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Yew Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Yew, Himalayan Yew
Botanical Name
Taxus Baccata, Taxus Wallichiana, Taxaceae Family
Hindi Name
Talispatr, Talis Patta
Chinese Name
Tzu Shan
Homeopathic Name
Taxus Baccata   -   Mother Tincture

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Yew Cures


Action of Yew

Nutrients in Yew

Taste of

Parts Used

Berries, Leaves

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Yew

Yew contains poisonous ingredients Taxine and Taxol. The plant parts including leaves and black seeds are poisonous except for the bright red arils. The poison content is highest in the seeds. The poison contains Alkaloids. Alkaloids are cardio depressant. It suppresses the heart function. It blocks the Myocardial Conduction. The Heart suddenly stops in diastole.
Ingestion of the seeds can cause trembling and difficult breathing. The poison is highly toxic and may even cause death after 1-3 hours of ingestion. The plant pollen may cause Headache, Lethargy, Aching Joints, Itching and Skin Rashes. It can also cause Asthma.
It may cause Abdominal Pain, Dyspepsia.
Not recommended for Pregnant and Breast feeding women.
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Yew is a tree.
It is an evergreen.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows upto 25 M.
Best used for Breast Cancer.


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Materia Medica for Yew

Yew General

Yew is a small to medium sized tree. The tree reaches up to 600 years of age. It is dioecious in nature. The male plant part is allergic and female part is Anti allergic.
The plant Bark, Branch tips and needles are used medicinally. The bark of Yew tree contains Anti Cancer agents.
The oil derived from Yew bushes is best for treating Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer.
Ingestion of the plant may cause Dizziness, Dry mouth and Abdominal Cramping in few.
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Ria Rose Anthony ( India/Uttra Khand )
09 Jan 2018
Himalayan Yew tree
Seeds Bark leaf Root 's usage in medicare. System in
Arthirites Breast Cancer etc
Dr Puneet Swaroop ( India )
05 Apr 2018
Respected Sir,
We wish to state that last Chemo (Mother ji-68years) got over on 21.01.2018 (Wherein CA125 was 26) & test on 20.02.2018 (Wherein CA125=21). We are continuing with following medicines:

1. Hydrastatis Canadensis
2. Conium Maculatum 30
3. Kali Carbonicum 200 CH
4. Lycopodium Clavatis
As prescribed by allopathic-doctors, we took injections for 4-cycles of Chemo before Surgery on 18.08.2017, 09.09.2017, 29.09.17 & 20.10.2017 at Himalayan-Hospital, JollyGrant, Dehradoon (Tata Memorial Hospital's Protocol) and had de-bulking surgery at Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai subsequently on 14.11.2017 for removal of ovaries, uterus, fallopian-tubes, visible cancerous cells from various parts in abdomen/liver as described in Histopathology reports already sent to your office, earlier in December, 2017

Recently post-surgery, 3-Cycles of Chemo were completed on 08.12.17, 29.12.17 & 20.01.18.

All 7 chemos prescribed were ("Carboplatin Paclitaxel") regimen with PegGrafeel injection (each-one 3-days process)

We will be highly obliged by your kind suggestions and further advice on with best names of medicines which can be purchased from Dehradoon; for her fast & speedy recovery
Muhammad Yousaf ( Pakistan )
01 Mar 2021
Ovarian Cancer in advanced stage. 6 chemo executed. Two operations attempts made but not done due to spread. From to find talispatra in islamabad.
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