass boiling water. Strain it and drink. It promotes delayed menstruation.

Balloon Vine for Menstrual Disorders

Fry the leaves of Balloon Vine in Coconut Oil. Tie on lower abdomen for few hours. Repeat Twice a day.

Chaste Tree for Menstrual disorder

Make leaves infusion. Take three times a day.

Saffron ( Kesar ) for Menstrual Disorders

Take Saffron with a glass of milk.

Ashoka for Menstrual Disorder

Make Bark decoction. Have it three times a day.

Barberry for Menstruals disorders

Make a decoction of the leaves of Barberry. Take it two times a day.

Syrina Rue for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare a decoction of the seeds of Syrina Rue . Take a dose of 15-30 ml twice a day.
Caution : : Excess intake may be poisonous.

Blood root for Menstrual Disorders

Take decoction of the leaves of Blood root twice a day.

Chicory ( Kasni ) for Menstrual Disorders

Chicory ( Kasni ) contains Emmenagogue property, which stimulates the periods.
Make a decoction of the Chicory seeds by adding half a teaspoon of seeds in a cup of water. Take it twice a day .

Coriander for Menstrual Disorders

Take 5 tablespoons Coriander seeds. Boil in 2 glass of water till it remains half. Add Jaggery. Have it.

Woodfordia Fruticosa ( Dhawai ) for Menstrual Disorders

Powder dried seeds of Woodfordia Fruticosa ( Dhawai ). Take 2 to 3 pinches with milk twice a day.

Devil's Cotton ( Ulatkambal ) for Menstrual Disorders

Extract the juice of Devil's Cotton ( Ulatkambal ) roots. Heat for a minute. Have one teaspoon lukewarm juice.

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima for Menstrual Disorders

Make a decoction of the leaves of Caesalpinia Pulcherrima. Take twice a day.

Lemon Balm for Menstrual Disorders

Add infusion of the lemon balm leaves to bath water. It promotes the onset of menstruation.

Parsley ( Ajmood ) for Menstrual Disorders

Include Parsley in your daily diet.

Blue Cohosh for Menstrual Disorders

Put 1 tablespoon of Blue Cohosh root in a cup of boiling water and steep for 30 minutes. Take 2 tablespoons with hot water after every 2-3 hours.
Use only for a week.

Elephantopus Scaber for Menstrual Disorder

Take fresh leaves and stems of Elephantopus Scaber. Boil them with water. Drink 2 tsp twice a day.

Betel ( Pan ) for Menstrual Disorders

Boil a Betel ( Pan ) leaf in one glass of water. Strain and cool. Drink once a day.
Grind 2 Betel leaves to make a paste. Add 1 teaspoon of Honey in it. Consume it with one cup of lukewarm water 3 times a day.

Pineapple ( Ananas ) for Menstrual Disorder

Consume Pineapple fruit either in raw or juice form. It helps to regulate your Menstrual cycle.

Indian Thorny Bamboo for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare a decoction of Indian Thorny Bamboo leaves. Drink 40 ml of it once a day.

Carrot ( Gaajar ) for Menstrual Disorders

Drink one glass of Carrot juice with 1 tablespoon of Honey in it for 2 months.

Fennel ( Saunf ) for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare an infusion of Fennel ( Saunf ). Have 2 teaspoons thrice a day. It helps in regulating menses.

Sappan Wood as Emmenagogue

Drink 100 ml wood decoction of Sappan Wood once a day.

Winged Treebine for Menstrual Disorders

Grind stems and leaves of Winged Treebine. Extract its juice. Add same quantity of Honey in it. Consume 20 ml of the mixture twice a day.

Papaya ( Papita ) for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare vegetable of raw Papaya ( Papita ).
OR : Eat a piece of unripe Papaya ( Papita ) as salad.
OR : Drink the juice of raw Papaya ( Papita ) regularly for 2-3 months.
Note : Avoid it during your periods.

Mint ( Pudina ) for Menstrual Disorders

Mix fresh Mint leaves juice with Honey in equal quantity. Consume it 30 minutes after meals twice a day.

Shoe Flower for Menstrual Problems

Fry 2 flowers of Shoe Flower plant in Butter. Take it with warm Milk once a day.

Rose ( Gulab ) Petals for Menstrual Disorders

Add 2 to 4 Rose ( Gulab ) Petals in your ordinary tea and boil. Take a cup twice a day.

Roselle ( Guddahal ) Flower for Menstrual Disorders

Roselle gives relief from Menstrual Cramps. It is a rich source minerals and vitamins that also deal with mood swings, stress and anxiety associated with Menses. It regulates the hormones in the body and treats Menstrual Disorders.
Grind 2 to 3 Roselle ( Guddahal ) Flower. Have it with water in an empty stomach.

Spiny Bamboo for Menstrual Disorder

Drink 25 ml leave decoction of Spiny Bamboo once a day.

False Spikenard for Menstrual Disorder

Make tea using roots of False Spikenard twice a day.

Solanum Xanthocarpum for Menstrual Disorders

Take half tsp of Solanum Xanthocarpum seeds with lukewarm water. Have it once a day.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Menstrual Disorders

Start consuming raw Onion ( Pyaz ) before a week of your menstrual cycle.

Avocado ( Makhanphal ) for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare flower tea of Avocado ( Makhanphal ). Consume 30 ml of it twice a day.

Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ) as Emmenagogue

Make a root decoction of Balloon Vine ( Kanphuti ). Have a cup of it after the completion of Menstrual Cycle. Take it for three days.

Celery ( Shalari ) for Menstrual Disorder

Chew fresh leaves and stem of Celery ( Shalari ) during Menstrual Delay.

Quail Egg ( Bater Ka Anda ) for Menstrual Disorders

Take a fresh Egg Quail ( Bater Ka Anda ). Break it. Take out the material in a glass. Have it on an empty stomach for a month. It helps to regulate menses.

Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) For Menstrual Disorders

Boil a small stick of Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Strain and drink sip by sip twice daily.
OR : Sprinkle Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) powder on your food regularly.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Menstrual Disorders

Cut a fresh Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) leaf from its center and take out the gel. Add One teaspoon Honey to improve the taste and eat. Repeat daily on an empty stomach for about 9-10 weeks.

Sesame ( Til ) for Menstrual Disorders

Grind 1 teaspoon of Sesame Seeds. Have it with one cup of lukewarm water.

Asparagus Racemosus for Menstrual Disorders

Crush the roots of Asparagus Racemosus along with 25 grams of parboiled rice and prepare a paste out of it. Now make a pancake out of this paste. Eat one cake at a time twice a day. Consume it for 3 to 4 days.
Note: Use this medicine once menses starts.

Fenugreek ( Methi ) for Menstrual Disorders

Add Fenugreek sprouts to your soups, stews or salads. You can also drink Fenugreek tea twice daily.

Ginseng Korean for Menstrual Disorders

Boil some dry roots of Ginseng Korean in a cup of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Strain off this decoction. Drink this decoction once or twice daily. It helps in to reduce the symptoms during the menstrual cycle and provides relief to uterine muscles.

Lavender Essential Oil for Menstrual Disorders

Apply warm Lavender Essential Oil on your stomach. Massage for 5-6 minutes.

Apricot for Menstrual Disorders

Chew 2-3 Dried Apricots daily.

Basil for Menstrual Disorders

Chew 10-12 fresh Basil leaves in the morning.
Extract the juice of 14-15 Basil leaves. Add 1 teaspoon of Honey in it. Drink it with one cup of lukewarm water twice a day.

Marjoram for Menstrual Disorders

Make a decoction of Marjoram leaves. Consume it two times a day .

Chamomile for Menstrual Disorders

Boil 2 cups of water. Add 1 tablespoon of Chamomile Blossoms in it. Boil for 10 minutes. Strain and add 1 teaspoon of Honey in it. Drink it 2 times a day.

Flax for Menstrual Disorders

Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed powder over a salad. You can also consume it with one glass of water.

White Mustard for Menstrual Disorders

Take 3 liters of warm water in a small tub. Add 6 tablespoon of Mustard Seed powder in it. Soak your legs in it for 30 minutes.

Molasses for Menstrual Disorders

Mix 1 tablespoon each of Molasses and Honey to a cup of lukewarm Milk. Drink it 2 to 3 times a day.

Fig for Menstrual Disorders

Grind 10 fresh leaves of Fig. Mix 2 teaspoon of Sesame Oil in it. Apply this paste on the stomach below the navel for one hour. Repeat it twice a day.

Chia for Menstrual Disorders

Soak 2 teaspoons of Chai Seeds in one cup of water overnight. The next morning, drink the water and chew the seeds on an empty stomach.

Matico for Menstrual Disorders

Boil the fresh leaves of Matico in 200 ml of water. Boil them for 10 minutes. Let it steep for more 5 minutes. Strain off this infusion. Drink it daily during Menstrual cycle to get effective results.

Sandalwood ( Chandan ) for Menstrual Disorders

Prepare a decoction of Sandalwood leaves or roots in one cup of water. Strain and consume it with Milk.

Raspberry Leaf for Menstrual Disorders

Take 4 to 5 fresh Raspberry leaves and blend them with a cup of curd. Have it every morning to cure Menstrual Cramps. It provide strength to the uterine muscles.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 1

Prepare a decoction of Rosa Rugosa buds, Dong Quai root and Bugleweed leaves. Take it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 2

Make decoction of False Unicorn Root and Life Root. Take it two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 3

Prepare a decoction of Dong Quai root and Chinese Motherwort leaves. Take it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 4

Take 5 gram Devil's Cotton ( Ulatkambal ) and one gram Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ). Grind coarsely. Boil in one glass of water. Drink before 7 days of menses daily.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 5

Grind equal quantity of Goldenseal ( Pit Kanad ) and Wake Robin together. Take one teaspoon with lukewarm milk at night.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 6

Mix equal quantity of Indian Snakeroot root powder with Cubeb powder. Take quarter tsp of the mixture twice a day.
Attention : Do not consume if you are Pregnant.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 7

Take one glass of warm Milk ( Dudh ). Add half teaspoon of Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) powder. Stir and drink it for 2 months.
Add 1 teaspoon each of Cinnamon powder and Lemon juice in any fruit juice. Drink the juice for 2 months.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 8

Add 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric ( Haldi ) in a glass of warm Milk ( dudh ). Mix Half teaspoon Honey and Drink. Repeat daily until you get desired results.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 9

Horse Gram soup
Horse Gram : 2 cups
Tamarind paste : 3 teaspoon
Black Pepper: 1 tablespoon
Cumin Seeds : 1 tablespoon
Mustard Seeds : 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves : 2-3
Coriander leaves
Salt : to taste
Oil : 2 tablespoon
-Soak the Horse Gram seeds over night. The next morning , strain the water ( keep it aside for later use ) and pressure cook Horse Gram seeds till they get soft. Mash half of the cooked Horse Gram.
-Roast Mustard, Cumin and Black Pepper seeds and grind them to make a fine powder.
-Heat the oil in a pan and add Curry leaves, Tamarind paste, strained Horse Gram water, roasted powder, mashed Horse Gram and Salt. Cook for 5 minutes.
-Make sure the gravy is not too thick. You can also add water if needed.
-Add the remaining Horse Gram to the mixture and cook for 3 minutes.
-Add finely chopped coriander leaves.

Herbal Treatment For Menstrual Disorders 10

Boil one cup of Parsley in 2 cups of water for 5 minutes. Add one teaspoon each of Black Pepper and Honey in it. Strain and drink sip by sip. Consume it twice a day.
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Queries on Menstrual Disorders
09 Nov 2015
Dear Research Team

I am 29 years old ab having low BP problem. I am having irregular menses also. I don't get periods for 3 to 4 months and when I get my periods they remain for 25 days. Having permanent headache. Please suggest me some good herbs. Waiting for your reply.
10 Nov 2015
Dear Shanti

See there are three herbs which are like a boon for females. They have an incredible effect on a female's reproductive organs. What ever the problem is whether you have irregular periods, heavy bleeding or other problems, the combination of these three herbs help to get rid off all problems. The herbs are...
Dong quai
I have read herbpathy also, they have given a good description of all three. You can go for them.
Herbpathy Research Team
17 Nov 2015
Dear Shanti

We agree with Surbhi. These remedies are really like a boon for females. They tone up the muscles of the reproductive organs and provide strength. You may take all these at alternate bases. Buy in the form of tablets, they are easily available in the market.
And when you get blood you may have the following combination of herbs.
Roast 1 tablespoon of Ajwain ( Carom ) in a pan. Add one table spoon of Clarified butter and Jaggery powder ( Gurh ). Eat it twice a day. It will clean your internal system. You may repeat the process for two days in your menses.
But remember one thing, never take any kind of medication during your menses. As it will upset your menstrual cycle and may cause hormonal imbalance. So be careful.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Shah zain ( Pakistan )
20 Apr 2016
My wife is facing irregular menses. She went for ultrasound. Doctor said me that your wife is suffering bilateral polycystic ovaries.
Can you suggest some herbs
Shah zain
20 Apr 2016
Dear Shah Zain
Suggest your wife the following.
1. Chasteberries. Eat fresh or make a decoction of dried berries and drink that 2 times in a day.
2. Buy Manjakani pills and take 1 tablet every day for one month. It will tone up her reproductive organs.
3. Buy Asparagus racemosus tincture or add fresh to her daily diet. This will also support her reproductive organs.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
30 Apr 2016

My wife has irregurelar periods for past 2 years. Age is 21. Please suggest me some herb. Already she is taking Caesalpinia Bonduc in the morning in empty stomach. This herb is fine or Suggest some herbs. Thank You
02 May 2016
Dear Bo
I think the medicine your wife is taking is to treat PCOD and Menopause. There are other remedies that your wife should try.
She should take Dong Quai tablets and Manjakani. These are very good to take car of female's reproductive organs. Ask your wife to try these herbs for 15 days.
Zara ( Ireland )
28 May 2016
Also my periods are very irregular and I tend to have a lot of vaginal discharge. I also don't think I ovulate regularly. I previously used clomid with helped regulate my period but conception has still not happened in the 5 years of trying. I can't control my weight gain.
08 Jun 2016
Dear Zara For irregular menses, try Manjakani tablets. Take Turkey berry and Shatavri.
These are good herbal formulas to tone up females reproductive organs.
Sheila G bailio ( Philippines )
25 Jun 2016
Hi hello a have irregular mentrations since May 7 until may 28 i went to the doctor they give medicine i do also utrasound the result a have a small fibriods and then they give medicine transumic acid to stop the blood and antibiotics for 5 days after that for five days stops my blood but now again my blood return please what can you advice to take anyherbal medicince please reply thanks Sheila
28 Jun 2016
Dear Sheila
We advise the following..
1. Buy one dose of Calcaria Carb 200 from a homeopathy shop and take 1 dose only.
2. Buy Manjakani pills and Shtavari pills. Take one of each every day for 1 month. It will make your reproductive organs correct.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Preet ( India, Punjab )
07 Jul 2016

I have irregular periods since it come first time. But now it comes after 2 to 3 months. I am 25 Years old .
I have facial hair, Also Weight gain on tummy. Suggest me what I will do For regular this.

08 Jul 2016
Dear Preet
We advise you the following Herbs.
1. Dong Quai : But mother tincture " Angelica Sinensis " and take 10 drops 3 times in a day. It is one of the best remedy to tone up the female Reproductive organs. 2. buy Tribulus Terrestris tincture from a homeopathy shop and take 10 drops 3 times in a day.
3. Take half tablespoon of Maca powder with warm milk. Take these remedies for 15 days. Write us back after one month.
Once your periods get set your rest of the problems will be healed automatically. And we also advise you to go for regular exercise, it improves blood circulation to your Body and will set your metabolic system right.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Shikha ( India )
25 Jul 2016

I have irregular periods since last 2 year.but now it comes after 2 moths.i am 25 years old. Right now from last 1 month i am taking janosia ashoka syrpe. this is fine or suggest me some herb.

Thank you
26 Jul 2016
Dear Shikha
Take Dong Quai tablet every day.
Take Mnajakani for 1 month.
Have 2 cups of Green Tea daily.
Anitha Rani ( Andhra pradesh )
14 Sep 2016

Am Rani from Hyderabad I have irregular periods from last 6 years, we didn't noticed it properly, we thought that is common for all young ladies, however last two years back I had went to homeopathy treatment and got to know that I have PCOS in my both ovaries, am taking medications from doctor however it is not usefull.
I want to become pregnant, am married since 1 1/2 years old now. it is very difficult am not getting regular periods due to my PCOS, please help me out
19 Sep 2016
Anitha For your PCOS problem; try the herb Saw Palmetto and Chaste Berry.
Take a cup of hot water. Add a spoon of fresh or dried Chaste Berries to it. Steep for 10 minutes. Then, strain it and drink this tea daily for 30 days. Buy Saw palmetto capsules. take one everyday for a week, if it suits you then you may continue to take it for a month Cinnamon has also shown positive results in curing PCOS. Add one tsp of Cinnamon powder to a glass of hot water. Drink it daily for a month. Let us know, once your periods become regular.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Payal ( PUNE )
16 Sep 2016
I got an missed abortion 14 months ago. After a D&C for 3 months period were normal, but after that till today I get very scanty periods. All hormonal profile test are normal. Please suggest a remedy with dosage which can correct my problem asap.
21 Sep 2016
Dear Payal
I suggest you to Buy Dong Quai tablets and take 1 at alternative days. Take it for a month. Also take Manjakani ( Oak Galls ). These two remedies will provide strength to your reproductive organs.
03 Oct 2016
Dear Payal
Sonia has suggested you the right remedy and in addition to that we advise you to take Asparagus racemosus ( Shtavari ). It is easily available in pills or you may add it to your daily diet. Take each remedy for 15 days and do a 45 days course. Write us after 2 months.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Molly ( Nigeria lagos )
19 Sep 2016
I have tubal hydrosalpinx, is there a herb you can recommend Thanks
21 Sep 2016
Dear Molly
Try Shivlingi Seeds ( Striped Cucumber ) and Putarjivak seed powder ( Drypetes Roxburghii ). Buy powder and have it on empty stomach every morning for 2 to 3 months. This is meant for blocked fallopian tubes.
Pavani Lakshmi ( INDIA/TELANGANA )
29 Sep 2016
I am Pavani from Hyderabad (India). I am suffering from Heavy bleeding with heavy clots for the past one year. underwent, Ultra sound scanning, thyroid, papsmere & D&C. No problem was noticed in any report. Kindly suggest me any medicine which stops the bleeding immediately
29 Sep 2016
Dear Pavani
It is good that you don't have anything serious.
We always recommend our users not to take any kind of remedy that may cause interference in their menstrual cycle. As it is a natural process and it is not fair to interrupt the normal functions of a body. So never take a medicine in between your menses. It causes hormonal problems. Always take medicine 3 or 4 days before or after the menses.
The remedies that we suggest to you are...
1. Buy Dong Quai pills and take 1 every day for 15 days.
2. Buy oak gall make a decoction and take it every day for the next 15 days.
3. For clotting, you may take this formula during your menses too. As this is only meant to flush out all the clotting from your body.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
29 Sep 2016
To be continue to Pavani
For clotting.
Take 1 tablespoon of Carom and roast it. Take out in a plate add 1 teaspoon of Desi Ghee and a half tablespoon of Jaggery into it. Have it with warm milk on very first day of periods. Take it in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed. Take milk at bed time only. You may add a half tablespoon of Turmeric and a pinch of black pepper too.
Eat a healthy diet and join some yoga classes also. Do not perform any exercise during menses. Write us after 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
24 Dec 2016
hi sir or madam I am babita it is regarding about my periods disorder I have this problem from march 2016 I have seen my doctor they have done very thing blad test and ultra sound scanning and they have told me my hormo has been stop so no period any moor and I have dryness all the time from 6 month kindly please suggest me some remedy it will be great full Thanks.
03 Jan 2017
Dear Babita
Buy Damiana tablets and take 1 every day for 1 month.
Buy Dong Quai capsules or mother tincture. Take 1 pill every day for a month or take 10 drops of mother tincture in a glass of water 3 times in a day.
Buy Manjakani ( Majuphal ) from an ayurveda shop and make the decoction. Have a cup of decoction every day.
Take these herbs for 1 month and go for regular exercise. Write us back after a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Babita ( MDP )
24 Dec 2016
BABITA SORRY I forget to till you my age is 38 years
Sandeep ( Karnataka )
04 Feb 2017
My name is sandeep, age 27.3 years over pf marriage...anxious for conceive but suffering from pcod, heavy n prolonged bleeding with too much pain(15 days will go for periods n 15 days will go for recovering that blood loss then again next month will come...showed for all the doctors but no improvement..kindly help me out..and my married life is also spoiling and ruining from this..
07 Feb 2017
Dear Sandeep
Buy 1 dose of Medorrhinum 10M from a Homeopathy Shop and have it once only. Write us after 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mary ( Nigeria )
11 Mar 2017
I am 26yrs. My period has seized for 3months and doctor said i have high prolactin. I am trying to conceive. What do you think i should do?
15 Mar 2017
Dear Mary
Have you tried Canabis oil or tincture? Have 5 drops of tincture 2 times in a day.
Buy Angelica Sinesis tincture and have 10 drops morning and evening for 1 month.
Buy Calophyllum tincture form a Homeopathy shop. Have 10 drops once in a day for 1 month.
Try these herbs and study the results.
Ritika ( India )
23 Mar 2017
Hey...I have irregular periods since it come first time. But now it comes after 45 days or 2 months. I am 25 Years old .
I have Also Weight gain on tummy. Suggest me what I will do For regular this.
23 Mar 2017
Dear Ritika
First of all could you please let us know that do you take carbonated or soft drinks? If yes, then how much?
Try the following herbs.
1. Buy Angelica Sinensis ( Dong Quai ) mother tincture from a Homeopathy shop and have 10 drops in a glass of water, 2 times in a day. take it for 1 month.
2. Buy Caulophyllum mother tincture and have 5 drops 2 times in a day.
3. Have 5 to 10 dried Cranberries every day for 1 month.
Go for regular exercise and do yoga also.
Write us after 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
24 Mar 2017
Thanku so much Herbpathy..
But i dont take carbonated or soft drinks..but i suffered from liver infection and kideny stone
06 Apr 2017
Dear Ritika
It is good that you don't take carbonated Drinks. For your Kidneys take the following Herbs.
1. Buy Tribulus Terrestris tincture from a Homeopathy Shop and take 10 drops 2 times in a day. Take it for 1 month.
2. Have 10 drops of Punarnava extract 2 times in a day.
3. Buy Varuna Capsules and have 1 capsule every day.
4. Have 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water. Take it 3 times in a day.
For Liver, Take 1 Kutki Tablet every day. In english it is known as Picrorhiza Kurroa.
Take these remedies for 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Soso ( South Africa )
02 Apr 2017
I was using petogen injection as birth control for 7 years and I didn't get my mense, I stopped for 4 months,still nothing but now I want my mense because me n my husband we want to have a baby now plz help, what can I use?
11 Apr 2017
Dear Soso
The reason behind this is, your uterus has been permanent closed. because whenever it opened, every time you take birth control pills. Now the body is not reacting to the process. & years is too much. You need to consult a doctor.
Tina ( 234 )
21 Jul 2017
Tina (Lagos Nigeria)
I am 35 years old, I have been having scanty period for almost 2 years, have done hormonal test and everything seems normal, though I have been treating infections for sometime now with not much positive results, currently I'm on on a medication (Clomid and Primolut N) any suggestions on herbs to correct my flow I'm also trying to conceive.
Renu ( India )
22 Jul 2017
Hi, I am Renu. I am 29 years old. I and my husband was trying for a baby since last 4 years. But not any success till now. I have regular periods with pain. Before my period start before a day some brown discharge came and then after next day normal bleeding start. I have pcos in my right ovary .i had traditional Chinese medicine for 3 months after that I didn't face clotting issue. I went to doctor as well every reports seems normal. No success for being parents, please help me what I need to do?
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